Chapter 1238 Slaughterers Appear


Running away randomly at a time like this will only end with death. Wouldn’t it be better to group up and fight to the death? Chen Feng thought. The group of cultivators back then seemed to be Heavenly Immortals. In but the blink of an eye, they were engulfed by the Slaughterers. 

Chen Feng’s eyes turned grim. The situation was far more serious than he had anticipated. 

“Do not stray away from the group! Half-step Gold Immortals, defend the perimeter. Heavenly Immortals, attack in groups. True Immortals, group together and attack!” Chen Feng rapidly gave the order.

Chen Feng himself was somewhat unfortunate. He encountered an army of Slaughterers. Moreover, these Slaughterers were of a very high level. Nearly 10,000 of them charged forward, a number that could trouble even a Gold Immortal.

Alone, Chen Feng was confident in his ability to charge in and out. However, it was different for his subordinates. Although they possessed formidable combat power, they face a world-encompassing army of Slaughterers that could even cause Chen Feng to feel worried. 

Due to the urgency of the situation, Chen Feng had only brought four half-step Gold Immortals over. They were Sha Gui, Sha Shen and two other cultivators from the Dark Plane. The rest were all Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals. 

As Chen Feng was giving the orders, a Slaughterer whose entire body shone with a metallic lustre charged forward. This Slaughterer had a somewhat humanoid figure. Tall and mighty, its entire body was covered in a thick layer of metallic armour. Both its hands held onto a serrated blade each. With a leap, it swung both hands to send two sharp blades of light at Chen Feng.

Half-step Gold Immortal! Chen Feng’s figure darted away to evade this opponent’s attack. Next, the sword in his hand slashed forward and the Slaughterer was cleaved into two from the waist down and a crystal core containing formidable power fell into his hand. 

Chen Feng had only just obtained the crystal core when two more Slaughterers charged him. One of them sprayed out black-coloured flames of devastation from its mouth while the other one fired out countless spikes from its body. These Slaughterers were not only brutal killing machines, they were also very good at cooperating with one another. 

Chen Feng’s figure darted away again and two sword beams flashed forward. The flames were extinguished and the spikes shattered. The two Slaughterers were cleaved into two as well. 

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

A total of three formidable powers then charged towards Chen Feng, who only saw a blur. Next, his vision turned dark for a brief moment and three chilling powers charged into his sea of wisdom. The moment they entered, however, his soul power shredded them into bits. 

“You dare launch a sneak attack on me?” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and streams of light then flew out from his eyes. After locking down on the other party, he slashed with his sword, carving open a path. Soon enough, a wolf-shaped Slaughterer appeared before him.

This Slaughterer looked similar to a wolf yao, but it only had one eye that radiated a faint blue light. When it saw Chen Feng charging over, it panicked somewhat. Even so, it chose to fire out another wave of soul attacks. At the same time, several Slaughterers charged forward from every direction. 

Circles of sword light spread out and the one-eyed wolf Slaughterer and the surrounding Slaughterers were disintegrated. But as Chen Feng was attacking them, two more streams of power entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. 

While Chen Feng was still able to handle attacks at this level, it was quite troublesome. As time passed, he will end up becoming trapped. 

Turning to look at the cultivators he brought over, Chen Feng saw that they had charged into the army of Slaughterers. That one glance revealed to him that they had already sustained some casualties. 

Chen Feng sighed and the Longevity Wings spread out from his back. He flew forward swiftly and the large Longevity Wings kept flapping and slashing to quickly carve open a path. With this move, he had killed off tens of Slaughterers.

“You guys head to safety first. Go to Eternal World,” Chen Feng said, bringing out a stone lance, which he used to stab at the starry space. Spatial power surged and a spatial passageway connecting to some unknown place appeared. As he did that, several more Slaughterers were swept in and shattered to bits. 

The stone lance was something Chen Feng had obtained from the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s Immortal Temple of Treasures. It was a mid-grade Divine artifact containing the power of chaos, ancient wilderness and the Ageless laws of stone. Its offensive power was formidable. As expected, using it brought about a great effect.

“Hurry up and leave!” Chen Feng drew an arc with the stone lance and a halo of greyish light flashed out to sweep his subordinates into the spatial passageway. 

“Alright. Hopefully, Eternal World has yet to fall. It is time I go look for my clone.” Now that he was alone, Chen Feng felt the pressure on him lightening. Next, his figure dashed as he charged into the army of Slaughterers again. A rope covered with spikes flew over to tie up Chen Feng, but was cut down into several parts before it could even approach him. 

As there was no Gold Immortal on the Slaughterer’s side, no matter how many of them there were, Chen Feng was not concerned. He was, however, concerned about his two clones. 

His two clones had been spending all these years cultivating in the starry space and had managed to accomplish a lot. Having them die just like this would be a serious loss for him. 

By going all out, these Slaughterers could indeed entangle Chen Feng. But Chen Feng possessed the number one spiritwalking technique from the Longevity Clan. Thus, he was able to constantly make his way through the Slaughterers. Occasionally, he would take action to kill off one or two of them. 

Whenever Chen Feng took action, regardless of what appearance the Slaughterer possessed, it would be shattered apart and the crystal core within them would be taken away.

“Fellow cultivator, help us!”

As he advanced, Chen Feng encountered a group of cultivators besieged by the Slaughterers. The cultivators were space explorers who had grouped up. In the beginning, they had over 1,000 men. But due to the siege from the Slaughterers, they had lost 30% of their number. Additionally, the number of Slaughterers besieging them was increasing. It was just a matter of time before all of them were killed. 

Seeing someone moving over, they reflexively cried for help. 

Looking at them, Chen Feng noted that the wandering aura on the hundreds of cultivators was very strong. It would appear that they had spent quite some time exploring space. Many of them were from the Immortal Plane. In fact, he could even see a few who were from the Heavenly Ministry of War. 

Considering it for a moment, Chen Feng then swung the stone lance in his hand and one Slaughterer after another was ripped to shreds. It did not take long before he created a path. 

“Thank you for the assistance!” During that brief moment, several more of the cultivators were killed. However, seeing this display of might from Chen Feng renewed the feeling of hope within them.


The Longevity Sword swirled around Chen Feng non-stop and some Slaughterers who managed to evade the attacks from the stone lance to approach Chen Feng would be disintegrated away by the sword light.

“Senior! Please get us out of here!” someone said. 

Chen Feng thrust with the stone lance and ageless power surged to once again open up a spatial passageway. 

“This leads to Eternal World. Whether or not you can survive will depend on your own luck.” After Chen Feng said that, the Longevity Wings spread out and he disappeared into the army of Slaughterers.

“Let’s go!”

Some of them clenched their teeth and entered the spatial passageway. Given their circumstances, they no longer had any other options. Only, as they were entering the passageway, the surrounding Slaughterers continued to relentlessly attack them. In the face of their attacks, the spatial passageway began collapsing. 

Due to that, they began squeezing their way forward and the situation became somewhat chaotic. 

In the end, the passageway utterly collapsed, but there were still tens of cultivators left there. The cultivators were swiftly swarmed by the Slaughterers. 


Chen Feng, who had been charging forward, finally came to a halt. Just now, several Slaughterers at the half-step Gold Immortal stage had worked together to launch an attack at him, giving him a sense of danger. The moment he stopped, two more attacks arrived before him. 

The stone lance thrust forward and the two attacks were broken, but Chen Feng took a step back. 

There was a somewhat grim look on Chen Feng’s face. The attacks earlier were the combined attacks from Slaughterers at the Heavenly Immortal stage. Every attack contained the combined might of 200 Slaughterers. 

Chen Feng could already sense danger. He was not omnipotent here. If over a thousand of the Slaughterers combined their powers to attack him together, there was a risk of him dying to the attack. 

The thought had just come to Chen Feng’s mind when he felt his whole body shiver. A high number of Slaughterers had fired out thousands, maybe even ten thousand attacks forward. In the end, the attacks fused together to shoot towards Chen Feng like a meteor. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng’s heart beat vigorously. Every beat would cause a formidable stream of power to course through his whole body. This was the power of the star core. Even after several centuries, Chen Feng had only managed to refine a portion of its power.

However, the power that flowed out from the star core due to the three vigorous heartbeats was comparable to over a hundred heartbeats in the past.

Next, Chen Feng felt as though the power within his body had reached its limits. It felt as though his body would blow up. 


The stone lance swung to clash against the meteor. No world-shaking sound of collision rang out. Before any wild burst of power emerged, a black hole appeared at the very point of collision. 

In the beginning, the black hole was only the size of a fist, but it quickly expanded, becoming tens of times bigger. A formidable devouring power then emerged from it. Light, energy, shattered matter and even time were devoured by it.

If void storms were wreckers, black holes were destroyers.

After the black hole disappeared, everything within the area there, spanning a radius of 5,000 kilometres, had disappeared. But more Slaughterers quickly swarmed forward to fill up the space. 

Chen Feng re-appeared somewhere half a million kilometres away, his face somewhat pale. A portion of the Longevity Combat Armour that he wore had become damaged, but it quickly recovered. 

Unexpectedly, the collision would trigger a black hole of devastation. Thankfully, I was quick to run away. If I had gotten caught by the suction power, even if I manage to survive, I would be badly damaged. A feeling of fear lingered within Chen Feng.

That black hole of devastation was just a small one. A large one could even devour Gold Immortals and shred them to bits. 

That black hole’s appearance had sucked in all the Slaughterers within a radius of 5,000 kilometres. By Chen Feng’s estimate, over 10,000 Slaughterers had disappeared as a result.

If one could master this power, it would become the greatest weapon in war, Chen Feng thought. Though, he was also aware that, given his level of strength, he was still incapable of doing that. Generally speaking, cultivators who cultivate the grand dao of devastation would have an easier time creating black holes with their attacks. 

Thankfully, I’m not that far away from my clones. After sensing for a bit, Chen Feng determined the locations of his clones. Brandishing the stone lance, he rapidly charged forward again and it did not take long before he was charging through another army of Slaughterers.

One day later, Chen Feng finally found his clones. Along the way, he did encounter some problems. He had also helped rescue some cultivators who were in trouble. He sent them all to Eternal World. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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