Chapter 1274 Help Appears


“Should we take action?” Magiris appeared eager to take action. 

“Let’s wait a little longer. Just a little longer.” Chen Feng shook his head. In truth, he was also feeling very tempted. It hadn’t been easy for them to seriously wound Divine Monarch Black Undersea. By not following up on it, they would be missing out on a great chance. 

However, the Dark Kirin had yet to give the signal to attack. Thus, the two of them could only continue to wait. Additionally, from what Chen Feng could see, the Dark Kirin must surely have other plans.

“These two Dark Plane cultivators. One of them is a Divine Dragon of Darkness while the other one is an Abyssal Tiger,” Magiris suddenly said.

“A Divine Dragon of Darkness. This is a true member of the dragon race. It is not something that wyrms and their likes can match up against. The Abyssal Tiger is not to be underestimated as well. These two fellows’ genes and innate skills are in no way inferior compared to Dark Night. No wonder they are unwilling to submit,” Chen Feng mused. 

“Only, Senior Dark Night had better luck than them. Right now, I am worried that other forces in the Dark Plane would attack him.”

“I believe they will.”

“How do you know?” 

“It’s a guess.”

The Dark Kirin suddenly revealed a scornful smile. At the same time, his colossal body transformed to assume his human form while the strength of his aura gradually rose, quickly doubling before reaching its peak. 

“What? You are uninjured?” the Divine Dragon of Darkness exclaimed. 

“Humph! How else do I draw you fellows out?” the Dark Kirin said coolly. 

When they sensed the Dark Kirin’s formidable aura, the opposing cultivators initially fell into a state of shock. However, they then recollected themselves. 

“So what if you are uninjured? You think that you can fight us all on your own? Or do you fancy yourself as a Paramount Gold Immortal?” the Abyssal Tiger then laughed. 

“What benefits can you get by working with the Immortal Court? Are you not afraid that they will kill you off after they are done using you?” the Dark Kirin said icily. 

“There’s no need for you to worry about that,” the Divine Dragon of Darkness said with a smile. Only, it was a somewhat unnatural expression. 

“Enough chit-chat! Kill the Dark Kirin and the Dark Scripture will be yours. Our Immortal Court will also push you fellows to become the new rulers of the Dark Plane,” said one of the opposing cultivators there. This cultivator was wrapped in golden light and his voice contained a stately quality that could suppress the soul. 

“Hurry up and attack!” A look of annoyance flashed across Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s face. Although he had managed to reform his body, it still had to bear the pressure exerted upon it by the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane. Alone, it would be very difficult for him to break free.


The opposing cultivators wrapped in golden light exchanged glances. There were several of them there and they all knew that they could not delay this any longer. 


Suddenly, the Dark Kirin shouted as well and the surrounding space shook as four Gold Immortals appeared. All four were the Dark Kirin’s trusted aides. They had been hiding themselves nearby. Finally, it was time for them to take action. 

“Wait.” Chen Feng and Magiris had wanted to take action. But after seeing that, they stopped themselves. 

“It’s not yet time. Let’s wait a little longer.” Chen Feng and Magiris exchanged glances. Not taking action was very hard to bear for them. 

“I figured there is an ambush. However, if these four fellows are all you have, it will likely be insufficient. I’ll stop these four fellows. You guys handle the rest.” One of the Gold Immortals from the Immortal Court took action, bringing out a geocompass with four colours. The geocompass fired out four strange streams of power. Surprisingly, they managed to stop the four Gold Immortals on the Dark Kirin’s side. 

“That’s the Heavenly Justice Geocompass! He is Divine Monarch Heavenly Justice, an existence on the same level as Immortal Emperor Blackfang!” Magiris said in shock. 

“At the Immortal Emperor level.” Chen Feng frowned. Appearance wise, this fellow was likely no match for all four Gold Immortals. That said, he should have no issues holding them up for some time.

This was an unfavourable situation. At any rate, the other party still had several Gold Immortals. More, those were all high-level Gold Immortals.

“Break!” The Divine Dragon of Darkness and Abyssal Tiger moved to grab the Dark Scripture within the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane once again. At the same time, the other three Gold Immortals from the Immortal Court surrounded the Dark Kirin. Additionally, Chen Feng could also sense two more cultivators hovering nearby. There was no telling when they would take action. 

“The Immortal Court has dispatched so many Gold Immortals for this. They are really going all out here.” Chen Feng sighed. The stronger he became, it felt as though the number of enemies he encountered only rose higher and higher. There was seemingly no end to these fellows who keep popping out. 

“Humph! Although these fellows are strong, when compared to the standards of our Celestial Planes, they are still somewhat inferior.” Magiris, though, revealed a look of disdain. 

“But the Immortal Court has numbers on their side. Besides, how do you know they do not have stronger experts hidden elsewhere?” Chen Feng shook his head. 

Each of the three cultivators surrounding the Dark Kirin had a higher cultivation level than the Dark Kirin. If it weren’t for the fact that they were fighting in the Dark Plane, just one was enough to hold the Dark Kirin down. From what Chen Feng could see, every single one of them possessed the combat power of an Immortal Emperor. 

At the same time, the Divine Dragon of Darkness and Abyssal Tiger’s attacks on the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane was causing it to gradually grow faint. It seemed that Divine Monarch Black Undersea would be able to break free soon enough. 

“The situation is critical. It’s time we take action!” Light flashed across Magiris’ eyes. 

“Same as last time. One each.” Chen Feng nodded in agreement. 

Just as Chen Feng and Magiris were about to take action, though, a pitch-black talon emerged from the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane. Silent but extremely fast, the surface of this talon was completely covered in flowing runes. It was a sight that could entrance even the soul. 

The talon grabbed the Divine Dragon of Darkness, its sharp claws piercing the Divine Dragon of Darkness’ body. Next, the runes flowing across its surface began exploding, releasing booming sounds and multi-coloured display of fireworks. 


The Divine Dragon of Darkness screamed wretchedly. The fireworks then gathered up into streams of fire that invaded his body. Despite his formidable body, that of a divine dragon, he was incapable of enduring the burning power of the fire. More, he also had to deal with the talon’s devastating power.

“It’s the Abyssal Ghostclaw! And Abyssal Ghostfire!”

This sudden change in their situation caused a commotion to stir within the opposing party.


The Abyssal Tiger opened his mouth to release a suction force that utterly devoured the abyssal fire on the Divine Dragon of Darkness’ body. More, he appeared as though he wanted more. 

However, another talon appeared. This one was not black in colour. Rather, it was scarlet-red in colour. Furthermore, blood could be seen flowing on the surface of the talon. It looked even more terrifying compared to the Abyssal Ghostclaw. 


The bloody talon slapped the Abyssal Tiger away. After successfully steadying his position, the Abyssal Tiger found that he had lost at least 30% of his blood.

“Bloody Soulhand!”

The opposing cultivators’ feeling of agitation turned into caution and shock. The previous Abyssal Ghostclaw move earlier and this Bloody Soulhand move showed that the cultivators from the Ghost Plane and Blood Plane had chosen to interfere. 

“Sure enough.” Chen Feng and Magiris looked at each other again. The Dark Kirin still had some other moves up his sleeve. 

“Ke ke ke ke ke ke! How lively!”

A sinister voice rang out. Next, an old man shrouded in black, ghastly streams of energy walked out. Immediately after that, a clump of bloody light shone before squirming and transforming into a middle-aged cultivator whose body radiated intense bloody light. 

“Ghost King Great Force! Divine Monarch Bloodsoul! To think that the two of you were hiding here all this time! We were careless. However, now that you two are here, you can forget about leaving!” Divine Monarch Heavenly Justice said coldly. 

“Is that so? Then, let’s fight and see who will die here,” Ghost King Great Force said, his hand abruptly grasping forward. Divine Monarch Black Undersea, who had only just managed to reform his body, screamed as his body blew up yet again. 

“Fellows, are you not going to take action? How much longer do you want to wait?”

Ghost King Great Force’s voice made its way to Chen Feng and Magiris’ ears.

“Attack!” And so, they stopped hesitating. They had been waiting for so long that they had long since found it unbearable. 


A wave of spatial ripples swept out and the suppressed Divine Monarch Black Undersea suddenly disappeared. 

The Dark Kirin beckoned and the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane blew up into countless arrows to rain down on the cultivators from the Immortal Court. At the same time, the Dark Scripture returned to the Dark Kirin’s hand. 

“There are still more enemies lurking around!”

Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s disappearance caused the expressions on some of the cultivators to sink badly. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Come to think about it, Divine Monarch Black Undersea can already be considered as an expert. To think that he would die here.” Divine Monarch Bloodsoul laughed. 

“Who else is there? Come on out!” Divine Monarch Heavenly Justice said with a sneer. 

“Since Divine Monarch Heavenly Justice has spoken, I will not hold back anymore.” A mighty-looking cultivator in thick bone armour stepped forward while laughing, a lance in his hand.

“A Nether Emperor!”

Divine Monarch Heavenly Justice’s face turned somewhat ugly to behold. Although he did not recognize this Gold Immortal, the aura that this Gold Immortal emanated informed him that this was a tough opponent. 

“Alright, let’s fight. Since your Immortal Court desires to devour the other worlds, you fellows can forget about leaving here today.” The Dark Kirin waved his hand and another phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane swept over to suppress Divine Monarch Heavenly Justice.

“That’s right. This is a good opportunity that would rarely appear even in a hundred million years. You guys should just die here.”

“Ha ha ha ha! I’ve never gotten to kill such high-level opponents before. This time, the Immortal Court will bleed! I wonder, what will happen after the ruler of the Immortal Court finds out about this?”



Various formidable auras began clashing with one another as an intense battle began. Even the entire Dark Plane shook as a result.

“Dark Dimension!”

The Dark Kirin shouted and a thick dimensional barrier appeared around their battlefield. This barrier was formed using the essence power of the Dark Plane, a move that the Dark Kirin had prepared beforehand. This barrier could stop even the attacks from these Gold Immortals.

At that very moment, Chen Feng and Magiris were in a separate space, a result of Magiris’ eye technique. 

They were not doing nothing there. Rather, they were constantly firing out various formidable secret techniques down on Divine Monarch Black Undersea.

As the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane was no longer pressing him down, Divine Monarch Black Undersea was able to immediately reform his broken body only for Chen Feng and Magiris to swiftly break it apart. Again, he reformed his body. Again, the duo smashed his body. Every time his body was destroyed, large amounts of energy would be exhausted. Due to that, Divine Monarch Black Undersea grew infuriated. 

He was a character who had been cultivating for hundreds of millions of years. When had he ever had to face such a blow? Moreover, these two fellows besieging him were juniors. Even more importantly, Chen Feng wasn’t even a Gold Immortal.


Note: ‘Phantom silhouette’ used to be translated as ‘semi-transparent silhouette’. Raw: ‘虚影’; pinyin: ‘xū yǐng’.

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