Chapter 1252 Entangled


“Heng Ri. At present, the Young Master is in danger, but we did not go help him. When the time comes, will he blame us for this?” the space-time extra-terrestrial creature asked worryingly.

Heng Ri pondered for a moment before answering, “No. If he needs our assistance, he would definitely have contacted us. The fact that the Young Master is not sending us any messages proves that he is not in too much danger. He alone will be able to handle it. Besides, if the Young Master is incapable of handling the problem, we won’t be able to help our either by going in.”

“That makes sense. However, just standing idle like this is not a good thing. If these fellows complain to the Young Master after he returns, we might be punished.”

“Aren’t there some Slaughterers here?” Heng Ri said, taking the lead in charging towards the Slaughterers.

Whenever they were facing Chen Feng, these two extra-terrestrial creatures would always display obedience. However, as the haughtiest of extra-terrestrial creatures, there was a strong feeling of unwillingness within them. After their advance to the Gold Immortal stage, their desire to free themselves from Chen Feng’s control grew even stronger. While they were afforded a high amount of freedom, the imprint deep within their souls would always remind them of their status.

They were Ageless Gold Immortals. And yet, they were slaves to someone else. Thinking about it caused rage to spill out from them. However, as Chen Feng’s strength kept growing, so too did their despair. Should Chen Feng advance to the Gold Immortal, they can forget about escaping from their status of slaves. 

Due to that, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature had always displayed obedience towards Chen Feng. Certainly, dignity was very important. But dignity can kiss their lives’ ass.

Naturally, the two of them were also constantly on the lookout for opportunities to break free. This moment was one such example. If the two of them were loyal followers, upon finding out that Chen Feng was facing danger, they should have immediately charged forward to his side. Instead, the two of them were looking for excuses to stay behind. More, they were secretly cursing Chen Feng to never return. The moment Chen Feng fell in battle, the two of them would be free.

That said, this was not the time to be doing nothing. Regardless of their perspective, these Slaughterers had to be exterminated. And so, Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature unleashed their powers to destroy the Slaughterers.

Chen Feng was indeed facing great danger. He had to face the attacks from two Slaughterers at the Gold Immortal stage. He was simply no match for the two of them. Even so, he did have the strength to defend himself. It was a dazzling battle to behold. 

However, Chen Feng had sensed danger. Due to that, after spending some time fighting them, he began thinking how to escape. 

Several times, he had tried to escape only to fail. 

The Space-time Slaughterer was proficient in the grand dao of space-time while Sword Demon’s offensive methods shocked even Chen Feng. After his attempts to escape failed, a foreboding sensation begin emerging from within his heart.

Was I too careless?

After overcoming his tribulation, Chen Feng had been filled with confidence. He believed that, even if he was no match for them, he would still have no issues escaping. But after facing them for real, he found that he was mistaken. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that his understanding of the Gold Immortal stage was still not thorough enough.

If some Gold Immortals’ combat power were to be classified as one, some others could possess a combat power of up to a hundred. 

Some Gold Immortals had been cultivating for 10,000 years while some others had been cultivating for 100 million years. Some had even cultivated for hundreds of millions of years, maybe even longer. How could those cultivators be put on the same level?

The two Slaughterers that Chen Feng was currently facing were clearly no ordinary Gold Immortals. Despite going all out, he was having a hard time trying to escape.

Tsk, tsk. This level of pressure, I’m already reaching my limits. Chen Feng felt like a thread that was being pulled longer and longer. Should the thread snap, he would die. 

By then, the number of cultivators escaping through the spatial passageways had exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. At the same time, Chen Feng was also secretly feeling delighted. No matter how you cut it, he had been the one to save them. If it weren’t for him entangling these two Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers, this star region would have been destroyed long ago.   


A mote of sword light erupted against Chen Feng’s body. Even though he was protected by the Goldshine Combat Armour, the explosion had still managed to blast a hole through his body, which flew backwards to smash heavily against a planet.

This planet used to be one filled with life. Numerous living creatures lived here until the Slaughterers invaded, turning it into a desolate wasteland, bereft of life. 

The resulting impact from Chen Feng’s momentum caused the entire planet to break apart and the remnant essence power within the planet spread out. 

After seeing the Slaughterers’ actions up close, Chen Feng found out that they were not only slaughtering other lives. Rather, they were also devouring and plundering all life forces there. After the Slaughterers were done killing off all the living beings on a planet, they would even plunder the life essence of the planet. 

A mote of starlight flickered amidst the debris of the planet. Seeing that, Chen Feng grasped and the star core flew into his hand. Some Slaughterers had wanted to snatch it away only to be killed with a punch from Chen Feng.

Previously, due to the living creatures on the planet, Chen Feng had felt psychologically burdened and chose to not collect the star cores. But now, that psychological burden no longer existed. The moment he obtained the star core, he sent it into his heart.

Every beat of his heart would result in a formidable power flowing into and fusing with his body. 

This was one of the purest essence powers in the universe. For Chen Feng, who possessed the Chaos Constitution, it was the best supplementary item. 

The wounds on Chen Feng recovered instantly. At the same time, an even stronger force surged outwards. With a swing of his sword, a grand wave of sword energy stopped the sneak attack from the Space-time Slaughterer. After that, the palm that Chen Feng stretched out drew a circle and the large debris resulting from the destruction of the planet turned to assail Sword Demon. 

Following that, Chen Feng relied on his speed to flit around the debris as he searched for an opportunity to escape. 

This time, Chen Feng no longer had any intentions of fighting them or hold them down. By his estimate, given his present level of strength, even the act of escaping would be difficult. 


After exchanging several blows, Chen Feng was sent flying again, smashing yet another planet apart. Again, another star core flew out. But this time, Chen Feng failed to grab it as the Space-time Slaughterer snatched it away first. 

Chen Feng swore inwardly before firing out a punch, blowing up another planet that was millions of li away from him. Next, a star core flew into his hand. 

By then, most of the cultivators in the Divine Falls Star Region had already fallen or were grievously wounded. Thus, this action from Chen Feng, destroying the planet, also killed off the Slaughterers there.

This time, Chen Feng did not keep the star core. Instead, with a wave of his hand, the Soul Demise Bow appeared and the star core rapidly elongated into an arrow. 

Locking onto Sword Demon, the arrow flashed out.

Using the star core for an attack caused Chen Feng’s heart to ache considerably. At any rate, the star core was something that he could absorb to increase his strength. 

However, considering his life-threatening situation, this was the least of his concerns.

The reason why Chen Feng did not choose to attack the Space-time Slaughterer with this attack was because Chen Feng was not confident in his ability to lock down the Space-time Slaughterer.

While Sword Demon possessed a formidable offensive power, his understanding towards the dao of space-time was inferior compared to the Space-time Slaughterer. 

More, the arrow also contained Chen Feng’s will. With the arrow locked onto Sword Demon, he could forget about escaping. 

As expected, Sword Demon did not try to evade. In fact, he did not display even a hint of fear in the face of Chen Feng’s attack. His entire figure transformed into a huge sword and charged towards the incoming arrow.


The energy waves resulting from the collision assailed their surroundings, causing the planets that were millions of li away from them to crack. The cultivators who were still on the planets – having failed to run away quickly – were affected by the shockwaves and suffered from serious casualties. 

Chen Feng was in no state to care about them. He had swiftly fled after firing out the arrow, but the Space-time Slaughterer quickly caught up to him. Helpless, Chen Feng could only push out all his might to deal with it. 

To Chen Feng’s delight, Sword Demon did not immediately emerge. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that the attack had dealt a considerable amount of damage to Sword Demon. Rather, the fact that he could fire out that attack was somewhat unexpected. The power contained within the star core was simply too strong. Back then, just pulling the bow had caused Chen Feng’s muscles to tear.

“You guys can’t kill me. Why put so much effort into chasing me?” Chen Feng said with a smile, the sword in his hand moving constantly, sometimes disappearing, sometimes sending forth a curtain of swords, sometimes unleashing large swings and sometimes unleashing unfathomable attacks.   

Due to the brief fight he had with Sword Demon, Chen Feng’s dao of the sword had increased slightly. 

The Space-time Slaughterer said nothing, its body radiating golden light again to seal Chen Feng up. 

Chen Feng swore furiously. 

The Longevity Wings had levelled up, allowing Chen Feng to freely move through space. Thus, this move from the Space-time Slaughterer could no longer imprison him. However, the number of times that the Space-time Slaughterer had done this to him was so high that Chen Feng had practically lost count. 

If only Magiris is here. He’ll be able to fight this fellow. Chen Feng sighed to himself. That said, he was not feeling particularly worried. Although this Space-time Slaughterer’s space-time technique was very strong, it could only delay him slightly. 

It did not take long before Chen Feng charged out again only for a sharp and formidable sword beam to force him back.

Sword Demon had finally caught up to him. 

Sword Demon appeared miserable to the extreme. There was practically not a single part of his body that remained unscathed and see-through holes could be seen all over his body. One of his arms had disappeared and even his facial features had become damaged. He had to rely on his power just to ensure that his body did not break apart. 

And yet, his attacks remained as strong and overbearing. Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light and he could see that despite how serious his injuries were, Sword Demon was nowhere close to dying. Having cultivated up to the Ageless Gold Immortal stage, unless it was an utterly unstoppable force, it will be hard for the Ageless Gold Immortal to die. 

“Kid, die!” Sword Demon, who had only felt annoyed with Chen Feng earlier, was now infuriated. His hatred towards Chen Feng had reached the extreme.

Chen Feng snickered and brought out the Soul Demise Bow again. Once again, another arrow flew out. This time, a look of fear flashed across Sword Demon’s face and he swiftly evaded.

Chen Feng then made use of the chance to flee. 


The arrow blew up, releasing a formidable wave of power. However, the power was not even 1% of the previous one.

“Ha ha ha! Fellows, I’ll take my leave first!” Chen Feng’s voice rang out from the distance.

“You want to escape? Can you?!” The Space-time Slaughterer’s eyes fired out two beams of light. They were very fast, even faster than Chen Feng, who was already using the Longevity Wings. With a bang, the two beams of light then blew up to transform into a world-encompassing net, obstructing Chen Feng’s path. 

“How troublesome!


The sword in Chen Feng’s hand slashed and the threads of the net were cut apart, creating snapping sounds as they did. Only, this delay allowed the Space-time Slaughterer to catch up to him again. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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