Chapter 1254 Celestial Longevity Plane’s Essence Power


“In other words, the spatial passageways bringing the Slaughterers here are everywhere. Even closing up the big passageway will be of no use,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration. 

“It is said that the East Extreme Immortal Palace is presently having a headache. The Immortal Court has already dispatched reinforcements to help it,” Tun Ri said. 

“Is the Immortal Court not doing anything else? For example, send soldiers out from the Immortal Plane to clear the Slaughterers?”

“I don’t think so.” Tun Ri shook his head.

“Friend, although the Slaughterers are bringing devastation with them wherever they go, those forces who are unaffected by the attacks will not be taking action. Those fellows are simply watching the show. And once the Slaughterers retreat, they will step forward to reorganize the place.” A Gold Immortal then moved over. 

This Gold Immortal was not born in Eternal World. Rather, he had come from a distant star region. He had been exploring the stars when he encountered the army of Slaughterers. After that, he took the initiative to join Eternal World’s side. Along the way, he had killed off a high number of Slaughterers.

In truth, there were many such cultivators who would choose to help out after seeing the Slaughterers’ actions of killing and plundering.

“If the Immortal Plane does not intervene with all it has, even if we can overcome this disaster, who knows how many people would be lost?” Chen Feng sighed. 

“That would depend on how big this army of Slaughterers is. If it is big enough to destroy an immortal region, heh, I believe that the Immortal Plane will take action. After all, if the damage taken from the Slaughterers is too great, other immortal regions will try to take advantage of the situation.” Another Gold Immortal came over. 

“There are also the various Celestial Planes. I wonder, what will they do?” someone else said. 

Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump and he turned to give Tun Ri a glance. Tun Ri, knowing what Chen Feng meant, immediately sent a secret vocal transmission. “The Celestial Longevity Plane did not come under attack from the Slaughterers.”

Chen Feng nodded. After chatting with them for a while longer, he then found a quiet place. His mind raced, traversing the cosmos to quickly establish a link with the Celestial Longevity Plane.


A formidable stream of the Celestial Longevity Plane’s essence power poured into Chen Feng’s body, which became like a bottomless pit to devour the power without respite. In the end, it even stirred the primary essence laws of the Celestial Longevity Plane. 

“What’s happening?”

Chen Feng’s actions had alarmed the Gold Immortals in the Celestial Longevity Plane and it did not take long before several divine senses swept around. 

“Someone from a lesser plane is linking up to our Celestial Longevity Plane’s essence power. Could it be someone from our clan who is advancing to the Gold Immortal stage?” 

“Who is it?”

“Not even advancing to the Gold Immortal stage would cause such a commotion. This is already affecting the primary essence of our Celestial Longevity Plane. The average Gold Immortal is simply incapable of doing this. Besides, there is something off about the other party’s aura.”

“Judging by the aura, this fellow is indeed a member of our Longevity Clan. Only, it is somewhat unfamiliar.”

“No. It is Longevity Celestial. He is linking up with the essence power of our Celestial Plane.” Suddenly, an elderly voice swept across the entire Celestial Longevity Plane.

“It’s Longevity Celestial!”

“Longevity Celestial!”

“How is this possible?”

“Back then, Longevity Celestial…”

“Humph! Some fellows are feigning ignorance. Longevity Celestial did not die. Back then, he, along with the Longevity Tower, went missing. Now, he has returned.”

“Just because they are secretly taking action, they think that they can hide it from everyone. Once Boundless emerges from his cultivation retreat, those fellows are in for it.”

“The way I see it, Longevity Celestial is also very strong. He is actually capable of stirring the primary essence power. It would appear that he already possesses the strength of an Ageless Gold Immortal.”

“Heh! He is displaying such arrogance despite his young age. Is he not afraid of getting into trouble?”

Chen Feng did not know that his actions had attracted the attention of so many divine senses. In the beginning, he had only wanted to link up with the Celestial Longevity Plane to investigate the situation there. Quickly, though, he found his divine sense making contact with the essence of the Celestial Longevity Plane. Following that, he ended up receiving large amounts of essence power from it. 

Of course, if it was just a large amount of power, Chen Feng would not have become shocked. However, it then became an ocean-like amount. More, this was the essence power from the most vital primary essence. 

What did this mean? It meant that Chen Feng had received recognition from the Celestial Longevity Plane’s primary essence. As a member of the Longevity Clan, when he returned to the Celestial Longevity Plane in the future, he would have an easier time cultivating there compared to others. 

In truth, this was a very normal situation. Other cultivators had encountered such situations before. For example, a cultivator could resonate with their surrounding world when cultivating, receiving the recognition of the world. Naturally, this would allow the cultivator’s cultivation speed to rise by leaps and bounds. 

I did face this situation back when I was younger. Looks like the recovery of my Chaos Constitution is the cause of this change. In the beginning, Chen Feng was shocked, but he quickly recollected himself. Within his body, the various secret techniques of the Longevity Scripture began operating quietly and the rate at which Chen Feng absorbed the essence power of the Celestial Longevity Plane increased further. 

Every pore on Chen Feng’s body began respirating, absorbing the essence power and ejecting turbid energy. His heart beat vigorously, scouring and fusing with the power of the star core within him. 

His body was already almost on par with an ageless body. And yet, facing the scouring might of the Celestial Longevity Plane’s essence power and star core’s power, Chen Feng felt as though he was undergoing a process of rebirth. This proved that the blessing that he received this time was simply too great. 

“Members of the Longevity Clan, come here quickly.” Chen Feng’s voice spread throughout Eternal World. 

Tun Ri and the others swiftly arrived beside Chen Feng. This time, only 500 cultivators from the Longevity Clan followed Chen Feng to Eternal World. However, even the weakest amongst them was a Heavenly Immortal. Obeying Chen Feng’s summon, all of them rushed over, arranging themselves in circles around Chen Feng. 

Pure and concentrated essence power from the Celestial Longevity Plane spread out from Chen Feng’s body in circles to quickly engulf the 500 cultivators.

“This is essence power! So pure!”

“Its grade is so high!”

As cultivators who came from the Celestial Longevity Plane, these cultivators had also refined some of the Celestial Longevity Plane’s essence power before. However, the essence power that they refined in the past was clearly no match for this essence power.

Some who had already reached a critical point in their cultivation broke through on the spot. 

Everyone there knew that this was a great opportunity and they did their best to absorb as much of this essence power as they could. 

“The absorption rate has increased.” Someone from the Celestial Longevity Plane was finally incapable of holding back. A divine sense shot forward, taking the form of an astral blade, desirous of cutting the connection between Chen Feng and the Celestial Longevity Plane.

The divine sense was quickly cut down by another divine sense that appeared all of a sudden. 

A third divine sense then swept outwards, followed quickly by a fourth and a fifth. More and more divine senses kept appearing. Some wanted to cut off the connection while some tried to stop them from cutting it. It was quite the battle. 


An even more terrifying aura suddenly charged forward, rocking space-time wherever it went. Even the laws collapsed in its wake and the divine senses that had wanted to take action against Chen Feng earlier dispersed. 

“That’s Boundless’ aura!”

“Paramount power. Has Boundless recovered?” 

“Boundless has emerged from his cultivation retreat!”

The cultivators began chatting. No one dared to attack Chen Feng again. That aura earlier was simply too strong. It was simply not something that Ageless Gold Immortals like them could resist. Some even began to feel fearful. It felt as though the owner of the aura could kill them off at a whim. 

After dispersing the divine senses of the Ageless Gold Immortals, the aura then disappeared completely. It was as though it was never there. 

The Celestial Longevity Plane fell silent. However, some forces continued to stir in the dark. 


A scornful smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. He had been able to clearly see what happened in the Celestial Longevity Plane earlier. After that, though, he could not stop himself from secretly sighing. No matter where it may be, there was no such thing as a perfectly unified force. That said, he also felt slightly reassured. There were still cultivators in the Celestial Longevity Plane who were on his side. 

I have already captured the auras of the Ageless Gold Immortals who took action against me earlier. When I return, I will be sure to visit them one by one. Knowing that nothing else will happen, Chen Feng then focused wholly on absorbing the Celestial Longevity Plane’s essence power.

Chen Feng’s actions did arouse the envy of the other cultivators there. At any rate, essence power at this level was something that even Gold Immortals would not want to miss out on. 

Some stepped forward, wanting to get themselves a piece of the pie. In the end, however, they chose to stop. 

Chen Feng was not to be trifled with. There were two extra-terrestrial creatures of chaos at the Gold Immortal stage guarding him as well. 

In truth, Chen Feng had also wanted to send out some of the essence power for the others. But after giving it more consideration, he decided against it. At any rate, only cultivators from the Longevity Clan would be able to fully absorb this power. As for the others, not only would they have a difficult time refining this power, they would also end up wasting a portion of it. 

The majestic essence power from the Celestial Longevity Plane continued to descend for 10 days before coming to an abrupt halt. 

Although it was not a very long time, the 500 members of the Longevity Clan had managed to gain a lot from it. 

Compared to their past rate of cultivation, each of the 10 days was comparable to 100 years of cultivation. Thus, those 10 days was the equivalent of 1,000 years. Tens of them had managed to break through. They had been waiting for this event to end before they start their tribulations. 

“Ha ha ha! I didn’t think I’d get to see such a big commotion right after coming over.” Suddenly, Magiris walked over, laughing as he did.

“Why are you here?” Chen Feng was taken aback. Back then, they had agreed that Magiris would defend their place in the Immortal Plane. 

“I’m here to check what’s going on here,” Magiris replied with a smile. 

The two of them had a brief hearty chat before Magiris said with a solemn expression, “The Dark Plane has also come under attack from the Slaughterers. Senior Dark Night has already left.”

“Is it very serious?” Chen Feng was shocked. The Dark Plane had come under attack. If so, would the Six Daos Alliance be split apart?

“I’m uncertain about the details myself. However, Senior Dark Night has transferred most of his forces back,” Magiris said grimly. 

Chen Feng frowned. He was currently tied up with the defence of Eternal World. It would appear that he could not go assist the Dark Kirin. If so, the Six Daos Alliance… 

“There is no need for you to worry about the Six Daos Alliance. The Immortal Court has issued the order for the various forces of the Immortal Plane to dispatch their soldiers to join forces and fight the Slaughterers. I believe no one will try to stir up trouble and cause an internal strife at a time like this.” Magiris knew what was troubling Chen Feng.

“If that’s the case, there will be no need for me to worry. However, this move from the Immortal Court shows just how dire the situation is.” Chen Feng nodded.

“It’s actually quite funny. Our Six Daos Alliance also received a summon from the Immortal Court,” Magiris said, laughing.

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