Chapter 1278 Undergoing Tribulation


The two of them fought once more. Again, Chen Feng was sent flying from the exchange. However, he continued to attack, ignoring the wounds on his body. 

After beating Chen Feng back several times, the lightning cultivator began to secretly feel anxious.

Truth be told, the wounds on him were even more severe compared to the wounds on Chen Feng and Magiris. This current display of strength from him was just a temporary burst of power in his attempt to quickly finish off his two opponents. 


The lightning lance struck home, stabbing into Chen Feng’s body. More, the lightning blade also slashed towards Chen Feng.

The lightning cultivator was confident that this move will surely be able to kill off this kid. 

“Bring it!” Unexpectedly, Chen Feng responded with a laugh and both his hands moved forward to stop the descending lightning blade. 

“You’ve a death wish.” The lightning cultivator revealed a derisive grin. Next, he clenched his teeth and the power behind the lightning blade grew a notch stronger. 


Magiris suddenly opened his eyes once again and two blades of light slashed the lightning cultivator’s body at almost the same time. 

One of the blades of light severed the lightning cultivator from the waist down while the other blade of light severed his arm that was swinging the lightning blade, causing them both to fall down. 

Seeing the sudden change, Chen Feng’s palms abruptly turned to fists before charging forward. 


As the lightning cultivator was already seriously wounded, receiving the punches from Chen Feng immediately caused his body to burst apart. Only, lightning radiance flashed and his body rapidly reformed itself again. 

“Not so fast!” Chen Feng waved and the stone lance flew forward to pierce the lightning cultivator’s body, snatching away the power that the lightning cultivator had only just gathered up. 

Next up, both Chen Feng and Magiris unloaded a series of attacks on the lightning cultivator. They were determined to kill off this lightning cultivator. 


The lightning cultivator’s body was utterly reduced to bits. With every passing second, large amounts of energy would be extinguished. Even so, the lightning cultivator continued to attack. 

A formidable wave of lightning radiance swept out to knock Chen Feng and Magiris away. This attack left a long and deep wound on Chen Feng’s body. As for Magiris, whose body was not as strong as Chen Feng’s body, he was nearly cleaved from the waist down. 

“A lightning cultivator indeed. His cultivation base is strong,” Chen Feng praised. Lightning powers kept flashing across the wounds on his body. However, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was strong enough to get rid of the lightning powers. And so, his body quickly recovered. 

On Magiris’ side, flames raged across his whole body and his nearly severed body quickly reconnected. 

That was already the lightning cultivator’s final move. Chen Feng and Magiris then continued their attacks to finally finish him off. They obtained and split several Ageless laws amongst themselves. 

The number of Ageless laws that I have fused with has reached the double digits. I have fused with too many Ageless laws. I wonder, will this cause a change to my next Heavenly Tribulation? Chen Feng himself was feeling worried. The stronger he became, the stronger his Heavenly Tribulation would become. 

Despite knowing that, Chen Feng continued to improve his strength. He was aware that this speedy rate of cultivation would bring with it some hidden side effects, but the situation had forced his hand. He had to work hard on getting even stronger quickly. 

“I’m pretty much done. Killing off three Gold Immortals. I’m already at my limit.” Magiris sighed and closed his eyes again. The aura his body emanated fluctuated and he finally sat down limply on the ground. 

He had already pushed himself beyond his limits earlier. 

Chen Feng himself was not in a good state, but he forced himself to endure it. His gaze swept about as he kept watch. Only after Magiris had recuperated for a while and was able to set up yet another spatial dimension did Chen Feng began healing his wounds. 

Even though his cultivation base was very strong, the wounds inflicted by Ageless Gold Immortals were still very problematic for him. Thankfully, he possessed the Chaos Constitution. More, he had also cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the longevity-type primary energy. Due to that, he was able to quickly devour all of the chaotic streams of energy within his body. Following that, his wounded body was able to quickly recover. 

After Chen Feng was done recovering, Magiris remained in a state of recuperation. Additionally, it would appear that some more time was needed for his recovery. Chen Feng shook his head and his gaze peered far ahead, moving past layer after layer of space to find the Dark Kirin. 

Upon seeing the Dark Kirin, Chen Feng grew at ease. 

The Dark Kirin was currently recuperating within a central part of the Dark Plane, with several massive corpses lying around him. One of them was the Divine Dragon of Darkness. 

No questions were needed to know that the Dark Plane, represented by the Dark Kirin, had won this fight. Although they had to pay a certain price for it, it did not appear too bad. 

Having sensed Chen Feng’s gaze, the Dark Kirin waved his hand and both Chen Feng and Magiris were teleported to where the Dark Kirin was. 

“I had underestimated you two,” the Dark Kirin said with a smile. 

“Sigh! We simply got lucky. If it weren’t for the fact that they were already wounded, just one of them would have been enough to deal with the two of us.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

The previous fights had been very risky and Chen Feng was well aware of just how strong the other party was. 

Next up, Chen Feng stopped talking and began cultivating again. 

It was a very good place and there was no need for Chen Feng to worry that others would come interrupt him again. And so, he brought out an Ageless law and began refining it. 

By then, the Heavenly laws within his body had become completely golden in colour and they kept swirling around within his body like divine dragons. 

Chen Feng knew that his foundation was still in a very good shape. Given the fact that he possessed the Chaos Constitution, he would have – should he want to – no issues fusing with a hundred Ageless laws. 

Naturally, he would have to gradually absorb all that power. Stuffing himself with all that power in one go would simply overload him and blow him up, the Chaos Constitution notwithstanding. 

An Ageless law floated within Chen Feng’s body and strands of golden light were constantly emerging from the law before melding with the other Heavenly laws. 

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, breaking apart and devouring an Ageless law no longer required a long time. More, he wasn’t even using the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. 

Looks like I will need to undergo my tribulation again. After fully absorbing the Ageless law, a wry smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

His rate of cultivation had been a little too high. And as his cultivation level rose higher, Chen Feng began feeling somewhat concerned. Though, he was quick to wipe out those thoughts. Having reached this cultivation level, most cultivators would not feel fear. Fearlessness and the will to keep advancing. That was the grand dao. 

Knowing that his Heavenly Tribulation was about to come, Chen Feng chose to suppress it. He continued to break apart and devour two more Ageless laws before stopping. 

He had reached a limit. 

Turning to see Magiris still in the midst of his cultivation session, Chen Feng felt frustrated. Turning again, he saw that the Dark Kirin was also in the midst of his cultivation session. And so, he shook his head as he decided to go ahead with his tribulation. 

With just one step, he re-appeared outside Dark Night City. Another step and he left the Dark Plane, entering the starry space. 

He would not choose to undergo his Heavenly Tribulation in the Dark Plane so as to not bring over any troubles. 

Upon arriving in the starry space, Chen Feng found himself with the time to regard the Dark Plane. It was a pitch-black great world that would bring an impactful shock upon the hearts of those who gaze upon it. 

The Dark Plane was not something that Eternal World could match up against. In Chen Feng’s opinion, at least 100 Eternal Worlds would be needed to match up to the Dark Plane. 

Of course, a strong cosmic essence was also needed for that. 

After withdrawing his gaze, Chen Feng recollected himself. To his surprise, one year had passed. His soul power had also grown slightly stronger. 

After pondering for a moment, he then stepped forward. In but a few steps, he covered a distance of hundreds of millions of li, going further and further until he could no longer see the Dark Plane. Only then did he stop. 

Chen Feng’s gaze kept moving about, sweeping across the entire starry space. Finally, he determined that there was no danger within a radius of billions of li. Then, he began releasing his aura, a very powerful aura. 

He had not deliberately searched for any planets or asteroids for this. Instead, he simply drifted in space. Beneath his feet was darkness and above his head was nothingness. He drifted within the grand cosmos without any sense of direction. 

Dark tribulation clouds began gathering and roiling violently, giving Chen Feng a sense of pressure. Only, he did feel somewhat surprised. This time’s tribulation felt somewhat different from the previous ones. 

Is this tribulation going to be special again? Chen Feng wondered. 

There was no need for Chen Feng to wait long before a massive astral blade flew out from the tribulation clouds to slash down on Chen Feng’s head. The astral blade had gathered up the grand dao laws and the power of space. Due to that, Chen Feng felt as though the surrounding starry space had fused with the astral blade and that he would be broken apart. 

A look of shock flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. 

He had also encountered such an attack in his previous tribulation. 

“Heavenly Blade!

“Last time, there was a phantom silhouette of the Heavenly Blade. This time, it’s become several times more tangible.”

Chen Feng dared not be careless and he pushed with both hands to unleash the Great Longevity Palm. The great palm was formed using Heavenly laws and it managed to stop the Heavenly Blade. However, the blade kept slicing into the Great Longevity Palm. Seeing that, Chen Feng frowned. 

It did not take long before the Great Longevity Palm was cleaved into two. As for the Heavenly Blade, it became several notches dimmer, but it continued to slash down on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng then fired out a furious punch that caused the Heavenly Blade to come to a halt before blowing up into chaotic streams of power. Within the chaotic streams of power, however, was a small-sized phantom silhouette of the Heavenly Blade. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, the Longevity Blade appeared in his hand. Next, the chaotic streams of energy of the Heavenly Blade entered the Longevity Blade.

Countless wondrous runes began shimmering across the surface of the Longevity Blade, which began thrumming. Surface wise, it appeared normal. Chen Feng, though, could clearly sense that a change was happening to the Longevity Blade. 

Eh, the Longevity Blade is about to advance! Tsk, tsk. I understand now. This Heavenly Tribulation is the Arms Tribulation. This is a big opportunity for me. It just so happens that I was worrying about how to improve the Longevity Weapons’ grade. After realizing the situation, Chen Feng laughed. 

Even after the Longevity Blade was done devouring those streams of energy, it continued to desire more. But Chen Feng kept it back into his body. He knew that the phantom silhouette of the Heavenly Blade will not be appearing again. 

Chen Feng’s guess was correct. The next weapon to appear was a sharp and forceful Heavenly Sword. This Heavenly Sword was formed using various sword wills and power of laws. The pressure it exerted down on Chen Feng was in no way inferior compared to the pressure of a mid-grade Divine artifact.

“I’m just a Heavenly Immortal right now. To think that I would end up facing Heavenly Tribulation of this level. Is there no justice anymore?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from muttering. 

Despite saying that, Chen Feng was secretly feeling happy. Any other cultivator, even Gold Immortals, would have a very hard time overcoming this tribulation. But for Chen Feng, this would simply give him a slight feeling of pressure. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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