Chapter 1289 Inside the Array


“Extensive Worldsearch Technique!”

Next up, they mobilized the magic arrays as they worked on searching for traces of Chen Feng. Waves of energy, the result of their formidable secret techniques, scanned the great array again and again. However, they could not even find the auras of Magiris and the other two, let alone Chen Feng.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

“Longevity Celestial possessed the Longevity Scripture. He must know how to break this great array. We should be careful.”

“And what of it? Given our level of strength, there is actually no need to use any great array. We could have simply taken action to capture them.”

“You fool! If Longevity Celestial can be so easily captured, he would not have been able to make it this far.”

“Oh, no! I’m under attack!”

Just as they were discussing the issue, one of them cried out wretchedly. The cry only lasted for a very brief moment. After a formidable wave of energy swept outwards, everything returned to a state of tranquillity. 

“What happened?”

“Immortal Monarch Heavenspond has fallen.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“If my guess is correct, Longevity Celestial must possess the blueprint for the Great Array of Twelve Divine Heavens. He will be able to easily find the array cores.”

“Hurry! Change the array!”


Another Gold Immortal came under attack.

Looks like Magiris and the others succeeded. After killing off one of the enemy Gold Immortals, Chen Feng sent a stream of power into the magic arrays. The reason behind this move of his was to hammer a nail into the great array.

Before entering the Great Array of Twelve Divine Heavens, Chen Feng and the others had already come up with a plan. Chen Feng would go forward alone while Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature would go together. In Chen Feng’s opinion, with the blueprint and their proficiency in the dao of space-time, Magiris’ team of three should be able to handle it. 

However, he had underestimated the situation they were in. The Great Array of Twelve Divine Heavens instantly changed its operational circuits and the way the magic arrays operate. Due to that, the enemy was able to quickly locate Magiris’ team of three. 

More, even though they had killed off two Gold Immortals, the power of the great array did not weaken in the slightest. 


With just one attack, Magiris was sent flying. There was no way to tell where he ended up at. The following attacks also managed to split up Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. While they were still able to faintly sense each other’s auras, grouping up again would be incredibly difficult. 

Having noticed what happened to them, Chen Feng grew somewhat anxious. As a result, his heart became disturbed. The enemy noticed the slight abnormality within the area and fired out several swords of light that moved to surround that area. 


The Longevity Sword flew out to cut the astral swords into pieces. In doing so, however, Chen Feng ended up exposing his whereabouts. After that, a skyful of attacks descended upon him. 

Wielding the Longevity Sword, Chen Feng cut down all the various attacks coming at him. However, he was also aware that this was not the way to go. Unless he was able to break this great array with one blow, these attacks against him would appear non-stop. More, it would become increasingly strong. 


A Gold Immortal who was hiding within the magic arrays unleashed a ferocious attack at Chen Feng, who swung his sword to unravel the attack. However, he was forced to take a few steps back, where he fell into another set of lesser magic arrays. Like threads, a high number of restraining powers entangled his legs. More, there were also streams of formidable devouring power, desirous of devouring his life force away.  

The Great Heavengulping Array. They’re actually using this against me. Chen Feng scoffed as he displayed his own Heavengulping Absorption Technique, causing all the surrounding attacks aimed at him to dissipate away. 

Sou! Sou!

Two Gold Immortals attacked Chen Feng, one from the front and one from the back. This attack from the two Gold Immortals carried more than just the two Gold Immortals’ strength. Rather, they were mobilizing the power of the great array. Thus, every attack from the two of them was the equivalent of the combined attacks from several Gold Immortals. 

One of them brandished the Longevity Sword while the other one brandished the Longevity Lance. While attacking, they also sealed up Chen Feng’s escape routes. 

Bang! Bang!

All Chen Feng could do was take the attacks levelled at him, which sent him flying. As his figure was blasted backwards from the attacks, a divine lightning smashed Chen Feng’s body. 

The Divine Lightning of the Turbid Heaven!

The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind and the Longevity Sword flew out from his grasp, transforming into a skyful of swords to hack apart the surrounding divine lightning and other arrays.

There was a slight feeling of concern within Chen Feng’s heart. It was not for himself, but for Magiris’ team of three. If they too had to face this level of attacks, they would likely be in danger. 

I was too careless! 

Another wave of attacks arrived. More, these attacks were from three Gold Immortals. The attacks that Chen Feng had to face this time was even stronger than before. 

He took in a lengthy breath before suddenly stamping his foot, causing a formidable power to sweep into his surroundings. Everywhere the power went would be turned into his domain. Next, his figure shook and two phantom silhouettes of himself emerged from his back. 

Chen Feng held onto the Longevity Sword while his two phantom silhouettes held a Longevity Blade and Longevity Lance each. All three were mid-grade Divine artifacts. 


Chen Feng unleashed triple his combat power. The violent clash caused the operations of the great array to come to a halt and the area that Chen Feng was in turned into a blank space. 

Booming sounds kept ringing out all around Chen Feng and criss-crossing cracks appeared on the Longevity Combat Armour that he was wearing. However, he did not retreat. Instead, he attacked, forcing the three Gold Immortals who were attacking him to give ground. 

Rapidly moving forward, Chen Feng then swung the Longevity Sword at one of them. 


The Gold Immortal had half his body severed. But just as Chen Feng was about to move forward, the Gold Immortal managed to escape. 

Chen Feng frowned. Despite having unleashed his full power, he had still failed to kill even one of the Gold Immortals. After considering that, his figure flashed, disappearing from sight again. 

“Triple combat power. This fellow actually managed to cultivate the triple power mode!”

“No matter what happens, we cannot let him go! This is too big of a threat to us!”

“Find Longevity Celestial!”

As Chen Feng and the others were fighting inside the Great Array of Twelve Divine Heavens, two beams of golden light flew over from two different places. In the end, the two beams of light came to a halt above the Great Array of Twelve Divine Heavens.

“These fellows are going overboard.”

The golden light faded away and two cultivators with middle-aged appearances emerged. One of them was like a clump of flames while the other one was like firm ice that had remained frozen for billions of years. The two different atmospheres that the two of them emanated caused minute cracks to appear in the surrounding space.

It had to be said, the spatial structure of the Celestial Longevity Plane was more durable than the spatial structure of the Immortal Plane. The fact that just the atmosphere that the two cultivators were exuding could lead to the collapse of the space there proved that the two of them were experts amongst experts. 

“Longevity Celestial is a member of our imperial family. More, he possesses the Chaos Constitution. His future will be immeasurably bright. No matter what, nothing must happen to him,” the cultivator with the flaming atmosphere said. 

“You plan on taking action?”

“I’ll wait for a bit and observe the situation first.”

“Let’s watch, then. I also want to see just how much of a defiance of Heaven the Chaos Constitution is.”

Chen Feng utilized his stealth technique to move through the great array. However, the enemy Gold Immortals managed to locate him before he could find Magiris and the others. As a result, he became subjected to a continuous barrage of attacks. Frustrated, the killing intent within him grew increasingly strong. 

The two phantom silhouettes became increasingly tangible and Chen Feng unleashed attacks with triple his combat power again and again. Finally, he succeeded in seriously wounding one of the Gold Immortals. That said, he was not able to kill the Gold Immortal. As such, it felt useless to him. 

Chen Feng also attempted to cultivate out a third phantom silhouette only to fail. Despite his will, he could not succeed. And so, he knew that he was still not strong enough. 

“Tsk, tsk. He’s not yet a Gold Immortal. And yet, he already possesses such power. Extraordinary! He is much stronger than us back then. Once he advances to the Gold Immortal stage, won’t he become invincible, capable of sweeping aside all opposition?”

“Definitely. Never has there been such a formidable figure in the history of our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“I doubt there is one even in all the Celestial Planes.”

“No matter what, we cannot allow such a genius to fall. This is our Celestial Longevity Plane’s hope.”

“But some fools don’t think that way. They only know how to participate in infighting and snatch power.”

“Sigh! We are also confined within this circle. If only everything works out as well as we’d like, nothing would have happened to Longevity Celestial back then.”

“It’s all because some fellows were jealous.”

“The way I see it, this kid won’t be able to hold on anymore. Let’s take action.”

“No, let’s keep observing first. However, we should save the other three.”

As they spoke, the two cultivators took action. They did not do anything particularly special. A simple grasp with their hands and Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature flew out from the great array. 

The three of them were not in good shape. The wounds all over their bodies aside, they were also tied up. More, the ropes tying them were constantly devouring their power. If the two cultivators had not rescued them out from the great array, they would end up with their life forces utterly devoured.

“It’s the kid from the Blackwater Tribe.”

“I’ve heard of him a little. The one born with the Magic Eyes?”

“These two unique creatures of chaos are quite good. Looks like Longevity Celestial subdued them.”

“Eh, this kid is going all out.”

When Magiris’ team of three was rescued out from the great array, Chen Feng’s face abruptly sank. Through his senses, he felt the auras of Magiris and the other two disappearing. Logically, Chen Feng thought that they had died. Naturally, he did not think that they were able to break out. 

And so, he became truly infuriated. Like a volcanic eruption, a thick killing intent burst out from his body.

The two phantom silhouettes on his back grew several notches more tangible and bloody light flashed out from his eyes. While Chen Feng’s aura was becoming somewhat chaotic, it could not be denied that it was also growing stronger.

“Kid, die!”

This time, the enemy mobilized five Gold Immortals – backed by the power of the great array – against Chen Feng. Their formidable offensive power caused even the two cultivators who were observing the fight to reveal a serious look. 

“Should we take action? It’s not looking good.”

“Err. Let’s wait a little more. No, be prepared to take action at any moment.”

And so, the state of the two cultivators changed, from seriousness to anxiousness as they focused their attention on the great array.

In the face of the attack from the five Gold Immortals, Chen Feng merely sneered as he pointed forward with his finger. Next, a talisman flew towards the five Gold Immortals.

“What is that?”

“No! That’s the Heavensdao Seal! Hurry, run!”

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