Chapter 1281 The Heavensdao Seal


During that critical moment, the Dark Kirin decided to take action after all. 

“Senior, don’t take action. I can handle it.” Just as the Dark Kirin was about to intervene, however, Chen Feng’s voice made its way over. 

The Dark Kirin’s palm shook, but the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane did not disappear. In his opinion, it would be best to be prepared. Despite those words from Chen Feng, there was no telling what would happen next. 

The atmosphere of oppression coming from the tribulation clouds were difficult to bear, even for the Dark Kirin and Magiris, who were billion of li away from Chen Feng. If so, what of Chen Feng, who was in the middle of it all?

“I think I know what’s coming next.” Chen Feng sighed and his 13,000-zhang-tall Chaos Gold Body began shrinking. 

This time, his aura did not grow weaker. Instead, it became compressed. The smaller his Chaos Gold Body became, the firmer his aura became. 

In but one breath’s time, Chen Feng’s size had returned to normal. At that very moment, he had become like a unique cosmic creature that possessed a power capable of devastating the universe. By unleashing that power, it would be able to easily destroy this star region. 

“This fellow is improving so quickly.”

“Ha ha! Looks like Chen Feng will have to do this himself. You keep watch over him,” the Dark Kirin said and his figure flashed away, disappearing into the darkness of space. 

Magiris was initially taken aback by that. Next, his gaze swept around and he understood what was happening. 

As expected, there are some people hidden in the dark who wants to take advantage of the situation. I wonder, can Senior Dark Night handle them? Despite his worries, Magiris did not take action. Chen Feng’s Heavenly Tribulation had reached a critical juncture. There was a need for him to stand guard there. 

Suddenly, the tribulation clouds disappeared and a massive revolving talisman that resembled a disc appeared on top of Chen Feng’s head. 

The moment the talisman appeared, the flames within Chen Feng’s eyes began raging. 

Even Magiris became dumbfounded.

Somewhere far, far away from Chen Feng, a small nine-storey tower was continuously jumping through space. However, the formidable will of the tower had been keeping an eye on Chen Feng the moment his tribulation began. 

When the massive talisman appeared, a notion of shock emerged from the tower.

“To think that it would be the Heavensdao Seal! Tsk, tsk. This is a tribulation that only Ageless Gold Immortals assailing the Paramount Gold Immortal stage would encounter. Looks like this kid has more potential to develop.”

Next, a stream of power shot out from the small tower. This stream of power was formed entirely from will and it transformed into a stream of light to transcend space and time. Quickly, it flew towards Chen Feng.

“It’s the Heavensdao Seal! This is truly horrible!” Magiris’ eyes widened in shock. 

The Heavensdao Seal would not kill off the cultivator who was undergoing tribulation. However, it would seal up the cultivator’s ability to advance further. 

In other words, should this Heavensdao Seal fuse with Chen Feng’s body, his path of cultivation would stop here. No matter how much more energy he absorbed, he could forget about advancing to the next level anymore. He would forever be stuck at his present level. 

This was the suppression of the Heavenly dao. It was also the most overbearing aspect of the Heavenly dao. 

Chen Feng was also aware of this. Due to that, his face became slightly ugly to behold. 

The Heavensdao Seal was already slowly descending to suppress him while extracting all the surrounding streams of energy. Chen Feng could feel that the restraining power bearing down on him was growing stronger. 

He was aware. This was an attack he could not evade. Even if he were to run across the entire universe, he would not be able to evade it. 

Chi! Chi!

Chen Feng’s hands shot forward and the stone lance in his hand swiftly stabbed out. In his opinion, this attack would be able to easily and instantly kill off the average Ageless Gold Immortal. Even some veteran Gold Immortal would be grievously wounded. Rather, Chen Feng believed that even Divine Monarch Black Undersea would have his body blown up from this attack.

However, upon striking the Heavensdao Seal, the attack merely caused the seal to shake slightly. After that, it recovered. The attack had failed to slow it down in the slightest. 


With a thought from Chen Feng, the Longevity Sword transformed into a 10,000-zhang-long beam of sword light to strike the Heavensdao Seal. As before, the Heavensdao Seal shook and water-like ripples spread out as it easily dealt with the attack.

The expression on Chen Feng’s face became increasingly contorted. That was already his strongest attack. And yet, it was still incapable of stopping the seal. 

As the Heavensdao Seal kept descending, the restraining power acting on Chen Feng became increasingly strong. 

Chen Feng had a feeling. The moment the talisman merged with his body, a shackle would appear within him, one that he would be incapable of breaking apart. And then, his cultivation base would be incapable of growing anymore. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng kept attacking but to no avail. Rather, the massive talisman only descended faster. As time passed, the talisman also began shrinking. 

Chen Feng didn’t know what else to do. 

His soulflame emerged from his body in an attempt to burn the Heavensdao Seal only for the Heavensdao Seal to absorb a portion of the soul flame instead. Seeing that, Chen Feng nearly puked out blood. 

Magiris could not hold back anymore. Just as he was thinking about stepping forward, however, a huge bolt of lightning appeared out of nowhere to send him flying. 

Sensing Chen Feng’s crisis, the Dark Kirin, who was fighting other cultivators in the distance, fired out the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane. 

The phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane rapidly rushed towards Chen Feng. 

A series of lightning bolts surged forward, but the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane evaded them all. 

Finally, a lightning bolt managed to strike the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane, causing it to shake slightly and become somewhat dimmer. However, it continued to fly towards Chen Feng.

More lightning bolts appeared, again and again, and they all struck the phantom silhouette. In the end, when there was still a distance of 100 metres between the phantom silhouette and Chen Feng, it was shattered into nothingness. 

A helpless feeling emerged from Chen Feng’s heart and he found himself with the thoughts of giving up. 

The Heavensdao Seal was simply too strong. By his estimate, even if he were several times stronger, he would still be incapable of breaking this talisman. 


By the Dark Kirin’s will, the entire Dark Plane shook and the Dark Plane’s essence unleashed a stream of formidable power. This time, this stream of power flew at a very high speed and it evaded the many layers of obstructions to reach Chen Feng, empowering him.

This move allowed Chen Feng’s power to rise in a multiplicative fashion. 

And so, Chen Feng grew confident once more. Brandishing the stone lance, he stabbed towards the Heavensdao Seal again.

Sigh! By doing this, the Heavenly dao will probably take revenge on the Dark Plane. Hopefully, this kid can succeed. The Heavensdao Seal. It is simply not something that he could face right now. There’s no telling just how many veteran Gold Immortals had ended up with their paths sealed from this. The Dark Kirin sighed. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Heavensdao Seal was too ruthless. It was more ruthless that all the other tribulations. Even some veteran Gold Immortals who had been cultivating for billions of years were incapable of overcoming this hurdle. 

Thanks to the support from the Dark Plane, Chen Feng’s power multiplied and the attacks he fired out caused the Heavensdao Seal to shake violently. Even so, the attacks failed to break it. 

Just a little more! Just a little more! A little more! Chen Feng was bleeding from his seven orifices. Following that, his whole body began cracking. His essence, his soul power and even his life span. He had begun burning them as well for this.

The power that he unleashed grew stronger and stronger while his fleshly body teetered on the brink of collapse. But he did not back away. Instead, he continued to put his life on the line and attack. 


Yet another thick pillar of light descended to enter Chen Feng’s body. In an instant, the injuries on his body disappeared and his strength rose yet again. 

That was the power of the Celestial Longevity Plane.

In the face of the Heavenly dao, both the Celestial Longevity Plane and the Dark Plane chose to resist, using Chen Feng as a transport hub to fight the Heavenly dao. 


Chen Feng roared like a man possessed, the Longevity Sword and the stone lance stabbing forward at the same time to finally punch two small holes through the Heavensdao Seal. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng grew overjoyed, but the two holes then closed up. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng continued to attack furiously. At that very moment, the power that he was unleashing shocked even himself. Magiris, who was watching it all from billions of li away, was also feeling secretly shocked. 

He could clearly sense it. This current display of power from Chen Feng was enough to instantly kill him. 

How did this fellow’s strength rise to such a level? Once he succeeds in levelling up, won’t he truly be able to instantly kill me off? Looks like I will need to work even harder. Magiris shook his head. 

The Dark Kirin re-appeared there, his eyes staring intently at Chen Feng’s situation. However, the two of them dared not take action. Rather, they dared not even think about interfering, lest they be subjected to the Heavenly dao’s punishment.

“With the support of the Celestial Longevity Plane and the Dark Plane, Chen Feng’s strength has grown stronger by tenfold. If he is still incapable of breaking the Heavensdao Seal, he will be stuck on his level,” the Dark Kirin slowly said. 

“I hear that all Ageless Gold Immortals who want to advance to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage will encounter this Heavensdao Seal. I wonder, is it true?” Magiris said. 

“It must be. Sigh! In the future, unless absolutely confident, I will not study the dao of paramountcy.” The Dark Kirin shook his head. 

“Sigh! Hopefully, he can turn the situation around.” Magiris sighed. 


“What happened?”

As Chen Feng was about to fall into a state of madness, the will from the Longevity Tower finally arrived. A stream of light appeared there, sweeping forward to slice the Heavensdao Seal into two. 

“How is that possible? Just what kind of power is that?” The Dark Kirin and Magiris blurted out simultaneously. 

Chen Feng’s eyes shone brighter. Naturally, he knew who was behind that. In fact, he felt so excited that the felt the urge to shout loudly. 


And so he did. Once again, the Longevity Sword and the stone lance attacked non-stop, targeting the cut halves of the Heavensdao Seal.

Quickly, though, the cut halves of the Heavensdao Seal merged back as one. 

The stream of light that had yet to dissipate away suddenly turned around to once again cut the Heavensdao Seal into two. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The stream of light kept moving, sweeping without respite to cut the Heavensdao Seal into several small pieces before it could reconnect itself. In the process, the power of the Heavensdao Seal also gradually weakened. 

Finally, Chen Feng’s attacks began to take effect. The attacks from the Longevity Sword and the stone lance no longer just inflicted small holes upon the Heavensdao Seal. Instead, they caused cracks to appear on the seal. 

Sensing that the atmosphere of oppression from the Heavensdao Seal was becoming increasingly weak, Chen Feng did not let up on his attacks in the slightest. On the contrary, he went crazier, burning his essence power further to unleash an even greater display of power. 


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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