Chapter 1263 Black Hole


“Hurry, kill off the Space-time Slaughterer!” Chen Feng shouted.

There had been no need for Chen Feng to say that. The Gold Immortals’ aim had been the Space-time Slaughterer to begin with. All of them unleashed their own techniques against it. Additionally, they were also confident in their abilities to kill off the Space-time Slaughterer.

Two Gold Immortals rushed forward to help Chen Feng. In Chen Feng’s opinion, one wave of attacks from them should be enough to finish off the three Slaughterers.

And yet, why was he feeling so worried?

“Something’s wrong!” By then, it was no longer just Chen Feng. The other Gold Immortals had also sensed something wrong. 

With the alarms ringing within their hearts, they hastened their attacks. The power of tens of Gold Immortals then landed on the Space-time Slaughterer’s body.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, even if the Space-time Slaughterer was 10 times stronger, the combined attack would shatter it to pieces. 

To their surprise, all of the attacks disappeared after falling on the Space-time Slaughterer’s back. It was as though the Space-time Slaughterer’s back was connected to the depths of the universe. 

“Hurry, retreat!” Gold Immortal Fire Feather took the lead to retreat.

Following that, a black dot appeared on the Space-time Slaughterer’s body. In but the blink of an eye, the black dot became as big as a fist. Another blink and it grew to a length of 10 zhang. Then, a formidable devouring force emerged from it, causing the surrounding Gold Immortals to shake, affected by the devouring power.

“That’s a black hole of devastation!” All of them exclaimed before running away, looks of horror on their faces.

“A black hole! To think that it would be a black hole of devastation. This is something that they prepared beforehand. They used the power of tens of Gold Immortals to open up a black hole that they prepared,” Chen Feng uttered out in shock and he stopped fighting the Sword Demon. Instead, he charged towards the black hole. 

“Have you gone mad? Hurry up and run!” Magiris appeared before Chen Feng.

“Friends! Now is not the time to run away! This black hole was created using your strength. Only with your strength will we be able to take down this black hole!” Chen Feng shouted anxiously. 

“That’s right! We cannot run away now. Everyone, join forces to take down this black hole!” Gold Immortal Fire Feather was the first to stop running. The other Gold Immortals also calmed down. Earlier, seeing the appearance of the black hole had terrified them. But after giving it some thought, this was just a small black hole. It was not that big of a threat to them. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The surrounding rocks, vegetation and various objects around the black hole were pulled into it. Even the Slaughterers that failed to flee in time were pulled in. In the face of the black hole, Heavenly Immortal stage Slaughterers could not resist at all. 

As for the Space-time Slaughterer, it had already disappeared. There was no way to tell where it had run off to. Naturally, Chen Feng and the others had no time to worry about that. Their attention was wholly placed upon the rapidly-expanding black hole. 

“Join forces to attack!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tens of Gold Immortals worked together to fire out one combined attack. The overwhelming wave of ageless power then charged into the black hole. 

After that, the black hole of devastation shook. Contrary to their expectations, it did not collapse. Neither did it continue to expand. Instead, it began shrinking to quickly become the size of a fist. Then, a black dot. In the end, it disappeared.


“It’s done.”

“That was dangerous.”

“Ha ha ha! Thankfully, we did not run away just now. Thank you, friend. That black hole earlier was simply too scary.”

“Something’s wrong.”

“Why did the black hole shrink?”

The Gold Immortals discussed the issue. Next, they saw the Space-time Slaughterer, Sword Demon and Blade Monarch swiftly flying away in the distance. It looked as though they were running. 

“Something is still not right here! Fellows, run!”

Every single one of the Gold Immortals was a character who had been cultivating for a long time. Thus, their ability to sense danger was very impeccable. Upon sensing that something was not right, they quickly backed away. 

Following that, a mote of black light appeared as the black hole that disappeared earlier expanded, now even faster than before. It was as though it was now erupting after being compressed to its limits. 

It blew up for real. 


There was no sound and Chen Feng only saw it through his sea of wisdom. The black hole actually blew up and everywhere the light waves of devastation went, only nothingness would be left behind. 

Everyone there knew how formidable the devouring force of a black hole of devastation was. The force could even shred and kill Gold Immortals. However, only a handful knew that the resulting force from its explosion was even stronger. 

Facing this great danger, Chen Feng felt as though his heart would blow up. His soul flame was already on the verge of extinguishing. And yet, the rate at which the Longevity Wings on his back were flapping rose higher, reaching a terrifying rate. Rather, it was even higher compared to the time when he was trying to run away from the East Extreme Immortal Palace.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng was pushing the Longevity Wings to their limits to truly transcend space-time. 

Even so, Chen Feng did not feel safe. Black holes could devour even light and time. There was no telling how powerful its explosion could be. 

And so, the Longevity Wings were constantly ripped apart. Next, the mid-grade Divine-tier Goldshine Combat Armour on his body began twisting and countless cracks appeared on them. Chen Feng felt as though he might actually die this time.  

This black hole of devastation is so terrifying! Chen Feng struggled with all he had as the power within him kept surging out. He had even tapped into his essence power for this. 

Then, Chen Feng felt his body lightening and he became overjoyed. The Longevity Wings spread out once again from his back and he stabilized his position. 

How’s the others? Without even inspecting the injuries on his body, Chen Feng swiftly sent his divine sense out. 

After that, his face darkened. 

The number of Gold Immortals had been cut by half. 

Space warped and Magiris appeared, a cultivator with only half his body intact in his hand. After landing, Magiris staggered and coughed out a mouthful of blood. 

“Friend, thank you for the help,” the cultivator said. Light shimmered and his wounded parts wriggled before quickly recovering. While he appeared fine, Chen Feng knew that he had used up large amounts of his essence power.   

“That was really dangerous. I nearly died.” Magiris did not appear particularly wounded, but Chen Feng knew that the injuries he suffered were even more severe compared to the cultivator who lost half his body. 

This was because Magiris cultivated eye techniques that utilized soul power. Taking the previous attack had probably wounded his soul essence. 

“How miserable!” Gold Immortal Fire Feather cried out, his face filled with grief and indignation. The black hole’s explosion had killed 13 Gold Immortals. This was an unbearable loss for Eternal World. 

“Hurry, look here!” A Gold Immortal pointed at something. Seeing it, the Gold Immortals there sucked in a cold breath before shaking their heads and sigh. 

Somewhere not too far away from them, a big hole – spanning a radius of 50 kilometres – had appeared. Chaotic streams of energy surged out from the big hole. One glance was all Chen Feng needed to tell what was happening. 

“It had punctured Eternal World.” Chen Feng sighed. 

“That was the black hole of devastation. Given how many Gold Immortals had died to it, the fact that it only punctured Eternal World is already the best-possible outcome.”

“That was just a small black hole. Additionally, its power had been compressed. More importantly, the Heavenly dao had blessed Eternal World. If not for that, not even 10 great worlds combined can stop the shockwaves from a battle between Gold Immortals.”

“But with this, Eternal World’s essence will leak away, hastening its decline.”

“There may be no need for it to decline. With this trick from the Slaughterers, Eternal World will likely fall next.” 

There were differing expressions on the Gold Immortals’ faces. Looking around, Chen Feng saw that some were already considering leaving. Some were those born in Eternal World.

Chen Feng stamped his foot to link up with Eternal World’s core essence. As expected, he could sense that the core essence of Eternal World was roaring in pain. Hesitating for a moment, Chen Feng then sent the longevity-type primary energy within his body out before having it flow into Eternal World’s core essence. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, this action of his would not be able to do much. Even so, he did it anyways. Seeing that, the eyes of several Gold Immortals lit up. Sighing, they too channelled their power into the world. 

The interior of Eternal World thrummed and the sound quickly spread throughout Eternal World. Next, the big hole began closing up. It resembled the wound on a human that was slowly healing up. Thanks to that, the Gold Immortals began feeling hopeful. 


Magiris sighed. Ignoring the severe wounds on his body, he too, sent forth a stream of power. 

“Hopefully, my heart can feel at ease with this. At any rate, I was also born in Eternal World.”

“This is my home.”

One by one, the Gold Immortals took action and the big hole gradually shrank to finally close up completely. After that, rumbling sounds rang out. Some time later, Eternal World returned to a state of calmness. 

“Even with our help, the fact remains that its core essence has broken.” Someone shook his head and sighed, feeling sad for this life-bearing great world with a history of who knows how many hundreds of millions of years.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

After a moment of tranquillity, Eternal World began stirring again. Faint-yellow streams of light emerged from the ground to enter the bodies of the Gold Immortals who took action earlier. 

Those who were wounded instantly recovered while those who had healed up experienced an increase in their strength. 

“This is a feedback! More, it also contains the power of the Heavenly dao and cosmic essence!” A look of delight appeared on the faces of some. 

“All of my injuries have healed up.”

“Tsk, tsk. This is the equivalent of me cultivating for 100,000 years.”

All the wounds on Chen Feng’s body had disappeared as well. More, his soul had improved, becoming purer and the longevity-type primary energy within kept circulating. Secretly calculating it for a moment, Chen Feng found that he had gained at least 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation. 

This result shocked Chen Feng, who found it hard to believe. Later, he carefully inspected it and determined that this was real.

It feels like I got more compared to others? A puzzled look flashed across his eyes. 

Is it because I took the lead in helping earlier?

Regardless, he had managed to obtain something good here. That was the most important matter. Additionally, thanks to this new power that came out of nowhere, Chen Feng’s Chaos Constitution also became much stronger. 

Naturally, as to how much more changes his body had undergone, that was something that Chen Feng would have to slowly study up on. 

Some were overjoyed and some revealed troubled looks. Some also revealed a look of regret. Back then, only a portion of the Gold Immortals there had chosen to help Eternal World. Most of them had chosen to not take action. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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