Chapter 1250 Searching for Fragments


Immediately, Chen Feng revealed a look of delight. His divine sense then scanned the planet again and again to finally discover the fragment of a magic treasure inside the planet. 

The fragment emanated a wondrous power and Chen Feng had almost failed to find it. It had to be said, he had been able to easily discover the star cores in the other planets. And yet, he had failed to find this fragment earlier. That was despite this being a desolate planet. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, if even someone like him was nearly incapable of finding it, then others would surely be unable to find it. 

And so, he became somewhat expectant. He wanted to see what this fragment was like and whether it would be of any use to him. 

Chen Feng was not one to give up on something good and he easily entered the planet. Although the fragment tried to resist, Chen Feng managed to obtain it in the end. 

He quickly returned to the surface. Inspecting the item in his hand, he revealed a look of surprise. 

As expected, it was a simple fragment. In Chen Feng’s hand was a fist-sized object. But when he tapped it with his finger, a greyish semi-transparent silhouette appeared, emanating a power that swept over the entire Divine Falls Star Region in an instant. 

The fragment of a high-grade Divine artifact! Chen Feng’s divine sense then entered the magic treasure. Like with the Great Wilderness Ding, he was able to – through the memories of the fragment – see the origins of the magic treasure; its past and how it was finally destroyed in the end. 

Although it is just a fragment, it still has divine attributes within it. Some of its power and laws are preserved as well. After breaking it down, I can fuse it into other magic treasures. This is the fragment of a high-grade Divine artifact, after all. It is much better than any other divine objects or materials. Only, breaking it down and fusing it with another magic treasure will not be easy. Chen Feng then kept the fragment and the Great Wilderness Ding and several other of his magic treasures released primary flames to smelt the fragment. 

For Chen Feng, this could be considered as a harvest that he found in the Divine Falls Star Region. He was very satisfied with it. And if he could find one fragment, he might be able to find a second or third or more items here. That way, this star region would truly live up to its name.

Divine Falls Star Region. Looks like this name was not a randomly made up one. Hopefully, the one who left this item are true experts. After keeping the fragment, Chen Feng then left the planet. 

Meanwhile, cultivators who had been cultivating on the planet suddenly felt the pressure on them lightening. But they did not know what just happened. 

After Chen Feng’s departure, some cultivators came to the planet. Thanks to the power released by the fragment earlier, the cultivators were able to come up with some speculations.

However, this trip of theirs was destined to be for naught. 

Some time passed, but the Slaughterers did not appear again. On Chen Feng’s end, he was happy that he had the time to search through the star region. That said, he was aware that the next time the Slaughterers appeared, their numbers would no longer be the same. Perhaps, it would double, or triple or go even higher. With the existence of the Space-time Slaughterer, it was possible for there to be even more of them. 

Chen Feng felt sad for this star region. He knew. The next time the Slaughterers appeared, this star region would likely fall to them. And with that, a treasured place for cultivation would be destroyed. Considering how the Slaughterers could wipe out even an immortal region, a minor Divine Falls Star Region was nothing for them. When compared to an entire immortal region, this was just a small and dispensable place.

He did not even need to resort to a divination to know just how much more ferocious the next attack would be. 

“Find a way to leave. It is no longer possible to safeguard this place.” Chen Feng’s divine sense spread through the entire Divine Falls Star Region.

Following that, the entire star region fell into an uproar before slowly returning to a state of calmness.

Only a handful of cultivators chose to leave. Rather, almost all of them chose to stay. Stay and fight the Slaughterers and defend their home.

And so, a power known as cohesion was born. 

A will known as fearlessness began sprouting up. 

Chen Feng could see their choice. At that very moment, the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region had become even stronger than before. 

Next, he sighed. Even if they were to become a hundred times stronger, it would still be useless. 

Chen Feng knew that he was powerless to change all that. All he could do was his best. 

Are there no Gold Immortals? Chen Feng was hoping that some Gold Immortals would appear to help this star region. But he knew as well that not even that could help change this star region’s fate.

On the other hand, Chen Feng had – before the second wave of Slaughterers arrived – obtained a great harvest in this star region. He had found some more fragments of Divine artifacts and even the corpses of Gold Immortals here. This was how the name Divine Falls Star Region came to be. 

However, Chen Feng did not become too delighted. When he was not cultivating, he would worry about what kind of effect the Slaughterers would bring.

In his opinion, the various life-bearing great worlds would not be able to stop the Slaughterers. It would only be possible with the intervention of the Immortal Plane. However, he did not know when the Immortal Plane would officially take action.

Additionally, there was also the Slaughterers’ spatial passageway. When will they be able to close it and how many Slaughterers were there?

To date, the Space-time Slaughterers were the only special Slaughterers to appear from the Slaughterers’ side. Furthermore, the Slaughterers were creatures that existed simply for the sake of slaughtering others. Even in a one against one scenario, the cultivators from the Limitless Immortal Region would have a hard time winning.  

Finally, the army of Slaughterers arrived and it spread out. Its battle line was so long that it practically surrounded almost the entire Divine Falls Star Region.

Without missing a beat, the Slaughterers charged the moment they appeared. This time, the number of Slaughterers had risen up to 300 million and they blotted out the stars for the cultivators of the Divine Falls Star Region.

Three hundred million Slaughterers! Chen Feng sighed. Countless threads flew out from his eyes and the thousand plus Slaughterers before him were all tied up.

Chen Feng strode forward and threads kept flying out from his eyes. There was seemingly no end to the threads and a high number of Slaughterers would be trapped in their wake. 

With time, the Slaughterers would break free from the threads. But the fact that they could delay them was enough for Chen Feng. His objective was the Space-time Slaughterer deep within the army of Slaughterers. 

Witnessing this formidable display of might from Chen Feng, the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region grew excited and they followed behind him, quickly cutting open a path forward.

By the time Chen Feng found the Space-time Slaughterer, the threads he released had tied up hundreds of thousands of the Slaughterers. Meanwhile, the cultivators charging forward to follow Chen Feng had killed off over 100,000 Slaughterers. 

“Hi, we meet again.” After saying that, all the power in Chen Feng’s body gathered into his fist and he launched a fist blast at the Space-time Slaughterer.

By then, Chen Feng had nearly finished refining the star core in his heart. Due to that, his fleshly body had improved greatly. Sensing the density of his fleshly body, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling satisfied. 

The power and potential of the Chaos Constitution was beginning to display itself. 

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the colossal Space-time Slaughterer charged and a concentrated blast of power shot out from its body to collide against Chen Feng’s fist blast. 

Soon enough, Chen Feng began fighting the Space-time Slaughterer again. The other Slaughterers, on the other hand, instinctively moved far away. Seeing that left Chen Feng somewhat dissatisfied. 

All he could do in this battle was to hold the colossal Space-time Slaughterer. He could not interfere with the fates of the other cultivators of the Divine Falls Star Region. 

Even though they were already prepared, the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region were still incapable of stopping the charge of the Slaughterers. The moment the Slaughterers descended upon them, they had been forced to retreat, again and again until their lines finally broke down. 

Finally, the Slaughterers landed on one of the planets there. Following that, the living creatures there were slaughtered. Lives disappeared and it did not take long before the planet that had been brimming with life turned into a grey-coloured wasteland. 

After that, the second planet was invaded. Then a third. Soon enough, almost all of the life-bearing planets had been invaded.

The cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region fought desperately against the Slaughterers, but the gap between the two sides was simply too big. 

The cultivators had to fight tooth and nail just to gather up only for the increasingly formidable attacks from the Slaughterers to break up their force again. 

Chen Feng sighed. With a thought, the teleportation arrays that he had prepared long ago on some planets began operating. 

“Fellows, whether to wait for your deaths here or leave is up to you.” Chen Feng’s voice spread through the entire Divine Falls Star Region.

Following that, Chen Feng stopped paying attention to them and focused instead on fighting the Space-time Slaughterer.

He was able to quickly figure out the Space-time Slaughterer’s attack patterns. Only, the difference in strength remained. All he could do was to ensure that the Space-time Slaughterer’s attacks failed to kill him, but some minor wounds would continuously appear on him. 

In the face of death, many cultivators would choose to flee. And so, the teleportation arrays that Chen Feng set up gave them hope. After hesitating for just a moment, they entered the spatial passageways. 

Seeing some of the cultivators leading the way, more followed suit and it did not take long before the areas around the teleportation arrays became packed with cultivators. Still, some Slaughterers did charge into the spatial passageways as well. Chen Feng, though, was not worried about it. Given the force that was presently on Eternal World, even if all of these Slaughterers were to charge in, the forces there would be able to kill them all. 

In terms the usual overall strength, Eternal World was no match for the Divine Falls Star Region. At that very moment, however, there were some high-level powerhouses standing guard over Eternal World. This was also why Chen Feng could be at ease about leaving it to undergo his tribulation back then. 

Only, this star region had too many cultivators. Despite the teleportation arrays that Chen Feng had set up beforehand, teleporting away everyone was unrealistic. In Chen Feng’s opinion, just the feat of teleporting away one out of ten thousand would already be a good one. 

Tens of whips swirled around Chen Feng, who used his speed to evade them non-stop. The sword in his hand swiftly slashed out to cut down two of the whips. This created an opening and Chen Feng made to charge forward. Suddenly, he sensed great danger. 

The Slaughterers were not good at sneak attacks. No matter what type of Slaughterer they may be, all of them were overflowing with pure killing intent. Having reached a certain level of cultivation, a cultivator could easily detect the presence of these Slaughterers.

And yet, despite having sensed the danger in advance, Chen Feng only grew more solemn. This killing intent was not just pure. It was strong, strong enough to be on par with the Space-time Slaughterer.

A Gold Immortal!

The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind and he dashed to the side. But he was slightly too late. This opponent’s attack was simply too fast and it succeeded in ripping out one of his Longevity Wings. More, it also managed to cut off one of his arms.

However, the severed arm was pulled over and it rapidly reconnected with his shoulder. The longevity-type primary energy circulated and Chen Feng flexed his limb slightly. It had fully recovered. 

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