Chapter 1240 Eternal World Again


Chen Feng’s fears finally came true. Several Slaughterers at the half-step Gold Immortal stage appeared. However, they did not appear in front of Chen Feng. Instead, they hid themselves amidst the army of Slaughterers to fire out soul attacks.

“Soul-type Slaughterers!” Chen Feng was shocked. A massive vortex appeared within his sea of wisdom and all the soul attacks invading his sea of wisdom were ripped apart. 

Chen Feng, though, became more worried. Although these soul-type Slaughterers were not at the Gold Immortal stage, their attacks were stronger compared to the average half-step Gold Immortal.

If it were just a few half-step Gold Immortals, even if there were 10 of them, Chen Feng would not have cared. He could continue onwards and kill them off. However, if 30 or more of the Slaughterers – maybe even 100 or over 10,000 – combined their powers to fire out one singular attack at him again… Chen Feng was reminded of the black hole of devastation that appeared back then. Should it happen again, while he may be able to escape, the hundreds of cultivators behind him could forget about making it out from this alive. 

Strange. When I charged in earlier, there weren’t this many Slaughterers. Why are there suddenly so many of them? Chen Feng felt surprised. 

Did I get lost?

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

Several streams of energy entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, causing the vortex within his sea of wisdom to come to a momentary halt. Next, Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and he fired out three arrows in a row to kill off the three Slaughterers that were lurking in the dark.

Looks like it will be very difficult to charge out. Chen Feng turned to look at the group of cultivators that was following him and sighed inwardly. Given his level of strength, charging out should not be an issue. But to do so together with them? He had been too optimistic. 

Immediately, however, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and a faint smile appeared on his face. 

“Friend?” Someone noticed the change in Chen Feng’s spiritual state.

“We’ll be able to break out now,” Chen Feng said. 

The Slaughterers up ahead had fallen into a state of turmoil. Following that, a huge warship charged forward. Aboard the warship were several cultivators. Surprisingly, a few of them were Gold Immortals. 

“Young Master!”

The space-time extra-terrestrial creature and Heng Ri appeared before Chen Feng simultaneously, ripping apart all the Slaughterers in their path. 

“How many men came over this time?” Chen Feng asked solemnly. 

“The two of us are the only Gold Immortals from the Six Daos Alliance. As for the other members, there are 100,000,” Heng Ri said. 

“One hundred thousand.” Chen Feng sighed. 

“I wonder how many of them can survive?”

“Let’s enter the warship first,” Chen Feng said. The space-time extra-terrestrial creature nodded and a stream of light flowed out from the warship to bring the cultivators into it. 

“Greetings, fellow cultivators.” After Chen Feng arrived on the warship, three more Gold Immortals walked over.

“You three are?” Chen Feng became surprised. 

“The three of us were born in Eternal World. We have been cultivating in the Immortal Plane. But now that Eternal World is in trouble, we must take action,” one of them said with a smile. This person was an old man in voluminous robes with cloud patterns. 

“So, that’s how it is. I am Chen Feng. Greetings!” Chen Feng became overjoyed. This way, his force was not the only one fighting.

After chatting with them, Chen Feng found out that their names were Gold Immortal Heavenshine, Patriarch Lucky Cloud and Immortal Colourstream. It had been over 10 million years since they reached the Gold Immortal stage and over 100 million years since they left Eternal World. They would spend most of their time cultivating in the Immortal Plane or head to outer space for an adventure. The reason they came here was for the mysterious spatial passageway. Only, this incident happened before they could enter.

“Thankfully, we did not enter the spatial passageway, otherwise we would have found ourselves in the Slaughterer’s world,” Gold Immortal Heavenshine said, a lingering note of fear in his voice. Along the way, the three of them had worked together to kill off a high number of Slaughterers, tiring them somewhat. Coincidentally, they came across Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. And so, they decided to join up with them to find Chen Feng.

The warship’s defensive abilities were at the mid-grade Divine tier and numerous Slaughterers were smashed to pieces as it flew forward.

It did not take long before the warship charged into a golden-coloured barrier of light. Within the barrier were asteroids of varying sizes. There were some cultivators on some of the asteroids. 

“This place is a teleportation station. Many Gold Immortals worked together to set this up. Through the teleportation arrays here, we can head to other places,” Gold Immortal Heavenshine said. 

Observing, Chen Feng saw that the Slaughterers were all stopped by the golden light. Although they were constantly attacking it, they were simply incapable of breaking in. 

“I wonder, what’s happening in Eternal World right now?” Chen Feng said. 

“At present, Eternal World is still doing alright. The number of Slaughterers there is relatively small. Due to that, it is still manageable, for now. We are, however, worried that the Slaughterers will launch a large-scale attack on it.”

“If it’s possible to open a passageway, didn’t someone else try to close it?” asked Chen Feng after some consideration. 

“It’s very difficult!” Gold Immortal Heavenshine sighed.

“Why do you say that? Since a Gold Immortal is the one who created it, couldn’t other Gold Immortals close it up?” Chen Feng then grew puzzled.

“It is indeed created by a Gold Immortal. In the beginning, the Gold Immortal borrowed the power of various great worlds to create the passageway. Stabilizing it alone took hundreds of years. Later, however, the great worlds were no longer the ones maintaining this spatial passageway. Rather, it was the mysterious world on the other end of the passageway. At present, it would appear to be the other universe that the Slaughterers came from. 

“Additionally, a group of formidable Slaughterers at the Gold Immortal stage is standing guard over the spatial passageway now. Some Gold Immortals from our side had joined forces in an attempt to attack it but to no avail,” Gold Immortal Heavenshine said. 

“No wonder I didn’t encounter any Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. So, they are defending the spatial passageway. However, you fellows are certain that these Slaughterers came from another universe?” Chen Feng nodded before asking again. 

“It doesn’t matter where they came from. Now that they are here, they will bring with them a calamity. I believe you must have heard of some of the stories regarding Slaughterers before.”

“Everywhere they go, lives will disappear. I am curious though. The Slaughterers have already appeared in the Immortal Plane, even in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Could there be more than one passageway?” Chen Feng then pondered. 

“Slaughterers have appeared in the Immortal Plane? We didn’t know that!” Gold Immortal Heavenshine and the other two Gold Immortals exchanged glances. 

“Regardless, what we need to do now is to head to Eternal World,” Chen Feng said, looking at the army of Slaughterers outside the golden barrier of light.

“We can directly teleport over from here.”

The teleportation array activated and a spatial passageway was successfully opened up. The warship then flew into the passageway. 

Sensing the familiar atmosphere, Chen Feng’s heart stirred and he said, “Unexpectedly, after so many years, I would return to Eternal World again.”

At his level, he could destroy even a great world. Thus, there was no need to even worry about the world’s power of rejection. Moreover, Chen Feng could already be considered a native of Eternal World. Every breath and every action he took would harmonize with Eternal World’s world power. There was also the fact that Eternal World’s power had been greatly exhausted due to the creation of the passageway back then. Thus, it no longer had much power left to reject them from entering it. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense spread out to quickly envelop the entire Eternal World. After that, the frown on his face relaxed somewhat. The situation was not as bad as he had imagined. The number of Slaughterers that had entered Eternal World was not high. Just the native cultivators of Eternal World were enough to easily deal with them. 

However, he quickly grew worried again. This was just the beginning. He had already witnessed the world-encompassing number of Slaughterers. Should they choose to attack Eternal World, this force on his side was simply insufficient to protect the entire Eternal World. 


As time passed, more Slaughterers would be attracted over, but more cultivators would also come to protect Eternal World.

“Maybe we can move Eternal World away,” Patriarch Lucky Cloud suddenly said.

“Move it away? To where, the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng laughed. 

“It will probably not be that easy.” Gold Immortal Heavenshine nodded. 

“Even if it can overcome this calamity, Eternal World will probably end up becoming a desolate world. I too, think we should try teleporting it to somewhere safe,” Immortal Colourstream said. 

“As a last resort, it is indeed not a bad move. Only, we do not know how many Slaughterers will be coming this time. I hear that even the Immortal Plane is no longer safe.” Two cultivators landed before them, their robes fluttering gently as they did. 

The two of them were also Gold Immortals.

“My name is Gold Immortal No Worries, also from Eternal World. This is my friend, Lonesoul,” a middle-aged cultivator with a scholarly air said with a smile. 

“Greetings, fellow cultivators.”

With the addition of two more Gold Immortals, Chen Feng and the others grew calmer.

“No Worries is right. The Slaughterers have already invaded the Immortal Plane. Additionally, I suspect that there is more than one passageway. At present, no one is able to tell just how strong the Slaughterer army is. Teleporting Eternal World away. By combining our strength, we should be able to do that. However, doing so will damage Eternal World’s essence. More, we also do not know if the place we teleport it to will be safe. And then, there is the fact that we don’t even know how the other great worlds and star regions are doing. We’ll have to discuss it thoroughly before making that decision,” Chen Feng said slowly.

“We have to properly prepare the necessary defensive measures. Next up, I can head out and investigate the situation,” Gold Immortal Heavenshine said. 

“There is no need to investigate anymore.” Suddenly, more people appeared. A warship that had seemingly gone through some hard times made its way into Eternal World. It appeared somewhat damaged, its surface filled with attack marks. Even so, the aura of power that it emanated showed that it was a mid-grade Divine artifact. 

Eh, these people are from… Chen Feng and the others turned to look at one another, feeling curious about it.

Several cultivators flew out from the warship. Although they were all Gold Immortals, their auras were unstable. Rather, there were some clearly-noticeable wounds on some. 

“We are from the Heavensdepth Star Region,” one of them, an old man, said. 

“The Heavensdepth Star Region? I know that place, but it should be very far away from our Eternal World,” Gold Immortal No Worries pondered for a moment before saying. 

“Our Heavensdepth Star Region was invaded by the Slaughterers. We escaped from the place and now have nowhere to go. All we want now is to find a safe place to hide,” the old man said with a wry smile. 

“If so, what is the current situation in your Heavensdepth Star Region?” Chen Feng then asked.

“What do you think? Did you fellows think we would run if it’s not already the end for it?” a young cultivator said, releasing a cold harrumph. 

Chen Feng and the others exchanged glances, a look of concern flashing across their faces.

“A star region has fallen. Looks like the situation is critical.” Chen Feng sighed. 

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