Chapter 1271 Besieged


“Unfortunately, I do not have the time to deal with these trifling matters. There are more important issues to deal with here.”

Knowing that Chen Feng had dealt with the Ageless Light that he sent out, the middle-aged man was surprised. But after a moment’s consideration, he decided to discard Chen Feng’s matter aside. 

“Hopefully, everything is going smoothly.”

To think that even an expert at this level would appear. There was an entangled look on Chen Feng’s face. When he first arrived on the Dark Plane, seeing how strong its forces were, Chen Feng had felt somewhat confident. However, after the earlier confrontation, Chen Feng knew that the Dark Plane was also not safe. It might very well end up suffering from the same fate as Eternal World.   

If the Immortal Plane can merge with the Dark Plane as well, it would have more confidence in dealing with the Celestial Planes. How ambitious! Looks like it wants to conquer the Limitless Immortal Region. Chen Feng then stood up. A series of booming sounds rang out and he finally recovered from his injuries. 

Suddenly, a wave of power charged towards Chen Feng, who stretched his hand out and pulled. Over 100 Slaughterers were pulled over before blowing up. 

“There’s someone here!”

After that, several half-step Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers swarmed forward. Chen Feng, on the other hand, did not view them as a threat. His eyes flashed with light as he utilized his eye techniques, putting the Slaughterers into an illusion. 

A sword emerged from thin air to stab at Chen Feng’s back. 


Golden-coloured sword light flashed and Chen Feng disappeared. 


Following that, the space there blew up and a young cultivator, wielding a sword, walked out. 

“Do all the guys from the Immortal Court love to use sneak attacks?” Chen Feng said with a derisive grin. 

“Longevity Celestial!” There was a look of surprise in the young man’s face as he looked at Chen Feng.

“You know me?” Chen Feng smiled. 

The young man was clad in a black suit of armour, but golden streams of light kept flowing across its surface while Ageless laws swirled around him. Chen Feng also managed to sense a somewhat familiar aura from him. 

“I wonder, are you from the Ministry of Heavenly War or the Ministry of Heavenly Tribulation?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. 

“Ministry of Heavenly Tribulation. I know you. We took note of you back when you were undergoing your tribulation in Eternal World. Unexpectedly, your rate of cultivation is so high,” the young man said. 

“Are you regretting not personally taking action to kill me now?” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Sword – imbued with the sword intent of wind and lightning – stabbing towards the young man. 

“I don’t care where you’re from. I also don’t care if your ambush is ready or not. Meeting me is just bad luck on your part!”


Realizing that Chen Feng had seen through his ruse, the young man shouted. The sword in his hand transformed into a curtain of swords to defend him while several beams of power shot towards Chen Feng.

“Gold Immortals at your level are still not enough to stop me.” The Longevity Wings promptly spread out from Chen Feng’s back. Next, it flapped furiously and hurricanes swept outwards. 

Those were no ordinary hurricanes. Containing the power of space-time, the hurricanes were exceedingly strong. Even Gold Immortals would have a very hard time overcoming it. 

“Longevity Celestial, just come in quietly!”

“Longevity Celestial, I’ll give you a choice. Join our Immortal Court, or die!”

Two soul waves assailed Chen Feng.


Chen Feng shouted as he utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra to vanquish the two soul attacks. At the same time, several attacks descended upon Chen Feng’s body.

As Chen Feng’s figure was sent flying from the attacks, a talisman pasted itself onto Chen Feng’s body. 

“A Soul Press Talisman! Interesting.” Chen Feng gently landed on the ground and his sea of wisdom churned. Ageless Light then swept outwards and the talisman on his body instantly caught on fire. 

“How is that possible?” 

One by one, cultivators in black suits of armour arrived. But when they saw Chen Feng so easily destroy the Soul Press Talisman, they revealed a look of shock. 

“Nothing is impossible,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to send his Ageless Light forward. In but an instant, the Ageless Light illuminated the surrounding space. 

“Not good! That’s Ageless Light!”

There were several cultivators besieging Chen Feng, all Gold Immortals as well. However, they had yet to cultivate out their own Ageless Light yet. Due to that, they were a notch inferior compared to Chen Feng.

“Heavenly Tribulation Shield!”

By Chen Feng’s estimate, this attack should have been enough to sweep his opponents aside. However, they then brought out shields to block the Ageless Light. 

Although the attack did force them to give ground again and again, it failed to wound them. 

Shields forged using the power of Heavenly Tribulation. The Immortal Court holds sway over the orthodox way. These fellows are truly difficult to deal with. Chen Feng shook his head and he displayed his sword techniques to fight them. At the same time, he also brought out the Wicked Sceptre. Swinging it a few times, he sent majestic waves of wicked power into his surroundings. 

“What a wicked power!”

“Humph! Behold, my Divine Heaven Astral Lightning!”

A dark-blue ball of lightning suddenly erupted to dispel the wicked power that Chen Feng released. 

“The Divine Heaven Astral Lightning that I cultivate is the counter to all wicked powers in the universe!” one of the cultivators said arrogantly. 

“So, these fellows are from the Lightning Plane. Tsk, tsk. The Lightning Plane took the initiative to merge with the Immortal Plane. The cultivators there sure are very loyal,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. 


A Lightning Bead flew out before blowing up. Light flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes and he found himself within a separate space. Blade-like lightning bolts then charged towards Chen Feng from his surroundings.

“A world of thunder and lightning!” Chen Feng waved his hand and the lightning blades were immediately shattered to pieces. 

However, even more lightning blades appeared. At the same time, an even bigger lightning blade was forming. 

I underestimated these fellows. Chen Feng stamped his foot and waves of formidable power rippled outwards to quickly sweep across the entire world. 

In the face of Chen Feng’s formidable attack, some cracks appeared across the small world of lightning and thunder. But the cracks quickly disappeared. Following that, more Lightning Beads entered. Lightning flashed and the lightning powers within the world grew even stronger. 

“Longevity Celestial! Now that it’s come to this, are you still not going to come in quietly?” A thunderous voice echoed within the world. 

“With just you fellows?” Chen Feng replied, stamping his foot once more and a formidable tsunami-like power assailed his surroundings. 

“It’s useless. This Lightning World is something that I have refined for 100,000 years. Even some veteran Ageless Gold Immortals can forget about escaping after entering it.”

“Is that so?” Chen Feng continued to stamp his foot. After stamping several times, his eyes flashed with light and he charged towards a certain spot. 


Once again, a phantom silhouette appeared from Chen Feng’s back. This time, though, only one phantom appeared. The phantom silhouette held onto the stone lance and furiously thrust the stone lance against the space there. As a result, cracks spread out across the space there as lightning powers kept flashing. 

“Oh, no! He’s about to break out!” The voice that had contained insufferable arrogance just moments ago turned fearful. Next, they fired out several Lightning Beads towards Chen Feng in one go.

Chen Feng swung the Longevity Sword in his hand, releasing a power of softness with it to sweep the Lightning Beads away. The stone lance then stabbed forward again and even more cracks appeared there. At the same time, Chen Feng also stabbed forward with the Longevity Sword. And so, the area of space there blew up to reveal an opening. 

The very next instant, Chen Feng appeared before a cultivator. 


The cultivator was quick to respond. A lightning blade slashed down on Chen Feng only for the Longevity Sword to block it. Meanwhile, the stone lance in the phantom’s hand abruptly stabbed forward to pierce the cultivator’s body. 

The attacks from two other cultivators arrived. Chen Feng blocked one of the attacks while the other attack fell upon his body. In return, however, the stone lance thrust forward and a banging sound could be heard. The cultivator had been quick to evade, but the attack had still blown up one of his hands. 

“Join forces! Kill him!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several Lightning Beads blew up to form a net of lightning that sealed up their surroundings. These fellows were determined to finish off Chen Feng.


The stone lance stabbed out again, but the cultivator managed to evade it only for the sudden swing from the Longevity Sword to nearly cleave him into two. 

After unleashing that move, the phantom silhouette on Chen Feng’s back disappeared and a feeling of exhaustion surged into Chen Feng’s heart.

Chen Feng, though, knew that this was not the time to be easing up. He clenched his teeth and the phantom silhouette re-appeared. But before it could even attack, it broke apart again. 

I’ve been using up too much power. Chen Feng frowned. He stopped forcing himself to use the phantom art. He even stopped taking the initiative to attack. Instead, his eyes shone with light as he searched for the enemies’ weaknesses. 


“World-destroying Lightning!”

“Slash of the Divine Heaven Astral Lightning!”

“Immeasurable Divine Light!”

They had noticed that Chen Feng was not in a good state. Thus, they attacked simultaneously, firing out their strongest attacks. 

“Soul Subduing Mantra!”

In the face of the incoming attacks, Chen Feng chose a certain direction and charged. Using his eye technique, Chen Feng had determined that this was the weakest position. 

However, even though this was the weakest position, whether or not he could break free was still a question. 

As expected, the enemies’ attacks quickly struck Chen Feng, who was only able to endure two attacks before the rest of the attacks sent him flying. And so, his plan was ruined. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The previous battle had left the Goldshine Combat Armour that Chen Feng wore damaged. Due to that, its defensive power fell. And now, in the face of all these attacks, countless cracks began appearing on the suit of armour. 

Sigh! Even though my cultivation base has been improving, I am also constantly getting wounded. Chen Feng sighed as he rapidly circulated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art to deal with the power that had invaded his body.

Chen Feng’s present fleshly body was almost comparable to a genuine Divine artifact. Due to that, the terrifying attacks from the cultivators were, in fact, still within his range of acceptance. 

“With this, even if he doesn’t die, he will be badly wounded, no?” one of them said. 

“Don’t be careless! He is from the Longevity Clan, after all. He must still have some other cards up his sleeve.”

“Humph! So what if he has more cards up his sleeve? His aura is already unstable. Even his life force is rapidly falling.”

“Again! Join forces!”

“Eh, what’s going on?”

“No, this is an illusion! Someone else has come!”

“It’s the Magic Eyes of Darkness!”

The cultivators had wanted to unleash a second round of attack at Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, they would fall prey to a sneak attack, resulting in them getting trapped in an illusion. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Right on time! Longevity Celestial, how are you doing?” Magiris’ voice rang out. 

“I’m not doing too well.” Chen Feng took a stride forward. With a swing of the Longevity Sword, one of the cultivators who was still trapped in the illusion technique was severed from the waist down. 

“I didn’t think that you could end up in such a miserable state,” Magiris said, sounding somewhat gleeful at Chen Feng’s predicament. 

“Why? Are you very happy to see me like this?” Chen Feng said with a displeased tone. 

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