Chapter 1235 Immortal Zenith


“What did you say?!”

As expected, Immortal Zenith’s beautiful face sank and she waved her hand to send countless threads shooting towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, maintained a look of indifference. With a grasping move from him, a vortex appeared and a formidable pulling power drew the threads in before quickly gulping them all. 

“In the Celestial Zenith Plane, you should be cultivating the Zenith Emotionless Technique. How is it that something so minor could get you riled up? I really wonder how you managed to reach the Gold Immortal stage,” Chen Feng said with a smile. At the same time, he quickly analysed and devoured the threads. 

“Friend Zenith, this is Young Master Longevity Celestial from the Longevity Clan, born with the Chaos Constitution. It is only natural for him to look down on others,” the young man with a dark face said with a derisive grin. 

“Oh? So, it’s Longevity Celestial.” Immortal Zenith revealed a look of surprise, but some other looks then appeared on her face. 

“Longevity Celestial, I can give you a chance,” Immortal Zenith said. 

“Oh? You’re giving me a chance?” Chen Feng could not stop a smile from forming on his face. 

“That’s right! As long as you hand over the Longevity Tower, I can allow you two to leave,” Immortal Zenith said calmly. 

Chen Feng and Magiris looked at each other before guffawing out. It was as though they had just listened to the funniest joke in the world. 

Next, the two of them stopped laughing at the same time. 

“Alright, now. You fellows are Gold Immortals, after all. Is there any point in putting on this pretentious display? We have already given you fellows quite some time. The things you’re secretly preparing should be about done, no?” Chen Feng sneered and waved his hand. Next, the Longevity Sword transformed into a 1,000-zhang-long sword beam and it slashed forward. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sword beam shot forward, cutting down countless arrays. Magiris’ gaze then swept around. In the face of his eye power, a high number of black threads were revealed. These threads were identical to the ones that attacked Chen Feng earlier, but there were more of them. Additionally, they were also vibrating at a peculiar frequency.

“And here I was, wondering how a fool can cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage. So, you were just pretending.” Chen Feng chuckled. 

“Hey, such a hottie is willing to act like a bimbo for us. Personally, I am willing to be deceived. Still, doesn’t this mean she thinks the world of us?” Magiris said with a smile. 

“Of course. Four Gold Immortals came out to distract us while two more are preparing for an ambush. Tsk, tsk. All this to deal with a Gold Immortal. Magiris, the other party really thinks the world of you.” Chen Feng laughed. 

Hearing that, Magiris revealed a wry smile. Despite their present situation, Chen Feng was still in the mood to joke around. That said, Magiris himself knew that despite the number of Gold Immortals on the other party’s side, it was impossible for them to keep the two of them there. 

Additionally, it would appear that Chen Feng had prepared something up his sleeve. 

“Fellows, no matter how you cut it, our Six Daos Alliance is still the Alliance Lord. Won’t this action of yours trigger public outrage?” Magiris said with an air of indignation. 

“Public outrage? Are you two juniors joking here?” The dark-faced youngster walked forward, a contemptuous smile on his face. A bluish-black whip had appeared in his hand. 

“You fellows colluded with the Immortal Court, making you the enemies of all the Celestial Planes. After this matter is brought to light, I would like to see how your Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane and Celestial Imperial Plane deal with the aftermath,” Magiris said again. 

“Humph! There is no need for you two to worry about this. What you two need to do is die here,” the dark-faced youngster said, the whip in his hand swinging to attack from a distance. 

At the same time, Tian Xingzi, Immortal Zenith and the other fellow attacked Magiris simultaneously. As predicted, they chose to target Magiris, who was a Gold Immortal, first. 

As for Chen Feng, while he may be strong, he was still just a Heavenly Immortal. Thus, they left him to the others. 

Space rippled and four ropes silently moved over to bind Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng merely scoffed, ignoring the ropes as he moved forward to stand beside Magiris.

After that, the four ropes broke apart and an indistinct silhouette flashed by.

“What?! There’s someone lurking in the dark!” Immortal Zenith’s group of four was somewhat shocked. Someone had managed to come this close to them while evading detection. What did this mean? 

That brief moment, however, provided an opening for Chen Feng.

The Soul Subduing Mantra swept forward and Magiris immediately followed it up with his eye technique to teleport one of them to a mysterious space. 

“One down,” Magiris said with a smile. 

“Where did you send him to?” Chen Feng asked smilingly as he jabbed a finger forward. The Longevity Sword then slashed towards Immortal Zenith. 

“I don’t know either. That fellow is definitely alright. Only, it’ll take him some time to return.” Magiris brought out the Illusory Demon Edge. Since Magiris advanced to the Gold Immortal, the Illusory Demon Edge had also began edging closer towards becoming a mid-grade Divine artifact. 

“Can you yeet another one away?”

“Sure, as long as you can restrain one of them.”

“Not a problem. Just watch!” Chen Feng brought out the Soul Demise Bow and fired an arrow at Immortal Zenith. 

Immortal Zenith had just knocked away the Longevity Sword slashing at her when she felt a power locking down on her soul. Realizing that the situation did not bode well for her, she pushed with both hands and a small, quaint-looking shield appeared before her. 


The arrow struck the shield, but the shield spun rapidly to knock the arrow back. Even so, the formidable power behind the arrow had still forced Immortal Zenith to give ground.

“Eh?” Chen Feng was surprised. He didn’t think that she would be able to so easily block an attack from the Soul Demise Bow. 

By then, however, Magiris’ attack had arrived. Space fluctuated and Immortal Zenith disappeared. But before Chen Feng and Magiris could feel happy about it, countless threads pierced their way out through space and Immortal Zenith re-appeared before them. Wielding a battle lance, she then attacked Chen Feng and Magiris. 

“Tsk, tsk. This woman is strong,” Chen Feng said with a smile, stepping forward to stop her. 

Magiris, on the other hand, was in a rather precarious position. The other two Gold Immortals had descended upon him. Compared to Magiris, a rookie in the Gold Immortal stage, these two Gold Immortals were veterans. Their understanding of the Ageless laws and some secret techniques was not something that rookie Gold Immortals could rival. 

This was why Chen Feng and Magiris would resort to some special moves. The first time was a success but the second one had ended in failure. 

“Do you fellows want to start a war with our Celestial Malla Plane?!” Magiris suddenly shouted. 

“You do not represent the Celestial Malla Plane.”

Tian Xingzi fired a punch and Magiris felt his vision blurring. He saw stars blowing up into fragments of starlight all around him. At the same time, a highly sinister and formidable sword beam shot towards his head. 


The corners of Magiris’ mouth curled into a smile. Then, his figure dashed forward. Ignoring the attack, he rushed towards Chen Feng.

Suddenly, a river of black water suddenly coursed through the sky to stop the attacks from the two Gold Immortals. The starlight attack and sword beam erupted with a formidable power to break apart the river. 

Patriarch Blackriver then strode out. With a wave of his hand, the broken river gathered up and transformed into a black-coloured great halberd. One swing of the great halberd created the sound of water stirring. 

“Tian Xingzi, it’s been a while. Why are you bullying a junior now?” Patriarch Blackriver said with a smile. 

“A Gold Immortal is not a junior!” Tian Xingzi responded with a derisive grin. His body then pulsed before transforming, becoming 10,000 zhang tall. His whole body flashed with golden light. With one swing of his hand, he sent a river of stars towards Patriarch Blackriver. At the same time, a sword swirled over. The power concentrated upon the sword caused a serious look to appear on Patriarch Blackriver’s face. 

It was a one versus two scenario. All Patriarch Blackriver could do was to hold them back for a moment. He was no match for the two of them combined. 

On the other side, Chen Feng and Immortal Zenith were engaged in a highly ferocious battle. Wielding the battle lance, Immortal Zenith became like a Goddess of War, her will to fight vaulting skywards as she kept launching fierce attacks at Chen Feng. The aura she exuded grew increasingly formidable, as though there was an endless supply of power within her body.

I had underestimated her. Worthy of the title Zenith Immortal Constitution. She is a notch stronger compared to the Gold Immortals I had encountered in the past. Brandishing the Longevity Sword, Chen Feng kept unleashing various secret sword techniques, but Immortal Zenith was constantly forcing him to give ground. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Longevity Celestial, why are you getting your ass handed to you by a girl? Do you need my help?” It was then that Magiris rushed over, laughing. His eyes then shone and two black runes rapidly attacked Immortal Zenith. 


However, Immortal Zenith’s eyes also flashed with light. A stream of golden light swept out to shatter the black runes before attacking Magiris. 

“Ageless Light!” Magiris was somewhat taken aback and the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand swung again and again, firing out three blades of light in a row before succeeding in shattering the stream of light. 

The Longevity Wings abruptly unfurled from Chen Feng’s back and he became several times faster. Putting some distance between himself and Immortal Zenith, he used the Soul Demise Bow to aim at her again. 

“The two of us are ganging up on a woman here. Isn’t this a little shameful?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“She’s a granny that has been cultivating for who knows how much longer than us. She’s the one bullying us here!” Magiris said with a ridiculing tone. 

“Makes sense. However, she is an elderly senior. She will definitely be very difficult to handle. Looks like we will have to finish this fight quickly,” Chen Feng said, releasing his grip to send a meteor-like arrow at Immortal Zenith. 

At the same time, Magiris disappeared.


In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, Immortal Zenith strode forward, her long hair fluttering about. The battle lance in her hand thrust forward and a sky-shaking boom rang out. The arrow that Chen Feng fired out was shattered, but Immortal Zenith was also forced back due to the force. 

“Now!” Magiris suddenly appeared before Immortal Zenith, the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand slashing down. 

A cold light glinted across Immortal Zenith’s eyes and Magiris felt his vision turning dark for a moment. Next, the power within his body fell into a state of chaos. Black threads that came out of nowhere then blocked him. 

The Illusory Demon Edge slashed out to cut off one black thread after another. However, he had lost the opportunity to continue attacking. The dazzling battle lance, filled with an icy aura, had arrived before him. 


Space rippled and a black vortex appeared as Magiris disappeared to re-appear beside Chen Feng the very next instant. 

“This woman is strong!” Magiris praised. Although it was only a simple exchange, Magiris had determined that he was no match for her. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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