Chapter 1277 Fighting the Lightning Cultivator


“Tsk, tsk. What an impressive display of power,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

“A lightning cultivator. They are existences with the strongest offensive power.” Magiris’ face, though, was ugly to behold. 

“Senior, how should we address you? At least let us know your name.”

“That’s right. No matter how you cut it, you are already a veteran Gold Immortal with billions of years of cultivation under your belt. Aren’t you just bullying us here?”

After hearing what Chen Feng and Magiris said, the look of ridicule on the lightning cultivator’s face grew even more pronounced. 

“Humph! Characters that can kill off Divine Monarch Black Undersea and the Abyssal Tiger are no ordinary characters. You fellows deserve the reputation of genius members of the Celestial Planes,” the lightning cultivator said coolly. The lightning lance in his hand swung out and a sea of lightning bolts assailed Chen Feng and Magiris. 

“Suppress!” Chen Feng scoffed and swung forth both hands. Next, the phantom silhouette of the Dark Scripture – encased in the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane – suddenly appeared to press down on the lightning cultivator.

“Restraints of Darkness!” Magiris also fired out the attacked that he had been preparing. 

“Tsk, tsk. Does this lightning cultivator have a problem with his head? He actually waited for us to attack.” Chen Feng snickered. 

The moment the lightning cultivator appeared, Chen Feng had secretly utilized the Dark Scripture to link up with the Dark Plane. Unexpectedly, this opponent would cooperate by not attacking him. 

The attack that Magiris fired out was no ordinary attack as well. He had combined his eye technique with the power of darkness for this move. It was capable of entrapping his target for a brief moment. 

For Chen Feng and Magiris, a brief moment was enough. 

And so, the Longevity Sword in Chen Feng’s hand and the Illusory Demon Edge in Magiris’ hand stabbed into the lightning cultivator’s body. 


A circle of lightning radiance swept outwards and the two of them were sent flying. 

“Cough! Cough!”


The two of them coughed out blood, but they then smiled. 

Back when he first appeared before the two of them, this lightning cultivator had given off a formidable wave of power, shocking them greatly. But after this exchange, they had managed to gauge this lightning cultivator’s strength. 

While this lightning cultivator was strong, he was not beyond their abilities to handle.

“How are you feeling?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. 

“I’m doing very well.” Magiris shook his body slightly 

“Same strategy. You use your eye techniques while I attack.” Black and white patterns emerged upon the Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back. He was using yin yang power. 

“Can you do it? The way I see it, the wounds on you are quite serious.” Magiris then closed his eyes and two drops of black blood trickled down from them. 

“It doesn’t matter if I can or not. Even if it means falling into a half-dead state, we must finish this fellow off. I have a feeling that Dark Night is about to emerge victorious,” Chen Feng said solemnly as the two phantom silhouettes of himself appeared from behind him yet again. 

However, putting on his strongest display of might caused Chen Feng’s body to shake as his fleshly body split apart before fusing back. Blood was exhausted only to be created anew. At that very moment, Chen Feng’s body was functioning 10 times faster than before. 

“Triple the power!”

When receiving the previous attacks, the lightning cultivator had maintained an impassive expression on his face. At that very moment, that mask of impassiveness was torn as Chen Feng’s display of might shocked him. 

This time, Chen Feng did not utilize any weapons. Instead, his main body and the two phantom silhouettes of himself stretched their hands to rapidly form hand seals with them. Swiftly, a terrifying stream of power rushed out from Chen Feng’s body.

A great hand, golden in colour, appeared; the lines on the palm could clearly be seen. Ageless power flowed within the hand and runes flashed on its surface. More strands of clear power could be seen flowing into it. Although this palm silhouette was not particularly big, the power contained within it caused Magiris to reflexively widen his eyes. 

“This fellow is really going all out.”

“Come! Have a taste of this enhanced version of the Great Longevity Palm that I had just comprehended!” Chen Feng said, the great palm silhouette slowly pressing down on the lightning cultivator. 

Although it was moving slowly, the lightning cultivator’s face turned serious. Next, a Lightning Bead emerged from his head and a shockwave spread out, quaking apart the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane pressing down on him. The phantom silhouette of the Dark Scripture within it transformed into a stream of light before entering Chen Feng’s body. 

“Let me experience the secret techniques of your Longevity Clan.” The lightning cultivator did not let his guard down, bringing out all his strength to thrust the lightning lance in his hand towards the Great Longevity Palm. 


As the two sides were about to collide, Chen Feng smiled. The Great Longevity Palm suddenly clenched to assume a fist before heavily striking the lightning lance. 

The powerful collision caused the fist to blow up into chaotic streams of energy, which then transformed into ropes to entangle the lightning cultivator.

As for the lightning cultivator, he brandished his lightning lance while backing away. His arms were quivering from the collision, deep cracks spreading out across them. 

“Hey! It’s my turn!”

Magiris opened his eyes and two black blades of light shot towards the lightning cultivator, one from the left and one from the right. 

Chen Feng was left somewhat surprised. He had never seen this move from Magiris. 

While the Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng unleashed earlier had moved slowly, the two black blades of light were very fast, arriving before the lightning cultivator in an instant. 


The lightning cultivator swung his lightning lance to shatter one of the blades of light, but the other blade of light spun around before stabbing into his body. 

It was common knowledge that lightning cultivators’ bodies were very strong. Amongst cultivators on the same level, their strength was amongst the very top. But even with that, the unassuming blade of light nearly cleaved his body into two.

“Tsk, tsk. What a powerful blade of light!” Chen Feng said as he quickly formed hand seals again together with his phantom silhouettes. Another Great Longevity Palm was formed and it swung towards the lightning cultivator.

This time, Chen Feng did not utilize any flashy moves. Instead, the palm silhouette simply charged ahead to smash the lightning cultivator. 


The lightning cultivator opened his mouth to spray out a beam of lightning radiance that pierced the great palm silhouette. However, the great palm silhouette did not break apart. Instead, it continued onwards to smack the lightning cultivator, sending him flying. 


Chen Feng grunted and the phantom silhouettes on his back disappeared. Deep cracks also appeared on his body and blood began flowing out from some parts.


Chen Feng shouted and the Longevity Sword transformed into a beam of sword light, slashing towards the lightning cultivator. Chen Feng also waved to summon the stone lance before charging forward as well. 

Sou! Sou!

Two more blades of light flew out and two more drops of blood trickled down Magiris’ eyes. 

In the lightning cultivator’s opinion, Magiris’ attack was more terrifying compared to Chen Feng’s attacks. 


As expected, the blades of light were able to easily cut the lightning cultivator’s body again. After that, large amounts of power escaped his body and the mighty lightning cultivator felt a wave of weakness washing over him. 

“Come! Let’s fight head on for 300 rounds!” Chen Feng’s stone lance was already stabbing forward, creating a skyful of lance silhouettes. Even though they appeared to be attacking in a disorderly manner, they were, in fact, targeting the lightning cultivator’s glabella. 

In the process of attacking, Chen Feng seemingly gave up on his defence. He appeared to be going for a mutually destructive end. 

After several clashes, Chen Feng ended up suffering from two lance stabs, which left two bloody holes on his body. Due to that, his life force began falling into a state of chaos. On the other hand, he also managed to inflict a lance stab on the lightning cultivator’s body. He even snatched away a stream of life force from the lightning cultivator.


Magiris then fired out the third wave of blades of light. By then, his eyes were seemingly already on the verge of tearing apart and blood kept flowing out from them. It was quite the horrifying sight. 


The lightning cultivator’s lightning lance spun. This time, he managed to destroy the two blades of light, but his body staggered as a result. 


Pouncing on the opening, Chen Feng thrust the stone lance in his hand into the lightning cultivator’s body while utilizing both the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art. Following that, the lightning cultivator became horrified to find that the power within him was furiously draining away. By the time he managed to stop Chen Feng’s attack, he had lost half of his essence power. 

“The Heavengulping Absorption Technique.” The lightning cultivator stared at Chen Feng.

“Yes. How does it taste?” Chen Feng said, smiling.

“Very good.” After saying that, the lightning cultivator stamped his foot and space shook. Next, his lightning lance flew out from his hand to stab Chen Feng. At the same time, he also waved his hand to summon a lightning blade. Fixing his attention on Chen Feng, he strode forward, wanting to kill off Chen Feng in one fell swoop. 

“You’re locking down my aura? Tsk, tsk. I’ve already said earlier, I want to fight 300 rounds with you.” Chen Feng’s will to fight soared and he stabbed with the stone lance to clash against the lightning cultivator.

The formidable impact caused Chen Feng to give ground, again and again. The lightning cultivator, on the other hand, charged again, slashing down with the lightning blade. 


The stone lance in Chen Feng’s hand was positioned straight above his head to block the incoming lightning blade. Then, formidable lightning powers surged out to immediately engulf Chen Feng.


Magiris’ hands came together and he closed his eyes. However, a vertical eye then opened up on his glabella. Black light flew out to transform into a lance that pierced its way into the lightning cultivator’s body. The momentum behind the lance lifted the lightning cultivator off his feet.

The offensive power of this move exceeded that of the two blades of light that he fired out previously. 

After firing out this attack, however, Magiris staggered backwards. Finally, he managed to steady himself again, but he no longer had the strength to attack anymore. 

On the other side, a vortex appeared within the chaotic sea of lightning powers engulfing Chen Feng and all of the lightning powers were devoured by it. Following that, Chen Feng walked out unscathed. Striding forward, he swung the stone lance to send the lightning cultivator flying. 

Moving forward again, he swiftly stabbed forward with the stone lance to leave countless see-through holes on the lightning cultivator’s body. 


Due to the attacks from Chen Feng, the lightning cultivator’s body finally blew up. However, Chen Feng did not let his guard down in the slightest. A great lightning hand suddenly emerged from the chaotic streams of energy and one slap from the hand sent Chen Feng flying back. 

“Cough! Cough!”

Chen Feng opened his mouth and blood energy containing lightning powers gushed out. Next, he brandished the stone lance and rushed forward again, stabbing furiously with the stone lance. 

The great lightning hand caught him and a lightning whip appeared to strike him. And so, he was knocked back once more. 

The chaotic streams of energy rapidly gathered up and the lightning cultivator’s body was reformed. There was a cold smile on his face. With a lightning lance in one hand and a lightning blade in the other hand, he strode towards Chen Feng.


After a brief exchange of blows, Chen Feng was knocked away yet again. 

“Didn’t you say you want to fight 300 rounds with me?” The lightning cultivator snickered. 

Magiris struggled in an attempt to open his eyes but strands of fire emerged from his eyes, causing him to cry out in pain. His attempts had failed. 

“That’s right, three hundred rounds!” Wielding the stone lance, Chen Feng moved forward again. 

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