Chapter 1276 Finishing off the Abyssal Tiger


“That’s not why.” Chen Feng frowned. From past experience, it could be seen that not even unique creatures of chaos could stop his Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Even if they were unwilling, Chen Feng would still be able to pull out their essence, energy and soul power. 

Pa! Pa!

That one momentary lapse allowed the Abyssal Tiger to break free from the restraints. Next, he arrived before Chen Feng and Magiris. With one paw swipe from him, Chen Feng and Magiris felt space itself shifting as their divine senses shook. Then, they found themselves flying from the attack. 


The Abyssal Tiger vaulted forward to arrive before Chen Feng. This time, his jaws moved to clamp down on Chen Feng’s head. 

“You want to bite me? Not so fast!” Chen Feng sneered, Ageless Light firing out from his glabella to instantly leave a big hole on the Abyssal Tiger’s body. 

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the Abyssal Tiger was truly resolute. Ignoring his wounds, the Abyssal Tiger continued with his attempt to bite Chen Feng. 

This was no ordinary move, Chen Feng could already sense the chaos within the surrounding space. The blood within his body began to freeze. Even his sea of wisdom felt as though it was becoming frozen in ice. 

This was abyssal power.

With a thought from Chen Feng, his soul flame burned and a formidable power of life poured into his body, allowing him to recover. Next, the sword in his hand swung and a curtain of swords appeared to protect him. 


The curtain of swords blew up and a clump of power flew out, knocking Chen Feng back. 

The Abyssal Tiger had wanted to continue when his vision suddenly turned black and he found himself in darkness. There was no sense of direction or time there. Suddenly, his body felt stiff. Some black threads had wrapped themselves around him. 


A sword pierced the Abyssal Tiger’s body, taking away a stream of his essence, energy and soul power with it as it pulled away. 

“Since I cannot extract his Ageless law, I will just have to first suck the blood energy out of him.” Chen Feng then brought out the Blood Mustering Bead.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, this was a very rare unique creature of chaos. The power of his blood energy was surely not something that the average Gold Immortal could match up against. 

Chen Feng was right. The Abyssal Tiger was badly wounded several times and Chen Feng proceeded to devour his blood energy twice. And despite that, the Abyssal Tiger’s aura remained strong. 

“Demonic Blackmalice Flames!” Magiris began using his trump card. Black flames began burning the Abyssal Tiger’s body and it did not take long before his flesh began falling off. At certain areas, even his bones became exposed. 


The Abyssal Tiger howled in pain. Next, a pair of black vortexes appeared from his eyes to exert a formidable suction force and strands of the Demonic Blackmalice Flames were pulled away from his body to enter his eyes. 

While this method was effective, time was needed to deal with the flames ravaging his body. 

“This Abyssal Tiger’s eyes can link up with the Nine Abyss. He will have no issues devouring some demonic fire. Hurry, attack!” Magiris shouted. 

“As if I need you to tell me that!” Chen Feng said, employing the Great Longevity Palm, which directly plunged into the Abyssal Tiger’s body. 

Golden light flashed out and the Ageless laws within the Abyssal Tiger’s body began flickering in and out of sight. And yet, no matter how hard Chen Feng tried, he was simply unable to pull them out. 

On the contrary, strands of black energy emerged from the Abyssal Tiger’s body, spreading towards the Great Longevity Palm to quickly corrode out big holes upon the palm silhouette that Chen Feng created. 

“I get it now. He has imprinted his soul upon the Abyssal Zone. That allows his Ageless laws to become as firm as a mountain!” Magiris suddenly said. 

“The Abyssal Zone.” The expression on Chen Feng’s face flickered.

This Abyssal Zone was a very mysterious place. It was not under any immortal region. And yet, it held an important place within the universe. It was said that the Nine Abyss World was created due to the power leaking out from the Abyssal Zone. Of course, some had also speculated that the Abyssal Zone was not of this universe. 

Regardless, the cultivators who came from the Abyssal Zone were all very strong. This Abyssal Tiger must be somehow connected to the Abyssal Zone. 

“So what if it’s the Abyssal Zone? This tiger is just at the Ageless stage,” Chen Feng said, attacking once more. This time, he sent the Blood Mustering Bead into the Abyssal Tiger’s body.

In but an instant, half of the Abyssal Tiger’s blood and power were devoured. Yet another instant and the Abyssal Tiger’s massive body turned limp. 

“Kid, you’re so dead.” The Abyssal Tiger, however, calmed down and stared at Chen Feng, who sensed a phantom silhouette bearing down on him. 

This phantom silhouette was not big. And yet, it gave Chen Feng a feeling that he could not stop it. 

Is this the phantom silhouette of the Abyssal Zone? This Abyssal Tiger’s identity is likely beyond ordinary. Within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, his soul power churned without respite to finally break free from the oppressive power. However, a mysterious power snuck into his body to meld with his flesh, bones and blood. No matter how hard Chen Feng tried to circulate his longevity-type primary energy, he just could not get rid of it. 

“This is hex power!” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“That’s right, it is the Abyssal Hex! As long as the Abyssal Zone exists, this hex power cannot be eliminated! Ha ha ha ha ha! Beg me for mercy! If I’m happy, I might unravel it for you.” The Abyssal Tiger suddenly laughed loudly. 

Magiris cast a worried look at Chen Feng, who had a peculiar expression on his face. He looked at the Abyssal Tiger. Despite the grievous injuries on him, the Abyssal Tiger was still able to display a look of arrogance while laughing loudly. It was somewhat amusing. 

The Wicked Sceptre emerged from Chen Feng’s body and the hex power that had melded with his flesh and blood was pulled out before fusing into the Wicked Sceptre. 

“How is this possible?!”

The changes happening within Chen Feng’s body did not escape the Abyssal Tiger’s notice and he became truly astounded. That was his final move. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would so easily unravel it. 

In truth, Chen Feng himself was feeling fortunate. Although the Abyssal Hex that the Abyssal Tiger unleashed was strong, the Wicked Sceptre that he possessed was a mid-grade Divine artifact. It was already a wicked-type Divine artifact to begin with. Later on, Chen Feng even fused the Hex Sceptre with it. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the power of the Abyssal Hex was but tasty supplements for the Wicked Sceptre. 

Of course, this was also because the Abyssal Tiger’s level was not high enough. If the Abyssal Tiger’s cultivation base was slightly higher and the hex power that he unleashed was just a few notches stronger, even the Wicked Sceptre would be incapable of unravelling it. At least, it could not be done quickly. 

“So, this is the hex power that you mentioned? It doesn’t seem all that to me,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Impossible! How did you do that?” The Abyssal Tiger was still unable to accept what just happened before his very eyes. 


Magiris arrived behind the Abyssal Tiger’s back, the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand swinging down to cut the Abyssal Tiger’s body into two. 

Chen Feng swiftly moved forward and his hand reached out to grasp. This time, he was finally able to pull out the Ageless law within the Abyssal Tiger’s body. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

However, the process was not a smooth one. The Ageless law released a series of booming sounds while abyssal power assailed Chen Feng. 

Cracks began appearing on Chen Feng’s suit of armour, but he did not let go. Instead, he released an even greater display of strength. 


Magiris’ attack landed once more. The Illusory Demon Edge slashed down and the power that the Abyssal Tiger gathered up was immediately dispersed. Next, Chen Feng pulled out an Ageless law and kept it inside his body, where his Divine artifacts immediately suppressed it. 

With the first Ageless law extracted, the following steps became easier. The Abyssal Tiger, whose strength had plummeted, became less able to defend against the attacks from Chen Feng and Magiris and it did not take long before his second Ageless law was pulled out. 

Chen Feng was giving it his all. If this were any other Ageless Gold Immortal, they would have been completely devoured already. However, this Abyssal Tiger was connected to the Abyssal Zone. 

“You want to devour me? It won’t be that easy!” The Abyssal Tiger had only two more Ageless laws left. Suddenly the two Ageless laws – both of varying attributes – flared with power. Next, they abruptly smashed against one another to fuse as one. 

“Careful! This guy wants to blow himself up!” Seeing that, Magiris did not retreat. Instead, wielding the Illusory Demon Edge, he continued to attack the Abyssal Tiger. 


Chen Feng fired out the Soul Subduing Mantra, which arrived before Magiris’ attack to enter the Abyssal Tiger’s Ageless law. 

Following that, the Ageless law that had been growing in size abruptly stopped. 

The Illusory Demon Edge then arrived and a thin blade of light swept by to cleave the Ageless law into two halves. As a result, the self-destruct power that had been gathering up disappeared. Although it had still managed to create some shockwaves, they were nothing for Chen Feng and Magiris.

Cha! Cha!

The two of them then worked together to quickly rip the Abyssal Tiger into pieces. 

All of the Abyssal Tiger’s Ageless laws were extracted and suppressed while all his essence power was taken into the Blood Mustering Bead. Even his soul flame was broken up. 

“Phew! Another one down.”

“Looks like we are able to cooperate very well.”

“Of course! We managed to finish off two Ageless Gold Immortals in a row. I wonder how Dark Night is doing?”

While Chen Feng and Magiris appeared to be without injuries, they did not have an easy time at all. On the contrary, they had brought out their strongest might for the previous battle. More, they had even pushed themselves beyond their limits. At that very moment, they were already feeling somewhat weak. Only, they did not let it show. 

After chatting for a bit, they then revealed a bitter smile. 

“I wonder, will we be able to deal with another one?”

“We will. Humph! The ones that came this time are mostly veteran Gold Immortals. Every single one we kill will give us some harvest. Suffering from some wounds in return is worth it.”

As the two of them were chatting, the space there rippled and the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane appeared. Pressed down beneath it was an Ageless Gold Immortal. Despite his position, the Gold Immortal maintained a mighty stature and a peerlessly formidable aura. Light flashed from his eyes and the ocean-like atmosphere of power that he exuded caused Chen Feng and Magiris’ hearts to lurch. They knew. A tough opponent had arrived yet again. 

“Is this fellow also from the Immortal Court?”

“He is from the Immortal Court. However, he was born in the Lightning Plane.”

“Who cares where he’s from! Let’s finish him off while he’s suppressed!”


Just as the two of them were thinking about moving forward, the mighty lightning cultivator unleashed a sudden punch. Lightning radiance flared out and the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane was destroyed, reduced to streams of energy that dissipated away. 

“Such power!”

“A lightning cultivator’s offensive power is unparalleled. He will not be easy to deal with.”

Having dealt with the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane, a look of ridicule flashed across the lightning cultivator’s eyes. With a glance from him, lightning bolts filled the surrounding space, causing Chen Feng’s and Magiris’ hairs to stand on end. 

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