Chapter 1284 Layers of Obstructions


Moving away from the three cultivators’ plans, Chen Feng led his group forward and they moved faster.

Their objective, the Longevity Heavensrange.

It was the central area for the entire Celestial Longevity Plane, comparable to the imperial city of the mundane world. It was also the place of residence for the rulers and imperial family of the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

The Longevity Heavensrange was the biggest mountain range in the Celestial Longevity Plane. The concentration of the spiritual energy there was several levels higher compared to the so-called paradise known as the Immortal Plane. 

The children born here would mostly possess special constitutions. Some were born Immortal Humans.

If Chen Feng had not encountered that calamity that destroyed his Chaos Constitution back then, if only he was able to continue cultivating here in the Longevity Heavensrange, his cultivation accomplishments would likely be far greater than his current one. 

At any rate, the Chaos Constitution was the number one constitution in the universe. No one knew just how much of a defiance of Heaven this constitution could be. 

“We’ll likely not have an easy time reaching the Longevity Heavensrange,” Magiris said. 

“Naturally.” Chen Feng nodded. Waving his hand, the Longevity Sword suddenly flew forward, transforming into a 10,000-zhang-long astral sword before slashing forward.


A clump of golden light had only just began to shine when the astral sword descended upon it. Next, space quaked and streams of energy churned about, wiping out the golden light. That one move had ripped apart layers of space.

“You really are a resolute fellow.” Magiris shook his head. In his shoes, Magiris would not have done this in the Celestial Malla Plane. 

“A low-level Gold Immortal dares to come stir up trouble. The fact that I am sparing his life is already an act of mercy,” Chen Feng said. 

“It’s only just beginning,” Magiris said. 

“It is indeed just the beginning. I personally want to see just how many people would jump to their deaths,” Chen Feng replied. 

“Who? Who dares fight here in our Celestial Longevity Plane?”

A thunderous shout swept towards them. In the beginning, it was just like thunder. Quickly, however, it became increasingly loud. In the end, it was as though there was a thunderclap right above their heads. It was something that would strike fear into the hearts of everyone. As a result, the Heavenly Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals behind Chen Feng began falling into a dazed state.

“You have a death wish!”

Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes. Previously, he had only attacked to leave his opponent seriously wounded. This time, however, the desire to kill emanated out from his heart. 

And so, the Longevity Sword flew out once more. Again, it became 10,000 zhang long before sweeping forward with lightning-like speed. 

However, the other party also fired out an astral blade containing a dazzling power of lightning. Surprisingly, it was the Longevity Blade. More, it was also at the mid-grade Divine tier.


The two weapons collided. Chen Feng’s Longevity Sword charged forward to cut the opponent’s Longevity Blade. Next, his figure flashed forward. When he re-appeared, a Gold Immortal could be seen struggling furiously in the grasp of his hand. 

The Heavengulping Absorption Technique was activated and the Gold Immortal immediately fell limp. 

“The Heavengulping Absorption Technique!” the Gold Immortal uttered in horror. 

“That’s right. This is none other than the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. It is the overbearing secret technique from the Longevity Scripture. Don’t you fellows want to snatch it?” Chen Feng said with a scoff. 

“You cannot kill me! This is the Celestial Longevity Plane!” the Gold Immortal said, dread in his voice. 


“Stop this instant!”

“You’re courting death!”

A total of three soul powers – like blades – attacked Chen Feng. The moment Chen Feng wanted to kill off the Gold Immortal, some cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane were finally incapable of holding back. 

Chen Feng chuckled, ignoring the three soul attacks. The devouring power coming from his palm grew stronger and the Ageless Gold Immortal in his grasp blew up. Following that, several Ageless laws, shaped like wyrms, attempted to flee. 

The Ageless laws contained the Gold Immortal’s primary spirit. As long as one of them could flee, there would be hope for the Gold Immortal to rise back up. 

However, Chen Feng then stretched his hand and grasped and the Ageless laws became trapped within the grip of his five fingers. A formidable power then scoured the Ageless laws again and again and it did not take long before the soul imprints on them were all wiped out. 

This meant that the Ageless Gold Immortal, someone who had been cultivating for hundreds of millions of years, had disappeared completely from the river of life. With the loss of his life imprints, not even a Paramount Gold Immortal can resurrect him. 

Meanwhile, Magiris and the other two Gold Immortals took action to stop the three soul attacks. 

“Those who want to die, come!” Chen Feng said, his voice sweeping out in all directions. At that very moment, Chen Feng was simply looking down on everyone there.  

He did not take the initiative to find the three cultivators. he knew that they would attack again later. 

To his surprise, the next part of his journey forward was peaceful and the three cultivators who attacked him had seemingly disappeared. 

Humph! You fellows think you can remain safe after attacking me? I will go find you fellows one by one! 

“You killed a Gold Immortal. You sure are ruthless. Even in the Celestial Planes, a Gold Immortal can already be considered as an apex existence. Aren’t you too reckless here?” Magiris said, concern in his voice. 

“Why, are you feeling worried?” Chen Feng smiled. 

“A little.” Magiris nodded. 

“It’s normal to feel worried.” Chen Feng then sighed. 

“We are both from the Celestial Planes. So, we are well aware of the might of the Celestial Planes. Do not worry, these ordinary Gold Immortals are still no match for me,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Very well.” Magiris nodded. 

“Besides, I am from the most noble branch of the Longevity Clan’s imperial family. While there are those who are against me, there are also those who will help me,” Chen Feng continued. 

“That’s true. You have a lot of experts backing you up. And then, there’s also the entire Boundless Corps. If your father just opens his mouth, these fellows will probably turn meek,” Magiris then said with a smile. 

Chen Feng shook his head and said nothing about it. In the war back then, his father was seriously wounded and had been spending all this time in cultivation retreat. He did not even know the exact details of his father’s situation. 

More, he speculated that his father was not in a good state. If it weren’t for that, would these fellows become so arrogant as to jump out and target him?

Surely, it’s nothing serious. Chen Feng wondered. In the past, Boundless’ imprint had existed within his sea of wisdom. After making contact with the imprint a few times, Chen Feng speculated that his father should have recovered his strength. Or perhaps, he was trapped in some place?

“Hold it!”

Suddenly, another thunderous voice swept forward. It was followed by a sky-encompassing killing intent. 

Chen Feng frowned. This one was different from the previous one. The killing intent here was pure, that of the military.

As expected, after the thunderous voice, a divine dragon-like stream of energy descended from the sky as it roared. Then, it charged forward. 

The divine dragon, with a length of 100,000 zhang, was formed using killing energy. Although it was not a real dragon, it was even harder to handle compared to a real divine dragon. 

“It’s the army!” Tun Ri said, stepping forward. 

“This is the Heavensfire County’s territory.” Da Feng also stepped forward.

“Heavensfire County. Looks like the County Ruler here is about to change,” Chen Feng said with a derisive grin and he grasped. A black vortex appeared from his palm and the massive divine dragon was simply devoured. It had failed to give rise to even a single ripple. 

An army consisting of 10,000 soldiers was standing before Chen Feng. 

The soldiers wore identical silvery-white suits of armour that had flame-like runes painted upon their surface. From afar, every single one of them appeared like burning flames. 

An orderly battle formation, a firm state of morale and an unshakeable atmosphere of power. All of those proved that this army consisted of veterans of hundreds of battles. 

Most importantly, this army consisted of elite Heavenly Immortals. Naturally, the few soldiers in charge of overseeing them were half-step Gold Immortals. 

As for the Gold Immortals, they were hiding in the dark. 

“Looks like some cultivators have become brazen now. Even though they are only Heavenly Immortals, they dare stop Gold Immortals,” Magiris said with a smile. 

“Insolence! Is your Heavensfire County trying to rebel here?” Tun Ri stepped forward and shouted. 

Unexpectedly, the other party remained unfazed. Instead, they stared at them coldly. Chen Feng could clearly see the hints of killing intent flashing across the eyes of the few half-step Gold Immortals within the army. 

“Surely, the other party doesn’t believe that these fellows are enough to stop us?” Chen Feng snickered. 

Magiris pondered for a moment before saying, “I think the other party is doing this on purpose. They deliberately sent Heavenly Immortals out here. If you massacre them, you will end up triggering a public outrage.”

“If that’s how it is, they made a mistake. Given my identity as Longevity Celestial, killing these fellows is still not an issue for me,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

“They’re men from your Celestial Longevity Plane, though. I couldn’t care less about them.” Magiris pursed his lips to the side. 

“Hold it!”

“You fellows wanna die?!”

Tun Ri, seeing the unfazed state of the soldiers, became infuriated. He swung his hand to send a black bead forward. It was none other than a Blazing Sun that he had just recently formed. 

“Careful! It’s a Blazing Sun!”

Unexpectedly, the other party knew Tun Ri very well. Two of the half-step Gold Immortals from the army fired out a steam of power of softness each. Like waves of water, the power of softness pushed the black bead back. 

However, Da Feng then took action. The black bead suddenly sped up, making its way through the layers of obstruction to fly into the 10,000-strong army.


Tun Ri shouted loudly and the Blazing Sun blew up. Black light spread out, blocking everyone’s vision. Then, cries of misery rang out without respite. 

One corner of the orderly army had disappeared. That corner had consisted of over 1,000 soldiers. 

It had to be said, Tun Ri’s Blazing Sun could threaten even an Ageless Gold Immortal. Thus, using it against these Heavenly Immortals was something of a bullying act. 

“Formidable! Once Tun Ri advances to the Gold Immortal stage, won’t he have the power to instantly kill off Gold Immortals?” Magiris praised. 

“These Heavenly Immortals are quite good. However, their levels are too low. There are even some starter-level Heavenly Immortals amongst them. Sigh! This is just a small county, after all. It is not up to scratch.” Chen Feng scoffed.

“From what I can see, their quality is quite good. Even though they lost so many men, the army did not fall into a state of chaos,” Magiris said. 

“This is the outstanding quality of our Celestial Longevity Plane,” Chen Feng said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“Whatever you say.”

Next up, Tun Ri and Da Feng led the 200 cultivators on their side and charged. 

Although their side has less men, even the weakest amongst them was a high-level Heavenly Immortal. Due to that, the moment they clashed, it became a one-sided battle. The half-step Gold Immortals on the Heavensfire County’s side wanted to turn the situation around only for Tun Ri’s group to swiftly finish them off. 

Sou! Sou!

Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, who were standing beside Chen Feng, suddenly disappeared. Next, they re-appeared in another layer of space, where they fought against three enemy Gold Immortals. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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