Chapter 1260 Ageless Light


While the number of Gold Immortals on the Slaughterers’ side was smaller than the number of Gold Immortals on Eternal World’s side, they were unusually strong. Every single one of them could hold off several Gold Immortals from Eternal World. More, the Slaughterers also had a high number of half-step Gold Immortals. By having tens of the half-step Gold Immortals work together, they can threaten even an Ageless Gold Immortal. Even the Heavenly Immortals, by having over 10,000 of them working together, they would be able to seriously wound a Gold Immortal with one attack. 

On the other hand, there was a limit to how many cultivators Eternal World’s side can field. They were simply incapable of taking on these endless waves of Slaughterers.

“You guys, hurry back into the defence line. I will handle this,” Magiris said, the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand swinging to kill off a large stretch of the Slaughterers. 

There was no helping it. The Slaughterers’ forces were too formidable and those beneath the Gold Immortal stage would only die by staying there.

After Magiris advanced to the Gold Immortal stage, he had spent some time nurturing his Illusory Demon Edge, which allowed it to reach the mid-grade Divine tier. And now, by brandishing it, Magiris became like a God of Slaughter.

As he was having a blast killing his enemies, he suddenly sensed danger. Several golden beams shot towards him. At the same time, several half-step Gold Immortals also jointly fired an attack at him. 

This aura! Magiris’ eyes lit up and the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand swiftly spun to deflect all the incoming attacks. However, the formidable momentum behind the attacks forced him to give ground.

A massive Slaughterer whose body was filled with spikes appeared before Magiris. A terrifying aura charged out from its body and it cast a deep gaze that locked down Magiris.

Magiris’ heart lurched. This was the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer that he had teleported away back then. Amongst all the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers, this fellow was not particularly strong. Even so, it had still managed to kill off the Gold Immortal who were fighting alongside Magiris. 

Seeing the Slaughterer, a hint of concern flashed across Magiris’ eyes. The battlefield was presently in a very chaotic state and the other Gold Immortals were occupied with their own battles. It was unlikely that others would be able to come to his aid. 

Due to that, Magiris immediately utilized his eye technique against the Slaughterer, wanting to teleport it away again. It had to be said. While his spatial shift eye technique did not possess much in terms of killing power, it could teleport his opponents away to buy time. 

This time, however, Magiris failed. The spikes on the Slaughterer’s body released beams of golden light that disrupted space and broke Magiris’ eye technique. Next, it charged to appear before Magiris.


Magiris knew that this was not the time to be retreating. Thus, wielding the Illusory Demon Edge, he charged forward as well and the two of them swiftly exchanged blows. However, Magiris was quickly sent flying, several see-through holes on his body. Those were the handiwork of the spikes on the Slaughterer’s body, which had shot out to attack Magiris earlier. 

They clashed again and it did not take long before several more bloody holes appeared on Magiris’ body.

It became a one-sided battle, with Magiris in a completely disadvantageous position.

“Young Master!”

Two half-step Gold Immortals who had been staying within the defence line were unable to hold themselves back and they charged forward, wanting to help Magiris.

However, two beams of light flashed by and the two half-step Gold Immortals were killed. 

In the face of Gold Immortals, half-step Gold Immortals were simply too weak. 

Magiris’ eyes throbbed in pain. Those two were from the Blackwater Tribe and had been following him since he was little. They had the potential to become Gold Immortals. Unexpectedly, they would end up dying here.

“You fellows stay right there!” Magiris howled and all the wounds on his body disappeared in an instant. Brandishing the Illusory Demon Edge, he then charged forward again. 

At that very moment, Magiris was not thinking about whether or not he was a match for this Slaughterer. Instead, his mind thought only of exacting vengeance for his subordinates, even if all he could do was to wound the other party.  

But the gap between the two of them was not something that could be traversed simply by going all out. Magiris was once again sent flying and a massive fist – formed using countless spikes – barrelled towards him. 

“Young Master!” The hundred plus cultivators within the defence line cried out in shock. As for the other Gold Immortals, they sighed. None of them were in a position to help Magiris.

It was at that moment that a stream of golden light appeared. Sweeping forward, it cut the fist and continued onwards to cleave the massive Slaughterer into two. 

Witnessing that surprised Magiris, but he was quick to recollect himself. Wielding the Illusory Demon Edge, he swiftly charged to shred the two halves of the Slaughterer’s body. Then, he stretched his hand to grab the crystal core. 

“Are you alright?” Chen Feng then appeared in front of Magiris.

“Humph! Any later and I’d be dead.” Magiris was somewhat displeased. 

“It couldn’t be helped. I was at a critical juncture in my cultivation session,” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Sword flying out from his hand. Sword light flashed and a curtain of swords spread out. A group consisting of tens of half-step Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers that had been about to combine their powers to launch an attack was killed. 

“This fellow!”

Although Chen Feng had only unleashed a simple attack, Magiris could notice the difference in the present Chen Feng. Earlier, he had cleaved the Gold Immortal with a simple move. And now, he killed off the half-step Gold Immortals with a casual wave of his hand. It was as though it was just a simple matter for him. 

He had grown yet a notch stronger.

How strong would he become once he reaches the Gold Immortal stage? Magiris felt as though he had just suffered from a mental blow.

“That earlier is Ageless Light!”

“Yes. It is Ageless Light.” Chen Feng nodded.

“But how is it so powerful?” Magiris felt puzzled. The way the light cleaved the Slaughterer into two earlier was simply too overbearing. 

“Because it’s the Ageless Light that I cultivated,” Chen Feng said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“You… sigh! You’ve already surpassed me now. Later on, I will have to see it for myself.” Magiris shook his head and sighed.  

“Not a problem!” Chen Feng nodded. His eyes then flared with light and the semi-transparent silhouette of a great sword swept forward to kill off over 1,000 Slaughterers.

“That’s the power of the eyeballs!” Magiris’ eyes lit up.

“The situation is grave. We need to kill more Slaughterers.” After saying that, Chen Feng gripped the Longevity Sword and charged forward, with Magiris right behind him.  

With the two of them working together, the speed at which they were killing off the Slaughterers began increasing in a multiplicative fashion. The two of them had refined the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s eyeballs. Due to that, they were able to exert an innate form of suppression towards the Slaughterers. Sometimes, Magiris would take action to restrain the Slaughterers and sometimes, Chen Feng would restrain them; the two of them took turns to kill them.

Taking turns a few times, the number of Slaughterers to fall to them eventually exceeded the 100,000 mark.

Finally, a Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer found them. This Gold Immortal had three heads and six arms and its whole body was covered in dazzling, golden scales. It was like a water yao.

The expressions on its three large heads were completely different, but their gazes were like swords. Its mouths fired out three streams of fire, each of varying colours and each of its hands held a different weapon. It rushed forward, emanating an extremely formidable aura, giving off the impression of an ancient God of War. 

“It looks like a skill.”

“It’s not a skill. That’s just how this fellow looks like. Attack! This fellow is slightly stronger than the previous one. I’ll say this first. Just now, you got the Gold Immortal’s crystal core. This one is mine,” Chen Feng said. 

“Can you not make it sound so simple? Whether or not we can kill this one is still up in the air,” Magiris said. 

“I don’t see any issues.” Chen Feng rapidly rushed forward. As he charged, the Slaughterer’s three weapons shot towards him. 

Chen Feng then brought out the Blood Mustering Bead. Tapping it once, he mobilized two massive, blood-coloured hands forward to catch two of the incoming hands. At the same time, the sound of wyrms roaring could be heard from within the Blood Mustering Bead. Those were the nine Poisonous Vileblood Wyrms staying inside the Blood Mustering Bead. They had devoured large amounts of blood essence and reached the Heavenly Immortal stage. At present, they were borrowing the Blood Mustering Bead’s power in their attempt to evolve into Nether Dragons. 

While the Poisonous Vileblood Wyrms’ genes were quite strong, cultivating up to the True Immortal stage was already their limits. But thanks to Chen Feng’s nurturing efforts, they had undergone a transformation, one that changed their fates. That was particularly so considering the fact that they have been cultivating within the Blood Mustering Bead, a mid-grade Divine artifact. They now possessed the potential to evolve into dragons. Success in evolving into Nether Dragons will not only allow their strength to rise, it will also pave a greater path for them in the future. 

The two bloody hands contained the powers of the nine Poisonous Vileblood Wyrms. In addition, there were also the powers from the blood beasts, nether beasts, the Bloody Nethertree and some other living creatures that were staying inside the Blood Mustering Bead.

But that was not the end of it. The Wicked Sceptre also flew out from Chen Feng’s body, releasing wicked power that transformed into ropes to bind two more hands. 

A black river flowed out from Magiris’ eyes, transforming into a ribbon that bound the remaining two hands. 


The Gold Immortal stage Slaughterer struggled furiously and the flames surging out from its mouths grew stronger. Even its eyes fired out the Light of Devastation towards Chen Feng.


The Goldshine Combat Armour on Chen Feng’s body sent out a curtain of golden light, which clashed against the Light of Devastation. Chen Feng then brandished his Longevity Sword and slashed forward.

One slash.

One arm was chopped off. 

Magiris made use of the opening to rush forward as well, the Illusory Demon Edge severing another arm. Every time it lost an arm, the Slaughterer would become a notch weaker. Chen Feng and Magiris worked quickly and the Slaughterer was soon left with only its three heads.


Its body blew up and the three heads flew out in three different directions only for a Heavenly net to wrap them up and collect them. 

A mighty-looking cultivator then appeared before Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha! Sorry about that.” Holding the three heads in his hand, the Gold Immortal walked over. 

Chen Feng and Magiris looked at one another, not saying anything. This Slaughterer was no ordinary Slaughterer. It had three heads. Meaning, it had three crystal cores. 

The two of them had to spend so much effort to take down this Slaughterer. Naturally, they would not want others to take advantage of them. 

The mighty-looking Gold Immortal laughed and waved his hand. Two of the heads then flew towards Chen Feng and Magiris. 

Not saying anything else, the Gold Immortal turned around and charged into the army of Slaughterers.

“Forget it, then. We are all companions on the same side,” Chen Feng said. At least the other party was tactful enough to not take it all for himself, otherwise Chen Feng did not mind stirring up trouble. 

“He is Gold Immortal Thousand Layers. His origins are somewhat mysterious. I think he is from the Immortal Plane,” Magiris said with a wry smile. 

“At least we managed to gain something.”


The head exploded and a crystal core flew out.

“There are also these six weapons. They are quite good. Although they are only low-grade Divine artifacts, their killing intent is very pure.” After saying that, Chen Feng split the spoils with Magiris.

They had killed off two Gold Immortals in quick succession. This should have caused the morale of Eternal World’s cultivators to skyrocket, but their side had also lost four Gold Immortals. As for the Slaughterers, they only knew slaughter and not fear. Eternal World’s side, though, was different. Every Gold Immortal that fell would affect their morale. 

“Can you continue?” Chen Feng asked grimly.

“Not a problem. I still need some crystal cores for my cultivation,” Magiris said smilingly. 

Chen Feng shook his head. These Slaughterers were very strong. Their earlier feats of killing off two Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers had taken quite a lot out of them. More, some luck was also involved. Chen Feng had practically pushed out all his strength for that. 


Magiris exclaimed. The Slaughterers that were surrounding the two of them began retreating. In the beginning, they had assumed that the army of Slaughterers was about to retreat. But when they saw two massive Slaughterers appear, they knew that the situation had grown more serious. 

The Slaughterers beneath the Gold Immortal stage backed away to attack elsewhere while two Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers appeared to attack Chen Feng and Magiris. 

“This doesn’t look good.” Magiris revealed a wry smile. 

Each of the two Slaughterers was 10,000-zhang-long and their bodies were covered in spikes. Every one of the spikes was several zhang long and lightning currents – varying in colour – flashed across the spikes. They resembled the lightning beasts that would appear in the Lightning Plane. 

“Lightning-attribute Slaughterers. Their offensive power must be very strong.” Magiris had only spoken when lightning powers intertwined to form a lightning net that then shot towards the two of them. 

“They’re also very fast.” Chen Feng did not retreat. Instead, he swiftly rushed forward.


Chen Feng waved his hand and an astral blade flew forward to furiously slash down on the lightning net, eliciting a dazzling lightning radiance. 

That was the power of the Goldshine Combat Armour. The combat abilities of this suit of armour were even stronger than its defensive abilities. 

The lightning net was cut apart and Chen Feng swiftly charged forward, but a pillar of lightning then shot straight towards him. 


The Longevity Sword in Chen Feng’s hand abruptly swung and the pillar of lightning was cut in two. However, a lightning dragon then emerged from within the severed pillar of lightning. With a smash, it sent Chen Feng flying.

Following that, tens of lightning whips swiped towards Chen Feng, who utilized the Longevity Wings Technique against it. His body vibrated rapidly and over 10,000 semi-transparent silhouettes of him appeared in a flash. 

But the lightning attacks only grew increasingly ferocious. Whips, lightning pillars, shockwaves, lightning blades, lightning nets, lightning chains. The lightning powers kept taking various forms to attack and Chen Feng became surrounded by an ocean of lightning. 

I’ve never seen lightning with these kinds of attributes before. Neither have I heard of them before. Could these Slaughterers truly be from another universe? Chen Feng stretched his hand out to grasp and a lightning whip was ripped apart. Next, he collected the fragments into his body. His longevity-type primary energy circulated to quickly unravel and absorb them.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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