Chapter 1282 Recuperate


Finally, the stream of light formed by the will of the Longevity Tower dissipated away. By then, the Heavensdao Seal had been cut to pieces. Additionally, Chen Feng was continuously launching furious waves of attacks upon it. Due to that, the cut fragments of the Heavensdao Seal had a very hard time reforming itself. 


Even as he was attacking, Chen Feng began collecting the cut fragments of the talisman. For safety’s sake, he only kept the fragments of power belonging to the Heavensdao Seal inside his body and not refine and absorb them. 

More, he also had his own plans for them. If he could reform the Heavensdao Seal using the fragments, it would become a killer move against his enemies in the future. 

While the Heavensdao Seal could not kill, it could put an end to a cultivator’s path of cultivation. That was the most painful thing for any cultivator. 

“For real?”

“The Longevity Tower has taken action.”

“Incredible! Has the Longevity Tower recovered its strength?”

Seeing Chen Feng succeed in dealing with the Heavensdao Seal, Magiris and the Dark Kirin breathed a sigh of relief.

“Senior, earlier…” Magiris asked. 

“Two minor issues. I’ve dealt with them,” the Dark Kirin said coolly. 

Magiris nodded. He was aware that the two minor issues that the Dark Kirin mentioned were two Gold Immortals.

“I killed one of them while the other one escaped. Though, there are a few more in hiding. There is no way to tell if they would take action or not,” the Dark Kirin said smilingly, killing intent glinting off his eyes. 

“There are still more?” Magiris’ eyes peered far ahead and he kept checking their surroundings. As expected, he was able to find several more cultivators hiding in the dark. A few amongst those cultivators exuded auras that terrified even Magiris.

“To think that there would even be those from the Celestial Planes here,” Magiris said solemnly, his eyes narrowing. 

“More, they are from the Celestial Longevity Plane as well. Ha ha ha! Some fellows are trying to fish in troubled waters. In the end, they will only get themselves pulled into the waters,” the Dark Kirin said with a derisive grin. 

By then, Chen Feng had already finished collecting all of the fragments of the Heavensdao Seal. He had successfully overcome his tribulation and become a high-level Heavenly Immortal.

The very moment the tribulation ended, the cultivators who wanted to take advantage of the situation finally could not hold back anymore. Two Ageless Gold Immortals charged towards Chen Feng at almost the same time, one from the left and one from the right. 

Chen Feng smiled contemptuously at them. Earlier, he had to focus wholeheartedly on overcoming his tribulation. Thus, he could not spare any effort to take note of his surroundings. Now, by sending his divine sense sweeping outwards, he was able to instantly figure out everything that was happening within a radius of half a billion kilometres. 

When the two Ageless Gold Immortals were about to reach him, the stone lance in Chen Feng’s hand shook slightly. 

Bang! Bang! 

Two booming sounds rang out as the two Ageless Gold Immortals blew up into smithereens.

Are these fellows idiots? Chen Feng was inwardly sneering. Although he had just overcome the tribulation, his strength was still at its peak. Instantly killing off the average Ageless Gold Immortals was not an issue for him. 

After killing off the two cultivators, Chen Feng stepped forward to disappear from sight. At the very next moment, he re-appeared before another cultivator. 

Since these fellows were not attacking him yet, Chen Feng would not hold back. 

Moreover, he also did not have much time. Regardless if these fellows held any ill will towards him or not, he had to act quickly to get rid of them. 

At the same time, the Dark Kirin also attacked. 

The phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane pressed down on a Gold Immortal who was left with no time to even struggle as Chen Feng suddenly descended upon him. 


In the face of the two attacks, the only thing waiting for this Gold Immortal was death. 

After finishing off the Gold Immortal, the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane disappeared with a flash only to re-appear elsewhere to once again press down on another cultivator. 

And so, with the Dark Kirin’s assistance, Chen Feng killed off the Gold Immortals nearby. 

“Fellow cultivator, stop! I bear you no ill will!” a Gold Immortal shouted loudly.


Chen Feng’s lance stabbed into the cultivator, but the attack did not kill him off. Next, the cultivator, seriously wounded, fled. 

“Longevity Celestial, stop it right now! I am from the Celestial Longevity Plane!” another cultivator shouted.


Even so, Chen Feng’s lance continued forward to pierce his body. 

“Longevity Celestial! Just you wait! This is not over!”

It was not that Chen Feng did not want to kill them off. Rather, his strength was rapidly plummeting. 

Using but one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng wounded several more of the cultivators lurking around. In the end, he managed to send them all packing. 

Chen Feng’s display of might was like that of a God of Carnage and those cultivators could not find the courage to face him. 


Chen Feng grunted, the aura on him plummeting to its very limits. Firstly, blood began flowing out from his seven orifices. Next, cracks began spreading out across his body, rising in number to cover his whole body. 

In the end, he staggered and fell to a drifting state, drifting aimlessly in the starry space. 

“Longevity Celestial has fainted!” Magiris exclaimed.

“Sigh! Although he did manage to overcome this tribulation, he took too much damage. He over exhausted his essence power and even burned his soul. The way I see it, he will need quite some time to recover.” The Dark Kirin moved forward to grab Chen Feng. Next, they quickly returned to the Dark Plane. 

“This kid has the Chaos Constitution. Let him recuperate here.” The Dark Kirin placed Chen Feng in the central area of the Dark Plane. As expected, the world essence power in his surroundings began to flow into his body non-stop. There was simply no need for him to deliberately absorb them. 

“Sigh! Comparing with others will only infuriate oneself.” Magiris shook his head and sigh. 

Speaking of which, Magiris, with his innate eye technique, possessed a very strong cultivation talent. However, it simply could not be compared to Chen Feng, who possessed the Chaos Constitution.

Simply put, Chen Feng’s cultivation time was a million years shorter compared to Magiris. Back when they first met up, he was not even as strong as Magiris. 

However, after just a short time, Chen Feng’s strength had – despite not yet advancing to the Gold Immortal stage – surpassed Magiris. 

Magiris sighed. Staying with Chen Feng was a mental blow in itself. Out of sight, out of mind. Better for him to just head out for a walk.

Chen Feng quickly regained consciousness. Thanks to the essence power, his wounds rapidly healed up. 

In truth, he was not feeling too worried about the wounds on his body. Even his broken Heavenly laws can be repaired. What worried him the most was his soul flame and soul power, which he had burned during the tribulation. 

Those two were the hardest to restore. Even with the Chaos Constitution, he would require energy for that. 

In order to restore his soul power, he would need to slowly cultivate them back up, one strand at a time. Naturally, given Chen Feng’s strength, he could also devour the soul power of other cultivators to replenish his own. However, they would not be as pure as those he cultivated himself. 

As for the soul flame, it was even harder to cultivate. This time, Chen Feng had exhausted nearly half of his soul flame. He himself was uncertain how long it would take for him to recover from this. 

That said, after considering the fact that he was able to successfully overcome his tribulation, Chen Feng felt extremely lucky. If it weren’t for the Longevity Tower’s intervention, the Heavensdao Seal could have sealed his cultivation base. In the future, he would be stuck at the Heavenly Immortal stage, barred forevermore from the dao of agelessness. 

The Heavensdao Seal, eh? Looks like I will have to spend some time to properly study it. If I can utilize its fragments, it will become a great killer move.

Still, to think that Tower has recovered to this level. What a shocker! Only, he has yet to recover to his peak from back then. Also, even though Tower intervened, he did not come. Looks like there are still other matters that he wants to do.

After letting his thoughts run wild for a moment, Chen Feng began speeding up the rate at which he was devouring the surrounding streams of energy. By adding his Chaos Constitution and the Heavengulping Absorption Technique to the mix, the rate at which he devoured energy rose to an astounding level. 

Not long after that, Chen Feng’s fleshly body was completely healed. Thanks to the nourishment of the essence power and Chen Feng’s essence, energy and soul power, the magic treasures that levelled up during the tribulation were also able to stabilize themselves. 

Despite the terrible wounds he suffered this time, Chen Feng did manage to gain a very bountiful harvest. 

Firstly, he had successfully overcome his tribulation to become a high-level Heavenly Immortal. Due to that, his cultivation base and combat power rose severalfold. He had taken yet another step forward in his cultivation path. 

Secondly, as this was an Arms tribulation, Chen Feng’s Longevity Weapons and some other magic treasures were able to level up. Most of them had advanced to the mid-grade Divine tier. Just thinking about it left Chen Feng excited. 

Thirdly, during the tribulation, the Celestial Longevity Plane had taken the initiative to empower him. Throughout the history of the Longevity Clan, this was a very rare incident. From another perspective, this also showed how much potential Chen Feng possessed.

After the might of his fleshly body had returned to its peak, Chen Feng began using the Longevity Furnace to refine and repair the Goldshine Combat Armour that was damaged in the tribulation. However, just as he was about to start, a thought flashed across his mind and his eyes lit up.

He then fused the Goldshine Combat Armour with the Longevity Combat Armour. During the tribulation, the Longevity Combat Armour had also absorbed and fused with the power of some magic treasures. But there was still a gap between it and the mid-grade Divine tier. While close, it had yet to reach the threshold. 

As expected, Chen Feng’s decision was the right one. After the Goldshine Combat Armour was completely fused with it, the Longevity Combat Armour flew out from his body to begin undergoing its tribulation up in the starry space. 

Generally speaking, these magic treasures would not face any issues in their tribulations. At the very least, they would not face any issues resembling that which Chen Feng had to face. It did not take long before the Longevity Combat Armour returned to hover before Chen Feng. With a thought from Chen Feng, the Longevity Combat Armour moved to encase his body. It had clear-cut edges that allowed longevity energy to swirl around it in a perfect manner. An aura of perfect harmony radiated naturally from Chen Feng’s body as it wore the suit of armour. 

“This is the most suitable armour for me,” Chen Feng said with a smile. After that, the Longevity Combat Armour melded into his body to disappear from sight. 

One by one, various weapons and magic treasures appeared and Chen Feng studied them all at least once. After that was over, Chen Feng began studying the Heavensdao Seal.

Initially, he had been cautious in dealing with it. He quickly found out, though, that it was much easier than he had expected. Perhaps it was because the Heavensdao Seal had been shattered apart, but the Heavensdao Seal fragments appeared very stable. In the end, he used his divine sense to leave his imprints on them. Gradually, he was able to control them all. Only then did he fuse up the fragments of the Heavensdao Seal. 

An intact Heavensdao Seal appeared within Chen Feng’s body. While it was several times weaker compared to the one he had to face, it was still very powerful. The mysterious aura brewing within it terrified even Chen Feng.

This Heavensdao Seal, however, was completely under Chen Feng’s control. It had become part of his arsenal. 

Furthermore, he also planned on injecting more power into it to make it even stronger. With that, it would be able to display greater results when used against his enemies in the future. 

Additionally, he also made an interesting discovery. By mobilizing the Heavensdao Seal’s power, he could perfectly isolate himself from his surroundings. It was as though he was utilizing the Heaven-hoaxing Technique, shielding him from the monitoring power of the Heavenly dao laws.


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