Chapter 1241 Gold Immortals from Various Places


“Welcome, fellows. How many men did you bring with you?” Chen Feng asked.

“A minor Heavenly Immortal like you have no qualifications to be talking with us.” There was a look of contempt in the young cultivator’s eyes.

It wasn’t just Chen Feng. Even Gold Immortal Heavenshine and the others who were standing nearby ended up smiling from that. As for the space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri, they revealed an eagerness to start a fight. 

While it may be possible that Gold Immortal Heavenshine and the others were unaware of just how strong Chen Feng truly was, could Chen Feng’s two Gold Immortal stage subordinates not?

“Even though you’re a refugee with no place to call home, you can still display such arrogance?” Chen Feng said, taking a step forward to launch a punch at the young cultivator. 

Chen Feng had already noticed that this young cultivator had only just reached the Gold Immortal stage. He had yet to even stabilize his cultivation base. Thus, he was absolutely no match for Chen Feng. It was also why he had failed to sense Chen Feng’s strength. On the other hand, as someone who managed to reach the Gold Immortal stage, he became somewhat arrogant and looked down on others. 

Perhaps, this person was a genius. Perhaps, he would be able to achieve greater things in the future. But so what? Chen Feng couldn’t care less about it. He wanted to teach this fellow a lesson. Given the critical situation, Chen Feng had to display his own power and establish his position. 

The move from Chen Feng appeared simple, but everyone there was an expert. Naturally, it meant that they were capable of seeing the extraordinary aspect within this move. Gold Immortal Heavenshine and the others were only slightly shocked while the cultivators from the Heavensdepth Star Region felt something amiss. 

“You have a death wish! A minor Heavenly Immortal dares to attack me?” the young cultivator said with a tone of contempt. He waved his hand casually to send a stream of cyan-coloured energy at Chen Feng.

Even now, the young cultivator was still looking down on Chen Feng. He thought that he could casually deal with Chen Feng. 

And so, tragedy befell the young cultivator. Only after Chen Feng’s fist broke through the cyan-coloured energy stream to arrive before the young cultivator did he sense something amiss. By then, however, it was already too late to defend himself. Chen Feng’s fist had completely sealed up his flow of energy.

A formidable fist power made its way into the young cultivator’s body and it ravaged his life force, smashing its way through his body non-stop. Next, Chen Feng extended his hand and grasped and streams of energy surged into his body.


The few Gold Immortals from the Heavensdepth Star Region were finally incapable of holding back and they attacked Chen Feng. In response, Chen Feng swiftly retreated, evading al their attacks. As for the young cultivator, he fell to the ground, grievously wounded. Additionally, Chen Feng had also devoured 30% of his essence, energy and soul power. 

“Sir, you went too far.” The old man leading them revealed a look of anger. Naturally, the look of shock was greater. To be able to grievously wound a Gold Immortal, how could this be a Heavenly Immortal?

“Not too far at all. I just want you fellows to understand the situation,” Chen Feng said with a smile. Then, with a wave of his hand, he brought out the stone lance. Swinging it once, his whole figure then emanated a sky-encompassing atmosphere of dominance. 

“What I’m trying to get at is, this is my territory. You fellows are but escapees without a place to call home who came to take refuge under us. Do you understand? If this makes you angry, just go ahead and attack. Worst-case scenario is that the Slaughterers would bring devastation down on us,” Chen Feng said coolly.

The faces of the cultivators from the Heavensdepth Star Region had become extremely ugly to behold. It was true. They had other motives in coming to Eternal World. Their star region had been destroyed and it wasn’t easy finding a great world. Naturally, they had wanted to take over this great world. Moreover, it would appear that the other party had less Gold Immortals than them. However, this young Heavenly Immortal was too much of an aberration. Due to that, they began hesitating. 

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two more warships arrived at Eternal World. Following that, teams of fully-armed soldiers emerged from the warships. Most of the soldiers were Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals, but the ones leading them were half-step Gold Immortals, tens of them. That said, they also have two Gold Immortals who swiftly made their way forward, arriving before Chen Feng and the rest. 

“I believe this must be the renowned Young Master Longevity Celestial.” It was a man and a woman. The man was handsome and he wore cyan-coloured clothes. As for the woman, she was beautiful and wore red robes. Both exuded extraordinary atmospheres. For Chen Feng, though, they left a good impression on him. 

“You two are?” Chen Feng felt somewhat puzzled. The two of them were clearly from the Immortal Plane, but he did not recognize them. 

“We came from the Chaotic Region of the North. I am Bi Xiao and she is Qing Hong. Both of us were born in Eternal World. As Eternal World is now facing trouble, we had to come,” Bi Xiao said with a smile. 

“So, you two are from the Chaotic Region of the North. That is a place filled with experts. With your arrival, I believe that Eternal World will surely be able to survive this calamity.” Chen Feng became overjoyed. In this most critical juncture, Eternal World’s foundation was beginning to reveal itself. 

As a life-bearing great world, Eternal World was still far from a match for the Immortal Plane. Even so, it had still existed for who knows how many hundreds of millions of years. How many lives had been born during that time and how many cultivators had emerged from those lives? Even if only one Gold Immortal would appear once every 100,000 years, how many could there be by now?

Moreover, this was just the beginning. Chen Feng himself could not begin to guess just how many people would appear. That said, there was one thing that puzzled him. The Chaotic Region of the North was very far away from the Primordial Mountain Range. How did they recognize him so quickly?

“Greetings, Brother Chen.” Suddenly, Duan Shuiliu stepped out from the crowd of cultivators. By then, he was already a high-level Heavenly Immortal. As always, he exuded an icy atmosphere. But when he saw Chen Feng, there was an entangled look on his face. Naturally, there was also a hint of respect there [1]

“So, it’s Brother Duan.” Chen Feng smiled. At the same time, he realized how the other party could so quickly recognize him. 

“I don’t deserve to be called that. At present, Young Master Longevity Celestial’s name rings loud in the Immortal Plane. In comparison, I am just a minor character.” After saying that, Duan Shuiliu then backed away.

“He is my apprentice,” Bi Xiao said with a smile.

“His talent is quite good. He will be able to assail the Gold Immortal stage in the future.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Thank you for the kind words. By the way, what is happening here?” Bi Xiao revealed a clear look of satisfaction after hearing Chen Feng praising his apprentice. 

“Some foreigners.” Chen Feng then informed them about what happened earlier. Hearing that, Bi Xiao and Qing Hong scoffed again and again. 

“So, they want to take over Eternal World. These fellows sure are daring,” Bi Xiao said with a derisive grin. 

“Fellows, I think there is a need for us to talk it out.” Perhaps it was due to the arrival of Bi Xiao and Qing Hong, but the old man from the Heavensdepth Star Region had changed his attitude. The look of dissatisfaction on his face had long since disappeared, replaced by a kind-looking smile. 

“Oh, now there is a need to talk? You don’t want to attack anymore?” Chen Feng, though continued to behave in a somewhat overbearing manner. 

“Fellow friend, you jest. We never had any bad intentions. In truth, since our home has been destroyed, we need to find a place to stay. While this great world appears good, once the Slaughterer army makes its way here, it will likely face the same fate as our Heavensdepth Star Region,” the old man said. 

“So?” Chen Feng responded in a noncommittal manner. 

“Again, we have no bad intentions. If you fellows agree to let us stay here, we will take on the obligation to fight the Slaughterers as well,” the old man said with a smile. 

“You should have said that earlier. Why wait until we get into a fight before calming down?” Chen Feng said with a grin. As for the old man, he chuckled, not revealing any anger at that. On the other hand, flames were seemingly about to burst out from the young cultivator whom Chen Feng beat up earlier, but he said nothing about it. 

Looking at them all, Chen Feng noted that the other party had a total of 10 Gold Immortals. And while some of them were injured, this was still a formidable force. It was no wonder they could display such arrogance. 

“Very well. Next up, we can have a proper discussion. How many men did you bring? I can set aside a place in this world for you fellows to stay. But when the Slaughterers arrive, I hope that you fellows will help out,” Chen Feng said.

“Naturally. We have no reason to not help out. The Slaughterers destroyed our home. Even in death, they will be our enemies.” The old man nodded. 

Although he was already prepared for it somewhat, when he saw the cultivators from the Heavensdepth Star Region emerging from the warship, Chen Feng became shocked. 

“Did you bring over everyone from your star region over?” Chen Feng said in surprise. 

The old man felt awkward. “Of course not. Only 100 million men from our star region managed to escape. You should know, our entire star region had a total population of over a trillion people.”

A minor chaos ensued, but they all eventually came to an agreement. A stretch of land in Eternal World was specifically designated for them. And with the exception of some invading Slaughterers, everything else remained peaceful. 

“Friend, this is actually a good thing. Given our present crisis, Eternal World needs more power. Where these fellows came from does not matter. All that matters is that they can fight the Slaughterers,” Gold Immortal Heavenshine said with a smile. 

“I understand that. We will likely be seeing other forces appear as well. I am also preparing to transfer over some cultivators from the Immortal Plane. This is a dangerous situation, but it is also a form of training. Killing these Slaughterers could bring us benefits too. The crystal cores within them can be considered as good items.”

“Fellow seniors, you will have to stand guard over this place. I want to head out and see if I can rescue more cultivators,” Chen Feng said.

“Not a problem.”

“I want to accompany you.” Gold Immortal Heavenshine smiled. 

“Me too. I’m feeling a little bored. I want to head out and see for myself how strong these Slaughterers are. It would be better if we can encounter the enemy Gold Immortals,” Gold Immortal No Worries said with a chuckle. Lonesoul, who was beside him, nodded as well. 

And so, Chen Feng and the three Gold Immortals left Eternal World together, heading into the endless starry space.

After flying out from Eternal World, Chen Feng utilized his eye technique and his gaze peered across a distance of billions of li. Quickly, Chen Feng then retracted his gaze and his face turned more solemn. 

“What is it?” Gold Immortal Heavenshine asked. 

“The Slaughterers are getting closer to Eternal World. We don’t have much time left.” Chen Feng sighed.

“Let’s go!”

The four of them moved quickly. With but several steps, they covered a distance of billions of li to smash into the army of Slaughterers.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The four of them ferociously smashed their way into the enemy army. This was the most overbearing form of attack. By the time the four of them stopped, at least 10,000 Slaughterers had died to their attacks.


 1 Duan Shuiliu first appeared in Chapter 1156 in the trial to ‘obtain’ the Six Daos Sword Faction’s legacy.


1 li = 0.5 km

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