Chapter 1280 Chaos Gold Body


Even high-level Gold Immortals would reveal some fear towards the unknown. More, these were mid-grade Divine artifacts with unknown backgrounds. 

The mysterious attacks had seriously wounded Chen Feng’s soul right from the start. In Chen Feng’s opinion, should the other party unleash a few more of the ‘slash’ word, his soul would be wiped out. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, his soul power rapidly gathered and condensed to finally form a massive blade of light. His soul flame abruptly burst outwards to envelop the blade of light, turning it into a flaming blade. 


Chen Feng shouted. This time, he was the one to attack. The flaming blade appeared to clash against the mysterious magic treasures.


As a result, Chen Feng felt his soul shaking violently, as though it would be quaked apart. However, this move succeeded in shattering the mysterious magic treasures. 


Chen Feng then collected the clump of chaotic energy into his Longevity acupoint. Following that, his various Longevity weapons split the clump of energy amongst themselves. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!


Next, the surrounding space fluctuated at a furious rate. Surprisingly, six weapons appeared at the same time. They were then followed by a square seal, which pressed down on Chen Feng like a mountain. 

The pressure it exuded was even stronger compared to the pressure from the ding earlier. The atmosphere of oppression bearing down on Chen Feng was so hard to bear that he felt the urge to puke blood. 

This Heavenly Tribulation is truly strong! Chen Feng sighed. However, he gritted his teeth, stimulating his will to fight again. Once again, his combat power tripled. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

By unleashing his full power, Chen Feng was able to break apart three of the weapons in one fell swoop. But his figure quickly staggered and the phantom silhouettes on his back disappeared. 

Given his present situation, he could no longer maintain that triple power mode. 


One of the weapons pierced Chen Feng’s body. At the same time, the mountainous seal heavily smashed down on him.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Goldshine Combat Armour on Chen Feng’s body utterly broke apart, transforming into motes of starlight before entering his body. 

The mid-grade Divine-tier suit of armour had broken apart. Chen Feng will now have to depend on his own fleshly body to endure. 

“He’s in trouble,” Magiris said, concern in his voice. 

The Dark Kirin did not say anything. He simply watched the Heavenly Tribulation with a grim expression on his face. 





Loud sounds of collision rang out from amidst the chaotic Heavenly Tribulation and it did not take long before a massive fist – shining with golden light – appeared. It struck the seal again and again. 

The seal flashed with golden light without respite, but Magiris could clearly see that cracks were appearing on its surface.

Behind the massive fist was Chen Feng. At that very moment, his body was at least 10,000 zhang tall and every part of his body shone with golden light. He gave off an awe-inspiring air of majesty and peerless dominance. 

However, as Chen Feng was attacking the massive seal, two of the weapons attacked his body. Every attack would result in a greater flash of golden light. 

“The Ageless Gold Body! How is this possible? Even though he is strong, he has yet to advance to the Ageless Gold stage!” Magiris blurted in shock. 

“It’s not the Ageless Gold Body. That’s the Chaos Gold Body. Looks like this Heavenly Tribulation should not be a problem anymore.” The Dark Kirin secretly breathed a sigh of relief. 


Finally, the massive seal blew up and the stone lance in Chen Feng’s left hand swung to shatter two of the opposing weapons at the same time. 

Chen Feng then opened his mouth and all the surrounding streams of energy were devoured. 

“It’s probably not that easy, though.” Peering through the golden light, Magiris could see the bloody wounds covering Chen Feng’s giant body. Some places were even pierced right through, leaving holes there. 

“Without the Chaos Gold Body, his body would have collapsed already. If the Heavenly Tribulation ends here, he’ll be fine. However, I feel like the Heavenly Tribulation will continue,” Magiris continued.

The Dark Kirin nodded. By then, he was already revising his opinion about the situation, wondering if he had been too optimistic about it. There was no telling when the Heavenly Tribulation would end. Thus, Chen Feng was still in an unfavourable situation. 

Following the increase in Chen Feng’s body size, the stone lance in his hand also grew to a length of over 20,000 zhang. With a swing from Chen Feng, it unleashed the formidable atmosphere of a Divine artifact. 

As expected, even more weapons appeared non-stop. Again, Chen Feng could not identify a small number of them. It was those few weapons that gave him a great sense of fear. That said, he continued to brandish the stone lance, becoming like a primordial God of War that would kill anything in his path. Every thrust from the stone lance would result in the destruction of one of the opposing weapons. 

In addition to the weapons, there were also some special magic treasures. Compared to the wide assortment of weapons, these magic treasures were stronger. 

Chen Feng dared not be distracted. 

From afar, Magiris and the Dark Kirin could see an entire set of weapons and magic treasures appearing there. 

“An Arms Tribulation indeed. There are so many weapons!” Magiris praised. 

“Many are weapons that have been lost to the universe. If Chen Feng can make it past this hurdle, he will be able to obtain a great harvest. He cultivates the Longevity Weapons Condensation Technique. I wonder, how many of his weapons would advance thanks to this. Even I am feeling envious,” the Dark Kirin said, shaking his head.

“This Heavenly Tribulation is not something that anyone can encounter. Those who do are unquestionably super geniuses, one in billions.”

“Only, most of them would die upon encountering such a tribulation.” Magiris then revealed a wry smile.

“I’m not worried anymore. Longevity Celestial will definitely succeed.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” The Dark Kirin became somewhat surprised. 

“A feeling,” Magiris replied. 

Next, however, Magiris’ eyes abruptly narrowed. More deep cracks had appeared on Chen Feng’s Chaos Gold Body. In but the blink of an eye, several of the opposing weapons stabbed into his body. 


This time, the object descending from above to suppress Chen Feng was a magic treasure similar to the Six Daos XXX. Spinning rapidly, it smashed down on Chen Feng, bringing with it a power that exceeded the mountainous seal from before.

“That must be the Chaos XXX, no? However, it is just a phantom silhouette.”

Despite saying that, Chen Feng was aware that this phantom silhouette would not be easy to handle. Thus, he thrust with the stone lance. With lightning-like speed, it struck the XXX. Unexpectedly, the XXX abruptly sped up. Circling around, it then arrived before Chen Feng. 


Chen Feng was somewhat surprised by that. Then, he threw forward a punch that shattered the Chaos XXX. However, another weapon, looking similar to a scimitar, stabbed his body. 


The Longevity Blade flew out from his body to shatter the weapon. 

Following that, though, two more weapons struck Chen Feng’s body, one from the left and one from the right. The golden light shining from his 10,000-zhang-tall body began flickering and his body kept shrinking. It did not take long before he shrank to a height of 9,000 zhang. 

8,000 zhang

7,000 zhang.

6,000 zhang.

5,000 zhang. 

Finally, his body stopped shrinking. The strength of his aura also fell by half. Both Magiris and the Dark Kirin had also sensed it.

“This doesn’t look good.”

“Humph! Although this Heavenly Tribulation is strong, compared to the others, it is not that dangerous!”


Space rippled and a pillar of energy flowed over from the distant starry space to empower Chen Feng.  

Next, Chen Feng’s body began growing in size again. From a height of 5,000 zhang, he quickly grew to a height of 6,000 zhang again. 

6,000 zhang.

7,000 zhang.

8,000 zhang.

9,000 zhang.

10,000 zhang.

However, it did not stop there. The Chaos Gold Body continued growing in size. 

11,000 zhang.

12,000 zhang.

13,000 zhang.

Only then did it stop growing. 

At the same time, a rather small stream of light also moved to empower the Longevity Sword. Then, the spatial laws around the Longevity Sword underwent a transformation. 


The Longevity Sword had successfully overcome its tribulation and advance to the mid-grade Divine tier. Transforming into a beam of sword light, it flew over to hover above Chen Feng’s head. There, it radiated a torrential curtain of swords that encased Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shouted and the surrounding space shook. Brandishing the stone lance, he then unleashed a skyful of lance silhouettes. In light of his attacks, the opposing weapons constantly broke apart, shattered by the attacks. Even one of the formidable magic treasures there ended up destroyed with one lance thrust. 


In the end, Chen Feng displayed a grand move. The stone lance in his hand stabbed in the tribulation clouds’ direction, causing it to roil violently. Shockingly, his move punched out a large hole through the clouds. There was no way to tell where the large hole led to. 

“That’s the essence power of the Celestial Longevity Plane!” Magiris exclaimed. 

“The Celestial Longevity Plane indeed. What a big move.” The Dark Kirin shook his head. In the end, his eyes turned resolute, seemingly having made up his mind on something. 

“Since the Celestial Longevity Plane has appeared, senior should not use the Dark Plane’s power anymore,” Magiris said.  

The Dark Kirin pondered the issue for a moment. In the end, he nodded and gave up his plan to take action. 

“That’s true. Since the Celestial Longevity Plane has taken action, there should be no issues next.”

Weng! Weng!

Two more streams of light flew out from Chen Feng’s body. Surprisingly, they were the Longevity Blade and Longevity Lance. Those two began undergoing their tribulations as well. 

Next up, more streams of light would sporadically fly out from Chen Feng’s body. Since this tribulation began, Chen Feng had absorbed too much spiritual power belonging to magic treasures and weapons. It would be surprising if the magic treasures within him did not advance. 

“Come! More!” Chen Feng, wielding the stone lance, kept smashing one weapon after another and one magic treasure after another. Every now and again, the Longevity Sword on his head would fire out an attack to stop the opposing weapons’ attempts to launch a sneak attack.

After having destroyed who knows how many weapons and magic treasures, Chen Feng suddenly felt the pressure on him loosening. Then, no more weapons appeared. 

“Is it going to end just like this?” Chen Feng released a lengthy breath. The amount of harvest he obtained this time around was simply too great. 

Soon, however, Chen Feng’s hairs stood on end. The atmosphere of power presented by the tribulation clouds caused his body to tremble. 

What kind of magic treasure is coming? To think that it could possess such an aura! By then, Chen Feng’s Chaos Gold Body had reached a height of 13,000 zhang. The stone lance and the Longevity Sword, two mid-grade Divine artifacts, were defending him. Even so, he sensed great danger. He did not even have the confidence in his ability to overcome this next attack.

All those factors shocked him. 

The roiling tribulation clouds stopped. It was as though time and space had frozen, but Chen Feng could clearly sense that the pressure was becoming increasingly strong. In the end, even the thought of running away emerged from his heart. 

“This is bad!” Even Magiris could sense it. 

The Dark Kirin waved his hand and the distant Dark Plane shook slightly. Next, the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane appeared in the Dark Kirin’s palm. It was the result of condensing the essence power of the Dark Plane. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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