Chapter 1279 Arms Tribulation


Massive and thick, the Heavenly Sword brought with it an air of swiftness and force as it slashed down on Chen Feng’s head. It had immediately locked down Chen Feng’s position and he felt as though even his sea of wisdom was being cleaved apart by the sword energy. 

“Right on time.”

For Chen Feng, only tribulations that could force him to utilize his magic treasures to block could be considered as truly threatening Heavenly Tribulations.


He unleashed yet another punch and the Heavenly Sword came to a halt, a high number of cracks appearing across its surface. Chen Feng’s hand, on the other hand, blew up to reveal the white bones underneath even as his blood kept flowing out from the wounds. The pain bore its way into his heart and he laughed.

This was an Arms Tribulation. The stronger it was, the happier Chen Feng would be. 

The Longevity Sword flew out from his body to smash the Heavenly Sword to pieces. Then, a vortex appeared on the surface of the sword and the broken Heavenly Sword’s energy was utterly devoured. 


After that, the Longevity Sword released a terrifying aura. It then flew away from Chen Feng to head deeper into space. It did not take long before Heavenly Lightning roiled. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that the Longevity Sword was going to advance to the mid-grade Divine tier. 

In truth, given all the items that the Longevity Sword had devoured, it should have been able to advance to the mid-grade Divine tier long ago. This incident simply gave it the opportunity. 


A lance flew out from the tribulation clouds and it stabbed towards Chen Feng’s head. Even from afar, Chen Feng could sense a formidable killing intent from it. 

Tsk, tsk. Its killing intent is actually a notch stronger than the Heavenly Sword’s killing intent. Chen Feng was not feeling too worried. But when he saw the mace coming in behind the lance, his face sank. 

One by one, Chen Feng would be able to deal with them, even if they were slightly stronger. However, this action of attacking him together was the equivalent of sending several mid-grade Divine artifacts to suppress him. This was something of a bullying action. 

Only, he did not have too much time to ponder about that. The lance was already upon him. 


Chen Feng punched and the lance was swept away. This time, he had utilized the power of softness to knock the lance away without shattering it. After all, he still had to deal with the incoming mace. 

The mace swung down with a ferocious and awe-inspiring aura and was greeted by the Great Longevity Palm.

Next, the Great Longevity Palm was shattered by the mace, which then continued to descend and strike Chen Feng’s body. The strike sent Chen Feng tumbling. At the same time, the lance that Chen Feng sent flying away earlier flew back. Once again, it stabbed towards him. 

Chen Feng waved his hand as he finally summoned out a weapon. The stone lance swept out to clash non-stop against the opposing lance. Finally, the opposing lance blew up with a bang and the Longevity Lance appeared to utterly devour the power of the opposing lance. 


Yet again, the attack from the mace struck Chen Feng, who gritted his teeth before attacking with the stone lance. The very moment he shattered the mace, a whip then lashed down on his head. Once again, he was sent tumbling away. 

But that was not all. After the whip came a spear. 

After the spear came a staff. 

Every one of them had the power of a mid-grade Divine artifact.

Chen Feng felt as though his scalp would burst. The muscles all over his body trembled as the soul power within his sea of wisdom stirred furiously. 

“I was mistaken!” Chen Feng cried out again and again. 

In the beginning, he had assumed that this Arms Tribulation would be highly beneficial towards him and that the weapons would come at him one at a time. However, several of the weapons actually descended upon him all at once. Even a Gold Immortal’s tribulation would likely be only this strong, no? Rather, in Chen Feng’s opinion, even a Gold Immortal could be killed by this tribulation. 

Additionally, this was just the beginning. Due to that, Chen Feng felt discomforted. Who knows if the next phases of this tribulation would become even stronger?

Regardless, with his present display of strength, he would be incapable of handling the current situation. 

And so, Chen Feng clenched his teeth and his body shook. Next, two phantom silhouettes of himself emerged from his body. One was wielding the Soul Demise Bow and one was wielding the Six Daos XXX. 

Chen Feng’s main body held the stone lance. 

His combat power tripled. 

This was a power that Chen Feng would only unleash when facing his strongest foes. This was also the most powerful move that he could display. 

“Come, then. I would like to see just how ferocious this Heavenly Tribulation is.” Chen Feng released a lengthy roar and both the Soul Demise Bow and Six Daos XXX attacked. The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back then flapped and he attacked with the stone lance as well. 


The whip was blown to pieces and its energy was devoured into Chen Feng’s body. 


The spear was shattered apart as well. 

Following the spear was the staff. One by one, Chen Feng had smashed them to pieces. Naturally, it hadn’t been easy for him as well. Through the process, several bloody holes had appeared on his body and the Goldshine Combat Armour became damaged. 

Despite that, Chen Feng’s will to fight vaulted upwards and a formidable aura kept radiating out from his body. 

Chen Feng appeared to be in a very favourable position. However, he knew that the most critical moment had yet to arrive. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One by one, four formidable auras appeared. The auras caused Chen Feng’s skin to feel as though it would burst apart. 

The weapons that descended this time were an axe, a pole axe, a hook and a bident.

But that was not all. A massive ding also descended down on Chen Feng. The ding appeared to be descending slowly, but it seemed capable of crushing the entire universe. 

It’s not just weapons, but also the various magic treasures! Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched violently. 

As Chen Feng was undergoing his tribulation, Magiris and the Dark Kirin arrived to observe from afar. 

“Sigh! This time, Longevity Celestial is in for a rough time.” Magiris sighed. 

“To think that it would be the Arms Tribulation. More, this is no ordinary Arms Tribulation.” The Dark Kirin shook his head as he chuckled.

“Senior, are you not feeling worried?” Magiris felt somewhat surprised. 

“And what could come from feeling worried? It is not as though we are able to intervene. Do not worry. He will be fine.” The Dark Kirin appeared very calm, seemingly unconcerned for Chen Feng.  

“But this is an Arms Tribulation. And from the looks of it, not an ordinary one. Longevity Celestial is already displaying his full strength for this, but the Heavenly Tribulation is only just beginning, no?” Magiris was still feeling pessimistic about Chen Feng’s situation. 

Even though Chen Feng was indeed very strong, this Heavenly Tribulation was simply too strong. In Magiris’ opinion, if that was him facing the Heavenly Tribulation, he would most certainly end up dying. There would be no moments of suspense at all. 

“No point in worrying. I’ve said it before, we are unable to intervene. All we can do is stay here and keep watch, protecting him from others.” The Dark Kirin shook his head. 

“Though…” After saying that, the Dark Kirin stopped and light glinted across his eyes. 

“Though what?”

“If this fellow truly fails to endure it, I will take action. Do not forget, this is still my territory,” the Dark Kirin said coolly. 

Clearly, the Dark Kirin was not feeling as calm about this as he was letting on. 

“This is a Heavenly Tribulation!” Magiris shook his head. 

In Magiris’ opinion, even if the Dark Kirin were to mobilize the power of the Dark Plane to intervene, it would not be able to do much. Rather, it might backfire on him and bring disaster to the Dark Plane. 

“Let’s just keep watch.”

By then, Chen Feng had already broken two of the four weapons. Every time Chen Feng broke one of the weapons, the energy of the weapons would immediately flow into his body to give him the sensation of having a great harvest. Quickly, however, his face grew increasingly grim. It was due to the descending ding. Due to the oppressive power of the ding, Chen Feng could not even evade. 


Finally, the Soul Demise Bow fired out an arrow that pierced through the ding, leaving a big hole on it. However, the arrow failed to break apart the ding, which continued to leisurely descend. 

At the same time, a long and black chain appeared around Chen Feng. Swirling around, the chain circled him again and again, locking up the surrounding space. Every circle it made would cause the air of oppression bearing down on him to grow a notch stronger. Chen Feng knew. Should he fail to quickly deal with this problem, the chain would bind him. Given his present situation, having the chain bind him would only lead to his death. 

But there’s more. In addition to the chain, two other weapons appeared. These two weapons had strange appearances and Chen Feng was unable to recognize them. 

Chen Feng’s heart lurched. Not knowing what the weapons were meant not knowing the special characteristic of his opponents. They will be even harder to deal with. 

“Bring it!”

Chen Feng furiously stimulated the Combat acupoint within his body to constantly maintain his will to fight at its peak. This would allow him to better face the present situation.


The Soul Demise Bow fired three arrows in a row and the Six Daos XXX – under Chen Feng’s control – shot towards the surrounding chains. As for Chen Feng, he tapped his glabella. His finger then became like a sword, plunging into his glabella.  

After Chen Feng pulled out his finger, a dazzling beam of golden light shot out from his glabella. This Ageless Light that Chen Feng fired out was even stronger than the past. Naturally, this also came at a price. After this, Chen Feng’s soul flame would become weaker. Recovering from its weakened state would not be easy. 

The reason Chen Feng did this was because he could already sense a life-threatening danger. It was an unprecedentedly strong feeling of danger. Thus, Chen Feng knew that even if he were to bring forth his strongest move, he might not be able to stop this Heavenly Tribulation. He had to force himself to become even stronger.  

“This fellow’s truly gone mad.” Magiris shook his head, a look of concern filling his face. Although there was a great distance between them, Magiris could still – with his eye power – see what was happening to Chen Feng’s body. 

“Even if he succeeds in overcoming this tribulation, the price of burning his soul flame will not be easy to pay off.”

“No! As long as he stays alive, no matter how badly injured he becomes, he will be able to recover in the shortest time possible. Do not forget what type of constitution he has.” The Dark Kirin shook his head as he gave a different opinion on the situation.  

“That would also require great power.”

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Chen Feng’s Ageless Light was indeed very strong. Sweeping forward, it succeeded in cutting the massive ding into pieces. And so, the ding’s energy was absorbed by the Longevity Ding. 

The pressure on Chen Feng lightened and the Ageless Light elongated once again, sweeping forward to cut down the surrounding chains. 

After that, the Ageless Light dissipated away. 

The two weapons Chen Feng did not recognize then arrived before him. One of them released a greyish light to block the Six Daos XXX’s attack while the other one fired out a beam of light that slashed towards Chen Feng.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

No sound rang out, but Chen Feng was able to feel the three ‘slash’ words deep within him. Every one of them cut away 10% of the power within his sea of wisdom.

Those three words had nearly cut Chen Feng’s soul power by half. 

What kind of attack is this? A feeling of dread rose up from Chen Feng’s heart. 

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