Chapter 1272 Divine Monarch Black Undersea


“Very happy. The way I see it, these fellows aren’t exactly all that strong.” Despite saying that, the expression on Magiris’ face was not casual at all. He was pushing his eye technique to its limits to help Chen Feng buy time. 

After severing a cultivator from the waist down, Chen Feng sent the Longevity Sword flying to pierce through the bodies of three more cultivators before stopping. 

By then, they had managed to dispel the illusion technique that Magiris cast on them. And so, the cultivators – Gold Immortals from the Immortal Court – took action. 

They fled in a panic. 

That said, while their side did suffer from a series of attacks during that brief moment, none of them had died. Those fellows were simply badly wounded. Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward to capture one of them. 

He then utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique to furiously devour the captured cultivator’s life force. In but one breath’s worth of time, the wounded Gold Immortal disintegrated away into nothingness. It was as though he had returned to the universe. 

“Seriously. This move of yours is too much of a defiance of Heaven. You devoured even his fleshly body and primary spirit. This will damage the Heavenly harmony.” Magiris shook his head in envy.

“Since it exists, it is reasonable. Even others who have cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique would not show such unscrupulousness in devouring others,” Chen Feng said with a smile. By devouring the Gold Immortal, he was able to gradually replenish the energy he exhausted in the earlier fight. 

“Yes. Unlike you, others do not possess the Chaos Constitution. Devouring like that would have caused them to overload and blow up long ago,” Magiris said. 

“Let’s not talk about that first. What happened on your end?” Chen Feng changed the topic. 

“The Immortal Plane intervened.” Magiris sighed. 

“I know. As if I needed you to tell me that,” Chen Feng replied in a displeased tone. 

“Don’t be so hasty. I’m not finished. Truth be told, there is no need for me to say more. I believe you should already be able to guess.”

“The Immortal Plane’s interruption is indeed within my expectations. But what I am feeling strange about is the fact that you fellows were held up outside.” Chen Feng could tell. If it weren’t for the fact that he was inside Dark Night City, the city would have suffered from a greater degree of devastation. 

“Their Paramount Gold Immortal intervened.”

“What?!” Chen Feng cried out in shock. If that were the case, they would no longer be able to defend the Dark Plane.

“That can’t be right. How can their Paramount Gold Immortal intervene so casually? The Dark Plane has existed for billions and billions of years. Some of its cultivators must surely have cultivated up to the Paramount Gold Immortal stage as well. Wouldn’t this action from the Immortal Court violate certain rules?” Chen Feng then aired his doubts.

“That’s simply how it is. Senior Dark Night was badly wounded. At present, he should have gone to the Central Dark Night Zone to recuperate.” Magiris sighed as he thought back to the previous battle. If it weren’t for the Dark Kirin, who blocked the enemy attacks, who knows how many Gold Immortals like him would have died? 

Chen Feng nodded. His divine sense flowed out to quickly make contact with the Dark Kirin. After some time, he retracted his divine sense. 

So, the other party did not use their main body for this. I wonder, what is the background of the gigantic golden hand from back then? Pondering the issue for a moment, Chen Feng then utilized a secret technique, using the power of the black Ageless Light that he absorbed back then to track down the other party. However, he was quickly disappointed. There was nothing. No clues to be found. 

“What’re you up to?” Magiris did not understand what he was doing. 

And so, Chen Feng informed Magiris what happened to him earlier. In the end, he said, “It was truly a dire situation where I nearly lost my life.”

“A black ageless power.” A thoughtful look appeared on Magiris’ face. 

“I think I’ve heard of that before.

“Hold up! A black ageless power containing a formidable power of devastation. This fellow must be from the Ministry of Heavenly Tribulation. I’ve heard of this veteran Gold Immortal known as Divine Monarch Black Undersea. By relying on the power of Heavenly Tribulation, he cultivated out a black Ageless Light.”

“Divine Monarch Black Undersea.” Chen Feng shook his head. He had never heard of that name before. 

Following the return of the cultivators under the Dark Kirin, the situation in Dark Night City began changing. The Slaughterers that remained within the city were killed. To Chen Feng’s puzzlement, the Gold Immortals from the Immortal Court that he fought against previously had disappeared without a trace. 

“No need to make any guesses. There are traitors within Dark Night City.” The Dark Kirin’s voice made its way into Chen Feng’s ears.

“You’ve recovered!” Chen Feng was overjoyed. 

“I wasn’t actually wounded. I just wanted to draw out some people,” the Dark Kirin said coolly.

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng understood. Back then, Chen Feng had felt suspicious upon hearing what happened. Given the Dark Kirin’s current level of strength, he could mobilize the phantom of the Dark Plane to fight his enemies. And now that he was in the Dark Plane, he would be able to better mobilize the Dark Plane’s power. Here in the Dark Plane, not even the main body of a Paramount Gold Immortal can think about easily finishing off the Dark Kirin. 

“What do you need us to do?” Chen Feng asked. 

“You two hide and be my killer move.”

“Killer move!”

Magiris also heard the Dark Kirin’s voice and he could not stop himself from becoming mystified. 

“Senior, you really think highly of us.”

“We’ll do our best. Given our level of strength, if we launch a sneak attack, we will be able to deal with even a veteran Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng laughed. 

By adding his phantoms’ triple combat power and Magiris’ wondrous eye technique, they could instantly kill off the average Ageless Gold Immortal. 

After finding out about the Dark Kirin’s secret plan, Chen Feng and Magiris pretended to have suffered from some injuries and they stopped participating in the battles there. 

With the return of the many Dark Plane cultivators, they were finally able to stabilize the situation in Dark Night City. 

As for Chen Feng and Magiris, they entered the Grand Dark Night Palace. Through a teleportation array within the palace, they teleported over to the Central Dark Night Zone to arrive before the Dark Kirin. 

“As expected.”

Surface wise, the Dark Kirin’s aura was unstable. However, Chen Feng could see that the power within him remained incomparably strong. The unstable state of his aura was a forgery by the Dark Kirin. 

“You fellows can cultivate here. When the time comes, you will know when to attack.” After the Dark Kirin said that, a phantom silhouette emerged from his body to quickly disappear from sight. 

“This fellow sure is insidious,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from muttering out. Magiris also snickered. Given their eye power, they could tell that this Dark Kirin before them was just an empty shell. The phantom silhouette that slipped away just now was the real Dark Kirin. 

“Let’s not think too much about it. This is a good place for cultivation,” Chen Feng said, sitting down cross-legged. A huge vortex then appeared above his head as vast amounts of essence power surged into the vortex. 

“You monster.” Magiris shook his head. He did not follow Chen Feng’s lead. Instead, he sat down and cultivated quietly. At any rate, he did not possess a Chaos Constitution that could devour so much power.

After spending an indeterminate length of time on their cultivation, the Dark Kirin’s voice made its way into their seas of wisdom. 

“It’s coming.”

Chen Feng and Magiris exchanged glances. Then, their figures quietly turned invisible. By not taking any actions, even Gold Immortals would have a very hard time discovering their presence. 

Sou! Sou!

Two beams of golden light flashed in. Next, two Gold Immortals with young appearances appeared before the Dark Kirin. 

“He really is here. Looks like his wounds are quite serious,” one of them said with a smile. 

“Who are you?!” the Dark Kirin roared, light glinting off his eyes. 

“Dark Kirin, enough nonsense. Hand over the Dark Scripture and we will leave immediately.” The two of them were wielding a sword each and killing intent emerged from their bodies. 

These two are Gold Immortals from the Immortal Court. They must be the vanguard, Chen Feng thought. 

“You have a death wish!” The Dark Kirin waved his hand and a cage formed using the power of darkness appeared around them to entrap the two Gold Immortals. Next, lances formed using the power of darkness began shooting towards the two Gold Immortals from every direction.

“Pulling Technique of Myriad Swords!”

“Peerless Sword Dao!”

In the face of the attacks, the two Gold Immortals employed their sword techniques to create a violent wave of sword energy. One by one, the lances were cut down. 


In the end, they blasted a large hole through the cage and flew out. 

“So, he only has 30% of his strength left.” The two of them exchanged glances and revealed pleased smiles. 

“Just 30% of my strength is enough to kill you fellows.” A massive black palm broke its way out from the ground to strike the two Gold Immortals and send them flying. Next, two lances flashed forward to pierce their bodies. 

“Save us!”

The two young Gold Immortals cried for help. 


A massive black hand swept forward to crush one of the Gold Immortals. But just as it was about to crush the other Gold Immortal, a torrential sword light surged forward to shred the black hand to bits. 

A middle-aged man appeared and he walked towards them, one step at a time. He was clad in black robes and his atmosphere was as solid as a mountain. But when his gaze swept out, it became like blades that could tear through the many layers of space. 

“This person is strong.”

“A veteran Gold Immortal.”

Chen Feng and Magiris looked at each other, a look of shock flashing across their faces. 

“We caught a big fish.”

“This aura is somewhat familiar. This is the fellow who attacked me back then. He must be Divine Monarch Black Undersea,” Chen Feng hesitated for a moment before saying. 

“Divine Monarch Black Undersea. This fellow is a real veteran Gold Immortal. I wonder if Senior Dark Night can handle him.”

“Even now, Dark Night has not sent us any message. There must be some other big fishes that have not taken the bait.”

“I don’t know if we can even handle this big fish.”

“Don’t be anxious. Dark Night must have made the necessary arrangements. Besides, given our level of strength, by launching a sneak attack, we will have no issues entangling Divine Monarch Black Undersea.” Chen Feng was rather calm about it. 

Although this person’s Ageless Light had wounded him back then, Chen Feng estimated that this person was not that much stronger compared to the Space-time Slaughterer that they had to face in the past. And while he was no match for this Divine Monarch Black Undersea, by fighting alongside Magiris, they would be able to put up a stronger fight. Even if they could not kill Divine Monarch Black Undersea, Chen Feng was confident in their ability to hold him down. 

“Who are you?” the Dark Kirin said coldly. 

“The Immortal Court’s Divine Monarch Black Undersea,” the middle-aged man said coolly and his gaze swept around. In the face of his formidable probing power, Chen Feng and Magiris quickly stayed low. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

His gaze caused a series of explosive sounds to ring out around them and countless patterns and runes appeared. The Dark Kirin’s eyes flashed with light and layer after layer of arrays appeared around them. Various weapons formed using the power of darkness attacked Divine Monarch Black Undersea.

“As expected, there are traps here. However, aren’t attacks of this level a little too weak?” Divine Monarch Black Undersea laughed. 

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