Chapter 1245 The Longevity Wings Levels Up


Knowing that he was trapped, Chen Feng’s eyes then shone as he peered through the layers of space with his gaze. When he saw what was happening outside his space, he became shocked. 

Even with the four of them combined, they were still no match for the Space-time Slaughterer. In a one versus one, they were most certainly dead. There was no need to even consider luck. 

Chen Feng’s heart grew tense and the Longevity Wings on his back spread out to envelop his surroundings, expanding hundreds of times in a flash. At the same time, various runes flashed across their surface and Chen Feng began fleeing again, teleporting through layer after layer of space as he attempted to break free from the opponent’s control over space-time. 

It did not take long before the Space-time Slaughterer entered the space where Gold Immortal Heavenshine was in. Seeing that, Chen Feng’s heart palpitated. This meant that Gold Immortal No Worries had died. 

However, feeling apprehensive was of no help to Chen Feng. Although the Longevity Wings was a Heaven-defying secret technique, swiftly breaking free from this was simply an impossibility. Perhaps, his three partners would die before he could even break free. Perhaps the Space-time Slaughterer would target him next. 

And so, the insides of Chen Feng’s body seemingly caught fire. His heart felt as though it would blow up as the star core within pumped out power a hundred times faster than before. Furthermore, Chen Feng had also – once again – burned several drops of blood essence of Gold Immortals. 

The last time he did something like this was back in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. As a result, his body nearly blew up. Although his fleshly body had grown stronger since, using this move would still leave significant side-effects. One careless mistake and the situation would spiral out of his control.

But Chen Feng was already left with no other options. In the face of death, even the act of burning up his life was worth it. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Seemingly incapable of enduring the formidable power, the Longevity Wings blew up only for a new pair of Longevity Wings to appear. Instantly, this new pair of Longevity Wings blew up as well before yet another pair of Longevity Wings was formed. 

After blowing up three times in a row, the Longevity Wings finally stabilized. More, it also became somewhat different from before. In the past, his Longevity Wings exuded great power, capable of releasing an atmosphere of ferocity with just a flap. This time, though, the Longevity Wings that Chen Feng created appeared somewhat soft; transparent even. It was as though a pair of eagle wings had turned into butterfly wings. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, revealed a look of excitement. The somewhat weak-looking Longevity Wings flapped gently, opening up layer after layer of space. Its display of power was over 10 times stronger than before. 

Due to the pressure Chen Feng faced, his Longevity Wings had levelled up again. He could feel it becoming more refined.  


His speed rose several folds and he swiftly broke through the spatial restraints that the Space-time Slaughterer set up to break free. 


At that very moment, the Space-time Slaughterer was fighting against Gold Immortal Heavenshine. Just as it was about to kill off Gold Immortal Heavenshine, it noticed Chen Feng breaking out. This secretly surprised it. It knew just how formidable its move was. The average Gold Immortal would find it very hard to quickly break out from it.

After breaking out, Chen Feng brought out only the Blood Mustering Bead and nothing else. In the past, this magic treasure had been given to his clone. Following his clone to explore the starry space, it had devoured the power of blood of who knows just how many cultivators. Its power had long since surpassed that of the average mid-grade Divine artifact. 

The Blood Mustering Bead immediately shone with a dazzling and bloody light. Next, the blood energy, malevolent energy and even the essence, energy and soul power that had yet to dissipate from their surroundings – within a radius of billions of li – were rapidly pulled over. They fused with the bloody light. Not even the pure killing intent that the Slaughterers emanated could escape the formidable plundering power of the Blood Mustering Bead.

With a wave of Chen Feng’s hand, all of the devoured power poured into and fused with the Longevity Wings even as he continued to swiftly charge forward. Using less than one breath’s worth of time, he charged into the space where Gold Immortal Heavenshine was in and grabbed him. With a flash, he evaded the Space-time Slaughterer’s attack and charged out from the space. 

After that, he entered the space where Lonesoul was in and rescued him as well. 

Lonesoul was in a somewhat better state. Gold Immortal Heavenshine, however, had only half his life left, the consequence of burning up his essence power to fight. After this, he will have to find a place to recuperate. There was no telling if he could recover to his previous level of strength or not.


The Space-time Slaughterer had caught up to them. Another massive golden-coloured palm swung down again. Naturally, there was no way Chen Feng would choose to take this attack head on. Instead, he relied on the Longevity Wings to evade the attack before swiftly fleeing again. 

Gold Immortal Heavenshine and Lonesoul – pulled along by Chen Feng – sensed only fragmented space-time and spatial turbulence all around them. This shocked them to the extreme. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng could put on such a display of power.

We should be able to escape, right? The two of them were Gold Immortals who had been exploring the starry space for who knows how long and had overcome countless dangers. At that very moment, they placed their hopes onto Chen Feng.

Weng! Weng!

A formidable energy wave swept out from the Space-time Slaughterer’s eyes and Chen Feng immediately sensed his surrounding space becoming viscous. But with a furious flap from the Longevity Wings, he charged out. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tens of lines shot out from the Space-time Slaughterer. The lines varied in length, some long and some short. But by elongating, they could change the flow of time. 


The surface of the Longevity Wings burst into flames and Chen Feng became even faster. The Longevity Wings also became more transparent and Chen Feng once again broke out from the Space-time Slaughterer’s attack. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, dared not breathe a sigh of relief. The Space-time Slaughterer had caught up to them again. Golden light spilled out from the Space-time Slaughterer’s back again. It was so fast that Chen Feng felt his eyelids twitching. 

If it weren’t for the large gap between their strength, Chen Feng would have really wanted to stop and have a long fight with the Space-time Slaughterer. At that very moment, however, all he could do was to escape with all his might. One careless mistake and the Space-time Slaughterer would catch up to him. 

The golden light spilling out transformed into a massive palm, which promptly tore at space. The Space-time Slaughterer charged into the resulting spatial crack. When it re-appeared, it managed to close the distance between them somewhat.

“Friend, if you can’t, you should run away by yourself!” Lonesoul said.

“I can! There won’t be a problem!” Chen Feng laughed and a command flag flew out from his body. With a shake, it transformed into a massive illusion array. 

The Space-time Slaughterer rushed over. With one swipe of its claws, it ripped apart the illusion array that Chen Feng set up. 

Seeing that made Chen Feng’s heart ache somewhat. The command flag was already close to the mid-grade Divine tier. Unexpectedly, the Space-time Slaughterer could so easily destroy it. 

Run! Run! Run!

By relying on the most powerful spiritwalking technique from the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng kept flying forward. But despite having flown across a great distance, he was still incapable of shaking off the Space-time Slaughterer’s pursuit. 

They had provoked the Space-time Slaughterer and interrupted its teleportation process. Due to that, it had made up its mind. It must kill off these humans. 

The Goldshine Combat Armour on Chen Feng’s body began burning as the power of a Divine artifact kept flowing into the Longevity Wings. This helped Chen Feng replenish some of his strength. 

Did this fellow go crazy? I have already charged out from the encirclement. Why is he still doggedly chasing after me? After I level up, I will be sure to come find you for another fight! Chen Feng swore inwardly as he began regretting his decision to come here. Thankfully, it was just this one Space-time Slaughterer. If another such formidable character were to appear from the Slaughterer army’s side, his group would face utter annihilation. 

“Fellow cultivator, do not panic!”

Suddenly, a wave of divine sense swept towards him. Following that, countless sword beams shot forward from the distant starry space, all slashing towards the Space-time Slaughterer.

Chen Feng grew overjoyed. He knew that he would be able to escape now. 

Even before the sword beams were dealt with, a sun emerged. Following the sun came a Heavenly blade that could seemingly rampage across the whole universe. It was then followed by a great halberd. 

A total of four Gold Immortals had come. Chen Feng promptly turned around and the Blood Mustering Bead fired out an astral blade formed using bloody light. 

“And me!” Lonesoul struggled to fire out another attack. 

After that one exchange, the Space-time Slaughterer chose to retreat, its colossal body moving to hide within the army of Slaughterers before disappearing from sight. 

“Friends, thank you for the assistance,” Chen Feng said loudly.

“Come, let’s head to a safe place first,” one of the Gold Immortals who sported a golden coronet on his head said. 

Two hours later, Chen Feng and the others entered a more special teleportation station. The reason it was called special was because this one was bigger. 

This place of refuge was constructed on a metal planet and many Gold Immortals had reinforced it with their magic powers. It was strong enough to stop the attack of the army of Slaughterers. Upon entering the planet, Chen Feng found that there was already a high number of cultivators there. They were all refugees who managed to survive the chaos. 

To Chen Feng’s surprise, in addition to the four Gold Immortals who rescued them, there were three more Gold Immortals on this planet. 

When they met, they immediately began discussing the issue. As for Gold Immortal Heavenshine, he had completely entered a state of healing. 

“So, it is a fellow friend from the Longevity Clan. To be able to escape from the Space-time Slaughterer means that your cultivation base is very high. Looks like your Longevity Wings has reached a very high level,” said the coronet-wearing Gold Immortal.

He was from the Immortal Court. When he found out Chen Feng’s identity, he only revealed a momentary look of surprise before recollecting himself. 

The rest were from other star regions. Some were even star wanderers with no specific background. There was also one who came from the Demon Plane. Naturally, regardless of where these fellows were from or what their backgrounds may be, their objective in coming here was the same. To stop the Slaughterers. Either that or to simply survive. 

“Fellows, you know of the Space-time Slaughterer?” Chen Feng asked, surprised. 

“Naturally, we have encountered another one before. Ha ha! Back then, ten of us Gold Immortals had besieged one Space-time Slaughterer. Although we did manage to slay it in the end, we lost four companions in the process. That is why I said your cultivation base is high,” the coronet-wearing cultivator said. 

“Friend, you overpraise me. If it weren’t for your assistance, I would have no confidence in escaping. The other party is simply too strong. If a few more of those Space-time Slaughterers appear, it will become a disaster.” Chen Feng sighed. 

“This is already a disaster. According to the information I received, the Space-time Slaughterers have appeared in six different places. Additionally, this is just what we know of right now. Who knows what other monstrous things the Slaughterers have? Even now, the Gold Immortals on the Slaughterers’ side have yet to truly take action,” the star wanderer said. 

“It has only been a while, but some star regions have already fallen. Sigh! These Slaughterers know of nothing but slaughter,” said an old man, his voice grim.

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