Chapter 1234 Concealed Move


The images displayed on the screen were none other than the mountains and landscape of the Immortal Sword Sect. Light kept flowing out from Magiris’ eyes and the images on the screen kept changing. Soon enough, they could see cultivators there. 

“Tsk, tsk. This move of yours is pretty good. It can be used to peep on others,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

“Peep what? I‘m investigating the situation here,” Magiris retorted, a slightly displeased tone in his voice.

“Something is indeed amiss. Looks at these fellows. I have never seen them before. They must be newly-arrived reinforcements.” Magiris tapped the screen and the images of two cultivators were enlarged. 

Surprisingly, those two were Gold Immortal clones. 

“From the looks of it, they must be from the Celestial Planes. Only, which one? Also, these fellows are Gold Immortal clones. You be careful, lest they discover you,” Chen Feng reminded. 

“Don’t worry. I am already a Gold Immortal now. Besides, so what if they discover us?” Magiris said, laughing. He tapped the screen again and the images of the two cultivators disappeared, replaced with a group of soldiers in identical uniform. 

“If they discover us, then we’ll just have to take action. These fellows wounded my subordinates. I have an excuse here,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. The Longevity Sword then flew out to circle above his head. 

“What? Surely you are not thinking of attacking now?” Magiris became surprised. 

“Of course not. I just want to take care of some troubles,” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Sword flashing out of sight. When it returned, several cultivators faraway had died to it. 

“Those are the scouts from the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane. You sure are ruthless. Are you not afraid that they will discover you?” Magiris said, surprised. 

“So what? Like I said, they wounded my subordinates. I am here to seek redress,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Look at these people!”

Magiris tapped the screen as he said that. Displayed on the screen were the images of 300 fully-armed soldiers. To their surprise, all 300 were Heavenly Immortals. The suits of armour they wore were all high-grade Immortal artifacts. In their hands were weapons at the high-grade Immortal tier. Most importantly, these soldiers were not from the Celestial Planes. 

Although the soldiers were only Heavenly Immortals, by working together, they could even threaten a Gold Immortal.

“I can’t figure anything out. What about you?” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Why does it feel like they are from the Immortal Court?” Magiris said, a puzzled tone in his voice. 

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. “Now that you mention it, it does feel that way. Did those two choose to partner up with the Immortal Court?”

Magiris utilized his eye technique and the images on the screen kept changing until it finally locked down on two cultivators who were alone. 

The two cultivators were mid-level Heavenly Immortals. They were in the midst of picking up spiritual herbs when their vision blurred for a moment. Next, they saw two young men smiling at them. 

“You guys!”

The two Heavenly Immortals were shocked. But they had only just spoken up when their bodies froze. Even their souls had turned stiff. Both Chen Feng and Magiris took action to search their seas of wisdom. 

“How is it?” Magiris was the first to ask. 

“There are arrays set up by a Gold Immortal within this person’s sea of wisdom. Thankfully, I managed to find some useful information. These fellows are from the Immortal Heavensealing Mansion. This is interesting.” Chen Feng chuckled. 

Magiris nodded. The information that the two of them found was the same.

They did not kill off the two Heavenly Immortals. Instead, they left imprints within their seas of wisdom to turn them into puppets. With a wave of Magiris’ hand, the two were sent back to the very spot they were occupying earlier. Exchanging glances, the two of them swiftly took action, making their way past numerous layers of arrays as they investigated what was happening in the central area. 

The Immortal Court was known as the ruler of the Immortal Plane. Below it were the Immortal Palaces, Immortal Mansions and some other organizations. These forces were very strong, second only to the Immortal Court. They were far stronger compared to some first-rate forces. Every single one of them had Immortal Emperors. 

Those qualified to be called Immortal Emperors were the veteran Gold Immortals. Some had even begun comprehending the Paramount laws. 

Taking yet another step forward from the dao of agelessness would mean that this person was truly an expert, a formidable powerhouse. 

“The Immortal Heavensealing Mansion is under Immortal Emperor Heavenseal’s protection. This fellow is on the same level as Immortal Emperor Blackfang. He is most proficient in sealing techniques. If not for that, he would not be called Immortal Emperor Heavenseal,” Magiris said after pondering for a moment. 

“What I care about here is that the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane and Celestial Imperial Plane are working together with them. I wonder how the other forces are doing. Humph! We have only just suffered from an attack from the East Extreme Immortal Palace but they have already begun working with the other party.” Chen Feng scoffed.

“Found something.”

Magiris’ eyes lit up. The two Heavenly Immortals had successfully entered a treasure zone. This treasure zone contained thick immortal energy and there were many cultivators cultivating there. 

“Large-scale Spirit Gathering Arrays. There are 18 of them stacked together. Most importantly, there is a spiritual fountain within the arrays. Although it is not at the same level as the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness, the immortal energy it gives off is beneficial even to Heavenly Immortals,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Do we take action?”

“Take action!”

Chen Feng and Magiris exchanged glances before controlling one Heavenly Immortal each to take action. 

Various runes kept appearing from Magiris’ eyes and they quickly flowed through a special channel to disappear into the void. 

Chen Feng, on the other hand, brought out the Wicked Sceptre. With a thought from him, wicked power and hex power flowed out endlessly from it. 

This Wicked Sceptre was something that Chen Feng had snatched over from Demon Monarch Wickedness in the past. It was a mid-grade Divine artifact. After all this time, Chen Feng had fully refined it. More, he also thought of ways to collect wicked power and channelled the power into the sceptre. In the end, he went further and fused the Hex Sceptre into it. Due to that, the essential attributes of the Wicked Sceptre had undergone some changes. Although it was still a mid-grade Divine artifact, its strength had increased by a notch. With enough wicked power, it would have no issues advancing to the high-grade Divine tier.  

The two Heavenly Immortals walked into the Spirit Gathering Arrays without triggering any of the restrictive arrays. Due to the supporting power from Chen Feng and Magiris, their eyes gradually took on a more confused look, but they also became increasingly strong. In the end, they made their way through layer after layer of arrays to arrive before the spiritual fountain. 

The eyes of one of the Heavenly Immortals flashed and a black stream of light flew out, charging into the spiritual fountain. A careful look would reveal that the stream of light consisted of runes that had been compressed together.  

As for the Heavenly Immortal under Chen Feng’s control, one of his fingers blew up and streams of wicked power flowed out like a gushing fountain. In the end, all of them flowed into the spiritual fountain. 

After one joss stick’s worth of time, the two Heavenly Immortals quietly left the Spirit Gathering Arrays at the same time. However, the power from the spiritual fountain continued to spray out and it did not take long before its power enveloped the entire cultivation zone. 

“An illusion technique. Impressive,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You’re even more insidious,” Magiris replied. 

The two of them chatted and laughed. Even so, they continued to control the two Heavenly Immortals. There were only several hundred cultivators within the cultivation zone. This was not enough for them. And so, they controlled the two Heavenly Immortals to fly to some other places.

Both Chen Feng and Magiris had the same idea, to disrupt the other party’s camp as much as they could. 

The wicked power that Chen Feng sent out had come from a mid-grade Divine artifact. Even if the other party was a Gold Immortal, unravelling the wicked power would not be easy.

The illusion technique that Magiris utilized was also not to be underestimated. This was a secret technique he had obtained after his Magic Eyes levelled up. Although it was not as overbearing as the Wicked Sceptre, it was still very difficult to handle. Those who fall prey to this technique would find themselves within a strange illusion. In order to break free, they would need someone at the Gold Immortal stage to take action. 

Making use of the two Heavenly Immortals, the two of them kept breaking into some important places, unleashing the illusion technique and releasing wicked power there. Only after half a day did they stop. 

“I’m about done.” Magiris closed his eyes. Despite his Magic Eyes, this rate of usage was still slightly too much for him. 

“We’ll give them a lesson first. Snatching our territory? They’ll have to return it eventually.” Chen Feng snickered. The techniques they cast earlier would not immediately take effect. Rather, they would conceal themselves, only acting up after the two of them had left. 

“Let’s go.” After resting for a moment, they turned to leave.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! You two have come here, are you not going to come out and meet us?” Suddenly, a thunderous voice descended. It was as though the voice had come from the Nine Heavens. At the same time, a massive, golden-coloured finger streaked through the sky to press down on Chen Feng and Magiris.

“They found us.” Chen Feng and Magiris glanced at one another, neither one panicking. Magiris’ eyes flashed with light and Chen Feng watched as an area of space was teleported away. Within that area of space was the massive finger. 

A total of four Gold Immortals were blocking their path. 

“So, the little fellow from the Blackwater Tribe has advanced to the Gold Immortal stage. No wonder he could be so brave as to come here.” The one who spoke was a middle-aged cultivator with a tall and mighty-looking body. A mote of starlight was flashing non-stop on his forehead. 

“That’s the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane’s Tian Zingzi, born with the Heavenstar Constitution.” Magiris sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission. 

“Ha ha! Greetings, fellows! We heard that something was happening here. As allies, it is only natural for us to come over to check things out,” Magiris said with a laugh. 


A young man with a dark face snorted, giving Magiris a hostile look. Chen Feng noted that this person was missing one of his index fingers. He must be the one who attacked earlier, but his finger was instead teleported away. Finding his finger back will be problematic. 

“Allies, eh?” A playful look then appeared on the faces of all four Gold Immortals. 

“This must be the kid from the Longevity Clan, no? I hear that you are some Alliance Lord? How laughable! A minor Heavenly Immortal is here to join in on the action? Does your Longevity Clan have no other people in it?” This time, the one who spoke up was a beautiful female cultivator in a cyan suit of armour. Exquisite face, voluptuous body and a skin whiter than snow, her eyes revealed hints of pride. She was also a Gold Immortal. 

“This person is Immortal Zenith, born with the Zenith Immortal Constitution. She was born in the Celestial Imperial Plane, but has been cultivating in the Celestial Zenith Plane. There are two forces supporting her. She is very arrogant,” Magiris secretly said. 

“The Zenith Immortal Constitution? Humph! The way I see it, it is just a crappy constitution,” Chen Feng said coldly, his voice making its way to Immortal Zenith’s ears. 


Tian Xingzi. Raw: ‘天星子’, pinyin: ‘tiān xīng zi’, roughly translated as “Heavenly Star Child’. 

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