Chapter 1275 Fierce Battle


“You brats! I’m going to kill you!” Divine Monarch Black Undersea roared furiously, his Ageless Light sweeping out to send Chen Feng and Magiris flying. 

However, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Longevity Sword swirled around to cleave Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body again. At the same time, Magiris chanted and a clump of light transformed into a black talisman. The talisman pasted itself on the reformed body of Divine Monarch Black Undersea, causing his figure to falter for a moment. 

Chen Feng rapidly moved forward, his hand stretching out to plunge into Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body, where he swiftly tugged out an Ageless law. With a flick of his palm, the Ageless law was sent into his body, kept inside the Longevity acupoint. There, several mid-grade Divine artifacts lay in wait. Upon the appearance of the Ageless law, they swiftly released the might of Divine artifacts to easily subdue it. Then, they unleashed their primary flames to begin refining it. 


Divine Monarch Black Undersea screamed in pain. Having one’s essence law pulled out from their body was an act of killing that person. Chen Feng made his move again. This time, he did not extract a law from Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body. Instead, he launched a punch at him.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

In the face of Chen Feng’s punch, Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s formidable ageless body burst to pieces. Magiris then made use of the opportunity to rush forward, his gaze transforming into a pair of great hands. With a tug, the hands pulled out yet another Ageless law. 


Divine Monarch Black Undersea screamed miserably again. Two of his Ageless laws had been pulled out in quick succession, resulting in his strength plummeting like a straight line. Due to that, he became even less able to stop the attacks from Chen Feng and Magiris.  

“Ha ha ha ha! Weren’t you so very powerful back when you were chasing me back then? What happened? Why did you become so weak?” Chen Feng laughed loudly, feeling very pleased with this. He thought back to how Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s attack had left him terribly wounded and almost nowhere to run. And now, look at Divine Monarch Black Undersea. How quickly the situation had changed. 


The Blood Mustering Bead flew out from Chen Feng’s hand and flew upwards. Next, the damage to Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body rose as large amounts of blood energy was pulled into the Blood Mustering Bead. 

“Veteran Gold Immortal my ass. You’re still dead.” Chen Feng felt somewhat pleased with himself. 


A black Ageless Light swept forward once again. Its target, Chen Feng.


Magiris shouted. This Ageless Light move was incredibly strong. It would appear that this was Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s final attack. 


Chen Feng fired out his own Ageless Light and their two essence powers clashed. Next, Chen Feng’s Ageless Light broke apart and the black Ageless Light entered his body. 

However, Chen Feng did not appear worried. He instead scoffed. “You failed to kill me with this last time. To think that you would resort to this move again. What an idiot!”

This time, Chen Feng was in a much better state than before. With the Divine artifacts’ suppressing power, he was able to quickly break down the black Ageless Light and wipe out the soul imprints on them. 

“The harvest this time is really big.”

Following that, Chen Feng and Magiris attacked again to finally finish off Divine Monarch Black Undersea. In the end, a minor piece of Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s primary spirit had attempted to escape, but Magiris’ eye technique destroyed it. 

“A big harvest indeed. And this is only the first one,” Chen Feng said, opening his mouth to expel out a breath of black energy. The breath of black energy transformed into a sword that stabbed into the void. 


The sword was reduced into pieces as a massive golden palm appeared all of a sudden. Its five fingers spread to seal up the surrounding space and envelop Chen Feng. As it moved to grab Chen Feng, the spatial laws of their surroundings fell into a state of chaos. This separate space that Magiris created began falling into a tumultuous state as well. 

“Someone actually found this place!” The expression on Magiris’ face sank, both hands quickly forming a handseal. Next, black threads appeared out of thin air and shot forward to entangle the golden palm. 

Due to the attack from the golden palm, Chen Feng’s body shook and popping sounds rang out. It was due to the formidable pressure bearing down on him. His face turned grim. This opponent’s strength was in no way inferior compared to Divine Monarch Black Undersea.

“Great Longevity Palm!”

Chen Feng chose to take the golden palm head on and fire out a Great Longevity Palm that was different from the past. This Great Longevity Palm was formed using the power of laws. It had even fused with several Ageless laws. 

At that very moment, the Heavenly laws within Chen Feng’s body had completely changed in colour and the number of Heavenly laws had been compressed down to 81. 

The 81 Heavenly laws rapidly intertwined to form the massive Great Longevity Palm. When the palm collided against the opponent’s attack, a thunderous sound rang out and lightning radiance flashed non-stop. 

That was the divine lightning that Chen Feng’s essence power created. 

The collision between the two palms also caused the separate space to shatter apart and the black threads that were entangling the golden palm snapped apart as well. 

“Unbelievable! Did Longevity Celestial lose his mind?” Magiris’ figure hovered amidst the resulting waves of formidable power, the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand swinging around to quickly carve open a path. 

In Magiris’ opinion, Chen Feng was indeed very strong. However, in terms of the ability to vary his moves to the point of unfathomability, he was still lacking. Thus, fighting a veteran Gold Immortal like this would only end with him losing. 

He was correct. The Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng launched forward was only able to last for an instant before it blew up. After that, the golden palm smashed down on Chen Feng.

Space shook and roiled and Chen Feng disappeared from sight. 

“What? He’s disappeared?” Magiris was surprised. Spiritual light shone from within his eyes as he began searching for Chen Feng. But before he could find Chen Feng, the golden palm swung towards him. 

“As if I’ll take it head on.” Despite saying that, Magiris raised the Illusory Demon Edge to block the attack. 


Surprisingly, the Illusory Demon Edge managed to stop the golden hand. Seeing that, Magiris knew that the Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng fired out earlier had managed to exhaust the golden palm’s strength. 


A beam of sword light flashed out and the golden palm was shredded apart. After that, remnants of the golden palm transformed into a clump of golden light that tried to escape. However, Magiris then swung the Illusory Demon Edge to stop it. 

Wielding a sword in hand, Chen Feng charged out all of a sudden. Swinging the sword, he sent a wave of sword energy sweeping forward to cut apart the clump of golden light. Magiris followed it up with streams of light from his eyes to freeze the clump of golden light just as it finished reconnecting itself.

Another flash of sword light and the clump of golden light was utterly destroyed. 

“You’re fine?” Magiris was somewhat surprised.  

“Do I look fine to you?” Chen Feng pointed at his chest. Only then did Magiris notice that the suit of armour that Chen Feng wore had already become deformed.  


Suddenly, a black silhouette broke through space to appear before the two of them. A roar accompanied the black silhouette. 

“It's the Abyssal Tiger!”

“Senior Dark Night sent him over.”

“Sigh! We don’t even have time to rest,” Chen Feng said, Ageless Light shooting out from his glabella to attack the Abyssal Tiger.

Magiris sighed and runes shimmered within his eyes as he rapidly created yet another separate space. But that was not all. After giving it some thought, he then opened his mouth to breath out a stream of essence power to further strengthen the surrounding spatial barrier to stop others from breaking in. 


Chen Feng’s Ageless Light struck the Abyssal Tiger, sending him tumbling around. Following that, though, the Abyssal Tiger’s body quickly grew larger. Despite the grievous wounds on his body, the Abyssal Tiger roared at Chen Feng and unleashed an overbearingly ferocious air of majesty. At the same time, a ball of energy shot towards Chen Feng.

“Abyssal power. Tsk, tsk. Is this fellow from the Ghost Plane?” Chen Feng chuckled. Next, his figure dashed forward and two phantom silhouettes of himself appeared from his back. One was wielding the Soul Demise Bow while the other one wielded the stone lance. 

Given the circumstances, Chen Feng could not evade. The ball of energy that the Abyssal Tiger unleashed would blow up the separate space that Magiris created otherwise. 

The stone lance stabbed into the ball of energy and the clash caused the ball of energy to take the shape of a bowl. Finally, it blew up with a bang. Following that, the Soul Demise Bow fired out an arrow. At the same time, the Longevity Sword flew out as well. 

The Abyssal Tiger’s cultivation base was quite good and his combat power was comparable to that of the Dark Kirin. He was not an easy opponent. Thankfully, he was already badly wounded. Due to that, Chen Feng believed that this was not an impossible opponent for them. 

“Illusion technique!” Magiris attacked as well. 

“You have a death wish!” Black light flew out from the Abyssal Tiger’s eyes. One moved to stop the stone lance while the other one stopped the Longevity Sword. At the same time, a phantom silhouette of a tiger emerged from his body, roaring to quake apart the illusion technique from Magiris. 

“This fellow knows how to do this as well!” Chen Feng felt surprised. 

Chen Feng did not panic. He had long since prepared his next move. He extended his palm and the phantom silhouette of the Dark Scripture flew out. At the same time, the Dark Plane’s essence shook and a clump of black light shone, the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane flashing in and out of sight. 

This move from Chen Feng was similar to the move that the Dark Kirin used earlier, using the Dark Scripture and the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane to suppress his opponents. Only, the one that the Dark Kirin brought forth was more tangible. 

That said, they were presently in the Dark Plane. Thus, the power that Chen Feng unleashed was comparable to 30% of the Dark Kirin’s power. 

That was enough. 

The Abyssal Tiger was trampled before this power and his figure tumbled again and again. This clump of power then enveloped the Abyssal Tiger’s whole body. The restraining might of the Dark Plane’s power was such that the Abyssal Tiger would be incapable of breaking free anytime soon. 

“Illusion technique!”

Eventually, the attack that Magiris launched managed to break its way into the Abyssal Tiger’s body. Finally, a note of fear could be heard within the wretched screams from the Abyssal Tiger. The power that he had been gathering was suddenly lost due to the attack. 


Chen Feng shouted and he attacked alongside his phantom silhouettes to unleash three times his combat power. 

The Longevity Sword, stone lance and an arrow descended upon the Abyssal Tiger’s body at the same time. Coming in slightly later was the illusory Demon Edge. 


The Abyssal Tiger released the same cry of misery as Divine Monarch Black Undersea. 

Chen Feng’s body trembled and the phantom silhouettes behind him disappeared, blood trickling down his pores. It was due to his excessive use of power. 

However, the expression on his face remained the same as he instead moved faster. He arrived before the Abyssal Tiger and his hand shot out to grasp. Next, a clump of essence, energy and soul power was pulled out. 

That move sapped away one tenth of the Abyssal Tiger’s essence, energy and soul power. 


Chen Feng, on the other hand, grew surprised. He had failed to pull out this opponent’s Ageless law. 

“How strange!” Chen Feng shook his head and repeated the same move. Again, he failed. 

“This fellow is a unique creature of darkness. He is different from Divine Monarch Black Undersea. It will not be that easy,” Magiris said. 

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