Chapter 1237 Change


The Gold Immortals aside, even 5 of the 10 half-step Gold Immortals were killed. The reason for that was their insufferable arrogance. Chen Feng did not like that one bit. After killing off the two Gold Immortals, he began stomping the half-step Gold Immortals. Any who dared fight back would be killed. Only five of them who had been wise enough to beg for mercy were spared. 

Seeing that terrified the remaining Heavenly Immortals. As for Chen Feng, he had wanted to continue smacking them but Da Feng and the others stepped forward at the appropriate time to ask him to show them mercy. 

And so, Chen Feng accepted the 500 Heavenly Immortals as his subordinates. 

Naturally, all of them had seals placed within them. These cultivators from the Longevity Clan were helpless to do anything about it. Neither do they have the ability to resist. 

They had seen for themselves the conduct of the legendary Young Master Longevity Celestial. Resisting meant death. 

“These fellows are from the Longevity Corps. Humph! The Longevity Corps has always been under the control of the Planar Lord and the Department of Elders. The Planar Lord usually do not care about what’s going on. Looks like some fellows in the Department of Elders are being greedy here.” Chen Feng scoffed. 

“Back then, during that critical moment when the Longevity Tower itself was badly damaged, these fellows didn’t even go all out. To think that they would reveal themselves now. More, they are even targeting me? They have a death wish!” Ferocious killing intent billowed out from Chen Feng’s body and the Heavenly Immortals shivered once again. Even the few half-step Gold Immortals were feeling shocked. They had not expected this Young Master Longevity Celestial, whom they had never seen before, to possess this much power. 

“Some cultivators have been constantly coming down to snatch the Longevity Tower and Longevity Scripture. It seems my father’s situation is not that good,” Chen Feng mumbled coldly. 

“It is said that the Lord Commander has been in a cultivation retreat all this time,” Da Feng said. 

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. We’ll put this matter aside. I will be sure to settle this score in the future. As for these fellows, you make the arrangements for them. Ensure that they understand the cost of surviving.” Chen Feng waved his hand. 

“Affirmative!” Da Feng nodded.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Young Master, I will train these fellows well!” Tun Ri laughed loudly. 

In the Celestial Longevity Plane, the soldiers from the Boundless Corps would always display a domineering attitude. They would even look down on the Longevity Corps. In fact, there were some conflicts between the two corps. This time, it was the other party who came to trouble them. Thus, Tun Ri and the others had no scruples in dealing with them. 

“You sure are ruthless. The way I see it, if they hadn’t stopped you, you would’ve killed them all,” Magiris said with a chuckle. 

“I wouldn’t have killed them all. They are from the Longevity Clan, after all. Most importantly, I also want to preserve some strength.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Even so, was there a need to kill so many of them?”

“It was a warning. I believe the old guys would quickly find out what happened here. They’ll have to think carefully about taking action against me,” Chen Feng said, a derisive grin on his face. 

Magiris then shook his head. He had assumed that he was cruel enough. Unexpectedly, when compared to Chen Feng, he was still slightly less cruel. 

Looks like this fellow has gone through a lot during the past million years, Magiris thought. 

“More high-level combat powerhouses are needed.” Chen Feng sighed. Given their level of strength, they were already having a very hard time in the Immortal Plane. Wouldn’t it become even more difficult after going to the Celestial Planes?

“No need to feel dissatisfied. Our force is already very strong. My requirements are simple. In the next 10,00 years, have some of them advance to the Gold Immortal stage. That’s all,” Magiris said with a smile. 

Chen Feng smiled, not saying anything about it. Advancing to the Gold Immortal stage was not that easy. Even after cultivating for 100 million years, some cultivators would still not be able to accomplish that.

Another 100 years went by and the Six Daos Alliance’s strength grew stronger. No wars erupted between them and those on the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane’s side. That said, it would appear that it would not take long before that happened. 

The Six Daos Alliance, Demon Plane, Nether Plane, Blood Plane, Ghost Plane, Celestial Carefree Plane and Vajra Clan had made some arrangements, secretly agreeing to help one another. 

The Six Daos Alliance also informed them about how the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane and Celestial Imperial Plane had colluded with the Immortal Court. This resulted in a stir throughout the various forces. Although they did not jump out to ask them for an explanation, they did – to some degree – put some distance between themselves and the two forces. 

The conflict between the two sides was becoming increasingly great and the clashes between their two territories was also increasing in number. A war was on the verge of breaking out.

Chen Feng himself had made up his mind. After another 100 years, they would attack both the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane and Celestial Imperial Plane’s forces. This could be considered as an infighting between the Celestial Planes’ forces in the Immortal Plane. However, given the present situation, Chen Feng had no choice but to attack. 

Only, Chen Feng then came across some news, which caused him to change his plans.

The news had come from his clones.

The two clones that Chen Feng created had been spending all this time exploring the starry space, making quite a name for themselves. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they had become legends. 

Due to the world essence, the two clones had been cultivating at an extremely fast pace. If it weren’t for the fact that the main body had been constantly suppressing his level, the two clones would have undergone their tribulations to advance to the next level long ago. 

Receiving the news from the two clones. Chen Feng’s face turned grim. Magiris, who happened to come over to find Chen Feng, became shocked to see him and he inquired Chen Feng about what was happening. 

“Come look.” Chen Feng jabbed his finger forward and the space before him rippled to display a clear image there. 

Within the vast and endless starry space was a massive and mysterious black hole. Pitch-black in colour, there was no telling where it led to. Cultivators would constantly – relying on the might of their fleshly body or magic treasures – charge into the black hole. However, very few amongst those who entered would return. 

“I know. This is the mysterious passageway opened up using the power of the great worlds. Although we do not know where it leads to, divine objects would spray out from it every now and again. Ha ha!  Speaking of which, even our Celestial Malla Plane had sent a high number of people forward. If it weren’t for the fact that I have to keep watch over my force here, I would really have liked to head there as well. For cultivators like us, exploring the unknown is the most exciting thing to do,” Magiris said smilingly. 

“Don’t be anxious. You will find out soon enough.” Chen Feng said.

It did not take long before the images changed. Suddenly, a high number of creatures flew out from the spatial passageway. These creatures were all of varying shapes and sizes. However, they all have one thing in common. Their killing attribute was particularly obvious. Pure killing intent emanated out from their bodies. The moment they emerged from the spatial passageway, they pounced upon the cultivators hovering in space. Following that came chaos as even more of those creatures emerged from the passageway, an endless throng of them. 

“Slaughterers!” Magiris exclaimed. 

“They are none other than Slaughterers.” Chen Feng nodded, his face somewhat grim.

“Could this passageway be connected to another universe? Or to the depths of the universe?”

“Regardless of where these Slaughterers came from, I will need to head out,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“You’ve gone mad. These Slaughterers are not easy to deal with.”

“I’m not mad. The number of Slaughterers is simply too high. Even though there is a high number of cultivators in outer space as well, they would likely be incapable of stopping the Slaughterers. The passageway is located not far away from Eternal World. These Slaughterers represent carnage and destruction. If I delay this any longer, the life-bearing worlds below will be destroyed,” Chen Feng said

“But you will not be able to change anything. No matter how much stronger you become, it is still useless. Just look at the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Even they are in trouble,” Magiris tried to persuade Chen Feng. 

“There’s no need for you to say anything else. Do not forget, I came from Eternal World. Even if I am unable to change the situation, I must still follow my heart.” Chen Feng pointed at his chest. 

“Fine.” Magiris nodded, knowing that he would not be able to convince Chen Feng otherwise. 

“I will go with you.” 

“No, you need to oversee this place. I will bring some other men with me back to Eternal World. Additionally, it will likely not just be us from the Six Daos Alliance,” Chen Feng said. 

“What do you mean?”

“Just look. So many Slaughterers have come to our immortal region. Do you think that the Immortal Court can remain indifferent towards this? More, the various great, life-bearing worlds below have produced a high number of cultivators throughout the past billions of years. Would these cultivators simply watch as their homeworlds are being devastated? Furthermore, although these Slaughterers are bloodthirsty creatures, the crystal cores and essence within them are very useful. I believe that a high number of cultivators would head out to hunt them,” Chen Feng slowly said. 

“Are you trying to comfort yourself here?” Magiris said gently. 

“Something like that,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. 

Chen Feng was quick to take action, moving out right after saying he would. Additionally, he also spread the news. As expected, there was no need for Chen Feng to force them before many cultivators responded. Almost all the cultivators who came from Eternal World stepped forward.

Naturally, Chen Feng would only be selecting the elites amongst them. Facing the Slaughterers was more dangerous than facing other cultivators. 

Before this, Chen Feng had allocated some time to construct a large-scale teleportation array. Now was the time to use it. On Chen Feng’s end, he had been feeling apprehensive since receiving news of what happened. And so, leading a group of cultivators with him, he used the teleportation array to leave the Immortal Plane. 

After appearing in the starry space, Chen Feng felt an urge to howl skywards. However, he also knew that time was of the essence. Thus, he swiftly contacted his clones. 

Instantly, his eyes flashed with light. His clones were besieged by Slaughterers. They could end up dying at any moment. 

“It’s so serious?” Chen Feng then looked at the group of cultivators who came together with him. He felt somewhat worried. 

They then hurriedly flew forward to enter a region filled with chaos. Observing cultivators running helter-skelter and the overwhelming wave of Slaughterers, Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched. 

It was even more serious than he had imagined. 


Chen Feng shouted. At the same time, his soul wave swept out and a group of cultivators who were running away felt their bodies quiver as a result. Next, they halted.

“Fellow cultivators, these are Otherverse Slaughterers. Their objective is to destroy our immortal region. You fellows have no place to run to. All you can do is fight to the death and drive away these monsters,” Chen Feng said, becoming the first to charge forward. The Longevity Sword in his hand swung to instantly kill off several Slaughterers. With a wave of his hand, several crystal cores then flew into his hand. 

“See this? These crystal cores are good items for cultivation. These Slaughterers are not that terrifying.”

The cultivators that Chen Feng brought along with him had already charged forward to start fighting the Slaughterers. 

Chen Feng’s gaze swept around and he felt somewhat dejected. Only two or three of the cultivators he called out to had stayed behind while the rest chose to run away. But those cultivators were unable to make it far before another group of Slaughterers engulfed them. 

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