Chapter 1248 Divine Falls Star Region


As expected. No wonder these Slaughterers would come here. There are living beings here. Chen Feng hovered in space. He had long since noticed what was happening billions of li away.

It was a small star region brimming with the power of life, composed of tens of life-bearing planets. In addition, there were also cultivators on the outskirts of the planets and the asteroid belt at a corner of the space there. 

It had a concentrated amount of spiritual energy and the cultivators there flew around energetically. Even the birds were flying about swiftly. Looking around, a thought emerged within Chen Feng’s mind. This was a paradise, the blessed lands.  

The universe is truly a vast and endless place. To think that there would be a place of life within this desolate region. Chen Feng felt surprised. 

However, the appearance of the Slaughterers will become a disaster for all the living beings here. Chen Feng sighed. The Slaughterers were capable of destroying planets, great worlds, star regions and maybe even the Immortal Plane. Even if this place could stop this first wave of Slaughterers, what about the second wave?

Thinking about that, Chen Feng was then reminded of Eternal World. That was right. The Slaughterers were endless. Would Eternal World be able to overcome this calamity?

There is another way. And that is to collect Eternal World into a Gold Immortal’s bodily world. However, a life-bearing great world is different from the bodily world that a Gold Immortal developed. Only a small number of Gold Immortals will be capable of doing that. Chen Feng shook his head again. 

It was true that the bodily worlds that Ageless Gold Immortals developed were superior compared to these life-bearing worlds. Some of the stronger Gold Immortals possessed bodily worlds that were on par with a minor universe. But even so, collecting Eternal World would be quite difficult. 

This was the operations of the supreme Heavenly dao laws. From a certain perspective, this was a disaster that Eternal World had to face in its development. It was a stage of development for the universe, a natural development for the operations of the Heavenly law. 

Maybe the Longevity Tower can do it. Only, I have not been able to make contact with Tower. I wonder where he has gone off to? Chen Feng then retracted his gaze. The Slaughterers had already begun attacking.

On the side of the life-bearing place, their strongest cultivator was at the half-step Gold Immortal stage. Seeing that surprised Chen Feng. The history of this life-bearing place was far inferior compared to Eternal World, but the quality of the spiritual energy there was superior. And while the area was not particularly big, there was an abundance of resources there. 

Because the planets there were not classified as life-bearing great worlds, the cultivators there were not subjected to the Heavenly dao’s suppression and restraints. They could ascend to the Immortal Plane if they wanted to, but they could also continue to stay there and cultivate.

Another point to consider was that every inhabitant of the life-bearing place was a cultivator. More, they might even have reinforcements.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, if the Slaughterers only had these numbers, they would actually be incapable of taking down the life-bearing place. However, things would change if the Space-time Slaughterer were to take action.

The cultivators from the life-bearing place had already noticed the danger heading towards them. A high number of cultivators charged out and the Slaughterers responded by swarming forward. And so, the battle was joined. 

Chen Feng approached, but he did not join the battle. Instead, his gaze moved to look farther ahead. To his surprise, there were more life-bearing planets not far away from this life-bearing place.

As this place had come under attack from the Slaughterers, the cultivators from the other life-bearing planets began sending out teams of cultivators as reinforcements. 

“Fellow cultivator, do you want to head forward together?” Several cultivators flew by Chen Feng and asked. 

Chen Feng looked at them. They were all Heavenly Immortals. It was possible that they had been exploring some other place before this. But now that their homeworld was facing an invasion, they had rushed back to fight against the Slaughterers.

“Alright.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Thank you for the assistance, friend!” They became overjoyed. No matter how you cut it, Chen Feng was a mid-level Heavenly Immortal, after all. Getting one to join was a contribution in itself. 

“What is this place?” Chen Feng then asked. 

“Looks like you are from some other place. This place is the Divine Falls Star Region. I wonder, where did you come from, friend?”

Divine Falls Star Region? I think I’ve heard of this place before. Chen Feng’s mind raced and a star map opened up within his sea of wisdom. As expected, he was able to quickly find the location of the Divine Falls Star Region within the star map. 

It’s so far away from Eternal World. Chen Feng frowned. For even Chen Feng to think this way indicated that there were at least a few star regions between this place and Eternal World. 

“It is said that Gold Immortals had died here. I wonder if that’s true. That said, it would appear that there are very few people who came here,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Those are just rumours. However, some people did find some fragments of Divine artifacts here. Some outsiders also came looking for treasures. All in all, our Divine Falls Star Region is relatively peaceful. Add its thick spiritual energy into the equation, it is a suitable place for cultivation,” someone said with a smile. 

“Because this place is a fairly remote place.”

“I am from Eternal World. Due to my fight with these Slaughterers, I had to flee all the way here,” Chen Feng said. The sword in his hand swung to fire out sword energy, killing off the few Slaughterers that were charging towards them. 

“So, you have fought these Slaughterers before. I wonder, do they have any weaknesses?” Their group had already entered the territory occupied by the Slaughterers and every single one of them brought out their respective weapons to start fighting. 

“No weaknesses. These Slaughterers possess a pure will to slaughter. Their combat power is very strong. Even their way of fighting is very special. All they know of is slaughter. This Divine Falls Star Region will likely be incapable of holding on,” Chen Feng said.

“Surely not. Although these Slaughterers appear formidable, their number is not high enough. Given the amount of forces our Divine Falls Star Region has, we should be able to handle it,” someone said dubiously. 

“Look again.” Chen Feng pointed with his finger. After that, he stopped talking and charged into the midst of the Slaughterers.

In the beginning, the Heavenly Immortals did not understand what Chen Feng meant. However, it did not take long for their faces to sink. 

“The number of Slaughterers is increasing! What is going on here?”

“The other party has a teleportation array! They can continuously teleport over more Slaughterers over.”

“This is a problem.”

“Look! Someone is taking action!” someone else shouted. 

As expected, faint golden light shone through the army of Slaughterers. Those were the half-step Gold Immortals from the Divine Falls Star Region. Their target was the Space-time Slaughterer within the army of Slaughterers. 

Chen Feng sighed, not saying anything to stop them. Sword energy kept shooting out and the groups of Slaughterers obstructing him were all killed. 

His objective was also the Space-time Slaughterer, but he had to carve his way forward, one step at a time.

There were several half-step Gold Immortals from the Divine Falls Star Region who were charging forward. After a round of battle, only three of them managed to reach the Space-time Slaughterer. Then, all three of them, the strongest combat power from the Divine Falls Star Region, were insta-killed. 

“A Gold Immortal!”

“The army of Slaughterers have a Gold Immortal!”

The cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region quickly figured out what happened. Next, they broke into an uproar. The other party had a Gold Immortal expert while the strongest expert on their side was only at the half-step Gold Immortal stage. How were they supposed to fight this war? If there was no army of Slaughterers, then by gathering up all of their half-step Gold Immortals, they may be able to kill off this enemy Gold Immortal. Unfortunately, the 100 million plus Slaughterers were not just there for decorations. 

“Deploy the energy cannons!”

Massive and ancient energy cannons appeared from the various planets. These energy cannons had never been used in the Divine Falls Star Region before. At that very moment, however, facing this invasion of Slaughterers, they had to bring out all of their power and cards.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Formidable and devastating waves of light bombarded the army of Slaughterers to swiftly clear a stretch of the space. However, more Slaughterers simply took the place of the killed Slaughterers. 

At the same time, Slaughterers specializing in stealth techniques and speed charged towards the energy cannons. They wanted to destroy those weapons of mass destruction. More, thousands upon thousands of the Slaughterers joined forces to fire one attack after another. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the Slaughterers he encountered this time appeared slightly stronger than the ones he encountered in the past. These Slaughterers were cooperating with one another. It was as though they had undergone military training before. The combat power they displayed was far stronger than that of a disorganized rabble. 

Chen Feng was constantly advancing through the army of Slaughterers. As he did, he also considered some other matters. There was a very big question in his mind. Why would this army of Slaughterers come to this star region?

From the star map, Chen Feng could see that this Divine Falls Star Region was quite the remote place. As for the Slaughterers, after emerging from the spatial passageway, they would spread out.

However, it was clear that this army of Slaughterers had come here on their own. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that they were the vanguard. 

All in all, Chen Feng was curious as to why these Slaughterers came here. He also wondered if there was anything special within this star region.

Of course, there was one other matter. If there was truly a special place within this Divine Falls Star Region, how did these Slaughterers find out about it?

Chen Feng’s rate of advance became increasingly fast and the number of Slaughterers that died to him kept rising. Even the half-step Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers that obstructed him were instantly killed. 


One of the energy cannons that the Divine Falls Star Region brought out was destroyed. Already, the experts from the Slaughterers’ side had snuck into the Divine Falls Star Region.

This star region was different from other great worlds. No matter what level the cultivators there reached, they would not face any suppressions. They could choose to not ascend. However, there was a drawback. Unlike the great worlds, in the face of a foreign invasion, it could not release its essence power to fend off the enemy. 

This was why the Slaughterers could so easily enter the Divine Falls Star Region. More Slaughterers kept entering the star region and the cultivators there began falling into a state of panic. 

As for Chen Feng, although he was swarmed by the army of Slaughterers, he had been constantly keeping an eye on the state of the battlefield. Observing the chaos gripping the Divine Falls Star Region surprised him. 

The quality of the cultivators here was quite good. If it weren’t for the fact that the amount of space was too small, it could already be compared with the Demon Plane and Ghost Plane. The overall level of its cultivators was far greater compared to that of Eternal World. However, in the face of these Slaughterers, the combat power that they displayed did not match up to the amount of strength they possessed.

Something like this would not have happened in the other great worlds. The cultivators here are a little too weak. Perhaps, this is the result of living in peace for too long. Chen Feng shook his head and energy streams surged around him. Ten thousand sword beams flew out to kill off all the Slaughterers within a radius of several hundred li. 

Finally, Chen Feng arrived before the Space-time Slaughterer. Looking at his opponent, Chen Feng smiled. “We meet again.”


1 li = 0.5 km

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