Chapter 1287 Overbearingly Strong


Chen Feng looked at them before saying, “First option, submit to me. Second option, die.

“There is no third option.”

“Err, Young Master, please let us consider this,” Immortal Monarch Heavenswater said, his face contorted.

“I’ll give you fellows three breaths’ worth of time to consider,” Chen Feng replied. 

“Three breaths?!” Immortal Monarch Heavenswater’s face grew even more contorted. He had wanted to buy time. He knew that Longevity Celestial’s return to the Celestial Longevity Plane would surely result in a great upheaval. And while his group was no match for Longevity Celestial, the Celestial Longevity Plane was a very big place. Some formidable experts will be sure to take action. 

“If you want to die, I can grant you your wish,” Chen Feng then added. 

Chen Feng’s group had managed to deal with the 10 Gold Immortals earlier. And now, this group before him had another five Gold Immortals. Should this end in a fight, Chen Feng’s side would easily win. Furthermore, due to the deterring force created by what happened earlier, Chen Feng believed that they would not choose to fight. 

The three breaths’ worth of time was quickly coming to an end. 

Already, the Longevity Scripture in Chen Feng’s hand was beginning to thrum. 

“Subordinate greets Young Master!” Immortal Monarch Heavenswater gritted his teeth and made up his mind, kneeling down on one knee. 

The other four Gold Immortals also knelt down in a similar fashion. After making up his mind, Immortal Monarch Heavenswater felt a burden on his heart lifting. He no longer felt afraid. 

“Bring out your soul imprints.” Chen Feng waved the Longevity Scripture in his hand. 

Five streams of light flew into the Longevity Scripture. This move had the same function as the Longevity Shackle. With their soul imprints now collected by the Longevity Scripture, the five of them could no longer betray Chen Feng, lest they become subject to a punishment from the Celestial Longevity Plane itself and be expelled. 

“Safeguard your territories well and wait for my orders,” Chen Feng said. 

“Understood!” Immortal Monarch Heavenswater and the others nodded. 

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng advanced again. As he had managed to subdue Immortal Monarch Heavenswater and five Gold Immortals this time, he felt very happy. No matter how you cut it, gaining a territory with five Gold Immortals was a very pleasant thing. 

On his way forward, Chen Feng had killed off some Gold Immortals, thereby releasing some of the rage within him. And so, his mindset began changing somewhat as well. 

He could not possibly kill off everyone who obstructed him. That was even more so now, a time when manpower was needed. Due to that, as he slaughtered his way forward, he also began to subdue part of the forces there. 

His journey towards the Longevity Heavensrange had attracted the attention of almost all the high-level members of the Celestial Longevity Plane. When they saw Chen Feng’s display of arrogance as he advanced, killing off one Gold Immortal after another, many experts who had been staying silent began growing furious. 

“Isn’t this Longevity Celestial a little too arrogant? Does he think that he can act wantonly just because he has some backing?” A formidable divine sense swept forward, triggering the responses from some others. 

“The cultivators from Boundless’ side are always very arrogant. It’s not like you fellows do not know this.”

“But this kid has already killed off some Gold Immortals. If this matter were to be reported to the Planar Lord, this kid will surely die.”

“Humph, he’s too arrogant! And he’s not even a Gold Immortal yet. Once he advances to the Gold Immortal stage, how will veterans like us survive?”

“The way I see it, you fellows are blowing it out of proportion. This kid is quite good.”

“I think so too. Longevity Celestial wants to return to the Longevity Heavensrange. That is a very normal thing. Why did those fellows have to jump out and stir up troubles to begin with? If you ask me, those fellows deserved it.”

“What are you talking about? Gold Immortals are our Celestial Longevity Plane’s most valuable force. Every Gold Immortal has had to cultivate for a very long time and overcome who knows how many difficulties. And now, Longevity Celestial is so casually killing them off. How can he simply be let off the hook?”

“That’s right! Longevity Celestial must be punished.”

“I suggest reporting this to the Department of Elders. Capture Longevity Celestial and put him on trial.”

“That’s right! Ask the Department of Elders to take action.”

“I agree. Even if Longevity Celestial is a member of the imperial family, he cannot act in such an overbearing manner. He cannot simply kill people willy-nilly.”

“Give Longevity Celestial a serious punishment. Otherwise, how can we explain this to the other cultivators of the Celestial Longevity Plane?”

“I agree!”


“Ha ha ha! Look at you fellows jumping up and down in excitement. Do not forget that Sir Boundless is still alive. Moreover, I received news that Sir Boundless has already recovered from his wounds. He will be emerging from his cultivation retreat soon.”

As they were discussing the matter, a divine sense suddenly reminded the others and all of the clamouring divine senses fell silent. 


Note: Short chapter because author repeated some content from last chapter again.

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