Chapter 124: Rough Collision


“A flying-type magic treasure like this is far more expensive compared to magic treasures of the same grade. Some high-grade flying-type magic treasures possess formidable defence and offence. However, who knows what the specific grade of this magic treasure is?” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“This trip will take three days and three nights. I wonder how much energy this magic treasure will consume?” Chen Feng wondered.

“Given how rich that Mo Ji is, this little expenditure is probably nothing for her. Additionally, a Prized artefact of this level will surely be engraved with countless magic arrays, capable of constantly absorbing worldly essences. Thus, there is no need to worry about having insufficient energy,” said Ye Ziming.

That is right. Prized artefacts can automatically absorb worldly essence to advance. However, the rate at which they do that is too slow. When he thought of that, another thought hit Chen Feng. If even Prized artefacts can absorb worldly essence to advance, the Longevity Tower which is at a higher artefact tier should be able to do so as well. Why is his rate of recovery so slow?

The question left Chen Feng puzzled.

Humph! He was pretty quick when absorbing those Magic crystals. Could it be this little tower has certain preferences for spiritual energy? When Tower wakes up, I will have to ask him properly. Though, I wonder when Tower will wake up? Chen Feng pondered.


Suddenly, the Sky Soaring Warship shook. Some of the cultivators who were in the midst of chatting stopped and the entire cabin instantly fell silent.

“What happened?” Chen Feng immediately sent his divine sense out through the hull of the warship in order to inspect what was happening. He was not the only one. The other cultivators had also sent out their divine senses to investigate what was happening.

At least 100 ferocious and bloodthirsty auras surged out from the front. The auras rose upwards before quickly descending upon the warship. Chen Feng could also sense layer after layer of restraints activating around the warship, transforming into nets. They were trying to wrap up the Sky Soaring Warship.

“Its bandits. We’ve encountered bandits,” one of the cultivators in the cabin could not stop himself from blurting out. However, it was not out of fear. Rather, it was more towards amusement. 

“Is this a trap set by bandits? Everyone, we are being robbed! Ha ha ha ha!” Some cultivators began laughing out. Not a single cultivator there felt concerned and there was an easy-going smile on each of their faces. Some had even revealed ridiculing looks.

The cultivation world was an incomparably chaotic place. For it to have bandits was normal. Most of the cultivators there had experienced such a situation before. However, their present situation was far different from the past. Why? Because the amount of power their group possessed was simply monstrous. It was at such a level that they were simply incapable of feeling concerned at the incoming bandits. 

“I wonder which mountain these bandits are from? They are actually trying to rob us? They don’t know how to live properly, do they?”

“Everyone, don’t be careless. Maybe, their side is very strong.”

“Pu ha ha ha ha ha!”

Everyone burst out into laughter again.

“Let’s send out a few teams to start a massacre! They want to rob us; I say we turn the tables on them and rob them instead. I have never done this before.”

“Right! Send a few teams out and rob them. That way, we can get some more profits. If you ask me, we should just find their lair and loot them clean.”

The cultivators within the cabin grew increasingly excited and their eyes shone, eager to rush out and start a massacre. Most of them were loose cultivators. Whenever they encounter such a situation, they would have to flee or obediently let the bandits rob them. This time, however, was a rare incident where they had gathered up to form such a powerful force. Thus, their desires began to rage.

By then, Chen Feng’s divine sense – invisible and unnoticed – had already spread through a distance of several kilometres as he inspected their surroundings. At the same time, he could also feel it. As he was sending out his own divine sense, tens of other divine senses had flowed out from the cabin as well. Several of them were so powerful that Chen Feng’s divine sense dared not approach. It felt as though just the act of approaching them would result in his divine sense getting devoured.

“So, how is the other party’s strength?” asked Ye Ziming.

“They have quite a lot of people on their side, more than 30 Concealed stage cultivators. The rest are all at the Training Body and Energy stage. How unexpected! We ended up encountering bandits. However, they are unlucky to bump into us,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Only around 30 Concealed stage cultivators? That is simply suicide. We don’t even need to attack.” Ye Ziming chuckled.

As expected, the woman in black’s voice suddenly rang out through the cabin. “Everyone, please wait for your instructions and do not take independent actions.”

Next, the Sky Soaring Warship began shaking violently as its large body emanated mighty air currents out. Then, this flying-type magic treasure abruptly sped up. In but a breath’s worth of time, its flying speed rose to several times that of its earlier speed.

Rumble! Rumble!

The warship flew quickly and the air currents created in its wake caused rumbling sounds to ring out. The warship was actually charging at the bandits up front with impunity.

The woman in black had no intentions of letting the cultivators aboard attack the bandits. Rather, she wanted to utilize her Prized artefact to smash right into the bandits. It was quite the bullying act.

“Not good! Hurry up and dodge!”

The group of bandits were originally howling as they rushed forward. However, when they saw the Sky Soaring Warship barrelling towards them with such momentum behind it, they realized that it was not something that they could stop.

“It is a flying-type warship! This is a Prized artefact! Everyone, hurry up and escape!” the bandit leader shouted. At the same time, he rode his flying sword to quickly flee as far as he could.

However, it was too late. The Sky Soaring Warship was not just fast. It was several times faster compared to cultivators riding on flying swords. Not to mention, it was also a Prized artefact. The many magic arrays it contained gave it both defence and offence. At that moment, all the magic arrays were running and layer after layer of air currents condensed out across the surface of the warship to quickly envelop the whole ship.


The first to be struck was the bandit leader, a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator. Both him and his flying sword were smashed into pieces by the Sky Soaring Warship.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Sky Soaring Warship became like a torrent of steel smashing into a small swarm of mosquitoes. The gargantuan momentum behind the warship further reduced all those mosquitoes into pieces.


Screams of misery rang out as flesh and blood sprayed out. The cultivators who failed to dodge were all smashed into pieces and blood would scatter wherever the warship went, dyeing the sky red in the process.

Despite smashing its way through, the Sky Soaring Warship appeared unaffected at all. It continued moving forward at that incredible speed. The magic arrays continued operating and the surrounding air currents swirled to suck in some of the bandits who managed to dodge the collision. The bandits were then minced into bandit slush.

It had only taken one breath’s worth of time, just one collision. About 90 % of the 30 plus Concealed stage cultivators on the bandits’ side had died. As for the Training Body and Energy stage cultivators behind them, they had been completely annihilated. Not a single one of them could escape the Sky Soaring Warship.

Even though none of the cultivators aboard had attacked, the bandits had been dealt with. Then, the Sky Soaring Warship began slowing down until its flight speed returned to its former level. It continued to fly forward, not a spot of blood on its surface. It was as though nothing had happened.

The cultivators aboard witnessed everything clearly. Every single one of them were thoroughly shocked and in disbelief at the bloody sight laid out before them.

“Powerful, overbearing, simplistic, bloody.” Chen Feng summed up the incident in four words.

“This woman is certainly resolute. I feel like we may have boarded a pirate ship,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“Ha ha! Are we not on a ship?” Chen Feng laughed.

“And I was wondering what the woman was planning earlier. Truth be told, I had prepared to go out and kill them earlier. Unexpectedly, this flying-type magic treasure possesses such power,” praised Big Pot Bro.

“Humph, rookies! This is a Prized artefact. Even a normal Prized artefact can easily finish off those bandits. If I were the one attacking, I could have finished them all off in one move,” Elegant Gentleman suddenly said in disdain.

Despite the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain’s discontent with Elegant Gentleman’s arrogance, they dared not say anything. There was too big of a difference in power between them. Should a fight erupt, Elegant Gentleman could singlehandedly kill off the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain.

After that, their journey resumed and everything went smoothly. Three days passed by quickly. For cultivators like them, a three-day period was just one session of meditation.

Flying over 500,000 li in three days. This is the first time I have travelled so far. There was a novel feeling in Chen Feng’s heart.

Although the cultivators were all within the Prized artefact, they could still feel strands of peculiar aura there. Chaos, violence, oppressiveness, bloodthirstiness, ancientness, maliciousness and various other types of aura were gathered together. They became like a vast gaping maw, encompassing the sky to sweep towards them.

Those were the auras emanating out from Demon Soul Valley, spreading across a radius of hundreds of li outside the place. After entering Demon Soul Valley, the chaotic auras would grow even stronger. Having entered, cultivators who lack a firm mind would end up having chaotic thoughts and suffer from cultivation deviation. They might become mad or mindless. They might even devolve into mindless killing machines, destined to spend the rest of their days in Demon Soul Valley.

The infamous danger zone in Eternal World and one of the forbidden zones. They had finally arrived at Demon Soul Valley.

Chen Feng, who was seated inside the cabin, peered ahead and saw that the entire sky ahead had turned black. Black clouds were constantly rolling forth and the faint outlines of mountains could be seen. Some eerie auras seeped out from the clouds, piercing through space to affect Chen Feng’s mind.

There is such a feeling even though we have yet to enter? It seems this Demon Soul Valley is very eerie. Chen Feng thought to himself. Although he appeared nonchalant, he had actually prepared himself. At any rate, he was not here to have fun. Any carelessness on his part would most likely end with him dying here.

The Sky Soaring Warship continued advancing. However, its rate of flight had begun to slow down. Finally, it became only slightly faster than a flying sword.

“Everyone, pay attention. Just 300 li ahead is Demon Soul Valley. Please guard your minds well to avoid getting invaded by demonic energy. If the demonic energy corrupts your minds, you will become demonic humans, mindless killing machines.” Mo Ji’s voice rang out through the cabin.

Cultivators had come to name the eerie aura exuding from Demon Soul Valley as demonic energy. According to some, that was demonic energy from the Demon Plane while others say that it was something that Demon Soul Valley produced on its own.

As they continued approaching Demon Soul Valley, strands of demonic energy began seeping into the cabin. Chen Feng chose not to deliberately absorb them. It felt as though the strands of demonic energy were alive and they slithered all over him.

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