Chapter 1236 Stable Development


“Naturally. She has two forces supporting her. Not to mention, she has been cultivating for so long. This granny will not be easy to deal with,” Chen Feng said, firing another arrow with the Soul Demise Bow. Immortal Zenith had wanted to charge at them only to be forced back again. 

Weng! Weng!

Magiris tapped his forehead with a finger and a formidable atmosphere of power spread out from his eyes. Chen Feng could clearly see the segment of space getting ripped out before rapidly fusing into the void. 

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Several black threads pierced out, but unlike last time, Immortal Zenith did not re-appear.

“We don’t have much time. Hurry up and deal with this!” Magiris’ aura became somewhat weaker. 

Chen Feng nodded and jabbed forward with his finger. Next, the Longevity Sword expanded, becoming 1,000-zhang-long before slashing towards Tian Xingzi.

By then, Patriarch Blackriver was already no longer capable of stopping his opponents. Thus, the arrival of Chen Feng’s attack alleviated the pressure on him. His river that had been dispersed earlier came together and swept towards the dark-faced youngster. 

One by one, Magiris had utilized his eye technique to teleport two Gold Immortals away. And so, the expression on Tian Xingzi and the dark-faced youngster’s faces sank. As for the other two Gold Immortals who were lying in ambush, they did not appear at all. Even the great array that they activated had disappeared. 

Chen Feng went all out. After attacking with the Longevity Sword, he pulled the Soul Demise Bow’s bowstring, aiming at the dark-faced youngster.


Surprisingly, a halo of light suddenly appeared behind the dark-faced youngster. The halo of light rotated to release a field of power, which changed the trajectory of the Longevity Sword. However, the next attack from the Soul Demise Bow sent him tumbling. 


Magiris made use of the opening and two ropes swirled forward, circling the dark-faced youngster. Following that, the dark-faced youngster’s speed slowed down. 


An arrow then flashed forward to pierce the dark-faced youngster’s body. 

“Argh!” The power of devastation emanating from the arrow terrified the Gold Immortal stage dark-faced youngster and the desire to flee rose to the fore. 

Next though, he found that he could no longer escape. Space twisted and his body stiffened. The ropes that Magiris fired out had firmly bound him. 

“Oh, this fellow can stop my arrow.” Chen Feng felt somewhat shocked. But he followed it up with yet another arrow. This time, it was even stronger and faster. A booming sound then rang out as the dark-faced youngster’s body blew up. 

Chen Feng and Magiris rushed forward simultaneously and managed to obtain one Ageless law each. However, a portion of the dark-faced youngster’s primary spirit managed to escape. 

“Longevity Celestial! Magiris! Just you wait! Our Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane is not done with you fellows!” Before leaving, he left a wave of divine sense. 

Chen Feng and Magiris exchanged glances, chuckling as they did. Whether or not this fellow could recover was a question in itself. As for what would happen in the future, who could tell?

And so, Tian Xingzi, who was fighting Patriarch Blackriver, felt so scared that it felt as though his soul would scatter apart. A skyful of starlight erupted outwards and Tian Xingzi disappeared.  

“Forget it. Don’t chase him. Now is still not the time to start a war with them.” Chen Feng then kept the Soul Demise Bow. 


Space rippled and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature appeared in a somewhat wretched state. Earlier, the space-time extra-terrestrial creature had fought against the two Gold Immortals who were lying in ambush. 

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light. In the end, though, he did not take action. The two Gold Immortals, knowing that the situation was not in their favour, had already left. 

“Let’s head back,” Chen Feng then said.

They did manage to gain something from this battle. Two opposing Gold Immortals were teleported away while another had his fleshly body destroyed and his Ageless laws plundered. The opposing side now knew of their strength. Thus, even if they wanted to take revenge on them, they would not do so anytime soon. 

Thanks to that, the Six Daos Alliance would have enough time to expand its territory. When he thought of that, Chen Feng sneered. 

“Looks like our enemy is not just the Immortal Plane. There are also these bastards from the Celestial Planes.”

“The other party can join forces, but we are also not without allies. There are 24 Myriad Celestial Planes. Amongst all the Heaven-defying races there, there will surely be those who align with us. If we really have to fight, there is still no telling who would end up becoming scared of whom,” Magiris said seriously. 

“Tsk, tsk!” Chen Feng cast a curious look at Magiris.

“Unexpectedly, you would have this domineering streak in you. Surely, it is not something that only came about after you advanced to the Gold Immortal stage?”

Hearing the teasing words from Chen Feng, Magiris’ faced only darkened. Saying nothing, he left together with Patriarch Blackriver. That earlier battle had not been easy for Patriarch Blackriver either. In fact, he had even sustained some minor injuries from it. 

Seeing that, Chen Feng smiled and strode forward. Swiftly, he made his way back to the Primordial Mountain Range.

Not long after Chen Feng’s group left, the space there rippled and Immortal Zenith broke her way back through space. 

“Damn it! Just you fellows wait!” Rage danced within Immortal Zenith’s eyes. In the end, however, she discarded her desire to take revenge on the Six Daos Alliance.

In one month’s time, the Immortal Slaying Pavilion’s territories were completely annexed by the Six Daos Alliance. As for the cultivators from the Immortal Slaying Pavilion, a portion of them were killed and a portion of them fled. There was also a small portion who chose to submit to the Six Daos Alliance. Chen Feng did not ask too much about it. He simply did not have the time for it. 

He had just gone through a battle with several Gold Immortals. Although it was a very short battle, he did manage to gain some knowledge from the battle. More, he had also snatched over an Ageless law. Some time was needed to refine this law. 

After this Ageless law was broken down, Chen Feng’s Heavenly laws would become even stronger. 

This sudden offensive from the Six Daos Alliance allowed it to not only regain its lost territories, but also to annex the Starsource Order and Immortal Slaying Pavilion. This eased their resource problem. The ones most delighted at this, however, were the members from the Six Daos Sword Faction. They had been fighting against the Starsource Order trio for so long. And now, they had managed to wipe out the other party. This incident allowed them to rejoice. 

Naturally, the fact that someone else snatched the Immortal Sword Sect away from them enraged many of them. Although there was no order from the higher-ups to attack, the lower-levelled members would occasionally get into some minor conflicts with the other party. Fights would often break out amongst them. And while they were all minor, both sides could tell that a war was inevitable. It all depended on who would fire the first salvo. 

The Six Daos Alliance was stabilizing itself and developing its strength, not showing any intentions of starting anymore large-scale wars. As for the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane and Celestial Imperial Plane, they also showed no intentions of starting a large-scale war. It would appear that they had some scruples about it. Since taking over the Immortal Sword Sect, they had been keeping very quiet. 

And so, the situation lasted for a hundred years. 

The Six Daos Alliance’s development was on track. During the past 100 years, several cultivators had successfully advanced to the half-step Gold Immortal stage. As for the number of Heavenly Immortals, it had risen by nearly one level. The number of cultivators below the Heavenly Immortal stage rose the fastest. Due to that, the number of resources consumed grew increasingly large. Thankfully, they had expanded their territory. The Primordial Mountain Range alone was insufficient to satisfy the needs of such a large alliance. 

During the past 100 years, in addition to cultivating himself, Chen Feng had also broken down the Ageless laws that he obtained and completely fused them with his Heavenly laws. Furthermore, Chen Feng had also compressed and reduced the number of his Heavenly laws by 10. This would make his cultivation base more refined. 

Chen Feng hovered in the air, astral blades and sword light swirling around him non-stop before finally flowing into his body. 

“Advancing to the mid-grade Divine tier will be somewhat difficult. In addition to needing some high-quality materials, ageless power is also needed. In order to do that, I will need to advance to another level first. Still, I did manage to push the levels of the other Longevity weapons to the Divine tier. A pity, this endeavour took up so much of my efforts and power,” Chen Feng mumbled, light flashing all around him. Next, a complete suit of armour appeared over his body. It was faint-cyan in colour and strands of golden light kept shimmering across its surface. 

A long time will be needed to fuse the Goldshine Combat Armour into it. Chen Feng sighed and performed a light punch to fire out a beam of light from his arm. The beam of light shot into the void and disappeared from sight. 

He then kept the Longevity Combat Armour. He was not feeling too satisfied. When compared to other armours at the same level, the Longevity Combat Armour was already quite good. But Chen Feng was in possession of a combat armour at a higher level. Thus, when comparing the two, one could see the difference. 

During the past 100 years, some other impactful matters did happen as well. One of them was the arrival of the forces from the Dark Plane, Celestial Longevity Plane and Celestial Malla Plane.

Interestingly enough, with the exception of the force from the Dark Plane, the forces from the Celestial Longevity Plane and Celestial Malla Plane were both here to stir up troubles. 

Seeing that left Chen Feng and Magiris both amused and furious. 

The group of cultivators who came from the Dark Plane was the Dark Kirin’s followers. Many of them were creatures of darkness. And while they were highly savage characters, all of them obeyed the instructions of the Six Daos Alliance.

And yet, the cultivators who came from the Celestial Longevity Plane and Celestial Malla Plane actually came here to trouble them. 

There were several hundred cultivators from the Celestial Malla Plane. Led by two Gold Immortals, this group had several half-step Gold Immortals and hundreds of Heavenly Immortals. 

These fellows were also from the Blackwater Tribe. More, they were the elders of the tribe. Their objective in coming here was to seize power, taking over this force belonging to Magiris. 

Naturally, if it had been only Magiris and Patriarch Blackriver, the fight would have lasted for quite some time. However, this was the Six Daos Alliance. In addition to the force from the Celestial Malla Plane, there were other forces in the alliance as well. And so, tragedy befell the elders who came here to seize power.

The two elders were badly beaten up before they were captured. As for the other cultivators under them, they surrendered. In the end, the Six Daos Alliance was able to turn the situation around, adding this force into Magiris’ force. 

It was the same with the force that came from the Celestial Longevity Plane. The only difference was that these cultivators came from the Department of Elders. There was a total of three elders at the Gold Immortal stage, 10 half-step Gold Immortals and 500 Heavenly Immortals. It goes without saying, their objective was the Longevity Tower and Longevity Scripture on Chen Feng.

They received an even worse fate compared to the cultivators from the Celestial Malla Plane. Chen Feng had chosen to deal with them ruthlessly. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, it did not matter what his opponents’ background may be. Should someone choose to go against him, he would go all out to ruthlessly deal with the other party. 

He would not go easy on them, not even if they were from the same clan. 

Of the three Gold Immortals, Chen Feng killed two and brutalized the third one so badly that his soul became on the verge of breaking apart. This fellow had to beg, sobbing wretchedly as he did until Chen Feng finally spared him. Of course, Chen Feng also placed the most draconian soul shackle on him, turning him into his slave. Chen Feng could decide if he lived or died on a whim.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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