Chapter 1251 Omen


Although Chen Feng was able to swiftly heal his wounds, he was secretly feeling shocked. When his arm was severed earlier, just the killing intent from the attack had been strong enough to nearly freeze his blood energy. And while he was able to reconnect his arm, Chen Feng’d had to use almost every method available to him. He had to exhaust a large amount of longevity-type primary energy to heal his wound. 

A tall and mighty-looking cultivator walked out from void space, a sword in his hand. The cultivator’s eyes were firmly trained upon Chen Feng, giving him the same amount of pressure as the Space-time Slaughterer.

Why are the Slaughterers’ Gold Immortals all so strong? This was the matter that shocked Chen Feng the most. The Space-time Slaughterer was already very difficult to deal with, but now he had to face another Gold Immortal from the Slaughterers’ side. Although it had the appearance of a human cultivator, Chen Feng could still determine that this was a Slaughterer.

Chen Feng was quick to calm down. By reaching a certain cultivation level and comprehending the laws, one would be able to easily transform into a myriad of things. Take Chen Feng for example. He could already easily transform into rocks or trees. Even the act of transforming into a Slaughterer was an easy feat for him. 

“It’s this little fellow. Hurry, let’s join forces to kill him. I still need to reopen the spatial passageway,” the Space-time Slaughterer said. 

“He’s just a minor Heavenly Immortal!” the humanoid Slaughterer said with a slightly scornful and dissatisfied tone.

“Space Time, are you joking with me now?”

“Sword Demon, do you think I have that much time to waste? Earlier, your sneak attack failed to kill him off. Can you still not notice anything?”

So, this humanoid Slaughterer’s name is Sword Demon. Chen Feng became vigilant. He had a feeling that this fellow was even harder to deal with compared to the Space-time Slaughterer.

“If so, hurry up and attack. I have many other things that I need to do,” Sword Demon said, the sword in his hand swinging towards Chen Feng to send a sword beam forward. The sword beam appeared simple, but in Chen Feng’s opinion, it was not simple at all. The sword beam was like a stream of water that had been compressed into a thin blade and it cut through space, even cutting down time as it locked on to Chen Feng’s soul. 

Be it the killing power or the purity of its sword intent, this sword beam was something that Chen Feng would rarely see. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this Sword Demon had the strongest sword techniques he had ever seen. 

It was just a sword beam containing pure killing intent, but Chen Feng found himself incapable of evading it. However, amidst his feelings of shock, a raging will to fight also rose up from his heart. 

His cultivation of the Longevity Sword Technique was quite good as well. Thus, he had no reason to fear this opponent. Speaking of which, seeing Sword Demon’s sword beam had aroused Chen Feng’s desire to have himself a good fight with this opponent. However, there was also the Space-time Slaughterer there, casting predatory eyes at him. Due to that, there was a need for him to change the way he was dealing with them. 

One Space-time Slaughterer alone was already beyond Chen Feng’s ability to defeat. And now, there was another opponent at that level. One careless mistake on his part would result in his death. 

The Undying Heaven Sword flew out to merge and become one with the Longevity Sword. Next, sword energy burst outwards as sword light spread out to stop the enemy attack.

In the face of the opponent’s formidable power and wondrous power of law, Chen Feng was forced to keep on giving ground. Then, the Space-time Slaughterer’s attacks arrived. One whip after another spread out in every direction. It was quite the peculiar sight to behold, but Chen Feng sensed a change coming over his surroundings. Once again, the Space-time Slaughterer had sealed him within a separate space. 

The Space-time Slaughterer was proficient in the dao of space-time while Sword Demon was clearly proficient in the dao of killing. Due to that, Chen Feng felt troubled. 

I’ll have to think of a way to escape. Chen Feng sighed. His Longevity Wings had levelled up. While he was still incapable of defeating his opponents, he was quite confident in his ability to escape. 

“To be able to make me and Space Time work together, you should feel honoured.” Sword Demon strode forward, bringing with him an aggressive air of majesty and extraordinariness. The sword in his hand then shot straight towards Chen Feng.

On the other hand, the Space-time Slaughterer snickered and blades of light shot out from its eyes to block Chen Feng’s escape paths.

Chen Feng, though, maintained a composed look. The sword in his hand swung out and an arc of light flashed out to stop the incoming attacks. Next, he took a step forward, changing his movement trajectory to charge towards the Space-time Slaughterer.

Chen Feng had fought the Space-time Slaughterer a number of times before. Due to that, he had come to understand this Slaughterer somewhat. This was why he chose to attack the Space-time Slaughterer first. The one known as Sword Demon kept giving him a feeling of danger.

However, before Chen Feng could arrive in front of the Space-time Slaughterer, Sword Demon swung his sword to send a ripple-like circle of sword energy outwards, entrapping Chen Feng within it.


Chen Feng slashed and two sword beams flashed out, cutting open the circle of sword energy around him. By then, however, the Space-time Slaughterer’s attack had arrived. A whip shot forward like an arrow. Grazing Chen Feng’s body, it left a deep dent on the Goldshine Combat Armour.


The Goldshine Combat Armour released an eye-piercing golden light as it automatically attacked. Several sharp beams of energy shot towards the Space-time Slaughterer.

Although the beams did not appear particularly outstanding, the power behind them was comparable to the attacks from low-grade Divine-tier flying swords. But Sword Demon’s attack descended upon Chen Feng again.

Once again, a simple-looking sword beam slashed forward. For Chen Feng, this was the hardest attack to defend against. In the grand dao of the sword, it was clear that Sword Demon’s swordsmanship had reached the embodying the purity of essence stage. It had to be said. After reaching the Ageless Gold Immortal stage, normal martial arts were no longer useful. At that stage, cultivators would compete in their cultivation of laws, the grand dao and understanding of the ageless power.

Chen Feng’s opponent was a Gold Immortal. It was only natural for their offensive power to be strong. This sword beam contained a nigh immeasurable power of laws. More, Sword Demon was also a sword cultivator, possessing strong offensive powers. Back then, his attack could even cut off Chen Feng’s arm. Even with the mid-grade Divine-tier Goldshine Combat Armour, Chen Feng was still incapable of taking Sword Demon’s attack with his body alone. 

The Longevity Sword in Chen Feng’s hand had fused with the Undying Heaven Sword, allowing it to bear a greater power. And so, Chen Feng displayed several sword techniques in quick succession. Not only was he able to deal with the incoming attack, he was also able to launch some counter attacks.

Even so, he was facing two enemies. And so, due to the spatial restraints created by the Space-time Slaughterer, Chen Feng was quickly struck by a sword beam. 

The Goldshine Combat Armour was pierced through and a sword wound appeared on his body. Next, formidable ageless sword energy furiously invaded his body, desirous of destroying his life force.

However, a devouring force then appeared from within his body to easily devour the sword energy.

“Oh? That’s the Demon Plane’s Demonic Heavengorging Art!” Sword Demon exclaimed, his eyes flashing with light. His figure then disappeared. Following that, Chen Feng watched as countless swords shot towards him. 

“The body becoming the sword and multiplying to myriad numbers. This is the beyond harmony sword technique!” Chen Feng was shocked. This was a type of cultivation level. But while Chen Feng was aware of the existence of this level, he had not attained this level. 

“Overlapping space-time!”

The Space-time Slaughterer also unleashed its killer move. The surrounding space moved to intertwine and stack atop one another. The resulting spatial constriction was such that Chen Feng had to exercise caution against it. 

Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight, see through truths and falsehoods! Flames burned within Chen Feng’s eyes and his gaze swept around to melt the surrounding space. 

Chen Feng had pushed the might of the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight to the extreme. Meanwhile, the Longevity Wings on his back became more transparent. Brandishing his sword, he charged into the incoming wave of attacks. 

Eternal World…

As it had been a while since Chen Feng left, it was only inevitable that the cultivators there would feel somewhat worried for him. However, the space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri were connected to Chen Feng as master and subordinate, enforced by soul shackles. Due to that, they knew that Chen Feng was fine. More, they could even sense that Chen Feng had become even stronger. With that, they knew that Chen Feng had successfully overcome his tribulation. 

The Six Daos Alliance had sent another group of cultivators over. Tun Ri, who liked fighting and killing, had come as well. Perhaps it was because the situation in the Immortal Plane had stabilized, but the number of cultivators that the Six Daos Alliance sent over far exceeded that of their previous plan. 

At that very moment, Eternal World had fallen into a somewhat chaotic state. The number of Slaughterers that appeared there had risen, becoming 10 times greater compared to when Chen Feng left. A small army of Slaughterers had also appeared. 

Only, the cultivators who were standing guard had finished them off before they could enter Eternal World.

While the Gold Immortals were feeling concerned, those at the half-step Gold Immortal stage and below were not as concerned. Some even thought of this disaster as a form of training. 

The reason for that was the crystal cores they obtained by killing off the Slaughterers. The crystal cores contained pure power. For cultivators at the same level as the crystal core, those were good items. They were worth more than killing unique creatures or yao beasts. 

Almost all the cultivators in Eternal World were searching around, hunting for the Slaughterers. The strong would hunt on their own while the weak would join forces. 

If Chen Feng were there, he would have come to the conclusion that, while the cultivators of Eternal World were not as strong as the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region, they were exuding a highly enthusiastic atmosphere of battle. 

“I wonder, when will the Young Master return?” Tun Ri was feeling somewhat worried for Chen Feng. Although he did manage to obtain some news about Chen Feng from the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, he could not actually see Chen Feng. Additionally, without Chen Feng there to oversee their defence, Tun Ri felt his confidence wavering. 

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

Formidable spatial ripples spread out as one spatial passageway after another opened up. Next, countless cultivators rushed out from the passageways.

“Those are spatial passageways that the Young Master constructed!” Tun Ri’s eyes lit up. 

“What's going on?”

The Gold Immortals who were defending Eternal World were alarmed. In the beginning, they had assumed that these were some cultivators who were saved from the Slaughterers’ siege. Chen Feng and the others had done something like this before in the past, after all. However, the number of cultivators coming out from the spatial passageways kept rising and it did not take long before it went over 10,000. Seeing that, the Gold Immortals knew that something was amiss. 

“They’re from another star region.” Patriarch Lucky Cloud, Immortal Colourstream and the others quickly moved forward to strengthen the spatial passageways.

When the number of cultivators coming out from the passageways reached the 100,000 mark, they began calming down. 

By then, the Slaughterers who entered the spatial passageways from the other side had begun to appear as well. And so, a battle erupted. As the number of Slaughterers was too small, they were incapable of doing much.

“The Young Master is in danger!” The space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri looked at each other. They felt conflicted at what to do. However, their hesitation only lasted for a brief moment before they decided to go rescue Chen Feng.

But before the two of them could take action, Patriarch Lucky Cloud and two other Gold Immortals had opened up another spatial passageway and they charged in. 

The space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri then looked at each other again before breathing a sigh of relief. Since the other Gold Immortals were taking action, they can just stay here.

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