Chapter 126: Assortment of Poisonous Insects


Seeing Mo Xigui engulfed by the explosive energy, everyone grew shocked.

“Could he have died just like that?” someone spontaneously exclaimed.


Suddenly, a ray of light shot out from within the waves of explosive energy and the surrounding Bloodthirsty Poison Bees were completely finished off. Next, Mo Xigui emerged unscathed. Light flowed across the surface of his body to stop all the explosive energy within a one-chi radius from his body (1 chi = 0.333 m).

“That is a top-grade magic robe! It can block off the self-destruct power of flying swords. No wonder he can emerge unscathed after taking on the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees’ self-destruct moves.”

“Top-grade magic robe. That is a really good item. If only I have such a treasure, I can go out and fight those bees as well,” said a cultivator enviously.

Another cultivator had come out together with Mo Xigui. He was a middle-aged cultivator. The instant he appeared, he pulled out a white jade bottle. Next, stream after stream of water flowed out and all the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees struck by the water streams had the flames covering their bodies instantly extinguished. All of them fell. However, the white jade bottle suddenly exerted a suction force to suck up all those fallen Bloodthirsty Poison Bees into itself.

“If I am not mistaken, that should be the Five Elements Water Essence. When used against the fire-type Bloodthirsty Poison Bees, it will be easy to capture them.” Ye Ziming’s eyes glinted.

“Those Bloodthirsty Poison Bees are good stuff. If I can capture and breed them, I will have a powerful weapon against enemies. By sending a swarm of tens of thousands of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees forward, even groups of cultivators would quickly end up devoured.”

“I want to go out and capture some of those Bloodthirsty Poison Bees as well. I hear their stingers can be used to forge and improve magic treasures.” Two cultivators were unable to suppress themselves and they flew out of the warship.

The instant they flew out, they were besieged by a high number of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. In the beginning, they were able to cope and were able to capture a few Bloodthirsty Poison Bees using their magic powers. However, it did not take long for the tide to turn against them.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Hundreds of poisonous stingers shot towards them simultaneously to easily break through the defensive layer of astral energy defending their bodies. They cried out in misery as every corner of their bodies were stung by the poisonous stingers.


At that moment, some of the cultivators who had good relations with the two cultivators quickly flew out from the cabin to rescue the two from the besieging Bloodthirsty Poison Bees and pull them in.

Plop! Plop!

The two cultivators fell limply on the floor, their bodies swollen and pale. They were incapable of uttering a single word and were practically on the brink of death.

Seeing the wretched state the two cultivators were in, everyone grew shocked. No one dared to recklessly venture out again.

“Hurry, pull out the poisonous stingers!” one of the cultivators suggested.

“Useless. Once these poisonous stingers enter their bodies, the stingers will transform into flowing liquid, entering their blood to damage their blood and primary energy. We can only try helping with antidote pills.” And old-looking cultivator pulled out two antidote pills and stuffed one into each of the two cultivators’ mouth. A few cultivators seated beside the two wounded cultivators channelled their magic power into their bodies.

Gradually, the two cultivators’ rate of breathing grew stronger and the swollen parts on their bodies began to subside. After one joss stick’s worth of time, they could finally talk again.

“Thank you all for the assistance,” said one of them with a pained voice. Although he had been saved, the pain wracking his body remained. In order to fully recover, he would have to circulate his own energy.

“How terrifying. Originally, I had planned on going out to catch a few to play with. But now, better to just forget about it,” said Lu Ta as he shrank his head back.

“If it’s just catching a few to play, there is no problem. Watch me!” After saying that, Ye Ziming’s figure flashed away to re-appear amidst the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees outside the warship. With a wave of his hand, ten plus Bloodthirsty Poison Bees were swept into an entrapping flow of potent energy. The Bloodthirsty Poison Bees were incapable of escaping or self-destructing. Next, Ye Ziming’s figure flashed away again to re-appear within the cabin.

“I have subdued these Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. They will not self-destruct. You can play with them,” said Ye Ziming with a wave of his hand. The ten plus Bloodthirsty Poison Bees were tossed towards Lu Ta.

Outside the warship, Mo Xigui and the middle-aged cultivator continued fighting against the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. Meanwhile the Sky Soaring Warship’s speed was beginning to rise again. Its magic arrays continued to increase its strength and stretches of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees were all incinerated into ashes under the might of the magic arrays.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, the Sky Soaring Warship finally broke through the encirclement of the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. It then regained its normal flying speed.

Mo Xigui had honed his sword techniques while the other cultivator had collected a large number of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. Both had gained something from this incident. Well, there were also two half-dead cultivators suffering from the poisonous stingers.

“Hurry, look behind us!” someone suddenly shouted loudly. That person’s eyes were staring intently at the space behind the warship.

“Heavens! What am I seeing?” After turning their attention to the back where the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees were blotting the sky, they became shocked.

A tall cultivator in voluminous, black-coloured robes was flying through the sky and facing off against the countless swarm of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. With but a swing of his sleeve, he created a powerful suction force and his broad sleeve seemingly became another world as all the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees before him were sucked into the sleeve.

In merely three breaths’ worth of time, the overwhelming number of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees that had been besieging their flying warship earlier had disappeared. Every single one of them had disappeared into the tall cultivator’s sleeve.

Seemingly having performed a common feat, the tall cultivator then flashed away, disappearing from sight. None within the cabin could see where he had gone off to.

“An impressive world in a sleeve move. His sleeve contains a world of its own. That fellow is at least a Sky Human stage expert,” said the short, middle-aged cultivator to Elegant Gentleman.

“Extraordinary! Just extraordinary! The Bloodthirsty Poison Bees earlier could even stop a Prized artefact for a moment. And yet, all of them were absorbed by that cultivator with just one move!”

“Sigh! I wonder when I can cultivate up to that level?”

“You should just wonder how to stay alive through all this.”

Earlier, Chen Feng had sent his divine sense into the Longevity Tower a few times. However, Tower remained in a slumber. Chen Feng felt unaccustomed to not having Tower’s guidance. Additionally, given the dangerous position he was in, he needed Tower to wake up so that the Longevity Tower’s power can recover. That way, he would be able to cope with any unexpected incidents.

If Tower was up just now, he could probably absorb all those Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. However, I wonder what use those poisonous bees could have? Besides being used against enemies, could they be used for anything else? Chen Feng pondered silently.

Weng! Weng! Weng! 

Again, another swarm of poisonous insects flew forward to blot out the sky, flapping their tough wings as they surrounded the Sky Soaring Warship.

Butterflies, each bigger than an outstretched palm, sporting a variety of colours on their surface; poisonous mosquitoes with red, bloodthirsty eyes, and fist-sized ladybugs surrounded the Sky Soaring Warship. They formed layer after layer around the warship, more formidable compared to the swarm of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees earlier.

Inside the cabin, not a single cultivator could get a good look at the sky outside. All they could see were the stacked assortment of poisonous insects, biting and gnawing at the ship.

This time, the Sky Soaring Warship had ended up getting caught by them. Soon, it slowed to a snail’s crawl and could no longer fly forward.

“There are so many poisonous insects! Could we even charge out? Will they come in?” one of the cultivators panicked.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Sky Soaring Warship finally unleashed its wrath. All of its magic arrays were activated and lightning flowed across its surface, electrocuting the surrounding layer of poisonous insects to their deaths. Next, balls of concentrated lightning were fired out from the warship before abruptly exploding to annihilate large stretches of the poisonous insects.

Those are Sky Lightnings condensed out by this Prized artefact. Chen Feng was shocked. Only then did he realize that this Prized artefact was at an even higher grade than he had imagined. Normal Prized artefacts could not possible condense out Sky Lightning. His own Overwhelming Astral Sword did not possess such an ability. Or perhaps, it may be more accurate to say, its level was simply not high enough.

“Everyone, channel your magic power into the ship!” Mo Ji’s voice suddenly rang out within the cabin.

“That is right! Everyone, let’s join forces to deal with the poisonous insects outside!”

The 100 plus cultivators inside the warship immediately summoned their powers and channelled them through the flying Prized artefact. Having accepted the cultivators’ powers, some other magic arrays within the Prized artefact activated. After channelling and transforming their powers, it once again condensed out more Sky Lightnings and fired out in various directions.

An uncountable number of Sky Lightnings were condensed out before firing into the sky to explode with fury. The surrounding poisonous insects were cleared and their many corpses fell to the ground, piling up high.

“All right. It is done.” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The Sky Soaring Warship began accelerating to regain its normal flight speed as it continued advancing forward.

Suddenly, a gigantic and monstrous-looking bird descended from up above. The monstrous bird’s wings spread open to reveal a wingspan of over tens of zhang. It looked like a flying mountain (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

“This is bad!”

Mo Ji, who was standing within the dense magic arrays inside the Sky Soaring Warship, revealed a grim expression. As she was about to move the Sky Soaring Warship away, she felt the ship shudder. The gigantic bird had extended its claws to seize her Prized artefact.

Kacha! Kacha!

Shockingly, the large and sharp claws were able to pierce right through the surface of the ship. Some of the less fortunate cultivators were unable to dodge in time and were killed by the claws.

The instant the ship was seized, it was brought up high by the monstrous bird. In a flash, it had risen by hundreds of metres. Meanwhile, the interior of the cabin had fallen into a state of chaos as the 100 plus cultivators were all thrown around by the momentum. Even an expert like Elegant Gentleman was tumbling around like a gourd.

As for Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, they were thrown left and right, slamming into the other cultivators again and again. At that moment, the cultivators there – with the ability to soar into the sky and slip into the earth – were no different compared to ordinary humans, incapable of defending themselves in the slightest.

Mo Ji kept mobilizing the Sky Soaring Warship’s magic arrays to create powerful lightning powers, which were then directed at the monstrous bird’s thick claws.


Light flashed as lightning powers kept surging across the monstrous bird’s claws. Unexpectedly, after a strange cry from the monstrous bird, the lightning powers were absorbed by its thick claws.

“This is bad. That is a Thunderhawk. The power of lightning is simply useless against it,” said Mo Ji, her face sinking.

“So, it is a Thunderhawk. I will go have a fight against it.” The Gale Sword, Mo Xigui, stretched his body as he moved outside the cabin. The sword in his hand moved swiftly, transforming into flowing air, looking like a work of art as it shot towards the monstrous bird.

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