Chapter 1259 Ageless Light


As the fight raged on, a good number of the cultivators on Eternal World’s side was already thinking about leaving. Only, the surrounding space was filled with the Slaughterers. Seeing that, they knew that leaving now would only end with their deaths. Helpless, they could only stay behind and continue to fight. 

If Eternal World were to fall, they would die as well. And so, those cultivators had no other choice but to give it their all.

“Young Master, it’s getting dangerous!” the half-step Gold Immortal wanted to persuade Magiris to leave.

“Enough. I have my own opinions on this,” Magiris said solemnly. 

Longevity Celestial, the situation is so dire, surely you are not going to keep on cultivating? I only came here to help you, you know? Magiris sighed to himself. Given their present circumstances, they could not retreat. That said, he was also not confident in their ability to fight the enemy. It was quite the vexing feeling.  

The group of cultivators he brought with him had already ventured their way into the midst of the army of Slaughterers. If they were to continue fighting like this, all of them would die. 


Another one of Eternal World’s Gold Immortals was killed and their morale shook again. 

“Retreat to the defence line!” Gold Immortal Fire Feather’s voice spread across the battlefield. 

Magiris grew relieved and he utilized an illusion technique, entrapping the 10,000 plus Slaughterers around him in an illusion. At the same time, his face also became somewhat pale. Several of the Slaughterers he entrapped in the illusion were half-step Gold Immortals. If he hadn’t refined several of the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s eyeballs before this, using the illusion technique would have resulted in yet another backlash.


Magiris led his men to quickly retreat. However, some of the Slaughterers rushed forward to obstruct them. In response, Magiris utilized the illusion technique again to entrap the few half-step Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers that were rushing towards them. This time, he ended up grunting and blood began trickling down his eyes.

“Young Master!”

Some of his subordinates grew concerned. 

“I’m fine. Hurry up and retreat!”

The process of retreating was very chaotic, leading to the disastrous deaths of a number of cultivators. After all the cultivators had entered the defence line, the faces of the Gold Immortals sank. 

Their side had suffered from too many casualties in the earlier battle. 

And while the Slaughterers had also taken considerable losses, they could afford those losses. Eternal World, on the other hand, could not. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The magic arrays at the outermost defence line activated. Even the hidden great arrays and killing arrays were slowly beginning to activate. 

Those were jointly set up by Gold Immortals. Thus, the cultivators were very confident in the strength of the magic arrays. Upon entering the defence line, many of them breathed a sigh of relief. 

But they quickly grew apprehensive. The Slaughterers were already swarming forward. 

A hundred million Slaughterers formed a torrential river to smash against the great arrays non-stop. There was seemingly no end to this torrential river.  

Seeing that, the faces of the Gold Immortals on Eternal World’s side turned grim again. Should this be allowed to continue, the great arrays that they set up – no matter how strong it may be – would fall.

“Prepare for battle!”

After making up their minds, the Gold Immortals quickly focused on recovering their strength first. They did not immediately attack.

Following that, however, the torrential river disappeared as the Slaughterers retreated some distance away to form countless teams. Then, the teams began firing out attacks without respite. 

“One team consists of 10,000 Slaughterers. I can sense a total of 100,000 teams. This means there are up to one billion Slaughterers out there. That’s not even inclusive of the half-step Gold Immortals,” Gold Immortal Fire Feather said solemnly.

“In the few battles we’ve had with them, we had only managed to kill off around 10 million Slaughterers. For an army with a billion Slaughterers, that level of casualties is nothing,” Magiris then said. 

“In other words, we’ll have to leave in the end. Our actions of fighting against them are only due to us following our hearts,” a Gold Immortal known as Patron Spiritway said. 

“We have a total of 123 Gold Immortals. This is such a formidable force. If we head to the Immortal Plane, even the Immortal Court will feel terrified of us. And yet, to think that we will be incapable of stopping these Slaughterers. We have already lost 13 Gold Immortals,” a muscular and courageous-looking fellow said. 

This fellow’s name was Gold Immortal Ten Thousand Jun. He hailed from a more remote star region and would mostly spend his time exploring the starry space. This time, he had been heading to the spatial passageways with his friends for an adventure only to encounter the Slaughterers. After some twists and turns, he ended up in Eternal World. 

“Actually, the Immortal Court is very strong. It had to be said, the Immortal Court has Paramount Gold Immortals,” someone suddenly said. 

“Paramount Gold Immortals!”

Everyone fell silent. 

“I wonder, if a Paramount Gold Immortal takes action, would they be able to turn the situation around?”

“The dao of paramountcy is something that surpasses the dao of agelessness. They might be able to close that spatial passageway.”

“These exalted characters might not even care about this issue.”

“Even exalted characters are born from living creatures. They are still bound by emotions and desires. Could they simply do nothing as lives are being snuffed out?”

In the eyes of these Ageless Gold Immortals, Paramount Gold Immortals were truly exalted figures. It would not be an exaggeration to call them legends.

They could not begin to guess what kind of magics those figures possess.

“Prepare for a fight! The outermost defensive line is about to break.”

As they were discussing the issue earlier, the Slaughterers never stopped attacking. More, their attacks had only become increasingly strong. Even the half-step Gold Immortals had joined in on the barrage. 

The defensive great arrays became increasingly weak while the killing arrays there failed to do much. 


Finally, the Slaughterers broke a hole through the great arrays. Following that, the hole spread outwards in every direction to expose the cultivators on Eternal World’s side. 

“The defensive arrays that Gold Immortals worked together to set up were destroyed just like that.”

The wounded cultivators had been teleported over to Eternal World long ago. As for the Gold Immortals, they shot forward the moment the defensive magic arrays were torn apart. Likewise, the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers that had been resting themselves for the final push took action as well. 

The number of Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers was smaller compared to that of Eternal World. However, every single one of them was abnormally strong. 


Note: No translation error. Author did a boo-boo and repeated around half of the last chapter here. 


1 jun = 15 kg

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