Chapter 1273 A Shoal of Big Fishes


In the face of the attacks, Divine Monarch Black Undersea laughed before bringing out a pitch-black blade. A black astral blade swept outwards and the surrounding attacks were shattered apart. 

A mid-grade Divine artifact forged using the power of Heavenly Tribulation. These fellows have an innate advantage by being part of the Immortal Court. Chen Feng was inwardly sneering. 


The Dark Kirin’s colossal body charged towards Divine Monarch Black Undersea. When they clashed, the essence power around them gathered to form a massive energy blade above them.  

“This shell that Senior Dark Night left behind only has 30% of his full power. He is likely no match for Divine Monarch Black Undersea,” Magiris said with a somewhat concerned tone. 

“It’s less than 30%. He can barely display 30% with the help of the essence power. Only, I wonder if he can lure over more of them.” Chen Feng himself was not feeling too confident about it. At any rate, this Divine Monarch Black Undersea was already very strong. Should more cultivators with this level of strength appear, the two of them would be incapable of handling it. 


In the face of the Dark Kirin’s attack, the blade in Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s hand slashed out with lightning-like speed to send the Dark Kirin flying. 

However, as Divine Monarch Black Undersea was about to press the attack, the surrounding arrays re-activated and a cage of darkness trapped Divine Monarch Black Undersea.

But the cage of darkness was quickly broken apart. Divine Monarch Black Undersea was about to step forward when the Dark Scripture floated out. A sudden pulse of power from the scripture caused Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s steps to come to a halt. 

That was not all. The essence power of the Dark Plane swiftly converged to form a phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane before fusing with the Dark Scripture. Next, it exerted a suppressive power down on Divine Monarch Black Undersea, causing his whole body to tremble. Energy streams swirled all around his body. Surprisingly, in the face of the power of darkness, Divine Monarch Black Undersea was left incapable of taking even a single step forward.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

That was the sound of Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body bursting apart. Even his essence, energy and soul power were starting to fall into a state of turmoil. The Dark Scripture aside, just the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane was enough to give Divine Monarch Black Undersea a hard time. This was the Dark Plane, after all. Even a Paramount Gold Immortal would have a very hard time fighting off a world like the Dark Plane. 

“Eh?! Now I understand!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he nodded.

“By bringing out the Dark Scripture, he should be able to lure out the traitors from the Dark Plane,” Magiris said. 


The cage of darkness appeared again. This cage was different from the previous ones. There was a golden light shimmering across the surface of the black cage of darkness. That was the combination of the Dark Plane’s essence power and Ageless laws, designed specifically to imprison Gold Immortals. 

Sou! Sou!

Two lances appeared, one from the left and one from the right. The two lances were also shimmering with golden light. 

When they saw that, Chen Feng and Magiris felt tempted to step forward and attack. Divine Monarch Black Undersea appeared to be in a terribly unfavourable position, after all. 

“You think you can suppress me? Not so fast!” Divine Monarch Black Undersea shouted and a Heavenly Tribulation Blade flew out. Circling once, it cut the two lances down before slashing towards the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane above him. 

At the same time, golden-coloured laws emerged from Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body and a formidable force soared upwards, assailing the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane and causing it to shake. 

Chen Feng and Magiris were secretly surprised by that. The wave of energy that swept towards them gave them a suffocating feeling and they were nearly exposed. 

“This fellow is very strong,” Chen Feng praised. 

“It is said that Divine Monarch Black Undersea has been cultivating for over 500 million years. In comparison, we are like rookies amongst rookies,” Magiris said. 

“Five hundred million years. Tsk, tsk. Impressive. He can indeed be considered as a veteran Gold Immortal. However, he is not amongst the top-tiered veteran Gold Immortals. I am aware of some veteran Gold Immortals who have been cultivating for over a billion years or longer. Their bodily worlds, or should I say, their bodily universes, had undergone a lengthy period of development and truly stabilized. Those fellows are the true experts,” Chen Feng said. 

“Any life-bearing world would have a history spanning several hundreds of millions of years. When it comes to their stockpile of power and foundation, these old existences are truly strong.” Magiris nodded. 

While the power that Divine Monarch Black Undersea displayed was formidable, it was still no match for the power of the entire Dark Plane. The phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane became increasingly tangible and Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s figure gradually shrank down. This was a sign that he was becoming suppressed. 

Puchi! Puchi!

A whip knocked the Heavenly Tribulation Blade away. Next, two lances pierced Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body, one from the left and one from the right, causing his aura to become even weaker. 

“Tsk, tsk. Back then, this fellow exuded a formidable air of majesty as he was chasing me. To think that he would end up like this.” Chen Feng smiled. 

“It probably won’t be this easy, no?” Magiris said, a look of surprise on his face. He did not think that Divine Monarch Black Undersea could be so easily suppressed.

“Indeed. However, Divine Monarch Black Undersea was slightly careless. This is Dark Night’s homeworld. In the Dark Plane, Dark Night is a peerless existence, capable of challenging those at a higher level and easily suppress opponents that are at the same level as him.” Chen Feng was not feeling too concerned about it. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Divine Monarch Black Undersea unleashed his might once more and circles of light charged out from within him to break the lances piercing his body. After that, it assailed the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane, causing it to shake once more. 

“That’s the power of Heavenly Tribulation. Very strong. Only, using it to attack the essence of the Dark Plane? Tsk, tsk. That seems inappropriate,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

“It is somewhat inappropriate.” After giving it some thought, Magiris said as well. 

“Is he already completely exhausted?”

The power of Heavenly Tribulation that Divine Monarch Black Undersea fired out triggered a counter attack from the Dark Plane’s essence. A Divine Lightning attack shot out before exploding. As a result, Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body began breaking apart. As for the young Gold Immortal who was observing the fight nearby, his body instantly burst into a cloud of blood. 

“Oh, this is the divine essence lightning from the world’s core. It can also be considered as divine chaos lightning. Tsk, tsk, wonderful!” Chen Feng’s hand kept moving to form several hand seals. Next, an invisible barrier appeared before them to stop the incoming shockwave. 

“Eh? You’re mobilizing the Dark Plane’s essence power! To think that you have already reached this level!” Magiris was surprised. 

“We’re not the same,” Chen Feng said. He stretched his hand forward and the phantom silhouette of the Dark Scripture flew out, radiating with a black lustre.

“You’re a real lucky fellow.” Magiris shook his head. 

“Divine Monarch Black Undersea is about to get killed. I believe that someone will be showing up soon,” Chen Feng said. Things have been developing smoothly, more so than he had expected. He had underestimated the Dark Kirin. More accurately, he had underestimated the Dark Plane’s power. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Divine Monarch Black Undersea, when you chose to step out today, you didn’t think you’d be dying here, did you?” the Dark Kirin laughed loudly.

Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body had already collapsed. However, it kept squirming in an attempt to reform itself. 

“It’s useless. In the face of the Dark Plane’s suppressive power, you will need to be a Paramount Gold Immortal if you want to fight back,” the Dark Kirin continued to unleash verbal attacks.

“Is that so? I don’t think I will die here.”

Divine Monarch Black Undersea said and a black beam of light swept towards the Dark Kirin. The black light was very fast. Surprisingly, the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane failed to affect it at all. 

“Ageless Light!” Magiris was surprised. 

“He dares fire his Ageless Light at a time like this? Is he not afraid of hastening his death?” Chen Feng revealed a scornful smile. 


The Dark Kirin used a spear to strike the Ageless Light, but was sent flying from the impact. In the end, the Ageless Light struck him to leave a huge wound on his body.

“The big fishes have taken the bait.”

Chen Feng and Magiris received the Dark Kirin’s secret vocal transmission. And so, they focused as they prepared to take action. 

Several formidable auras rose up from their surroundings. Two of them then moved to attack the Dark Kirin while two more rushed towards Divine Monarch Black Undersea.

Two massive hands moved to grasp the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane. Though, it would be more accurate to say that they were moving to grab the Dark Scripture within it. 

“This isn’t looking too good.” Chen Feng and Magiris glanced at one another. They were feeling somewhat concerned. The big fishes had indeed taken the bait. However, if the big fishes were too big, they would only end up harming themselves. 

Moreover, this was a shoal of big fishes. 

Two streams of light rapidly charged in Chen Feng’s and Magiris’ direction. The two of them had already decided to take action. While there were some discrepancies in their plan, they had no choice but to take action. 

Pa! Pa!

However, two black beams of light appeared all of a sudden to pull them away. Shocked, Chen Feng and Magiris then pulled back the attacks that they were preparing to unleash. 


The arrays that appeared this time were 10 times stronger than before. It was such that even Chen Feng and Magiris felt greatly pressured. 

Two black silhouettes then flew forward. Brandishing a whip each, they created a tangible energy wave that swept around.  

“Essence guardians. I told you it wouldn’t be that easy.”

“The great arrays here are very strong. Even a Gold Immortal can fall to them.”

“What are you afraid of? We have so many men with us here. Even a Paramount Gold Immortal will die to our siege!”

The big fishes had completely revealed themselves. The strongest of the magic arrays that the Dark Kirin set up around them began spinning into operation. Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light while Magiris sported an entangled expression. 

The two of them could see it. Although the offensive power of these great arrays was quite good, it had a stronger restraining power. In other words, the Dark Kirin had no plans to let them escape. 

However, just sensing their auras for a bit left Chen Feng and Magiris with wry smiles. 

“This is truly a serious battle. Hopefully, Senior Dark Night has some other cards up his sleeve.”

“He likely has.”

“Dark Kirin, hand over the Dark Scripture!” The two massive hands that had attempted to snatch the phantom silhouette of the Dark Plane were repelled and they transformed into two human-shaped cultivators. Only, the auras their bodies emanated revealed that they were not humans. 

“As expected. It’s you two.” The Dark Kirin’s voice was extremely calm. 

“Still, I didn’t think that you would cooperate with the Immortal Plane. For the sake of the Dark Scripture, you dare betray even the Dark Plane?” the Dark Kirin asked. 

“Ha ha ha! Betray the Dark Plane? You have no right to be asking us that.”

“Enough nonsense! You’ve only been walking the path of cultivation for a short time. You simply do not have the qualifications to become the ruler of the Dark Plane!” The two cultivators sneered. 

“Hurry up and attack!” Divine Monarch Black Undersea’s body had finally re-formed. 

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