Chapter 1270 Black Ageless Light


After the attacks from the three Gold Immortals made contact with Chen Feng’s body, three clumps of dazzling light abruptly flashed out. It was as though three massive stars were blowing up. 

Chen Feng’s figure merely shook slightly before the punch he fired out grew several notches stronger. 


The punch blew up one of the Gold Immortals. Just as Chen Feng was about to step forward to finish off the Gold Immortal, the other two Gold Immortals moved to stop him. After that, the Gold Immortal who was blown up rapidly reformed his body. With the exception of his somewhat unstable aura, everything else about him appeared normal. 

Killing intent kept flashing across Chen Feng’s eyes. Taking on their attacks earlier had not been as easy at it looked. 

The Goldshine Combat Armour had only managed to block the power behind one of the Gold Immortals. Chen Feng then unravelled another portion of the attack power while diverting some other portion away. However, a portion of it had still managed to hit reach his body and inflict some damage upon him. Enduring the wounds, Chen Feng then attempted to kill off one of the Gold Immortals.

However, the Sword Array of the Three Powers that they were utilizing were not to be trifled with. Unless he could defeat them all in one go, he would have to kill them one by one. 

That earlier was my full-powered attack. Looks like these Gold Immortals are not as weak as I imagined. Chen Feng pondered and energy streams swirled around him. At the same time, the suit of armour on his body also transformed. Its defensive power began weakening. Correspondingly, though, its offensive power began rising. Ferocious-looking spikes grew out from some key areas. In addition, some patterns also appeared all over the suit of armour. 

I’ve finally managed to fully activate the Goldshine Combat Armour. I wonder what kind of assistance it can provide? The power within Chen Feng’s body began surging forward. In the beginning, due to the Goldshine Combat Armour, Chen Feng’s entire body had been shining with golden light. But with the support of blood energy, bloody light now merged with the golden light to give off an even greater and more ghastly appearance. 

“A mid-grade Divine-tier armour!” Seeing that, the expressions on the three Gold Immortals’ faces turned solemn.

In their opinion, with the mid-grade Divine artifact, Chen Feng had a very big advantage over them in terms of defence. Thus, they were uncertain in their abilities to kill off Chen Feng.

“Summon the others!”

“No. Each of us has a mission to accomplish.”

“What else can we do? This is a variable. The way I see it, even with the three of us, dealing with him will be very difficult.”

“If so, won’t this become a stain on our reputation?”

“Who cares about reputation? At our level, do those things even matter?”

“That makes sense.”

The three of them secretly discussed the issue and they quickly came to a conclusion. Following that, they utilized a secret technique to issue a summon. 

They’re beginning to call for help. Chen Feng’s face sank and he strode forward. The sword in his hand slashed at one of them. Sword energy flashed, transcending time and stirring space. 


The three Gold Immortals surrounded Chen Feng and quickly spun once. As a result, three streams of sword energy merged to form a huge ‘seal’ character, which stopped Chen Feng’s attack. 

Next up, Chen Feng attacked again and again, displaying various types of sword techniques without respite. However, no matter how he tried to attack, no matter who he tried to attack, all three would work together to defend and all of his attacks failed to hit home. 

Chen Feng was aware that they wanted to entrap him as they waited for reinforcements to come. 

“Do you think I have no way to deal with you guys in this situation?” Chen Feng said. His body shook slightly and the two phantom silhouettes on his back grew more vivid in appearance. A grand wave of killing energy spread out from Chen Feng’s body to assail the Sword Array of the Three Powers around him, causing cracks to appear on the sword array.

“This is bad!”


“Heaven-sealing Swords of the Three Powers!”

Having sensed the pressure that Chen Feng brought down upon them, the three Gold Immortals displayed the strongest defensive technique of the Sword Array of the Three Powers. 

This move could seal even a great world. In the past, by using this move, they had managed to stop the combined attacks from five Gold Immortals.

In their opinion, no matter how strong Chen Feng may be, he could not be as strong as five Gold Immortals combined. 

“A good sword technique.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up, but he continued to attack anyways.

With his sword techniques and the two Divine artifacts that his two phantom silhouettes were wielding, Chen Feng was confident that even a veteran Ageless Gold Immortal would have to exercise caution against him. 


A formidable power erupted against the astral swords that the three Gold Immortals unleashed and chaotic energy streams assailed their surroundings. In the beginning, the three Gold Immortals had revealed a look of joy, only for it to quickly turn into a look of solemnity. Quickly, it then turned into a look of horror. 

Minor cracks had appeared across the smooth surface of the thick astral swords. 


With a shout from Chen Feng, the cracks grew in size. In the end, the Heaven-sealing astral swords shattered apart and their fragments haphazardly engulfed the three Gold Immortals.

Chen Feng, however, sensed great danger. Due to that, he chose not to pursue them. Instead, he turned and fled.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Suddenly, a gigantic, golden-coloured hand swept towards Chen Feng.

The golden hand had appeared without any warning, but the power contained within it caused Chen Feng’s scalp to go numb. Chen Feng clenched his teeth and the Longevity Wings on him and his phantom silhouettes flapped, causing his speed to promptly rise. With a turn, he disappeared from sight. 


The golden hand paused and the earth shook, creating a rumbling sound. Next, the golden hand swung towards Chen Feng yet again. 

Not a Paramount Gold Immortal. This is a veteran Ageless Gold Immortal. The power within this hand is even stronger compared to the combined might of the three Gold Immortals. This must be an expert from the Immortal Court, Chen Feng thought.


Chen Feng moved quickly and it did not take long before the surrounding space was filled with over 10,000 phantom silhouettes of himself. As for his real body, it had disappeared to who knows where. 


The golden hand slapped down and the 10,000 plus phantom silhouettes shattered to pieces. Chen Feng, who was flying in mid-air, froze before continuing to flee, labouring to do so.

By then, the two phantom silhouettes on Chen Feng’s back had disappeared and his speed dropped drastically. Previously, in order to break the Sword Array of the Three Powers, Chen Feng’d had to unleash his full power. After that, he had to face the golden hand’s attack. Due to how much power he had to exhaust, he felt somewhat weak. 

They’re all Gold Immortals, but the difference between them is just too great. Chen Feng’s heart stirred. 

Some Gold Immortals could not last one second against Chen Feng while others would leave Chen Feng with no other options but to run. Moreover, he might not even be able to run away. 


A vortex appeared upon the palm of the golden hand and a stream of black light shot out, arriving behind Chen Feng in an instant. 

A black-coloured Ageless Light. Despite not turning around, Chen Feng could clearly tell what was happening behind him. With a thought, he too, fired out his own Ageless Light. 

Chen Feng’s Ageless Light was golden in colour. However, the moment it made contact with the opponent’s black Ageless Light, it broke apart. 

The two of them were simply on different levels. 


Chen Feng did his best to avoid it, but the opponent’s Ageless Light had still managed to reach him. 

The Goldshine Combat Armour released a roaring sound as it flared with an eye-piercing golden radiance. In the end, however, the black Ageless Light managed to suppress it. 

Ageless. It represented an inextinguishable force, everlasting. It would continue to exist until it destroyed its opponent. 

The attack cut open a crack upon the Goldshine Combat Armour and the black Ageless Light entered Chen Feng’s body.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s speed would suddenly accelerate. It was so fast that it gave the golden hand pause.

“Humph! You’ve been hit with my Ageless Light. Even if you survive, you will only have half a life left.” The golden hand released a grunt. It did not chase after Chen Feng anymore. Instead, it transformed into a stream of light before disappearing from sight. 

“Cough! Cough!”

Chen Feng entered an empty building, ignoring what the building may be. After setting up some arrays, he was finally incapable of suppressing the wounds on his body anymore. 

In the face of the black Ageless Light earlier, Chen Feng’s mind had raced to come up with plans to deal with it. Finally, he decided to collect the black Ageless Light into his body. 

The black Ageless Light had defeated his own Ageless Light. Not even the Goldshine Combat Armour could stop it. With that, Chen Feng could tell that he would not be able to defend against this enemy. And so, the moment the black Ageless Light invaded his body, all of his bodily worlds released a restraining power to entangle the black Ageless Light, even making use of a portion of its power to allow his speed to rise. 

While doing so allowed Chen Feng to escape, it also cast him into a terrible situation. 

He had to deal with the black Ageless Light, lest it blew up within him, destroying his life force. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The black Ageless Light broke free from the restraints. Just one wave of its aura was enough to snap Chen Feng’s meridians, inflicting grave injuries upon Chen Feng to the point where he coughed out blood. Following that, the black Ageless Light became like a wyrm, roaming within Chen Feng’s body. Everywhere it went, a large number of the forces of life there would be wiped out. 


Chen Feng shouted and the Blood Mustering Bead, Soul Demise Bow, Wicked Sceptre, Primary Spirit Bead, Withered Bone, Six Daos XXX, stone lance and even the Undying Heaven Sword that had merged with the Longevity Sword appeared. Swiftly, a world was formed with these Divine artifacts as array cores. The black Ageless Light was sealed within the world. 

With the power of my Divine artifacts, even the Paramount Light from a Paramount Gold Immortal can forget about escaping! Chen Feng scoffed. 

As expected, even though the black Ageless Light struggled to break free, its effects were minimal. It was simply incapable of extricating itself from its restraints. 


A clump of flames flew out from the Blood Mustering Bead and it began burning the black Ageless Light. 

Next up, the other Divine artifacts also released their respective primary flames. In the face of all those primary flames, the imprints within the black Ageless Light were quickly burned away.

Then, a suction force emerged from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and a black stream of light was pulled out from the black Ageless Light. 

Having taken the starting step, the next steps became easier. Suppressed and refined by so many Divine artifacts, the black Ageless Light quickly had its power extracted to empower Chen Feng. Thanks to that, Chen Feng’s soul flame and Ageless Light improved considerably. 

Although I did manage to benefit from this, it was truly a dangerous situation. If that fellow had chosen to pursue me, I would have been incapable of escaping. Chen Feng sighed. 


In a mysterious place within Dark Night City, the eyes of a middle-aged man lit up to reveal a thoughtful look. 

“Interesting. He actually devoured my Ageless Light. Worthy of being a genius from the Longevity Clan.”

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