Chapter 1247 Advance



The semi-transparent silhouette of the Heavenly Blade slashed down in a simple manner, not showing any variation in its movements. And yet, Chen Feng could see that this astral blade was not to be underestimated. It was extremely strong. 

Even as the astral blade was descending, Chen Feng could feel his whole being becoming targeted. The suit of armour he wore, a mid-grade Divine artifact, began cracking. Even his soul felt as though it would be cut into two. 

Following that, strand after strand of Chen Feng’s hair was cut away and small cracks began spreading out across the skin on his face. 

Chen Feng’s heart grew tense and it stopped beating. Even so, the power within him burst out all of a sudden. In addition to wearing the Goldshine Combat Armour, he also brought out the Undying Heaven Sword. 

With a slash, he fired an astral sword outwards and the astral sword collided against the astral blade. 

Chen Feng, however, was sent flying again. Both the astral sword and astral blade were shattered apart, but their fragments then became like meteors to descend upon and quickly engulf him. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Formidable streams of energy emerged from within the fragments and the fragments disintegrated away. Next, Chen Feng appeared, energy streams swirling about chaotically around him. A high number of marks had appeared on the surface of the suit of armour that he wore. The fragments had even managed to pierce through some parts of the armour to damage his flesh. 

How dangerous! If I hadn’t used my weapons and relied solely on my fleshly body, I would have been incapable of stopping it. There was a lingering feeling of fear within Chen Feng.

After that, the tribulation clouds disappeared and Heavenly dao laws descended to envelop Chen Feng, whose aura kept changing. After some time, it finally stabilized. He had finally advanced to become a mid-level Heavenly Immortal. 

With a flash, Chen Feng’s figure re-appeared somewhere five million kilometres away. There was also a large asteroid there. After setting up some magic arrays, he then began cultivating. 

There was a short period after successfully overcoming tribulation that was most important. In order to study the Heavenly dao, refine the laws and stabilize his level, Chen Feng could not afford to be careless. 

Cultivating in the starry space, it became hard to keep track of the flow of time. After Chen Feng finished his cultivation session, he estimated that he had spent half a year on his cultivation session. 

Chen Feng stretched his palm and streams of faint golden light emerged. Each stream of golden light was a Heavenly law. He had already compressed his Heavenly laws down to 108 laws. Additionally, he had also fused up to eight Ageless laws into them. 

Due to his level up, he had become several times stronger. As time passed and his level stabilized, his strength would grow even stronger. Naturally, time was needed for that. 

Even geniuses needed time. In the path of cultivation, everyone needed time to stockpile their strength. And even though Chen Feng possessed the Chaos Constitution, he was not exempted from this. The Chaos Constitution was capable of devouring all forms of energy, but certain considerations had to be taken. The energy devoured must be within his range of tolerance. By devouring too much power, even a Chaos Constitution could blow up due to overload. 

After Chen Feng ended his cultivation session, however, the magic arrays he set up was broken and countless Slaughterers charged in. Instantly, a mantis-like Slaughterer swung a sharp blade at Chen Feng.

It was a half-step Gold Immortal.

Chen Feng, though, only released a breath and a reddish-golden stream of energy surged forward and the Slaughterer was instantly broken to bits. Following that, the stream of energy continued to charge forward, killing off several more Slaughterers before disappearing from sight. 

Chen Feng then stood up, the sword in his hand swinging out to release a wave of sword light. Sword energy swept out, billowing into his surroundings. After the sword energy disappeared, everything within a radius of 50 kilometres disappeared from sight as well. 

Why did the Slaughterers appear here? Chen Feng was puzzled by that. 

From what Chen Feng could see, this star region was bereft of life. As creatures who lived for the sake of destroying all other forms of life, the Slaughterers should not have appeared here. 

Could there be some living beings here? Chen Feng then wondered. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

 Another Slaughterer attacked. Seemingly having realized that Chen Feng was a formidable opponent, the Slaughterers at the Heavenly Immortal stage began retreating. They formed battle formations while the half-step Gold Immortals took the lead. 

“It just so happens that I need to find someone to train myself. You guys came right on time.” Chen Feng did not panic. He had only just finished overcoming his tribulation and was in need of honing his strength. 

Wielding a sword, Chen Feng employed the Longevity Steps to then charge into the incoming army of Slaughterers.

Sword light flashed and two Slaughterers were killed. Next, the attacks from several Slaughterers swiftly flew over, but all they could do was hit the after-images that Chen Feng left behind. At that very next moment, Chen Feng had appeared elsewhere. With a swing of his sword, more Slaughterers fell to him. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Slaughterers that were in a battle formation attacked, but Chen Feng was too fast and he left his after-images all over the place. Their attacks were incapable of even grazing Chen Feng.

Chen Feng swung his sword and an arc of light appeared to sweep up two incoming attacks before returning it back to the Slaughterers. The attacks shooting back at them had been reinforced by Chen Feng, becoming even stronger. And so, when the attacks blew up, several hundred Slaughterers were killed. 

These Slaughterers are just live targets to me. Chen Feng felt emboldened. Back before overcoming his tribulation, his Longevity Wings had already levelled up. And now that he had overcome his tribulation, his Longevity-type spiritwalking techniques had become one level stronger. 

Chen Feng moved about casually, every step appearing mysterious and unfathomable. Not even a Gold Immortal could think about locking down Chen Feng’s aura.

He even thought about finding the Space-time Slaughterer and fight it. 

The thought had only just come to his mind when he felt a change happening to his surrounding space. It was unknown if there was any change to the time there, but Chen Feng had become isolated within an enclosed space. 

Speak of the devil. They really have a Space-time Slaughterer here. No wonder the Slaughterers could so quickly come to this star region. Chen Feng smiled and the Longevity Wings were formed. With a flash, he began jumping through space, moving away from the enclosed space.

The colossal body of a Space-time Slaughterer appeared before Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng was quick to determine that this Space-time Slaughterer was not the one that he encountered back then. It had the same shape, appearance and even the same aura as the previous one. But Chen Feng was able to analyse and surmise that this was not the one he met before. 

Wherever these Space-time Slaughterers go, they would teleport over a high number of Slaughterers. Additionally, they are also Gold Immortals. They really are very problematic to deal with. Just thinking about it gave Chen Feng a headache. And so, he slashed his sword while charging towards the Space-time Slaughterer.

Sou! Sou!

The Space-time Slaughterer’s eyes flashed and two blades of light attacked Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. 

Chen Feng, though, burst into a chuckle. “This attack again?”

He did not choose to take this attack head on. Instead, his figure flashed to evade the blades of light before firing a 100-zhang-long astral sword towards the Space-time Slaughterer.


A whip lashed out to destroy the astral sword. Following that, several more whips attacked Chen Feng. Although their movements were somewhat messy, they did seal off Chen Feng’s surrounding space. 

Chen Feng’s feet moved quickly and the sword in his hand kept swinging about. In the past, these whips had been troublesome to deal with. But now, he was able to cut several of them. Next, he flew forward, wanting to land on the Space-time Slaughterer’s body. 


Suddenly, golden light radiated out from the Space-time Slaughterer’s body to form mysterious runes, which then flew towards Chen Feng.

“Oh!” Chen Feng uttered in surprise. He had not faced this attack before. The sword in his hand swung and sword beams rampaged about to shred the runes again and again. Even so, some of the runes managed to link up to form a circular disc, with Chen Feng in the centre. Next, all Chen Feng saw was a blur before he found himself in another separate space.

“Again?” Chen Feng shook his head. Just as he was about to charge out, chaotic waves of pressure surged towards him. At the same time, threads formed using spatial power appeared. 

“As expected, there is something different about it.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight kept searching for the weaknesses within his surrounding space.

“Human, you are something else.”

The Space-time Slaughterer had also entered the space, locking down on Chen Feng with its power. However, with a flash, Chen Feng shook off the Space-time Slaughterer’s targeting power. At the same time, Chen Feng attacked. The sword in his hand swung to send sword silhouettes that stacked atop one another. Following that, a Storm of Sword Beams engulfed the Space-time Slaughterer.


The Space-time Slaughterer roared and the formidable soundwaves it created dispersed the Storm of Sword Beams move. Next, it used its colossal body to barrel towards Chen Feng.

They exchanged blows for a while and the separate space was shattered as a result of their fight. And so, Chen Feng dashed out. However, the back of the Space-time Slaughterer shone with golden light once more. The golden light was even faster than Chen Feng expected. Due to that, it was able to swiftly entrap Chen Feng in yet another separate space. 

“When will this end?” Chen Feng became somewhat annoyed. This Space-time Slaughterer was indeed formidable. Its combat power was on par with the one he encountered previously. However, he had become stronger. Due to that, it was very difficult for the Space-time Slaughterer to keep him there. 

After several exchange of blows, Chen Feng charged out from the separate space again. This time, he was prepared and he flew at a very high velocity to quickly disappear into the starry space.

The Space-time Slaughterer hesitated for a moment. In the end, it chose to not give chase. Instead, it then issued some orders and the army of Slaughterers there began moving.

After they disappeared from that place, Chen Feng emerged from the void and followed from a distance.

There were over 100 million Slaughterers in this group. For Chen Feng, this number was nothing. He could flit in and out of the army while picking out the Slaughterers one by one. But this army of Slaughterers also have a Space-time Slaughterer. That was a completely different story. He would be the one to suffer by taking them head on. Moreover, the Space-time Slaughterer could also teleport more Slaughterers over. After some time, the number of Slaughterers in this army could rise up to 200 million or even 300 million or more. 

Chen Feng followed the army of Slaughterers for one month. After having advanced through a lengthy distance across the starry space, Chen Feng’s eyes finally lit up. He had sensed formidable waves of life coming from the distant starry space. 


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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