Chapter 128: Cut


“Charge out! It’s too dangerous to stay inside now,” one of the cultivators inside shouted.

It was true. At that moment, the Thunderhawk was carrying the Sky Soaring Warship higher and higher where the intensity of the winds kept growing in power. In terms of the strength of fleshly bodies, humans were naturally inferior compared to yao beasts. That was especially true considering the fact that they were facing a Great Yao. The Thunderhawk was capable of flying at an altitude of up to a hundred thousand zhang. Should these Concealed stage cultivators find themselves at that altitude, the intense winds there would tear them into pieces (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

At that very moment, everyone of the cultivators felt that staying within the Prized artefact was not a safe choice. Rather, it was growing more dangerous with every passing moment.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two cultivators flew out. However, the instant they appeared outside the ship they were buffeted by the ferocious winds. They were instantly swept up before disappearing to who knows where.

Even so, more cultivators chose to flew outside. Despite the dangers they faced outside, it was still better than dying inside.

Suddenly, large exits appeared within the Sky Soaring Warship. At the same time, Mo Ji’s voice rang out.

“Everyone, hurry up and leave this warship. We will gather on the ground.” Mo Ji’s voice remained calm. It would appear that the situation had not thrown her into a state of panic.

“Let’s leave quickly. This place is too dangerous. The ground should be much safer,” said Ye Ziming hastily.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Suddenly, potent energy beams began shooting out from the Thunderhawk’s claws. The beams, each more powerful than astral swords, shot out to instantly kill off seven to eight cultivators, their bodies splitting into two each. At the same time, they pierced several large holes through the tough hull of the warship. Two cultivators were caught unaware and they were sucked out of the warship.

“You fellows go first,” uttered Chen Feng with a hushed shout.  The Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand suddenly expanded in size, becoming at least three zhang in length. At the same time, a sword luminescence, over one metre in length, undulated across its surface.


Gripping the Overwhelming Astral Sword, Chen Feng hacked down furiously upon one of the Thunderhawk’s talons. The talon was considerably thicker compared to the thigh of a normal human. The claw protruding out from that talon was at least two chi in length and it gleamed with a dazzling array of chilling light. Chen Feng knew that the claw was comparable to a top-grade Magic artefact. In terms of sharpness, it was even comparable to a Prized artefact (1 chi = 0.333 m).

I’ll cut off one of this Thunderhawk’s claw. His claw alone is a treasure. If I can also cut out this talon, the flesh within could probably be used to concoct Earthen-tier medicinal pills. That is an incredibly powerful supplement. Chen Feng’s heart was aflame and both his eyes turned somewhat bloodshot.

Ordinary supplements were simply incapable of attracting Chen Feng’s attention. However, this Thunderhawk was a Great Yao. It was the equivalent of a human at the Sky Human stage. Not even the most valuable swords could cut a strand of hair from such a person’s body. Not to mention, this was a talon, something usually used for killing.

When I was outside just now, I failed to even cut its skin. I wonder what will happen this time? Still, this is a very good opportunity. I cannot miss out on this. Having reached that thought, Chen Feng stamped his foot as he pushed out every drop of power within his body. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was presently unleashing 120 % of his full power. The entire Sky Soaring Warship shook as the Overwhelming Astral Sword erupted with a roar, becoming even more dazzling in the process.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword hacked down heavily upon the thick talon. Chen Feng felt as though he could even hack apart a small mountain with this move.


A popping sound rang out as dark-red blood spurted out. Every drop of the blood looked like pieces of crystal, with a smooth and shining surface. They contained explosive power within them. Chen Feng was quick to dodge aside, fearing that the blood might splatter upon him. Even though the blood was valuable, Chen Feng knew that it was also dangerous. One drop of the blood could put him through quite the suffering.


Suddenly, a cultivator who was standing not too far from Chen Feng suddenly screamed out in pain. His whole body trembled as electrical currents flowed across his body. In the blink of an eye, the cultivator fell limply to the floor and his life force gradually weakened.


Chen Feng sucked in a breath of cold air. The scene had shocked him. Even though that fellow was a level 3 Concealed stage cultivator, just one drop of the Thunderhawk’s blood splattering upon his body had reduced him to such a state. The power of this Thunderhawk’s blood was comparable to the Five Elements Thunderbolt.


The attack from Chen Feng had only managed to cut into the Thunderhawk’s thick skin. However, it failed to wound its bones. In other words, it was just a superficial wound for the Thunderhawk.

Despite failing to cut off the Thunderhawk’s talon, Chen Feng grew excited. After all, he had failed to cut through the Thunderhawk’s skin earlier.

Unknown to Chen Feng, the Thunderhawk was presently besieged and under the constant attacks from the group of cultivators outside. Thus, its defence had fallen considerably, allowing Chen Feng such an opportunity. 

Still, that superficial wound was enough to enrage the Thunderhawk and it roared out. In its opinion, the ones it faced were but some minor human cultivators who cannot pose any threat to it. At that moment, however, it had suffered from an injury and was bleeding. Thus, it could not stop itself from growing furious. 

“Brother Chen, have you gone mad? This is a Great Yao.” Seeing what happened, Ye Ziming was so shocked, his whole body began to sweat. The other cultivators who remained within the cabin had also noticed Chen Feng attacking the Thunderhawk’s talon.

That included Mo Ji, who saw everything Chen Feng did. As the Sky Soaring Warship was Mo Ji’s magic treasure, everything transpiring within the warship cannot escape her eyes.

I did not make a mistake. That fellow has been hiding his strength all right. Not only has he condensed out his Soulflame, he also possesses a Prized artefact. Not to mention, it would appear that he has fully refined the Prized artefact and fused with it. He was also the one who killed off the Four Great Fiends earlier. Now, he is even going to attack the Thunderhawk? I wonder, is he just an extremely audacious fellow, or does he truly possess the ability to do so? Mo Ji considered.

“I am not crazy. This is a good opportunity!” shouted Chen Feng.

“Roar! Puny humans! You dare wound me? Die!” The Thunderhawk was enraged and its sharp claws swiftly flicked out to unleash beam after beam of potent energy beams. Sharper than flying swords, the energy beams shot towards Chen Feng.

“Careful.” Ye Ziming hastily stepped forward. Grabbing Chen Feng, the two of them then disappeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of snapping sounds rang out and the hard floor of the ship was pierced, resulting in several see-through holes.

“It is even capable of piercing through a Prized artefact. Good! No matter what, I want this talon.” By then, both Chen Feng and Ye Ziming had re-appeared 100 metres away from their original spot. Seeing the might of the potent energy beams, he was secretly shocked. If those beams had struck him, he would have been reduced to meat paste. However, after seeing the claw’s might, the desire in Chen Feng’s heart grew greater, like an unstoppable volcanic eruption.

“Brother Chen, what is wrong with you today? This is not like you at all! We should hurry up and leave. This place is too dangerous. We are simply incapable of defeating this Great Yao, unless you bring out that little tower,” Ye Ziming hastily said.

The little tower. He he. The tower is currently in a slumber and incapable of displaying its formidable powers. However, even if it is still functioning normally, I will not use it. It would be too conspicuous. Chen Feng considered. Moreover, Chen Feng was also uncertain if the Longevity Tower could suppress this incredibly powerful Thunderhawk. Besides, Tower had advised Chen Feng before. Should someone of note see Chen Feng utilize the Longevity Tower, an expert might step forward to capture Chen Feng and snatch away the Longevity Tower. By then, regretting would be useless. 

“Quick, help me! If we miss this opportunity, we won’t get a second chance.” Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom began churning. His blood energy howled, his primary energy surged and the three opened insight acupoints kept releasing powerful currents of energy. Once again, Chen Feng pushed forth all the power within him and the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand began thrumming as it exuded the strongest power a Prized artefact could unleash.

“All right. I will help you.” After saying that, Ye Ziming extended his palm and pressed it upon Chen Feng’s back. Powerful forces flowed ceaselessly into Chen Feng’s body. Under Chen Feng’s guidance, those forces flowed into the Overwhelming Astral Sword and converged.

“Count me in as well.” Lu Ta quickly rushed over. Similarly, he too pressed his palm against Chen Feng’s back.


The Overwhelming Astral Sword unleashed a ringing sound and a formidable sword intent rose into the sky. Sword luminescence shone intensely once more from the sword, reaching a length of at least one zhang. The sharp atmosphere radiating out from the sword caused Chen Feng’s body to start going numb. He felt as though even the floor of the Sky Soaring Warship could be hacked apart with this attack.

“Break!” Chen Feng felt his whole body gradually swelling up. When the amount of power was right, he shouted out. With lightning-like speed, he dashed forward to arrive before the Thunderhawk’s talon. The Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand hacked down.


This time, the Overwhelming Astral Sword was capable of cutting halfway into the Thunderhawk’s talon. It had nearly hacked its bone apart. Unfortunately, it had still failed to cut it off.


This time, the Thunderhawk responded with an even greater degree of violence as it grew furious once again. Its sharp claws swiped and flicked, and a potent energy beam struck Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng’s figure became like an artillery blast as he shot to the back like a meteor. He then slammed heavily against the wall of the cabin, causing a loud crashing sound to ring out.

The attack caused Chen Feng’s head to spin and he nearly fainted as a result. It felt as though all the bones in his body had been broken while his whole body felt paralyzed. A feeling of weakness flowed through every part of his body.

Almost there. I was so close to cutting that talon. One more time, I will definitely succeed! Chen Feng roared to himself and he struggled to stand up.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, the Thunderhawk’s sharp claw flicked out and two blades of wind – like flying swords – shot towards Chen Feng. Having no other choice, Chen Feng could only push out all his might to jump aside.

“I will block them!” Lu Ta brandished his Endless Sky of Turbidity staff and rushed forward, standing before Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three colliding noises echoes out consecutively. The first two rang out when Lu Ta was blocking off the two blades of wind while the third rang out when Lu Ta crashed into the wall of the cabin. Like Chen Feng, taking on the attacks had left Lu Ta dizzy. He had nearly fainted from that.

Still, Chen Feng was thankful to Lu Ta for blocking off the Thunderhawk’s attack. Otherwise, there was no telling what could have happened to him.

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