Chapter 1244 Dangerous


In the face of the attacks, the Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back rapidly wrapped itself around him to form an oval-shaped barrier. All the laws within his body emerged to wrap around him as well, turning him into a cocoon. Following that, it spun rapidly. 

All the attacks fell upon the cocoon only to be swiftly deflected. The cocoon then broke apart and the Longevity Wings flapped, creating after-images of Chen Feng as he slammed against the Space-time Slaughterer’s body. The formidable momentum behind his move caused an impact that instantly blew up the vortex that the Space-time Slaughterer had just summoned. Then, the Longevity Wings quickly spread out, transforming into a blade of light which slashed forward. A series of colliding sounds rang out as the Longevity Wings broke apart. At the same time, though, they managed to knock away the whips that were attacking Lonesoul. 

“Thanks!” Even as Lonesoul was giving his thanks, he dripped a drop of his blood essence from his fingertip onto his sword. As a result, the sword thrummed and blood-red threads emerged.

Amongst the four of them, Lonesoul was the one with the greatest will to fight. As for Gold Immortal Heavenshine and Gold Immortal No Worries, the thought of leaving had appeared within their minds the moment they noticed danger. 

“We are no match for this Slaughterer,” Chen Feng said. The Goldshine Combat Armour he wore appeared incomparably ferocious, giving him a mighty combat power. Adding his own power with that of some Divine artifacts, Chen Feng believed that he no longer needed to fear any Ageless Gold Immortals. And yet, the pressure that this opponent was giving him left him feeling powerless. 

“Once the thought of retreating appears in our heart, we will die even faster. By going all out, we might instead have a chance at surviving,” Lonesoul said. 

“If so, let’s go!” The stone lance in Chen Feng’s hand kept stabbing out to blow up one vortex after another. Following that, the Soul Subduing Mantra that Chen Feng had prepared long ago entered the Space-time Slaughterer’s body and charged into its sea of wisdom. 

So long as his opponent was a living creature, this Soul Subduing Mantra would be able to affect it. 

As expected, the Space-time Slaughterer faltered for a moment. It was just a very brief moment. However, for Gold Immortals, that moment could be magnified greatly. Lonesoul’s sword stabbed into the Space-time Slaughterer’s body once more. An attack from a Gold Immortal was not something that could be easily unravelled. And so, an ageless sword energy burst outwards from within the Space-time Slaughterer’s body, causing it to roar out. After that, formidable streams of energy surged out from its body. It was an outbreak of sword energy and both Chen Feng and Lonesoul were instantly sent tumbling. Even the surrounding Slaughterers were affected by the shockwaves. 

“How can I miss out on such a good opening?” The stone lance in Chen Feng’s hand flew out to stab deep into the Space-time Slaughterer’s body. This time, in addition to the stone lance’s own power, there were also other powers mixed into this attack. For example, the power of primordial end, Ageless Blazelight and some wicked hex power.

No matter how powerful the opponent may be, this would surely be able to affect it.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, tens of whips shot towards Chen Feng and Lonesoul. There were also several blades of light within this wave of attacks. More, a massive golden-coloured palm was also sweeping towards them in a grasping motion. 

“This is bad!”

“We can’t stop it!”

Even ordinary humans knew. A wounded beast was the most dangerous kind of beast. The attacks from Chen Feng and Lonesoul had enraged the Space-time Slaughterer and it unleashed an unprecedented display of savagery.

Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng and Lonesoul were struck, their figures sent flying. Next, a beam of light slashed Chen Feng’s body, leaving a deep dent on the Goldshine Combat Armour. That said, the armour did succeed in stopping the attack. 

With a swing of his hand, Chen Feng fired out the Longevity Chains which wrapped up Lonesoul, pulling him away from a life-threatening attack. However, the massive palm then arrived above them.  



The two of them unleashed their strongest attacks at the massive palm, but the massive palm was practically invincible, capable of destroying anything in its path. The first wave of attacks from the two of them only managed to shake the golden palm slightly before shattering away.

Pu! Pu!

Due to the pressure from the massive palm, Chen Feng and Lonesoul ended up coughing out a mouthful of blood.

Chen Feng howled and all of his Heavenly laws surged out from within him. The high number of Heavenly laws flew forward to entangle the massive palm. As for Lonesoul, he flicked his finger to fire out a Divine Lightning of the Five Elements, which then blew up. This time, their attacks managed to stop the massive palm. 

Suddenly, a beam of light descended to envelop the palm. Gold Immortal Heavenshine, displaying the unity of man and sword, transformed into a beam of light that pierced through the palm. Thanks to that, Chen Feng felt the pressure on him lightening and he sent forth his laws to swiftly slice at the massive palm. Although he failed to cut it to pieces, his attacks did cause blood to scatter out from the massive palm. Lonesoul then made use of the opening to unleash a sword slash. 

The massive palm disappeared and the Space-time Slaughterer turned towards them before releasing a howl. The terrifying shockwaves created in the wake of its howl sent all four of them flying. 

Back then, Gold Immortal Heavenshine and Gold Immortal No Worries had fought hard to extricate themselves from the Slaughterers’ siege. Seeing Chen Feng and Lonesoul in danger, they quickly charged to help only to be sent flying. 

“This fellow is really strong,” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Wings on his back flapping to immediately pacify the chaotic energy streams around them.

The Space-time Slaughterer did not rush forward to attack them. Instead, it sent a wave of energy outwards. What happened next terrified Chen Feng’s group of four. The countless Slaughterers began moving in an orderly manner. The chaos it displayed earlier immediately disappeared as they transformed into well-ordered battle teams. One glance at the Slaughterers was all the four of them needed to know, even without the Space-time Slaughterer, this endless army of Slaughterers – now in an orderly state – could entrap them. 

Earlier, the army of Slaughterers had been in a state of chaos, with no unified command. Due to that, Chen Feng’s group was able to rampage through them. However, by coming together to form an orderly army, their combat power would rise tenfold. No, a hundredfold! 

“This is a problem. Now, we cannot escape anymore.” The four of them exchanged glances and wry smiles appeared reflexively on their faces. 

“Not necessarily. We did manage to injure this big fellow.” Lonesoul smiled. 

“I have received some response to the message I sent out earlier. More Gold Immortals will be arriving soon,” Gold Immortal No Worries said as well.  

“If so, let’s think of a way to kill off this big fellow.” Chen Feng brandished the stone lance. Throughout this battle, Chen Feng had yet to become injured. On the contrary, the pressure that the opponent placed on him stimulated out the potential within every part of his body and his will to fight swelled higher. He was in need of a good fight. 


The Space-time Slaughterer gave the signal to attack and the teams of Slaughterers around them immediately unleashed a pure wave of killing intent. Just their killing intent alone was enough to cause the hearts of Chen Feng’s group to waver. Next, came a world-encompassing wave of attacks. 

At that very moment, the four of them felt an impulse to cuss at the Space-time Slaughterer. Unexpectedly, the Space-time Slaughterer would have his little juniors attack them first. Due to this, their situation had become even more dangerous.  

“Attack!” Chen Feng ignored the chaotic wave of attacks. Instead, his figure flew forward to arrive before the Space-time Slaughterer.

You ordered the other Slaughterers to attack? Then, let’s get into a melee battle and see where their attacks land. If I’m going to be an unlucky target, I’m dragging you down with me!

That was the thought going through Chen Feng’s mind. The other three Gold Immortals were quick to follow. They ignored the attacks from the Slaughterers and instead attacked the Space-time Slaughterer.

This Space-time Slaughterer’s appearance was somewhat similar to that of a Black Tortoise. Its defensive power was astonishing. Although Chen Feng and Lonesoul’s attacks had managed to invade its body earlier, they failed to bring about the desired effects.

Its colossal body could keep on firing out tentacle-like whips without respite while its eyes could fire out blades of light with astonishing killing power. 

These factors alone were enough to show its super strong defence and offence. For Chen Feng’s group, those were already a handful to deal with. Who knows what other moves the Space-time Slaughterer had up its sleeve?

Following that, they entered a melee battle. Chen Feng’s group of four fought with their lives on the line. This was the only way they could potentially survive. 

The Space-time Slaughterer was most proficient in the dao of space-time and had a colossal body. But despite that, its movement speed was even faster when compared to Chen Feng, who was using the Longevity Wings. 

The Longevity Wings was a secret technique that boasted the ability to transcend space-time. However, Chen Feng was presently only at the Heavenly Immortal stage. Moreover, the dao of space-time was this Space-time Slaughterer’s forte. 

As such, the attacks from the four of them failed to put too much pressure or even threaten the Space-time Slaughterer. On the contrary, not long after their fight began, Gold Immortal Heavenshine and Gold Immortal No Worries were badly wounded while Chen Feng and Lonesoul were struck by the attacks from the distant Slaughterers.

The Space-time Slaughterer was only beginning to display its might, but they were already wounded. 

Bitterness and despair. Their plan fell apart. 

“Fellows, just run. If just one of us manages to run away, then so be it,” Lonesoul, who had always advocated fighting, suddenly said. 

Right after saying that, he utilized a secret technique. His body transformed into a shimmering beam of light to charge into the battle formation of the other Slaughterers.

“This fellow!”

Chen Feng and the other two shook their heads as they too, fled. As they were fleeing, they also fired out some other attacks. Chen Feng hurled out some illusion arrays, Gold Immortal Heavenshine threw out some divine lightning. Meanwhile, the Limitless Magic Disc in Gold Immortal No Worries’ hand fired out some entrancing lights, which then transformed into a circle of runes before sweeping towards the Space-time Slaughterer.

Without waiting to see the effects of their move, the three of them then displayed various methods to flee. 

Gold Immortal Heavenshine’s whole body flared with golden light as he instantly burned his essence power, causing his speed to double on the spot. As for Gold Immortal No Worries, he transformed into a beam of light, which flew into the Limitless Magic Disc. Next, the Limitless Magic Disc spun to break open a crack before swiftly slipping into it. 

Apart from Chen Feng, the rest of them were Gold Immortals. Thus, they did have their own life-saving measures to escape.

Seeing its opponents fleeing, the Space-time Slaughterer’s wide back began shining with light. The light came from the various wondrous runes on the Space-time Slaughterer’s back, containing within it a very unique power. It was not something that came about extrinsically. Rather, it was more like an innate skill. The light then spread outwards, shaking space and breaking down the void in its wake. Due to that, Chen Feng’s group was exposed. The four of them were in different spaces, running away at a high velocity. And yet, when looking at them through another space, they looked as slow as snails. It was a very contradictory feeling. 

The light coming from the Space-time Slaughterer’s back had split into four parts, each forming an independent space to entrap Chen Feng and the other three Gold Immortals. 

Following that, the Space-time Slaughterer entered one of the spaces. It wanted to kill them off one by one. 

Its first target was Gold Immortal No Worries. Back then, Gold Immortal No Worries had exhibited the fastest fleeing speed. 

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