Chapter 1269 Immortal Court Intervenes


As Chen Feng was about to attack the Space-time Slaughterer before him, a highly alarming feeling surged into his mind and he halted. Next, an astral blade and a sword beam swirled towards him. 

At the same time, the Space-time Slaughterer’s eyes flared with light as it fired a soul attack at Chen Feng.

So, it’s an ambush. Chen Feng chuckled, his figure flashing through space to evade the attacks. After that, his figure dashed towards the Sword Demon. 

The moment the two of them clashed, Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched. This opponent was slightly stronger compared to the previous one. 

Could their reinforcements have arrived? Chen Feng wondered. 

Chi! Chi!

The astral blade and sword beam transformed into a canopy of blades and swords that enveloped Chen Feng. As for the Space-time Slaughterer, it stopped attacking. Instead, it focused on teleporting in more Slaughterers.

“A Sword Demon and a Blade Monarch. This is still not enough to entrap me,” Chen Feng said, a faint sneer on his face. The sword in his hand thrust forward at lightning-like speed and a volcanic sword intent gushed forth to puncture a big hole through the canopy of blades and swords. Then, he slipped out. 

The Longevity Wings flapped and a thick wall of energy smashed its way towards the Sword Demon and Blade Monarch. By the time they succeeded in breaking through the wall of energy, Chen Feng had disappeared. 

I wonder, will they chase me? Chen Feng stopped atop a building and glanced around, taking in everything that was happening in Dark Night City. 

I keep having this odd feeling. Chen Feng shook his head.  

A formidable aura appeared behind Chen Feng and he knew that the other party had found him. And so, he took a step forward to disappear from sight. 

Although the Sword Demon and Blade Monarch had locked on to Chen Feng’s aura, they were incapable of catching up to him. After some time, Chen Feng managed to shake them off. Even so, he was aware that they will be attracted over the moment he took action.

Even the Sword Demon and Blade Monarch have appeared. I wonder if there are any other Gold Immortals? Sigh! If only I’d known, I would have brought the space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri as well. Chen Feng sighed. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

A wind-breaking sound emerged from Chen Feng’s surroundings and he exclaimed. Surprisingly, the arrays around him had suddenly activated to entrap him. At the same time, a power – created by four streams of ageless power – attacked him. 

Sword light erupted and four booming sounds rang out as Chen Feng shattered the surrounding attacks. 

While the arrays were indeed very complicated, they could only entrap some Gold Immortals for a brief moment. Chen Feng stamped his foot and circles of golden light assailed his surroundings. Following a series of exploding sounds, the surrounding arrays were broken. 

Very quickly, however, four black wyrms roared as they swirled forward and the surrounding space was sealed again. 

Wyrm Array of the Four Symbols. This is also an array from Dark Night City. Strange. Who is mobilizing the arrays here against me? Chen Feng’s mind raced. In the end, he simply stood there, not trying to break free through force anymore. Instead, wave after wave of his divine sense spread outwards. 

These actions are unlike the Slaughterers. Could there be traitors within the Dark Plane? It doesn’t feel like it either. These are Slaughterers. The Dark Plane cultivators are unlikely to work with the Slaughterers.

Work with the Slaughterers. Could it be the guys from the Immortal Court?

Figuring out the other party’s identity is easy. They will surely make a move next.

Chen Feng assessed the situation while secretly preparing to attack. To his surprise, the arrays around him only grew thicker and thicker, but no one took action against him. 

Would they just keep me trapped in here? Chen Feng mumbled to himself. Despite that, he showed no intentions of taking action. 

Finally, the corners of his mouth curled into a faint smile. A phantom silhouette secretly emerged from his back. Through the use of a secret stealth technique, even Gold Immortals would have a hard time noticing it. 


It was an attack from the Soul Demise Bow. An arrow flew forward, piercing through layer after layer of the arrays. After that, a wretched cry rang out. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The phantom silhouette kept firing out attacks and the sounds of the attacks finding their targets kept ringing out. At the same time, though, the sounds of collisions could also be heard. 


Leaving an after-image behind, Chen Feng attacked, the sword in his hand slashing out. A cultivator who was hiding in the dark was severed from the waist down. There was also an arrow stuck on his chest. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Following that, Chen Feng kept darting around, the sword in his hand swinging non-stop. Every one of his attacks would hit a cultivator. 

Even before the after-image dissipated, Chen Feng had attacked again. In his hand was a cultivator with only half a body left.

This cultivator wore a black suit of armour that shone with a metallic lustre. Although his lower body had been severed, his face remained calm. At the same time, ageless power was flowing upon his wounded parts, attempting to regrow the severed parts. 

“As expected, someone is messing around in the dark. Additionally, my guess is correct. It is indeed someone from the Immortal Court.” After saying that, a scornful smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“The Immortal Court is the one that released the Slaughterers. Or perhaps, the Immortal Court is actually working together with the Slaughterers. If I spread this news, what do you think will happen?” Chen Feng said coolly.  

“Ha ha ha! And what can come out from it?” The captured cultivator scoffed. As Chen Feng had captured him, the power of laws within his body had been sealed. Even so, his ageless body was still able to function and the severed body parts regrew. Only, they were relatively fragile. 

Chen Feng remained silent. It was true. Given how powerful the Immortal Court was, even if this news were to spread out, what could come out of it? Become the object of condemnation by the others? In his opinion, not even 100 Eternal Worlds could bring about any effect to the Immortal Plane. 

The Immortal Court mobilized the Slaughterers as an excuse to merge with the other life-bearing great worlds. 

It was likely that the Immortal Court did not even think much of a world like the Dark Plane. 

Unless the Dark Plane could wholly cooperate with the other worlds like the Demon Plane. 

These worlds had been waging wars with the Immortal Plane for so many years now without suffering from terrible losses. Of course, it was only because the Immortal Plane did not take the wars seriously. 

For the Immortal Court to take action at a time like this, it must be confident. We might not be able to protect the Dark Plane. Maybe, if the Celestial Planes intervene, they can change the situation. But, will they? Chen Feng shook his head. Perhaps, the Immortal Court was simply unafraid of the Celestial Planes’ intervention. 

“There really isn’t much that could come out from that,” Chen Feng said, a formidable devouring power emerging from his palm. To the cultivator’s horror, the power within him began flowing out at a terrifying rate. 

His strength was not being exhausted. Rather, it was flowing away. It was something that was very difficult to handle. 

“The Heavengulping Absorption Technique!” the cultivator cried out dreadfully. At that very moment, he could forget about struggling. Even self-destructing himself was not an option. 

“Yes. How does it feel? Good? After I devour you, you can forget about even reincarnating,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Release me! I can agree to any terms!” The cultivator began begging for mercy.

“Begging for mercy so soon? You are a Gold Immortal, after all. You should have a sense of dignity,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s figure shook slightly and a second phantom silhouette emerged from his back. There was one phantom silhouette facing the left and a phantom silhouette facing the right. Due to that, it appeared as though there were three persons stacked on top of one another. 

If they become more tangible, I wonder if this counts as having three heads and six arms. No, this increases my combat power threefold. How can it be compared to a minor magic trick like having three heads and six arms?

One of the phantom silhouettes held the Soul Demise Bow while the other one held the Six Daos XXX. When an arrow flew forward, the Six Daos XXX would follow suit. 

After having devoured the power of a Gold Immortal, Chen Feng was finally able to form a second phantom silhouette, allowing him to display three times his usual combat power. However, this was only temporary.


Another Gold Immortal was struck by the arrow, which pierced his body. Next, the Six Daos XXX blasted his body into a bloody pulp. Before he could recover, Chen Feng rapidly took action to devour his essence, energy and soul power.  

Chen Feng took ruthless actions, devouring the power of two Gold Immortals in a row. His body began swelling up. But by utilizing a secret technique, his body returned to its normal state while the two phantom silhouettes became several notches more tangible. 

“Stop hiding! Come out and fight me openly!” Chen Feng shouted loudly. 

The earlier attacks from Chen Feng had only managed to damage the other party slightly. At any rate, he had only managed to kill off the two Gold Immortals. 

In the past, I had thought that the cultivators from the Immortal Plane are powerful. But when compared to the Slaughterers, they are a notch inferior, Chen Feng thought, his emotions stirring. 

Chen Feng had been spending the past few years fighting the Slaughterers. Facing the several types of Slaughterers, he felt the Gold Immortals from the Immortal Court to be slightly weaker.

If even the cultivators from the Immortal Court felt weak to Chen Feng, what of the cultivators from other places?

The other party did not respond and the sneer on Chen Feng’s face grew bigger. 

His gaze swept out and the surrounding arrays began bursting apart. In the face of Chen Feng’s eye power, even the surrounding wyrms that were entrapping him began crying in misery.

“Since you fellows are unwilling to take action, then just watch me!”

After saying that, Chen Feng took in a lengthy breath and the power within him released a thunderous sound. Next, the Longevity Wings on his back slowly shrank, becoming several notches smaller. At the same time, the Longevity Wings also appeared on the backs of the phantom silhouettes. Although the wings appeared somewhat illusory, they were there. 


Chen Feng’s speed rose multiplicatively and he disappeared with a boom. 

“Oh, no!”


When they saw that, the hidden cultivators were beset by a foreboding sensation. It was a very alarming sensation. Chen Feng’s actions were simply too strange. 

These Gold Immortals from the Immortal Court had fought against other Gold Immortals before. They had even fought against the Gold Immortals from the other Celestial Planes before. And yet, they had never faced as much pressure as they were now. Their opponent was just a Heavenly Immortal. 


A Gold Immortal sensed danger. But before he could respond, a formidable power gushed into his body. His ageless body failed to withstand this power and it blew up into bits.


After finished off one of the Gold Immortals, Chen Feng arrived before another one. Once again, he unleashed a ferocious punch. This time, however, his opponent was prepared. With a wave of his hand, the Gold Immortal brought out a Divine-tier rope that flew out to bind Chen Feng.

“Is that it?” Chen Feng retracted his fist. Next, both his hands pulled to rip the rope apart. At the same time, the phantom silhouette on his back fired out an arrow that pierced the Gold Immortal. After that, Chen Feng moved forward and punched again to blow the Gold Immortal apart. 


Three Gold Immortals appeared at the same time, utilizing a Sword Array of the Three Powers to attack Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, allowed their attacks to fall upon him as he continued to unleash a punch at one of them. 

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