Chapter 1239 Killing All the Way


Chen Feng had his own reasons for doing so. At present, the entire starry space was in a state of chaos and there was no telling what had happened to Eternal World.

If it had come under attack from the Slaughterers, these fellows would be able to help out somewhat. 

It was something of a wishful thinking on Chen Feng’s part. He knew as well that if a high number of Slaughterers were to attack, the great life-bearing worlds would simply be incapable of stopping them. In the end, all life on the worlds would end and they would be turned into death zones. 

These fellows! Of all the things they had to do, they actually opened up such a passageway. According to ancient records, these Slaughterers had once brought ruin to an entire immortal region! I wonder, how many Slaughterers would appear this time and how much damage would they do?

Thankfully, these Slaughterers only appeared now. If they had appeared earlier, back when I had yet to ascend to the Immortal Plane and my strength is still weak, the best-case scenario would be for me to flee to outer space.

“Our main body is here.”

Chen Feng’s two clones had their backs against each other. They wore different clothes but everything else about them appeared identical. For others, they looked like twins. 

The reason the two clones could endure this long was because there were many cultivators there with them. These cultivators formed a circular perimeter. Whenever someone was injured, another cultivator would quickly take over the injured cultivator’s position. Whenever a hole appeared in the perimeter, someone would quickly patch it up. The cultivators kept rotating in and out. Thanks to that, they were able to endure this long. 

“Someone is charging towards us, an expert!” By then, some of the cultivators had noticed Chen Feng.

“Fellow cultivator, hurry up and enter!” someone shouted.

Chen Feng smiled. Brandishing the stone lance, he strode forward and any Slaughterer that approached him would be torn apart.

That said, he had still chosen to enter the defensive perimeter. When the cultivators there saw Chen Feng, they immediately turned their gazes towards Chen Feng’s two clones.

Did these two fellows’ brother come? That was the thought going through the minds of a number of the cultivators, but some revealed thoughtful looks. 

The two clones looked at each other. Next, they transformed into a stream of light each and flew into Chen Feng’s body. After that, Chen Feng closed his eyes and his aura began fluctuating unsteadily. After some time, he opened his eyes and a look of one who had faced the many hardships of life flashed across his face. 

At that very moment, Chen Feng experienced an increase in both strength and knowledge.

Looks like it is time I undergo my tribulation again, Chen Feng thought. 

“So, those two were clones!”

“This is great! An expert has come!”

“So what? Even if a Gold Immortal comes, they will probably be incapable of helping. I fear that only a few of us will be able to survive.”

After seeing that, it was only natural for the cultivators to know what was going on. Shocked and delighted, they began discussing the issue. They did possess some knowledge about how strong the two clones were. If they were clones, wouldn’t their main body be even stronger? Besides, they had already witnessed Chen Feng’s display of might with the battle lance earlier.  

If Chen Feng could charge in, he should also be able to charge out. Thus, a good number of them began feeling hopeful. Of course, there were also some who remained pessimistic about it. At any rate, the number of Slaughterers here was too high. 

“Greetings!” Chen Feng said.

“No need for formalities. Next up, we will need to depend on you, friend,” someone said courteously.

Chen Feng’s gaze swept around and he quickly took note of the situation.

There were 1,000 cultivators there. Most of them were Heavenly Immortals, with some half-step Gold Immortals in the mix. As for True Immortals, there were only a handful of them there. However, most of them appeared weakened and a number of them were wounded. It would appear that they had been holding the line for a very long time. 

No Gold Immortals. Chen Feng frowned but the frown quickly disappeared. So far, he had yet to encounter Slaughterers at the Gold Immortal stage. Even so, these fellows were likely incapable of holding on for much longer.

Through to the memories of his clones, Chen Feng knew that they had nearly 10,000 cultivators in the beginning. A portion of them then chose to charge out, but most of them were killed by the Slaughterers.

A pity. So many cultivators actually failed to charge out. This is a very good force. Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. 

With a stab of his stone lance, he created the spatial passageway again. This time, however, the passageway was very unstable and it quickly disappeared.

Surprised, Chen Feng continued trying but to no avail.

“Friend, it is useless. There are enemy Slaughterers disrupting the space here. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have continued to simply defend like this. We would have broken out,” a half-step Gold Immortal said.

“If so, there is no other way. We’ll have to break our way out one step at a time,” Chen Feng said. Chen Feng had originally planned on just leaving, but some of these fellows were the friends of his clones. Thus, he could not simply leave them. 

Additionally, he was also feeling concerned about Eternal World. Thus, he could not stop himself from sighing. 

“Very well. Fellows, I think we should come to an agreement,” Chen Feng suddenly said. 

“Agreement?” Some were puzzled, not understanding what Chen Feng meant.

“Next up, I will do my best to help you break out. But if, and I mean if we manage to break out, I hope that you fellows can follow me to Eternal World. I intend to protect the place,” Chen Feng said softly, but everyone there could clearly hear what he was saying. 

“Humph!” Someone scoffed.

“Who do you think you are? Not even a Gold Immortal would have the gall to say that.”

“That’s a joke. Sir, although you are strong, possibly strong enough to charge out on your own, bringing us out with you is an impossibility. Not even a Gold Immortal would be able to do that.”

“Hey, are you joking here?”

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, a round of laughter rang out.

“If that’s the case, I’ll take my leave.” Chen Feng, though, did not become furious. All he felt was a feeling of regret.

“Fellow friend, I can agree to your terms. However, breaking out will likely not be easy.”

“Humph, beats dying here!”

Seeing Chen Feng planning to leave, some of them immediately grew anxious. At any rate, having a sliver of hope was better than having nothing but despair.

“Tsk, tsk. Our opinions differ here. I fear that after I do my best, some people will not feel grateful.” Chen Feng snickered as he looked around. The moment they manage to break out, these fellows would likely leave as fast as they could.

That said, Chen Feng was still incapable of giving up on this force. He had only mentioned the condition earlier as he had no other options. 

“I can make a Heart Oath. As long as you help me break out from here, I will definitely head to Eternal World. Getting trapped in a life-bearing world is better than getting trapped here.” Someone was finally incapable of holding on. 

In that short period since Chen Feng appeared, several more cultivators had died. 

“Whether or not to fulfil this agreement, I leave it to you. As for the Heart Oath, forget it.” Chen Feng shook his head and brought out the Soul Demise Bow.

“A mid-grade Divine artifact!”

The moment he brought out the longbow, everyone there cried out in shock.

“Fellows, follow my lead!” Chen Feng said, firing out three arrows of light in a row, blowing up the three strongest Slaughterers there.

Next, Chen Feng’s figure darted forward to appear outside the defensive perimeter. The Longevity Sword swirled around, killing off any Slaughterers that dared approach him while the Soul Demise Bow in his hand fired one arrow of light after another at a steady pace. 

In but several breaths’ worth of time, tens of Slaughterers had died to Chen Feng. Due to that, the pressure on the cultivators fell and a feeling of optimism rose up within them. 


Their weakened auras began swelling up.

“Follow me! We have a chance of surviving this!” Chen Feng shouted, firing 10 arrows of light in quick succession. The arrows of light then swiftly fused together, becoming like an accelerating meteor which then erupted with great power. It smashed its way forward and over 100 Slaughterers that were blocking his way were incinerated.


The cultivators became inspired and their auras rose again. Some even managed to make a breakthrough. 

Holding the Soul Demise Bow, Chen Feng paved open a path and the handful of half-step Gold Immortals there followed him closely. They were followed by the Heavenly Immortals. The small number of True Immortals, though, were at the rear and it did not take long before the Slaughterers ripped them to pieces.


A Slaughterer brandishing a huge scythe had a hole punched through its body and even the crystal core within it was shattered.


A Slaughterer with the strength of a half-step Gold Immortal and the size of a small mountain was struck by Chen Feng’s soul attack, reduced to a blithering idiot.

While the Slaughterers possessed pure killing power, they were still living creatures in the end. How could they stop the attack from Chen Feng, whose soul was at the level of a Gold Immortal?

The number of Slaughterers who fell to Chen Feng kept rising. But even after over 1,000 of them had died, he still could not see a way out. Everywhere he looked, he saw an endless sea of Slaughterers.

Turning around, Chen Feng’s heart thumped. During this brief charge, nearly 100 of the 1,000 cultivators had died. 

But Chen Feng did not bother wondering if this was the right course of action. He had no other options. All he could do was to lead these fellows and keep on fighting his way forward. Perhaps, they would be able to break their way out. Or perhaps, the swarm of Slaughterers would eventually engulf them. 


Chen Feng shouted and another arrow of light shot out to pierce 10 Slaughterers in a row before disappearing. Next, he punched and a golden-coloured fist image smashed forward, covering a distance of over 10,000 metres.

He ignored whether or not the cultivators behind him could keep up with him. All he could do was to keep on unleashing various attacks to keep on advancing. After charging forward for an indeterminate period, after having killed who knows how many Slaughterers, he turned around and saw that there were less than 500 cultivators behind him. Even so, they still could not see any way out.

The number of Slaughterers has increased again. Chen Feng sighed and he slowed down slightly as a huge bone blade descended towards him. 


Chen Feng was surprised, but he allowed the bone blade to land on his body. Then, the Longevity Sword flashed out to pierce an unassuming humanoid Slaughterer. 

Its strength is close to that of a Gold Immortal. Chen Feng began worrying. Were the experts on the Slaughterer’s side about to appear?

“Friend, how much longer do we need to go before we can break out?” someone shouted.

“I don’t know either,” Chen Feng replied before continuing to charge forward.

“Friend, are you lying to us?” In the face of death, someone else shouted.

“You shut up!” another cultivator hastily yelled. 

“If there’s anyone who don’t want to follow, you are free to retreat.” Even though Chen Feng was talking, his attacks did not slow down and it did not take long before another tens of Slaughterers were killed. 

“Whatever! Better to die fighting than wait for our deaths!” Some comforted themselves by saying that.

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