Chapter 1257 Fighting Together


With the assistance from the two Gold Immortals, Chen Feng became highly emboldened and the power of his soul-type secret technique became a notch stronger.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The two soul attacks collided, but only a soft sound could be heard. And yet, the surrounding Gold Immortals could feel a dreadful sense of danger.

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light as the expression on his face flickered. As for the ball-shaped Slaughterer, it closed its eyes. 

The two attacks were evenly matched, but Chen Feng knew that the ball-shaped Slaughterer did not go all out earlier. As for him, he had unleashed 80% of his max soul power for that attack. 

More, this opponent had only opened two of its eyes earlier. From that, Chen Feng could tell that his soul power was no match for the ball-shaped Slaughterer.

Weng! Weng!

The ball-shaped Slaughterer opened two more eyes to fire two streams of light that stopped the Ageless Light attack and suppressive power of the seal that the other two Gold Immortals sent out. 

“What a formidable soul power!”

“But Longevity Celestial’s soul power is also that strong.”

The ball-shaped Slaughterer was able to deal with the two Gold Immortals’ attacks with one eye each while Chen Feng’s attacks had forced it to use three eyes. 

Space rippled and two more Slaughterers at the Gold Immortal stage appeared. These two had human appearances. One wielded a blade while the other wielded a steel mace. Upon arriving, their gazes swept out and Chen Feng’s group of three felt a formidable pressure bearing down on them.  


This time, the ball-shaped Slaughterer opened a total of 10 eyes and the streams of grey light coming from its eyes seemingly contained fire. 

Chen Feng sensed great danger.

“Hurry, back away!”

Chen Feng told his two companions to retreat while utilizing his strongest soul-type secret technique. The Soul Subduing Mantra’s four mantras fused as one. More, they also fused with the Primary Self-anchoring Mantra and Yin Yang Mantra. In order to further increase its power, Chen Feng even fused some life force into it. 

The two humanoid Slaughterers attacked at the same time as the ball-shaped Slaughterer. Their targets were Chen Feng’s two companions.


The two cultivators, however, did not retreat. One of them fired out his seal, which became like a mountain to defend him. As for the other one, his whole forehead seemingly split out as Ageless Light swept forward like flames.

Sigh, these two! Chen Feng sighed.

Next, all Chen Feng could see was a blur and he was nearly knocked unconscious. 

In a straight-up battle, Chen Feng was simply no match for this ball-shaped Slaughterer. At the same time, he wondered, what kind of strength can this fellow display by opening all its eyes?

The other two Gold Immortals, on the other hand, were knocked unconscious. Seeing that, Chen Feng sighed again. Those two would most certainly die. The Slaughterers’ attacks had already arrived.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s vision blurred again and he found his surroundings changing. 


Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Magiris had taken action. 

“Are you alright?” Magiris appeared before Chen Feng. It was indeed Magiris, who took action earlier. He had utilized his eye technique to teleport Chen Feng and the two Gold Immortals away.

“I’m fine.”

Chen Feng shook his head before letting out a loud shout. The thunderous soundwaves woke up the two unconscious Gold Immortals. Their eyes quickly regained a sense of clarity as they figured out what happened earlier. 

“Thank you!”

The two Gold Immortals broke into a cold sweat. If it weren’t for Magiris earlier, the two of them would have died. 

“They’re so hard to deal with.” Magiris’ eyes were pitch black. Occasionally, black light would pulsate out from them as his gaze swept around to inspect the battlefield. 

By then, the number of Gold Immortals on the Slaughterers’ side had risen up to 10. Number wise, they were still no match for the Gold Immortals on Eternal World’s side. However, Eternal World’s side had taken a minor loss in that earlier confrontation. 

While it was true that they were caught off guard, the biggest reason was because the Slaughterers’ Gold Immortals were too strong.

Individually, they could hold their own against three or even four enemy Gold Immortals. That was particularly true for the ball-shaped Slaughterer. By coordinating its attacks with its other Gold Immortal stage companions, it could bring life-threatening danger to the Gold Immortals on Eternal World’s side. 

More, there was no telling if stronger Slaughterers would appear.

Frowning, Chen Feng quickly considered the situation. 

There were indeed some Gold Immortals on Eternal World’s side who were stronger than Chen Feng. But when compared to the Space-time Slaughterer, they were still slightly inferior. 

Should this situation be allowed to continue, it might become difficult to defend Eternal World. 

The high-level powerhouses were Eternal World’s strongest card. If even their high-level powerhouses were incapable of gaining the upper hand, they will surely lose this battle. 

In other parts of the battlefield, many of the Gold Immortals on Eternal World’s side were being entangled by the Slaughterers, resulting in serious casualties for those beneath the Gold Immortal stage. Even the elites that Chen Feng brought over were suffering from a high number of casualties. 

The ball-shaped Slaughterer and two other Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers set their sights on Chen Feng’s group.

Meanwhile, formidable waves of aura would burst out from the army of Slaughterers every now and again. This proved that they still had formidable experts on their side. 

“Fellows, Magiris and I will figure a way to restrain the other party. You two figure a way to attack them.” Chen Feng sent the two Gold Immortals a secret vocal transmission. 

“Very well, but I fear that our strength might not be enough,” the seal-wielding Gold Immortal replied.

“I’ll figure something out,” Chen Feng said. 

“Magiris, give it all you’ve got.” After saying that, Chen Feng stretched his finger to tap his glabella and a clump of flames began burning there. The aura of Chen Feng’s soul began to climb. At the same time, flames also began burning across the Longevity Wings on his back. Various thin lines and patterns kept emerging, stacking atop one another to create a very strange look. That was the power of laws from within Chen Feng’s body.

“You are actually going all out here.” Magiris revealed a wry smile. 

“There’s no helping it. This big ball is a soul-type expert. I need its crystal core,” Chen Feng said.

“Easier said than done. However, I want half,” Magiris said, his pitch-black eyes began contracting. It became like cosmic black holes that preyed on their surroundings. Only, these black holes did not exert suction forces. Instead, they fired out wondrous eye techniques. 

In the face of Magiris’ eye technique, the surrounding space fluctuated and the two humanoid Slaughterers disappeared, leaving only the ball-shaped Slaughterer.

Magiris then wobbled and he quickly shut both his eyes. 

“You alright?” Chen Feng was somewhat worried. 

“I’m fine.”

Magiris then opened his eyes again, having recovered. 

“Good.” Chen Feng nodded. The Longevity Wings flapped and several images of Chen Feng instantly appeared all around the ball-shaped Slaughterer. Next, the flames on his glabella burst outwards with a bang, becoming thin threads of flames that swirled around the ball-shaped Slaughterer.

The threads appeared unremarkable, but seeing it caused the ball-shaped Slaughterer to grow wary. Two of its eyes opened up and two blades of light, one white and one black, shot out. Several of the threads at the forefront were cut down, but eventually, the threads managed to stop the two blades of light. 

Even through the threads appeared still, they were, in fact, vibrating at an insane frequency. Every vibration would unravel the opponent’s offensive power.  

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light again as countless black threads charged out. The black threads also swirled around the ball-shaped Slaughterer.

This time, the ball-shaped Slaughterer opened four of its eyes and four clumps of flames – each of varying colours – flew out before transforming into four savage beasts. The savage beasts then pounced upon the black threads.

Chen Feng was secretly shocked. That move earlier had appeared simple, but it actually contained the power of fire, soul, illusion and devastation.

As expected, they began ripping apart the threads that Chen Feng fired out, completely tearing them in but a few blinks’ time. After that, the four savage beasts attacked Chen Feng. 

“Shackles of Darkness!”

Chen Feng pointed and his gaze transformed into a black curtain to wrap around the savage beasts. This was the power of the Magic Eyes of Darkness. 


The other two Gold Immortals fired their secret techniques. As Gold Immortals, it was only natural for them to have their own unique secret techniques. 

Two streams of Ageless Light swept towards the ball-shaped Slaughterer. Seeing that surprised Chen Feng. He had not expected such a display of power from the two Gold Immortals 

“Magiris!” Chen Feng shouted. 


Magiris’ eyes rotated a few times before he closed his eyes again, blood trickling down from them. At the same time, the flesh and muscles on his face twitched uncontrollably. This was proof that Magiris had pushed himself beyond his limits to execute this secret technique.

Next, a wondrous scene unfolded. The ball-shaped Slaughterer became enveloped in black flames. Following that, the mighty ball-shaped Slaughterer began releasing cries of misery. It employed various methods but failed to get rid of the black flames. 

Those are Demonic Blackmalice Flames fused with an illusion technique. This fellow. He will definitely suffer a backlash from this. Chen Feng shook his head and issued a command. Suddenly, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature appeared behind the ball-shaped Slaughterer. Two attacks heavily struck the ball-shaped Slaughterer, which then swelled like an inflated balloon. The flames enveloping it and the eyes that would open and close without respite were quite the horrifying sight to behold. 


Chen Feng rapidly rushed forward, his hand reaching out to snatch one of its eyeballs. At the same time, he also devoured large amounts of its essence power. 

The ball-shaped Slaughterer responded with a formidable energy wave, but Chen Feng and the others were already prepared for it. The Ageless Light attacks from the two Gold Immortals and Magiris’ Demonic Blackmalice Flames suppressed the ball-shaped Slaughterer. More, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature were also attacking it. 

This was a combined siege from five Gold Immortals. The ball-shaped Slaughterer had a hard time extricating itself from this predicament. 

On Chen Feng’s end, every time he attacked, he would snatch away one of the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s eyeballs. After he snatched away the 18th eyeball, the ball-shaped Slaughterer became like a leaking balloon and it began deflating. 

It was then that Magiris appeared before it. He swung his hand and a separate space appeared. 

Chen Feng did not hesitate in the slightest to send several mid-grade Divine artifacts forward. The formidable Divine artifacts smashed against the shrivelling body of the ball-shaped Slaughterer.

After that, following Chen Feng’s commands, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature attacked again. 

“So ruthless,” the other two Gold Immortals said. 

They had only just said that when two of the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s eyes suddenly blew up. The resulting force sent the two Gold Immortals flying and a beam of light pierced through the layers of space to quickly disappear from sight. 

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