Chapter 127: Thunderhawk



The gigantic Thunderhawk merely flapped its broad wings slightly against Mo Xigui’s attack and heavy air currents immediately surged forward to wrap Mo Xigui up. It became like tangible ropes, tying him up tightly.

“Gale sword cleaves the sky!” Mo Xigui scoffed as he displayed his extraordinary sword technique. Beam after beam of sword energy swirled around him to cut the restraining air currents. In but moments, the surrounding air currents had been cut into pieces.

“Prodigious sword intent punches through the sky!”

Next, Mo Xigui became one with his sword and every sword beam he launched out sliced open the air to silently shoot towards the Thunderhawk’s gigantic head.

“Kid, you wanna die?!”

The Thunderhawk was actually speaking in the human language. Opening its beak, it sent a lightning bolt as thick as a water bucket out. The lightning bolt struck Mo Xigui, who was incapable of blocking it. The sword energy protecting his body was shattered and his figure plummeted.

Suddenly, a ray of light – similar to a strand of shining silk – shot out to wrap around Mo Xigui before pulling him back into the warship. Next, tens of young cultivators flew out. They were all Mo Ji’s handsome escorts. Every one of them was a disciple of some immortal dao sect with a strong cultivation base. Seeing Mo Xigui wounded, they all wanted to display their abilities before the beauty. Thus, they had all flown out to unleash their ultimate moves against the Thunderhawk.

By then, the Thunderhawk had lifted the Sky Soaring Warship up to an altitude of ten thousand zhang. Forceful airflows surged around them and the strong winds blowing there were as sharp as knives. Should a normal cultivator enter this place, he would find himself losing control over his own body.

“Everyone, be careful! This is a Great Yao! Let’s join forces against it,” shouted a young cultivator wielding a flaming spear.

“All right! I will attack from the front. You fellows launch a sneak attack from behind.” Another young cultivator with a chubby face charged at the Thunderhawk, a goose feather fan in his hand.

“Taste my Grand Astral Primewind Fan!” The goose feather fan in the chubby youngster’s hand abruptly expanded in size, reaching a length of three chi. Next, he swung at the Thunderhawk above. Instantly, winds rose from every direction. Astral winds surged forth with a force 10 times stronger than a category 12 hurricane before sweeping towards the airborne Thunderhawk (1 chi = 0.333 m).

Unexpectedly, the astral winds – seemingly brimming with raw power – dispersed before it could reach the Thunderhawk. Simultaneously, an even stronger hurricane suddenly rose when the Thunderhawk flapped its wings. The hurricane swept the chubby youngster into itself and he disappeared from sight.


The other cultivators were unable to suppress the expletives from leaving their mouths. The Thunderhawk was not just a lightning-type. First and foremost, it was a bird. Could a bird at the Great Yao stage give a shit about wind-type attacks? Everyone there felt there must be some screws loose in the chubby cultivator’s head.

“Our side will attack the Thunderhawk’s head.”

“We will attack its claws.”

“I will attack it from the rear.”

“My chain is a grade 8 Magic artefact. You fellows must cooperate with me.”

As expected from those hailing from immortal dao sects. Every one of those cultivators possessed high magic powers and were not easily flabbergasted by the unexpected. They quickly assigned themselves to various positions before starting to attack the Thunderhawk from every direction and varying ranges.

The situation within the Sky Soaring Warship had grown even more chaotic and the continuous collisions had long since knocked out some of the cultivators with lesser cultivation bases.

Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta had to struggle to gather together when they suddenly felt thick killing intent aimed at the three of them. At the same time, several sword beams shot forward in an attempt to kill the three of them within the chaos.

“You’re courting death!”

Chen Feng was enraged. As they were in a state of chaos, he no longer concealed his strength. The Overwhelming Astral Sword flew out from his Heavenly Origin acupoint to circle around the three of them and block off the attacks that had been secretly launched against them.

“Die!” Chen Feng roared, his divine sense surging intensely. The Overwhelming Astral Sword transformed into a beam of light to stab into the dark.

Shua! Shua!

Sword light flashed and the two cultivators hiding within in the dark were immediately killed off.

“Argh! Kid, you dare commit murder?” someone shouted out. The voice contained sorrow, rage and an intense feeling of resentment.

“As expected, it’s you four. We did not kill you fellows last time. Unexpectedly, you fellows would launch a sneak attack against us. Sometimes, there is truly a need to get rid of a problem by pulling out the roots,” said Chen Feng with a sneer. He quickly figured out where they were hiding. Those fellows were none other than the ones with a grudge against them, the Four Great Fiends of Plum City. Earlier, the ones Chen Feng killed off were Third Fiend and Fourth Fiend.

They had originally assumed that they could kill off Chen Feng’s group by launching a sneak attack during the chaos. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng, whom they had been ignoring all this time was actually the strongest of the three. Seeing that, Big Fiend and Second Fiend panicked. They quickly fled as fast as they could.

Would Chen Feng let them off? He channelled all his power into the Overwhelming Astral Sword, sending it flying through the crowd of cultivators. The Prized artefact energy radiating off the sword caused the other cultivators to quickly back off in fear of getting wounded by it.

That is actually a Prized artefact! To think that there is such a powerful character amongst us. Who could it be? One of the panicking cultivators thought.

“Look! The ones getting chased are the Four Great Fiends of Plum City! Earlier, I saw Third and Fourth Fiend getting killed!”

“Shh! Don’t talk too much. Be careful about offending others. The other party has a Prized artefact. In such a chaotic situation, it will be easy for them to kill us.”

Found them. Chen Feng’s heart thumped. The Overwhelming Astral Sword had finally caught up to the two. With a flash of sword light, the Second Fiend was cleaved into two by a sharp sword beam.

In the end, Big Fiend was the only one left. By then, he had become utterly terrified. The four of them had been committing atrocities for years, acting ruthlessly and killed who knows how many people. Today, he finally got to experience the terror of being hunted down. At that moment, however, all he wanted to do was to run forward. He wanted to escape the pursuit of the flying sword coming from behind.


In his desperation to escape, Big Fiend’s potential was forced out. Right before the flying sword behind him could launch its attack at him, he swiftly rushed out. He rushed out from the Sky Soaring Warship. It was truly a decisive move from him. He knew that he could never escape Chen Feng’s murderous pursuit by staying inside the cabin. Thus, he fled outside in order to save his life.

The flying ship, despite being a Prized artefact, had no defences set up against these cultivators that Mo Ji invited aboard. The cultivators were free to enter and exit the ship. Naturally, there were still some core places within the ship that they cannot enter.

“You want to flee? Not so easy! Even if you flee to the ends of the earth, I will still kill you!” Chen Feng’s divine sense was attached to the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Thus, he was able to clearly see what was happening. When he saw Big Fiend flee outside, he was first taken aback. However, he quickly sent the sword in pursuit.

Unfortunately for Big Fiend, in his escape, he messed up. He had flown upwards in his escape. Additionally, the direction he flew brought him straight towards the Thunderhawk.

At that moment, the Thunderhawk was carrying the Sky Soaring Warship high into the sky while fighting off the surrounding cultivators. Suddenly, it noticed a Concealed stage cultivator rushing towards it. Moreover, that cultivator was merely a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator. Seeing that actually stunned the Thunderhawk for a moment.

What a courageous human cultivator! Despite his low cultivation base, he dares to attack me? Isn’t that suicide? Fine. I will do my best to honour you. The Thunderhawk snickered before opening its beak. Next, a thick lightning bolt surged out to slam into Big Fiend’s body.

Even during his final moments, Big Fiend had absolutely no idea what hit him. He simply felt his whole body going numb before his consciousness faded away.

By then, the Overwhelming Astral Sword had already caught up to Big Fiend. Thus, Chen Feng was able to witness the lightning bolt reducing Big Fiend into ashes. Seeing that terrified Chen Feng. 

Sending out god-like lightning bolts from its mouth! This monstrous bird is at least a Great Yao. Even if there are ten more of me, I would still be incapable of handling it. Having reached that conclusion, Chen Feng willed the Overwhelming Astral Sword to quickly retreat.

Chen Feng wanted to retreat. However, the Thunderhawk was unwilling to let him go. It had already noticed the Overwhelming Astral Sword hovering in the middle of the air.

Eh? That flying sword is at the Prized artefact tier! Could there be a Sky Human stage cultivator aboard this flying ship? Excellent. Truly excellent! If I can devour the flesh of a Sky Human stage cultivator, I will truly be capable of taking human form. Having reached that line of thought, the Thunderhawk opened its beak again and sent out three lightning bolts simultaneously at the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“Humph! I did not provoke you, but you want to provoke me? Brother Ye, Brother Lu, protect me. I want to duke it out with this fellow,” said Chen Feng as he gritted his teeth.

“Cut! Cut! Cut!” Chen Feng shouted out three times in quick succession and the Overwhelming Astral Sword instantly transformed into three sword silhouettes, which cut down all three lightning bolts surging towards it.

Even so, Chen Feng’s mind quaked as a result. After all, Chen Feng had yet to cultivate up to the Sky Human stage and had yet to overcome Lightning Tribulation. This level of lightning was simply not something he could handle. If it were not for the power of the Prized artefact, the Thunderhawk’s lightning bolts would have shattered his soul.

Lightning bolts of this level are not something I can take. If it sends a few more at me, I will be in a terrible spot. After considering that, Chen Feng hastily controlled the Overwhelming Astral Sword to transform into a stream of light which slashed down upon the Thunderhawk’s thick talon.


The all-conquering Overwhelming Astral Sword slashed down heavily upon the talon. Surprisingly, all it did was leave a shallow mark upon the surface of the talon. It had failed to even cut its outermost layer of skin.

What a monstrous fleshly body! Chen Feng was astounded. Knowing that he could not hurt the Thunderhawk at all, he hastily brought the Overwhelming Astral Sword back into the cabin.

Although Chen Feng’s attack failed to break the Thunderhawk’s defence, it had enraged the Thunderhawk. Its broad wings flapped and wave after wave of mighty winds moved to surround the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“Thundering Astral Sword!”

“Shadowlike Force!”

“Great Yin Yang Palm!”

“Mysterious Ice Force!”

At that moment, the attacks from the young cultivators besieging the Thunderhawk arrived once more to relieve Chen Feng of his crisis.


The Overwhelming Astral Sword returned to Chen Feng’s palm, where it rotated while releasing ripples of intimidating aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the fight between the Thunderhawk and the group of young cultivators raged on, the resulting shockwaves made the situation even more unbearable for the cultivators within the Sky Soaring Warship. Some of the shockwaves penetrated through the hull of the ship to knock some cultivators unconscious.

Kacha! Kacha!

Under the constant abuse from the Thunderhawk, large holes began appearing upon the Sky Soaring Warship, a Prized artefact. The powerful winds outside found their way inside, causing the situation within the ship to grow even more chaotic.

Thankfully, I was able to summon back the Overwhelming Astral Sword in time. If this Great Yao had caught it, the Overwhelming Astral Sword would most probably be shattered into pieces. It seems this Great Yao is even stronger than the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm suppressed within the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng felt a lingering fear within his heart.

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