Chapter 1264 Defence Line Broken


As they were feeling elated, they suddenly saw three streams of light charge out from the depths of Eternal World to bind the three Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers that had flown far away.


The eyes of Chen Feng and the others lit up. They swiftly rushed forward, firing various attacks to finish off the three Slaughterers.

Chen Feng grasped and the crystal core of the Space-time Slaughterer ended up in his hand. Just as he was about to grasp again, however, the bodies of the three Slaughterers disappeared as the rest finished snatching the spoils. 

A crystal core is already a good harvest. Chen Feng shook his head. So many of them had taken action. The fact that he could obtain the crystal core was already a good thing. 


A formidable energy wave swept over as yet another defence line fell. 


It did not take long before yet another defence line was taken down. The rate at which they fell caused the faces of Chen Feng and the other Gold Immortals to darken.

“Looks like we are really incapable of holding it.”

“I’ll have to trouble you fellows for that now.”

A group of Gold Immortals nodded as some began taking action. They began taking in the living creatures from Eternal World into their bodily worlds. 

Observing the process, Chen Feng noted that the strongest amongst all the cultivators they could bring into their bodily worlds was only at the Human Immortal stage. Of course, there were a handful, such as Gold Immortal Fire Feather, who could take in Earthen Immortals. 

Some also brought out their magic treasures for this, keeping the people of Eternal World into the inner world of their magic treasures. However, even the magic treasures were affected, only capable of collecting a small number of people. 

The Heavenly dao is indeed putting restrictions on this. If it weren’t for the restrictions, a Divine artifact should have been able to house even a Heavenly Immortal. Chen Feng sighed. 

Chen Feng had no way to deal with the present situation. 

It’d be great if the Longevity Tower is here. But I have not gotten any news regarding the Longevity Tower at all. I wonder where it has gone off to? Chen Feng felt a twinge of regret. At the same time, he was also feeling concerned. It had indeed been a very long time since he made contact with the Longevity Tower.

Looks like I will need to find some time to try and contact the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng thought.

Again, given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he would be able to sense the Longevity Tower even if there were several star regions between them. The only possibility here would be that Tower was deliberately making it so Chen Feng could not find him. 

“We can no longer defend Eternal World.” Magiris arrived beside Chen Feng.

Their defence line was becoming increasingly weak while the number of Slaughterers out there had seemingly increased. Their advancing momentum was like that of a hot knife cutting through butter, unstoppable. 

The number of defence lines kept falling, but no Gold Immortals took action to stop it. They had already lost. Stepping forward now would only result in their deaths. 

Even Chen Feng had made preparations to leave. 

In his opinion, he had already done his best. If Eternal World were to fall anyways, then there was nothing else he could do. 

“Let’s go. We’ll head to the Dark Plane. I wonder how Senior Dark Night is doing,” Magiris said.

Chen Feng nodded. He had been spending all this time in Eternal World. Thus, he did not know what had happened to the Dark Kirin. 

By then, there were only three defence lines left. Almost all of the Gold Immortals there had chosen to take action. Some constructed teleportation arrays to send their subordinates away and some simply left on their own. 

Magiris’ eyes flashed with light and the energy streams that they fired out swiftly opened up a spatial passageway.

“The space here is not very stable. I can only hold it for a few breaths’ worth of time. Hurry, return to the Immortal Plane!” Magiris said. 

Hearing the order from Magiris, the cultivators then entered the passageway and it did not take long before only the cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane were left there. Without Chen Feng’s orders, Tun Ri and the others would not leave. 

“You guys, leave.” Chen Feng waved them in.

The spatial passageway became increasingly unstable. In the face of the Slaughterers’ siege, only Gold Immortals would be able to create a passageway leading out, albeit barely. 

Chen Feng jabbed a finger forward and the spatial passageway stabilized. Nodding, Tun Ri and the others then quickly entered it. 

With nothing else to weigh down his heart, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. 

“We should go as well,” Magiris said. 

“Don’t be hasty. I want to kill off two more Gold Immortals before I leave.” Light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes. 

“Fine. But we might not be able to leave then.” Magiris pursed his lips to the side before agreeing.

Adding the space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri into the equation, their group had four Gold Immortals. Of course, Chen Feng was not yet a Gold Immortal, but his combat power was already at the level of a Gold Immortal. Due to that, he could protect himself from harm. 

By then, they were already down to their final defence line and the entire Eternal World had become silent. All the low-level living creatures there had disappeared, leaving only some Earthen Immortals, Ascendant Immortals and several True Immortals who waited silently for their deaths. 

In the beginning, there had been over 100 Gold Immortals on Eternal World. At that very moment, however, only a handful of them was left. They were all the cultivators who had received the blessings from Eternal World earlier. 

Gold Immortal Fire Feather and several others were grouped up there, their will to fight soaring high. It would appear that they had the same idea as Chen Feng, to stay and fight one last time for Eternal World. 


The final defence line blew up and Eternal World became completely exposed to the Slaughterers. 


Chen Feng shouted, taking the lead to charge forward. The one that he was targeting was a very big, spider-like Slaughterer. The instant he took action, black threads flew out from Magiris’ eyes. As for Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, they turned invisible. 

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the Slaughterer responded with a shrill cry and a stream of Ageless Light swept towards Chen Feng. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the Ageless Light that Slaughterers cultivated had a greater predisposition towards devastation. The will to slaughter contained within it was simply too strong. Due to that, even before the Ageless Light arrived before him, Chen Feng could already feel his soul throbbing. 

This’ll be hard to deal with. Chen Feng then summoned a shield before him. It was none other than the Longevity Shield. The Ageless Light struck the surface of the shield to quickly leave a hole on it. 

It was then that Magiris’ attack arrived. Countless threads silently appeared to tie up the spider-like Slaughterer’s four limbs. At the same time, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature attacked it from various directions. 

Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward and the Ageless Light disappeared. The Longevity Shield in his hand, with a hole punched through it, quickly recovered. 

I wonder when I can advance again? Chen Feng kept the Longevity Shield and a golden light flashed out from his glabella as he too fired out a stream of Ageless Light.


A big mountain suddenly appeared before Chen Feng and the stream of Ageless Light bore a large hole through it. 

It was another Slaughterer, shaped like a mountain. Although the stream of Ageless Light had bore a hole through its body, it appeared to be relatively unhurt. Instead, spikes began protruding out from its rock-like skin, making it look like a porcupine. 

Every one of the spikes was over 10 metres long. They shot out and transformed into a torrent of power to attack Chen Feng.

This Slaughterer is quite an odd one. It is very suitable for a large-scale battle. But for it to appear now, what a bad timing. The sword in Chen Feng’s hand swung and wave after wave of sword energy swept forward to shred the incoming torrent of spikes to pieces. 

Before Chen Feng could analyse the special attributes of this Slaughterer, he noticed a Blade Monarch charging towards him with a war blade in hand. 

Sigh! Back then, I had the advantage in numbers. Even so, I was still no match for him. Now, they are the ones with the advantage in numbers. Facing him is just suicide. Chen Feng’s figure dashed to evade the incoming attack and he appeared beside Magiris. 

“How about it? Do you feel confident about this?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. 

“Let’s give it a try.” Magiris gritted his teeth. 

“I’ll help you.” Chen Feng waved his hand and longevity-type primary energy surged into Magiris’ body in a majestic manner. Following that, Magiris utilized his eye technique and space fluctuated before the spider-like Slaughterer disappeared. Likewise, Heng Ri, the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, Chen Feng and Magiris also disappeared. 

All of them appeared in a separate space and they surrounded the spider-like Slaughterer.

“We don’t have much time. Hurry up and finish this,” Magiris said hoarsely.

“Of course.”

With a booming sound, a semi-transparent, humanoid silhouette emerged from Chen Feng’s body and hovered behind him. With a wave of its hand, it then brought out the Soul Demise Bow and pulled, causing motes of starlight to converge and form an arrow. 

As the semi-transparent silhouette was attacking, Chen Feng himself was also taking action. His hands moved about to form several sword-type hand seals and a high number of complex patterns immediately appeared on the Longevity Sword in his hand. When the arrow from the Soul Demise Bow shot forward, the Longevity Sword charged forward as well.

The Longevity Scripture’s phantom art. No, it is the combination of the phantom art and avatar technique. This allows it to unleash twice the power. This fellow! Worthy of being the bearer of the Longevity Scripture. When he saw that, Magiris’ eyes lit up. 

Blades of light charged out from all around the spider-like Slaughterer to cut down all the restraints binding it. The attacks even managed to force Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature to constantly give ground. 

That brief clash caused a small crack to appear somewhere on the separate space. However, the crack was quick to disappear.

Next, the patterns on the Longevity Sword abruptly charged out. Like agile snakes, they tied up the spider-like Slaughterer again. At the same time, Magiris’ attack arrived. A soul illusion technique befell the spider-like Slaughterer.

And so, it faltered slightly. As a result, the Longevity Sword and arrow from the Soul Demise Bow punched two big holes through its body.

The phantom behind Chen Feng disappeared, the Soul Demise Bow along with it. Taking a deep breath, Chen Feng’s whole body then released a series of booming sounds and he strode forward to unleash the Great Longevity Palm. 

Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature charged as well. 

The spider-like Slaughterer was already seriously wounded. How could it continue to fend off the attacks from the four of them? And so, it did not take long before it was killed and its crystal core was taken. 

“One down. Come, let’s go snag another,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

Hearing that, Magiris’ face sank. “It’s not that easy, you know? My eye power has taken a hit. I need to rest.”

“The next crystal core is yours,” Chen Feng said. 

“Add another 10 Longevity Pills,” Magiris added his own conditions. 

“No problem.” Chen Feng was quick to agree.

“If so, let’s go.”

His pupils spun and the four of them re-appeared on Eternal World again. But when they saw what was happening there, they became stunned. 

“Did we come to the wrong place?” Chen Feng said, shaking his head. 

“There are no errors.” Despite saying that, Magiris chose to secretly make some calculations before finally determining that it was the right place. 

“Then, where are the Slaughterers?” Chen Feng pointed. Back then, Eternal World had been enveloped by the innumerable Slaughterers. Additionally, there were also Gold Immortals fighting fiercely there. 

At present, however, not a single Slaughterer could be seen there. Even Gold Immortal Fire Feather and the others were nowhere to be seen. 

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