Chapter 1286 Sweeping Forward Domineeringly


“So what? They’re just using us as cannon fodders.”

“Sigh! We only have the fate of becoming cannon fodders. If we do not act, we’re dead. Might as well give it a go.”

“That’s right. Just give it a go. Work together for this. As long as we can capture Longevity Celestial, everything will work out. Besides, Boundless had disappeared for a long time now.” 


Looking at the 10 Gold Immortals up ahead, the corners of Chen Feng’s mouth curled into a smirk and killing intent glinted across his eyes. 

“Soul Subduing Mantra!”

Chen Feng shouted and a formidable soul wave assailed the 10 Gold Immortals. 

Although Chen Feng’s soul power had yet to recover from the damage it took back then, this soul-type secret technique was still able to affect several of them. Following that, Chen Feng brandished the Longevity Sword and charged forward. 

By the time Magiris caught up to him, Chen Feng had already killed off two Gold Immortals. 

“Sigh, forget about capturing him alive! Join forces, kill him!” one of them shouted. The atmosphere of oppression that Chen Feng brought upon them was simply too strong. Additionally, his use of the Soul Subduing Mantra made them even more shocked. 

“Combine our attacks!”

“Divine Essence Slash of the Cyan Yang!”

“Explosive Art of the Nine Stars!”

“Longevity Dimension!”

“Great Longevity Palm!”

“Longevity Ripper Technique!”

“Longevity Sealing Technique!”

Every single one of them was an Ageless Gold Immortal from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Regardless of their background, having reached the Ageless Gold Immortal stage, they had the qualifications to cultivate some of the secret techniques from the Longevity Scripture. 

As they had decided to take action, they stopped holding back and unleashed their killer moves. Due to the threat to their lives, they threw all other thoughts aside. They also discarded the idea of capturing Chen Feng alive. 

In the face of the attacks, Chen Feng revealed a derisive grin and waved his hand. Next, the Longevity Scripture flew out to hover before him, where it emanated an invisible yet coercive atmosphere of majesty. Following that, all the attacks from the opposing Gold Immortals shattered to bits. At the same time, their faces paled and they hastily backed away.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!”

Once again, Chen Feng fired out a soul attack. This time’s soul attack, however, was slightly different from the previous one. This attack was unleashed through the Longevity Scripture. 

As a result, the power behind the move instantly spiked, becoming several times stronger. 

Bang! Bang!

The seas of wisdom of two Gold Immortals immediately blew up and the resulting fragments swirled around chaotically, incapable of reforming themselves. 

As for the rest, the attacked quaked them, leaving their divine senses in a state of turmoil and they were incapable of recollecting themselves. 

Magiris, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature attacked simultaneously, instantly killing off three of them. When the remaining Gold Immortals finally managed to recollect themselves, they were horrified to find that there were only three of them left. 

Their three counties had dispatched a total of 10 Gold Immortals. And yet, after just a brief clash, they had lost 7 Gold Immortals. 

What was going on here?

Could it be that Young Master Longevity Celestial possessed the combat power of a Paramount Gold Immortal?

“Young Master, mercy!”

The three of them were quick to react. Knowing that this was a power they could not resist, they swiftly bent the knee and begged for mercy. They did not even think about running away. 

“Who sent you fellows?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“Err…” The three Gold Immortals grew hesitant.

Chen Feng frowned. Then, he waved his hand and one of the Gold Immortals floated upwards before blowing up. After that, Chen Feng devoured all of his power and life force.

“Argh!” Seeing Chen Feng attack without so much as a warning, the remaining two Gold Immortals became so horrified that it felt as though their hearts would blow up. 

“Who sent you?” Chen Feng asked again. 

“It’s the Tower Prince!” the two of them hastily answered.

“The Tower Prince, the commander of the Tower Corps.” Chen Feng’s brows furrowed. 

“That’s right! That’s right!” The two of them nodded. 

Chen Feng nodded before saying, “I understand. You two, do you want to live or do you want to die.”

“We want to live!” The two were quick to answer. Are you joking here? Who would want to die? 

The longer a cultivator had lived, the more unwilling to die that cultivator would be. 

“Given the crimes that you have committed, you should be punished with the utter obliteration of your souls. However, the attitudes you two are displaying are quite alright. So, I will give you two a chance,” Chen Feng said. Next, two streams of light flew out from the Longevity Scripture in his hand and into their seas of wisdom.

“The Longevity Shackle!” A look of dread appeared on the faces of the two Gold Immortals.

“Yes, those are none other than the Longevity Shackles. I believe you two should know its function?” 

“We know!” The two replied in a dejected tone. 

Chen Feng then ignored the two Gold Immortals and continued to move forward. He had dealt with the 10 Gold Immortals. Due to that, the 100,000-strong army was left in a state of shock. Seeing Chen Feng move forward, every single one of them darted to the side. 


Chen Feng suddenly let out a harrumph and a formidable atmosphere of majesty spread into his surroundings, causing the 100,000-strong army to shiver. Next, they fell to one knee. 

“Greetings, Young Master!”

It had to be said, one thought from Chen Feng was enough to change the fates of the three counties. 

The two surviving Gold Immortals were Immortal Monarch Ancient Star and Immortal Monarch Divine Rock. After Chen Feng left, the two of them looked at one another, an entangled look on their faces. They knew very well the functions of the Longevity Shackle. From this day onwards, Chen Feng would have complete control over their lives. Even a Paramount Gold Immortal would have a very hard time helping them regain their freedom. Besides, Paramount Gold Immortals would not care about minor matters like these. 

However, after thinking back to the other eight fellows who were killed off, they felt fortunate to have escaped that disaster.

“This can be considered as a good result, no?” The two then revealed wry smiles. 

“Young Master, the two fellows earlier are Immortal Monarch Ancient Star and Immortal Monarch Divine Rock. Why didn’t you just finish them off?” Tun Ri moved forward and asked. 

“Our Celestial Longevity Plane has so many Gold Immortals, how can I kill them all? Besides, they are also part of our Celestial Longevity Plane’s power. In the future war against the Immortal Plane, we will need them to charge at the enemy lines.”

Tun Ri had wanted to continue only for Da Feng to stop him. 

Despite having swept his way through four counties, Chen Feng’s face revealed zero emotions. However, he was actually feeling troubled. Soon enough, though, all of them were destroyed by the killing intent in his heart. 

After making their way past Orchid Hill County, they then arrived at Heavenswater County. 

Speaking of which, this Heavenswater County was slightly bigger than the previous counties. After entering Heavenswater County’s territory, however, they did not encounter any obstructions. 

“Young Master, Heavenswater County has a total of five Gold Immortals. Its County Ruler is Immortal Monarch Heavenswater,” Da Feng said. 

“Looks like these fellows must have heard of what happened. They are afraid of Young Master,” Tun Ri said with a snicker. 

Chen Feng did not reply. Instead, his gaze swept around. Finally, he spoke up. “Immortal Monarch Heavenswater. Come meet me.”

His voice was calm, but it spread throughout the entire Heavenswater County.

However, there was no response. A derisive grin appeared on Chen Feng’s face and he brought out the Longevity Scripture.


Chen Feng said coolly and the Longevity Scripture thrummed. Tun Ri and the other cultivators from the Longevity Clan then felt as though their souls were being sucked away, causing them to feel shocked. Quickly, they realized that this was the Longevity Scripture’s power. Following that, they grew both surprised and delighted. As the owner of both the Longevity Scripture and the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng would surely become the Planar Lord of the Celestial Longevity Plane in the future. 

After using the summoning technique, Chen Feng waited. Not long after, six golden beams of light broke their way through space to appear before Chen Feng.

Regarding the six Gold Immortals standing before him, Chen Feng chuckled coldly. 

According to Da Feng, Heavenswater County should only have five Gold Immortals. But now, six Gold Immortals had appeared. If so, this sixth Gold Immortal must be either a hidden power of Heavenswater County or someone who only recently broke through to the Gold Immortal stage. 

Regardless, this proved that Heavenswater County was not to be trifled with. At the very least, from their number of Gold Immortals, they were comparable to two of the previous counties. 

“Greetings, Young Master Longevity Celestial!” Immortal Monarch Heavenswater stepped forward and greeted Chen Feng. 

“You know me?” Chen Feng asked.

“Naturally, I know of the Young Master’s renowned name,” Immortal Monarch Heavenswater said with an impassive look on his face. 

“Since you know, why didn’t you come out and meet me earlier?” Chen Feng said with a scoff.

“If we are willing to give you a display of respect, we can address you as Young Master. However, if we are not, you are just an ordinary Heavenly Immortal!” one of the Gold Immortals beside Immortal Monarch Heavenswater said coldly. 

“Oh?” Chen Feng’s gaze swept to the side to regard the one who spoke up. 

This Gold Immortal appeared young. It would seem that the Ageless laws within this person’s body was still in the process of solidifying. This proved that he had only just broken through to the Gold Immortal stage not too long ago. 


Chen Feng suddenly shouted and the Longevity Scripture abruptly flew forward, arriving atop the Gold Immortal’s head. Next, the Longevity Scripture released a cyan-coloured radiance. Surprisingly, the phantom silhouette of the Celestial Longevity Plane could be seen forming there as well. 


Immediately, the Gold Immortal was forced to kneel on the ground. 


“Stop it!”

“Young Master, please stop for now.”

This move from Chen Feng instantly triggered different responses from the six Gold Immortals. 

However, Chen Feng was unfazed. With the exception of Immortal Monarch Heavenswater and the Gold Immortal who was suppressed by the Longevity Scripture, the other four Gold Immortals chose to attack. Chen Feng, on the other hand, sneered and the Longevity Scripture fired out a formidable cyan-coloured radiance to send the four Gold Immortals flying. 


Next, the Longevity Scripture pressed down and the young Gold Immortal abruptly blew up. Following that, Chen Feng stretched his hand out and devoured all the Gold Immortal energy there.

“Who else wants to die?” Holding the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng then said. At the same time, he was also feeling slightly elated. Here in the Celestial Longevity Plane, the Longevity Scripture could finally display its Heaven-defying powers. Should the Longevity Tower appear as well, he would be able to sweep aside all opposition in the Celestial Longevity Plane.

Of course, he was already doing that now. 

“Young Master Longevity Celestial!” The look of impassiveness on Immortal Monarch Heavenswater’s face finally fell off. 

“We have no intentions of making an enemy of you. Young Master, please show mercy.” The death of that Gold Immortal was so unbearable for Immortal Monarch Heavenswater that he felt the urge to puke blood. It had to be said. Even for Heavenswater County, nurturing a Gold Immortal was no easy feat. The Gold Immortal who was killed earlier had taken up 100 million years’ worth of resources for Heavenswater County.

And yet, Chen Feng had easily killed off the Gold Immortal. Due to that, Immortal Monarch Heavenswater felt both fearful and regretful. He was afraid that Chen Feng might attack again and regretted his decision to not come forward earlier. 

“No intentions of making an enemy of me? I’ll ask you this, if I hadn’t summoned you fellows, will you fellows just hide and be unwilling to come out?!” Chen Feng shouted in a rather imperious manner. 

“I wouldn’t dare. We have no intentions of becoming enemies with you! We are all from the Longevity Clan. Young Master, please show mercy!” Immortal Monarch Heavenswater began begging for mercy, taking on a humble and submissive attitude.

“I’ll give you fellows two choices,” Chen Feng said. 

Although he could already guess what Chen Feng would say next, Immortal Monarch Heavenswater clenched his teeth and said, “Young Master, please speak.”

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