Chapter 1246 Undergoing Tribulation


“The most important issue here is how to close the Slaughterers’ spatial passageway. I don’t even know which Gold Immortal did this. This person is the biggest sinner in our Limitless Immortal Region,” Chen Feng said with a scoff. 

“It is said that the one who did this is someone from the Immortal Plane. There is a high chance that it is someone from the Immortal Court. Friend Crimsonflame, do you know anything about it?” One of them turned to look at the coronet-wearing Gold Immortal, a ridiculing look on his face. 

“The one who did this is indeed from the Immortal Court.” Gold Immortal Crimsonflame nodded, an impassive expression on his face. 

“However, I do not know the exact details of who it is. All I know is that it is a veteran Gold Immortal.”

“Veteran Gold Immortal? Humph! They brought about this disaster. Even if they have a hundred lives, it will not be enough to serve as compensation.”

“That’s right! Find the other party. This fellow must be burned with divine fire and suffer a fate worse than death!”

The moment the spatial passageway was mentioned, everyone grew infuriated. As for Gold Immortal Crimsonflame, who came from the Immortal Court, he could not say anything about it. 

“What if this person is a Paramount Gold Immortal?” someone suddenly said and everyone else fell silent. 

“If so, other Paramount Gold Immortals will surely step forward to take action.”

“Ageless Gold Immortals can already traverse the starry space and explore other immortal regions. Paramount Gold Immortals, on the other hand, are beings of legend.”

After discussing the issue for a moment, they then split up. Some remained there to recuperate while some headed into space. 

They had lost Gold Immortal No Worries in the course of this trip. Due to that, Chen Feng and the other two Gold Immortals were feeling somewhat dispirited. Next up, they worked on healing up their wounds. All three had sustained considerable injuries in the fight as well.

Although Chen Feng’s Longevity Wings had levelled up, the formidable power he used to escape had still devastated a portion of his life force. 

The one with the least injuries was Lonesoul while the most badly injured was Gold Immortal Heavenshine. Back then, if Chen Feng had arrived just one breath later, the Space-time Slaughterer would have killed him off already.

After spending some time on his recuperation and stabilizing the state of his body, Chen Feng left the teleportation station. He was feeling worried for Eternal World.

Upon his return to Eternal World, he circled around it and found that the number of Slaughterers had increased. However, the forces on Eternal World were still strong enough to deal with it. 

Pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then left Eternal World again. He wanted to find a place to undergo his tribulation. 

In truth, since fusing with his two clones, Chen Feng’s power had reached its upper limit. Only, he had been suppressing it all this time. But after the battle with the Slaughterers, Chen Feng felt his strength to be insufficient. Additionally, he had also devoured a portion of the Slaughterer’s power of will. Due to that, Chen Feng could not suppress it any longer. As the Slaughterers had yet to surround Eternal World, he would make use of this chance to undergo his tribulation. 

After leaving Eternal World, Chen Feng kept flying through the starry space at a high velocity. Along the way, he did encounter some Slaughterers as well, but he did not fight them. Instead, he continued flying ahead into the desolate depths of the universe.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Feng finally stopped. When compared to other places, this space he was currently at was quieter and more desolate. It was very still and he felt as though he could hear the sound of the universe’s heartbeat there. The number of stars there was very small. Even asteroids were a very rare sight.

This place will do. The surrounding environment is very good. Chen Feng grasped with one hand and a massive asteroid that was floating five million kilometres away flew over to stop beneath Chen Feng’s feet.

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed. He was feeling excited and expectant. The last time he underwent his tribulation, he had to face the Ageless Blazelight and power of primordial end, which nearly killed him. It was the most dangerous tribulation that Chen Feng’d ever had to face. 

In the end, however, he succeeded in advancing to the Heavenly Immortal stage. In his opinion, that tribulation was a threshold. Next up, his advance to the mid-level Heavenly Immortal stage and even the high-level Heavenly Immortal stage would only be a process of accumulating levels and strength. The Heavenly Tribulations for these two should not be as strong. 

However, when he thought about his own situation, Chen Feng became uncertain as to what kind of Heavenly Tribulation he would have to face next. Perhaps, it would be easy to overcome. Or perhaps, it would be even stronger than the previous one. 

Naturally, no matter how strong the Heavenly Tribulation was, Chen Feng would continue onwards without retreating. The moment the thought of retreating appeared within his heart, the chances of him overcoming the tribulation would fall by a notch. During critical moments, that one small notch would represent the difference between life and death.

After clearing the messy thoughts within him, Chen Feng released the aura that he had been suppressing. 

Tribulation clouds rapidly appeared. 


A beam of light – not particularly big in size – descended upon Chen Feng. The power it contained, however, caused Chen Feng’s eyes to narrow. 

Upon making contact with Chen Feng’s body, the beam of light immediately turned black and white. Black for devastation and white for life. Despite that, the two of them fused to unleash an even greater power.

It’s the Devastation Light of Yin and Yang. This is something that would only appear in a Gold Immortal’s Heavenly Tribulation. Chen Feng snickered and he retracted the suit of armour that he was wearing. He relied on his fleshly body alone to deal with the attack from the beam of light. 

A total of 18 beams of light descended in a row. Chen Feng devoured every single one of them, not letting a single one of them go to waste. As for his body, with the exception of some bloody wounds, nothing else of note happened to it. 

After the beams of light disappeared, the bloody wounds also quickly disappeared as well. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the energy of the beams of light was similar to the energy of the Ageless Blazelight. As someone who possessed the Chaos Constitution, he needed more of such power. 

Hopefully, the second phase can bring me some surprises, Chen Feng thought. 


Lightning flashed and a formidable atmosphere of coercive power radiated down from the tribulation clouds. Chen Feng could sense a thick power of lightning and devastation. Sensing that left him somewhat puzzled. Could the next phase be tribulation lightning? If that were true, this Heavenly Tribulation would be somewhat meaningless.

A black-coloured lightning bolt emerged, tens of zhang in length. Chen Feng stood still, prepared to have the lightning bolt descend on him. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the power of this lightning bolt was far inferior compared to the Devastation Light of Yin and Yang. Even if it was ten times bigger, it would still be useless. 

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the lightning bolt did not descend. Instead, it simply floated up there. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt an urge to grasp and crush the lightning bolt. However, he wanted to see what would happen next. 

And so, a second lightning bolt appeared. The first one had been black in colour, containing the power of devastation. The second one, though, was golden in colour. With one glance, Chen Feng recognized it. It was the Profound Vajra Lightning. 

Are the two lightning bolts going to fuse together? Chen Feng wondered. 

As predicted, the two lightning bolts fused together to form a new lightning bolt. It was black and golden in colour. And even though it was the product of the two lightning bolts, it did not become bigger. 

After fusing together, this new lightning bolt continued to hover up ahead. 

Chen Feng frowned and he saw a third lightning bolt appear. This lightning bolt was green in colour and it too, fused into the new lightning bolt. 

That’s Astral Green Lightning.

Next up, more lightning bolts kept appearing before fusing together into one bolt of lightning. A formidable atmosphere of pressure descended and Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched furiously. 

Profound Metal Lightning of the Void.

Divine Nocturnal Lightning.

Profound Lightning of the Nine Heavens.

Cold Lightning of the Abyss.

Divine Lightning of Yin and Yang.

Divine Lightning of the Five Elements.

A total of nine lightning bolts with different attributes appeared to fuse perfectly into one lightning bolt, which shone with a brilliant array of colours before shooting towards Chen Feng.

What kind of Heavenly Tribulation is this? Fusion tribulation lightning? While Chen Feng was able to recognize all of the attributes of the lightning, he had never heard of anyone having to face this kind of tribulation before. 

If the nine lightning bolts had descended one by one or even descended together, Chen Feng would not have cared. However, it was a different story if the nine lightning bolts fused as one.  

This was not as simple as mathematically adding up their powers. It did not simply become nine times stronger. Judging by the aura that that this lightning bolt was emanating, Chen Feng estimated that it had become tens of times stronger. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

His heart pumped furiously and a formidable power converged upon his fist before he unleashed a punch. Following that, lightning radiance illuminated the surrounding space, covering a radius of half a million kilometres. 

Chen Feng succeeded in smashing the lightning bolt apart, but a high number of cracks spread out across the asteroid that he was standing on. It would appear that the asteroid would break apart at any moment. 

After that, Chen Feng grasped and the lightning powers scattering about chaotically gathered up before he devoured them all. Then, every pore on his body sprayed out energy. Amidst the streams of energy released were some lightning powers. 

Very strong, but against me, it is still useless. Chen Feng shook his head, straightening his body. Streams of energy surged and a rumbling sound rang out from his whole body. 

I wonder, what will happen next?

The tribulation clouds roiled and the power of water and fire began surging. Then, the power of wind and lightning began to gather. The power of mountains and lakes blended with each other and the power of Heaven and Earth rotated around. After the eight powers appeared, they kept changing to finally form a circular disc. 

Chen Feng dared not be careless. This circular disc represented a world. It had utilized domain power to create a world. The atmosphere of power that it emanated here was a notch stronger compared to the fused lightning bolt from before. Most importantly, a hint of cosmic essence power had been injected into this circular disc. Due to that, the domain world within it became even more stable. 


In the face of this pressure, Chen Feng once again fired out a punch. His fist struck the circular disc and the asteroid beneath his feet finally blew up with a booming sound, reduced into countless fragments. 

Chen Feng’s figure swiftly fell, flying across a distance of over 5,000 kilometres before gradually stopping. Cracks had appeared on the surface of his fist and blood trickled down from them. Next, energy flowed and it recovered completely. 

“Why is this Heavenly Tribulation so unusual?” Chen Feng mumbled to himself. He then stretched his body slightly and a series of rumbling sounds rang out again. 

But if it’s only at this level, there is not much pressure.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

Space rippled violently and a mote of light began expanding in size to finally form a long astral blade. The aura of sharpness and power that it emanated made it slightly difficult for Chen Feng to open his eyes. 

The semi-transparent silhouette of a Heavenly blade. This is the phantom of a high-grade Divine artifact. With a thought from Chen Feng, the Goldshine Combat Armour appeared on his body again. 

Now was not the time to force himself to endure. Even thought this was just the phantom of a high-grade Divine artifact, it would not be easy to defend against. As he was not feeling too confident, Chen Feng decided to make some preparations. He could try to take on this attack with his fleshly body alone, but if it were to cleave him into two, he would end up crying. 


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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