Chapter 1262 Entering


In the beginning, Chen Feng assumed that Magiris had recovered. Quickly, though, he found out that Magiris had also utilized a secret technique to restore his eye power. Even so, it was clear that this would bring about some side effects.

Next up, the two of them repeated their old move. Magiris used his spatial eye technique on Chen Feng. As for Chen Feng, his eye technique was not that much weaker compared to Magiris’ eye technique. Add the Longevity Wings into the equation, Chen Feng’s movements became practically unpredictable. Every now and again, he would attack the Slaughterers from various angles. 

However, the two Slaughterers were too strong. That was especially true for the lance-wielding Slaughterer whose attacks Chen Feng simply could not handle. He dared not even take the attacks head on.

Chen Feng fell upon the body of the lightning Slaughterer. But before the sword in his hand could stab down on the body, a battle lance was already sweeping towards him. At the same time, a lightning net was sealing up the surrounding space. 

Due to that, Chen Feng was left with no choice but to leave again. 

And so, the two parties continued confronting each other and they fell into a stalemate. For Chen Feng and Magiris, this was a very unfavourable situation for them. For the others, however, the fact that they could hold off these two Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers was an impressive feat.


Gold Immortal Fire Feather’s voice rang out. The cultivators below the Gold Immortal stage had already retreated behind the next defence line. As for the Gold Immortals, it was becoming increasingly hard for them to stop the Slaughterers’ attacks.

The wounded Gold Immortals had retreated, leading to a greater amount of pressure on the others. 

“Retreat one by one!”

The Gold Immortals began a steady withdrawal to the next defence line and it did not take long before only Chen Feng and several others were left out there.

“Friends, hurry up and retreat!” Gold Immortal Fire Feather was one of those who remained outside. However, even with his extraordinary cultivation base, he was still incapable of stopping the attacks from several Gold Immortals.

During the withdrawal, two more Gold Immortals were killed. This shook the entire Eternal World. Since the battle began, Gold Immortals had been constantly dying. It was something that left them all feeling paralyzed. 

“Let’s retreat, otherwise we will not be able to do so anymore.” Chen Feng glanced around and saw several Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers looking at him. 

“Let’s go!”

Magiris utilized his eye technique and the space before them fluctuated. Next, the two of them re-appeared within the defence line.

“This defence line might not be able to last long either.”

After entering the defence line, the pressure on them was lightened and blood began trickling down from Magiris’ eyes again. Chen Feng’s Longevity Sword also weakened back to the low-grade Divine tier. 

They were not the only ones. Almost every other Gold Immortal there was also wounded. Their morale fell yet again to an all-time low. Should the pressure on them increase just a little, they might end up collapsing. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng suddenly burst into laughter. 

Chen Feng’s actions attracted the attention of all the Gold Immortals.

“Although I was wounded somewhat, I also managed to kill off a few Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. My gains this time are great! To think that the crystal cores within the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers would contain such pure power. I will be breaking through soon,” Chen Feng said, deliberately bringing out a crystal core as he did.

“That’s true. Back then, by absorbing the few eyeballs I obtained in the previous battle, my soul power soared. The crystal core I obtained this time will allow me to break through as well.” Magiris also brought out a crystal core. 

The crystal cores within the Slaughterers’ bodies were similar to the yao cores of yao beasts and demon cores of demonic beasts. They embodied all of the Slaughterer’s essence. By obtaining the crystal cores, not only could one absorb the energy within the crystal cores, they could also study the grand dao laws that the Slaughterers’ left behind. 

“A minor injury in exchange for the lives of a few Gold Immortals. This transaction is worth it.”

The cultivators there understood what the two of them were trying to do. And while their actions did help, it only boosted their morale slightly. 

Chen Feng secretly sighed. Perhaps, it would not take long before these Gold Immortals began leaving. For the Gold Immortals, whether or not they could maintain the defence line had no connections with their ability to leave by themselves. The average Slaughterer in the army were simply incapable of stopping these Gold Immortals.

They could leave Eternal World and either explore outer space or head to other worlds. Doing that was not an issue for Gold Immortals.

The thoughts were already budding. Chen Feng could already see it. After several more of the fierce attacks from the Slaughterers, some Gold Immortals who could not handle it would leave. And once these Gold Immortals leave, Eternal World would be destroyed. 

This is just one great world. The Slaughterers had lost over 10 million Slaughterers by now. Even for the Slaughterers, this should be a terrible enough price. Or do the Slaughterers simply do not care about this number of casualties? Chen Feng pondered. 

Chen Feng and Magiris quickly healed up their injuries. Next up, the two of them worked on developing some combat strategies. Not long after that, the Slaughterers took down the defence line that they were in.

The 100,000 teams of Slaughterers attacked tirelessly. Even the Gold Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals were joining in on the attacks. As a result, the defence line failed to last long. In the face of their attacks, some of the great killing arrays were broken apart. 

And so, the cultivators on Eternal World’s side retreated again into the next defence line. The Gold Immortals stayed behind to buy time for the withdrawal. 

Following that was yet another chaotic battle. This battle was almost entirely between Gold Immortals. Such was the case for both Eternal World and the Slaughterers. Those beneath the Gold Immortal stage no longer chose to attack. 

Chen Feng and Magiris fought together. Additionally, the space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri were also lurking around to unleash sneak attacks on their enemies. Due to that, they were able to kill off two more Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers, giving the cultivators on Eternal World’s side a big boost in morale. 

However, the fight also left Heng Ri and Magiris grievously wounded. They would not be able to recover any time soon. 

In addition, Gold Immortal Fire Feather also joined up with the other Gold Immortals to successfully kill off one of the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. 

All in all, though, Eternal World lost three Gold Immortals as well. 

Finally, some Gold Immortals decided to leave. 

“Fellows, we’ll be taking our leave.”

The first to leave were two star wanderers. The two of them appeared somewhat embarrassed. But seeing the endless army of Slaughterers outside the defence line, the two of them decided to leave anyways. 

“Thank you for helping us all this while,” Gold Immortal Fire Feather said sincerely. 

The two star wanderers sighed and said nothing else about it. Instead, they opened up a spatial passageway and left Eternal World. 

While they were Ageless Gold Immortals, they were not unkillable. In their opinion, they still had a long road ahead of them. How could they end up dying here? The universe was a big place, after all. There must surely be a safe place for them. 

As some had begun leaving, more Gold Immortals also chose to leave. And so, after just a brief moment, over ten Gold Immortals had left. 

Those who chose to remain were mostly Gold Immortals who were born in Eternal World themselves. Either that of they were escapees from other star regions. These people no longer had any other place to call home. 

Although the situation left Chen Feng and the others in an apprehensive state, they knew that there was nothing they could do about it but sigh, and secretly at that. When the Slaughterers attacked the defence line again, Chen Feng fought alongside Gold Immortal Fire Feather and several other formidable Gold Immortals a few times. They clashed furiously with the Slaughterers’ Gold Immortals several times, but failed to gain any wins there. 

The Slaughterers’ attacks were endless. It was as though the concept of fatigue did not exist for them. And so, Eternal World’s defence lines kept falling to them. In Chen Feng’s opinion, it was just a matter of time before they took down Eternal World. 

One day, the native inhabitants of Eternal World fell into a state of chaos. A Space-time Slaughterer had opened a spatial passageway leading into Eternal World’s surface and a high number of Slaughterers used the passageway to head straight to Eternal World. 

Upon receiving the news, Chen Feng’s heart lurched. This move from the Slaughterers was the equivalent of stabbing a knife into their heart.

“Swiftly take action to kill them off!”

The Gold Immortals exchanged glances, a thick killing intent could be seen in their eyes. 

“Dispatch 20 Gold Immortals, no, 30 Gold Immortals. We’ll kill off the Space-time Slaughterer in one fell swoop.” After saying that, Gold Immortal Fire Feather swiftly took action. 

Chen Feng was even faster. The moment he realized that something was not right, he had utilized the Longevity Wings to appear on Eternal World. Next, Magiris appeared as well. 

Seeing Chen Feng and Magiris appear there, the mountainous Space-time Slaughterer that was lying on the ground revealed a look of ridicule. 

“This is a ruthless move.”

Chen Feng and Magiris looked at each other. Magiris’ pupils spun as he attempted to teleport Chen Feng on top of the Space-time Slaughterer.

But his attempts failed. 

“The other party is proficient in the dao of space-time as well. More, it has made some preparations to deal with your eye technique. Thankfully, it only brought one Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer over with it,” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Wings spreading out as his figure transformed into a beam of light that shot towards the Space-time Slaughterer.

The other drawback of fighting in Eternal World was the resulting shockwaves. Their battle could end up destroying Eternal World. Should that happen, their actions of protecting it would be for naught. 

The one that stopped Chen Feng was another Sword Demon. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew surprised. He secretly wondered if the Space-time Slaughterer had only managed to bring this Sword Demon with it. 

However, Chen Feng had no time to ponder too much about it. The Sword Demon’s attack had already arrived. Waves of sword energy assailed Chen Feng to stop his advance.

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed. While this opponent’s attack appeared ferocious, it was focused on defence. It would appear that they wanted to buy time for the Space-time Slaughterer to teleport over more Slaughterers.

“Let’s attack together.” Magiris swung his Illusory Demon Edge to cut apart the waves of sword energy before charging ahead of Chen Feng.

“Something is amiss!

“Magiris, careful!”

After saying that, Chen Feng swiftly spread the Longevity Wings on his back. With a sudden flap of the wings, hurricanes emerged in every direction and the thousand plus Slaughterers in their path were swept away.

Chen Feng quickly moved forward and saw a thick astral blade slashing towards Magiris. Meanwhile, the Space-time Slaughterer’s eyes flashed with golden light to lock down Magiris’ position. 

Chen Feng had wanted to charge ahead only for the Sword Demon to obstruct him. 


Anxious, Chen Feng unleashed his full power against him, but this Sword Demon was also a very formidable existence. Even in a one versus one, Chen Feng was not confident in his ability to defeat him. Defeating him quickly was even more of an impossibility. 

Suddenly, a fiery-red feather jumped through space to strike the astral blade going after Magiris. Although it failed to destroy the astral blade, it did slow down its speed. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Magiris finally shook off the Space-time Slaughterer’s locking powers and the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand shot out. Next, cracks spread out across the astral blade like a cracking crystal and it finally broke apart with a bang.

Another humanoid Slaughterer, almost identical to the Sword Demon, emerged. The only difference was that this Slaughterer was wielding a blade. 

“Blade Demon?” Chen Feng blurted out in surprise. 

“He’s Blade Monarch,” the Sword Demon, who was fighting Chen Feng, said. 

“Sword Demon, Blade Monarch. Interesting.” Chen Feng smiled. Thanks to the arrival of Gold Immortal Fire Feather, the danger that Magiris faced had been lifted.

Tens of Gold Immortals swiftly descended to surround the Space-time Slaughterer.

There were tens of Gold Immortals on their side while the Slaughterers’ side only had three Gold Immortals. The result of this battle was clear to all. And yet, Chen Feng kept sensing something amiss. However, he could not determine the specifics. 

Just what is going on? Chen Feng grew restless and his heart thumped fiercely. The resulting power was somewhat chaotic and unhelpful.

Forget it. What we need to do right now is to hurry up and kill off these three Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the biggest threat here was the Space-time Slaughterer. With every passing moment, the Space-time Slaughterer could teleport over a high number of Slaughterers. The appearance of the Blade Monarch gave Chen Feng a feeling of fear. Should a high number of Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers be teleported over, Eternal World will swiftly be ripped apart. 

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