Chapter 125: Entering Demon Soul Valley


After the demonic energy enveloped his body, Chen Feng could feel various changes happening to his body. The demonic energy kept attempting to seep into his body, the majority of them moving towards his sea of wisdom.

Chen Feng did not panic and he did not channel his energy to stop the demonic energy. The demonic energy here was too small and they were simply incapable of becoming a concern for him. At that moment, Chen Feng was curious to see what kind of damage this demonic energy could inflict after entering his body.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Wherever the demonic energy went, his blood, flesh and bones would turn black in colour. As to why, Chen Feng did not know himself. Next, Chen Feng felt the blackened parts going numb and he gradually lost the ability to feel and control them.

At the same time, Chen Feng could feel the demonic energy in his sea of wisdom constantly at work, corrupting his divine sense. Although the rate of corruption was small, more demonic energy were forcing their way in. Should he allow this to continue for an extended period and let the demonic energy fully corrupt his whole body, he would transform into a demonic human. He would no longer be himself, entering a state of madness as he killed everything in sight.

With a thought, Chen Feng completely purged the demonic energy within his sea of wisdom. At the same time, the demonic energy within his body were also dispelled by his primary energy. Next, a layer of faint-looking potent energy swelled up from his body to block off the intrusion of the demonic energy.

“It is likely that Mo Ji deliberately allowed demonic energy in so as to let everyone adapt to them. Despite the demonic energy’s power to permeate through everything, it cannot simply invade the interior of a Prized artefact,” said the short, middle-aged cultivator who came with Elegant Gentleman. 

This short, middle-aged cultivator had given Chen Feng a peculiar feeling the moment he appeared. Taciturn, he appeared acquainted with Elegant Gentleman. However, Elegant Gentleman was very restrained when conversing with this person, not daring to be arrogant at all. Chen Feng was not the only to have noticed that. The rest had as well and they all speculated who this cultivator may be.

More importantly, Chen Feng was utterly incapable of seeing his state of cultivation. Several times during their trip, Chen Feng had tried probing him. However, every time Chen Feng’s divine sense made contact with him, he felt as though his divine sense had been sucked in before disappearing.

This fellow is powerful, even more so than Elegant Gentleman. Thought Chen Feng. Although Elegant Gentleman was powerful, Chen Feng was still able to notice certain clues about his level of strength. However, this short, middle-aged cultivator gave Chen Feng an unfathomable feeling.

Although the Sky Soaring Warship’s speed had decreased, it was still flying at a fast rate. It did not take long for them to approach Demon Soul Valley. At that point, Demon Soul Valley appeared even more mysterious and vast. The demonic energy spreading out before them covered the sky and blotted the sun. There was no way to peer through the layer of demonic energy. Thus, there was no way to determine what was happening inside. The place appeared like a different world. It also looked like the entrance to another world.


A powerful ripple of energy suddenly spread out from the rear before rapidly flying past the Sky Soaring Warship. In but the blink of an eye, that thing had entered Demon Soul Valley.

“That was a flying-type magic treasure just now. It was so fast; I couldn’t even see it clearly!” one of the cultivators exclaimed.

“That is definitely no ordinary flying-type magic treasure. It is definitely of a higher artefact tier compared to the one we are riding. It might even be a Sacred artefact!”

“Humph! Sacred artefact? That is a magic treasure that only Human Immortals can refine. Its power can destroy the sky. How can we easily catch a glimpse of something like that?” another cultivator replied in disdain. 

The speed of the flying-type magic treasure just now is incredible. I couldn’t even get a clear view of it before it whizzed past us in a flash. There is not a single air current left in its wake. It seems it must have absorbed all surrounding energy into itself. Although I do not know if it is a Sacred artefact or not, it is at least a high-grade Prized artefact. Even Chen Feng had failed to get a good look at the magic treasure.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two cultivators flew through the sky on their own before disappearing into the layer of demonic energy in the blink of an eye.

“Although Demon Soul Valley is dangerous, cultivators who successfully emerge from it will have acquired much. Risks and rewards come hand in hand. Although it is dangerous inside, there are also some opportunities. Everyday, some cultivators would enter this place, either to practice cultivation or in search of treasures. Recently, though, due to the appearance of Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, the number of cultivators coming here has decreased,” said Big Pot Bro.

“Heh! Those who go to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain have some loose screws. Since its name is Immortal Mountain, can it be that easy to enter? Even if they manage to enter, they will only be sending themselves to death’s door. They might as well come to Demon Soul Valley and test their luck. Don’t they know that some people have brought Sacred artefacts out from Demon Soul Valley? Some even managed to get a Dao artefact,” said Elegant Gentleman coldly.

“What? There are Dao artefacts in Demon Soul Valley?” the cultivators cried out in shock.

“What is so surprising about that? There is even the possibility of Immortal artefacts in there. Do you fellows know what this place is? This is the battlefield of Primordial Demongods. The number of Immortal Humans who died inside are countless. It is only natural for there to be Immortal artefacts left inside. However, those things are all within the central area of Demon Soul Valley. Not even Sky Human stage cultivators dare venture into those places,” said Elegant Gentleman with a contemptuous tone. 

“Battlefield of the Primordial Demongods!”

Everyone became shocked again. It was a distant concept that resided only in legends and not something that they could hope to make contact with.

“He he! To be able to complete this task and return alive is enough for me. I don’t need to get any Sacred artefact or Dao artefact. Just safely get the 100,000 Basic Yang Pills is good enough,” said Third Pot Bro with a laugh.

“That is right! There is no need to think too much about it. Just enter Demon Soul Valley and have a look,” Lu Ta said with a smile.

“Heh! Don’t say I am trying to scare you fellows. For those who haven’t condensed out Soulflames, entering Demon Soul Valley is the equivalent of committing suicide. Mo Ji used so much pills to hire you fellows. Truth is, she just wants you fellows to serve as sacrificial cannon fodders,” said Elegant Gentleman with a sneer.

“Naturally, we know the dangers. However, we are just entering the peripheral areas of Demon Soul Valley. There shouldn’t be any issue with that, right?” Third Pot Bro involuntarily asked. 

“I had entered Demon Soul Valley once, back when I was at level 6 of the Concealed stage. I had only ventured several hundred li in. That was already the farthest edges of this Demon Soul Valley. And yet, I had very nearly died there. Thankfully, however, I also acquired some benefits there. Not long after coming out, I managed to condense out my Soulflame,” said Elegant Gentleman calmly (1 li = 0.5 km).

“Even the strongest amongst you fellows is at a mere level 5 of the Concealed stage. If this is not committing suicide, what is it?” As he said those words, Elegant Gentleman sent a glance at Chen Feng. It seemed as though he had figured something out.

“We have so many people on our side. Surely, it won’t be that dangerous, right?” After hearing those words, Third Pot Bro grew concerned.

“Heh heh!” Elegant Gentleman snickered a few times and said nothing more.

“Brother Ye, there are dangers aplenty on the road ahead. We must work together and help each other,” said Big Pot Bro as he looked at Chen Feng’s group.

“Naturally. When the time comes, we will also be relying on you brothers,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.


After finally entering Demon Soul Valley, everyone in the cabin felt the sky abruptly growing dark. All was a stretch of grey as dark clouds covered the sky, completely blotting out the sun from shining upon the lands. Even though they were still within the ship, every one of them could feel an eerie and chilling aura flow into their hearts.

The amount of demonic energy grew. It had become even more abundant compared to the spiritual energy outside. For those who practice demonic cultivation techniques, this place was a sacred land. However, for most cultivators, staying within such a large amount of demonic energy meant they would be transformed into bloodthirsty demonic humans.

The warship slowed down further. At the same time, the magic arrays within the warship began operating again to form layer after layer of protective shields, which blocked off the demonic energy from entering.

If we continue on within this Prized artefact, we will be able to lessen much of the dangers we face. Chen Feng considered silently.

Weng! Weng!  Weng!

Suddenly, booming sounds rang out from outside as the greyish sky suddenly turned into a fiery-red colour. Clumps of fiery-like objects had surrounded the Sky Soaring Warship. Bloodthirsty auras penetrated the hull of the warship and entered their minds.

“Those are poisonous bees.” Chen Feng had already noticed that the fiery-like objects outside were fist-sized poisonous bees. They swarmed the warship, flapping their iron-like wings while brandishing their sharp poisonous stingers. Those stingers were sharp enough to pierce even steel plates.

“What a large poisonous bee!” the other cultivators exclaimed.

“Those are Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. If a solitary cultivator encounters them, that cultivator would most probably be devoured whole,” said Elegant Gentleman coolly.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Countless Bloodthirsty Poison Bees began attacking the warship and their tough poison stingers spun as they kept stabbing towards the hull of the warship to create grating sounds.


Sky Soaring Warship abruptly shook as its offensive magic arrays activated. Shockwaves spread out to shock the surrounding Bloodthirsty Poison Bees to death. A large number of the dead bees fell down.

However, even more Bloodthirsty Poison Bees besieged the Sky Soaring Warship. Their eyes were blood-red and they attacked furiously.

Seeing the high number of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees swarming the warship, everyone felt an involuntary shudder running across their bodies. Poisonous bees such as these were a rare sight. They never expected to see so many of them here. Should a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator encounter so many Bloodthirsty Poison Bees, that cultivator would likely end up as bones in the blink of an eye as the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees devoured the cultivator whole.


Suddenly, one of the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees exploded. Although it was only the size of a fist, the power behind the explosion was comparable to a grade 1 flying sword’s self-destruct move. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After that, more Bloodthirsty Poison Bees began blowing themselves up and the powerful shockwaves caused the Sky Soaring Warship, a Prized artefact, to shake.

“Incredible! The power of these Bloodthirsty Poison Bees self-destruct move is so strong!” Chen Feng cried out in shock.

“These things are too terrifying. They can swarm us with such a high number. Even the thickest defensive astral energy would not be able to stop them,” Lu Ta said in an alarmed tone.

Sou! Sou!

Two cultivators suddenly appeared outside the warship and they began killing off the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees outside.

“It’s the Gale Sword, Mo Xigui!” someone shouted.

Mo Xigui’s upright body flitted continuously between the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees. Every time the sword in his hand was swung, a large number of the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees would be killed.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Sword beams shot out unimpeded. In but a few breaths’ worth of time, hundreds of Bloodthirsty Poison Bees had been sliced to pieces. Seeing Mo Xigui killing their brethren, some of the Bloodthirsty Poison Bees began charging towards Mo Xigui, self-destructing themselves against him. Flames spread out as the might of the explosions instantly engulfed Mo Xigui.

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