Chapter 1233 Star Core


The fist-sized star core was ceaselessly radiating the power of stars, supporting the entire Starsource Plane. At that very moment, however, the power that this star core radiated was 10 times stronger than normal. Moreover, it was still increasing. It would not take long before its power erupted like a volcano. Due to how powerful it was, there was only one way its power could erupt. Through self-destruction. 

The few protectors of the Starsource Order knew that they were about to lose. Thus, they decided to resort to this unexpected move. Chen Feng was shocked. Should this star core blow up, this whole Starsource Plane would be destroyed. Who knows how many of the cultivators who charged into this Starsource Plane would be able to escape the blast? Gold Immortals would probably not be affected by this. As for the half-step Gold Immortals, some of them might be able to escape. However, almost all of the Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals would die here.

This move would become a major blow to the Six Daos Alliance. Even for Chen Feng, this was an unbearable loss. 

But now that Chen Feng had discovered their plan, he could stop it. He sent a great hand silhouette forward and his body released a rumbling sound. His Chaos Constitution was sending out a wave of energy containing gravitational power.

The great hand grabbed the star core. It was even easier than collecting magic treasures. Next, like trampling on withered twigs, Chen Feng’s soul flame wiped out the arrays on it. After that, the star core flowed into Chen Feng’s body to fuse with his heart. His heart pumped vigorously. With every heartbeat, a portion of the star core’s power would be scoured out, moving along with the blood flow to circulate through every part of Chen Feng’s body. This process did not make Chen Feng feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, every heartbeat would make him a notch stronger. This was the Heaven-defying aspect of the Chaos Constitution. Following the increase in Chen Feng’s cultivation base, he would be able to gradually display the Heaven-defying and domineering aspects of this constitution. 

By Chen Feng’s estimate, it would take a long time for this star core to fuse together with his heart. After that happened, though, his overall strength would soar to another level. 

Chen Feng was a cultivator who possessed the Chaos Constitution. For him, finding some more essence fragments was more effective compared to any cultivation methods. 

It had to be said, by itself, some essence fragments contained Heavenly dao laws. So long as he could absorb them, one would be able to gradually study and understand the laws. Only, while it was easy to find essence powers, finding essence powers that could satisfy Chen Feng’s requirements was very difficult.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, by finding a few more star cores at this level, he would be able to defeat a Gold Immortal with his fleshly body alone. 

His heart was not beating at a rapid pace. Rather, it was 10 times slower when compared to the past. And yet, every beat was full of vigour, bringing with it great power. 

Chen Feng was very satisfied with this feeling of power. Most importantly, this power also contained the power of laws from the world essence. Successfully comprehending this power of laws would give him a great deal of benefits. 

Additionally, this was a purer power of stars. Be it in regards to the tempering of the fleshly body or the purification of soul power, this power had a uniquely wondrous effect on them both. 

Looks like I will need to head to outer space for an adventure after the situation has stabilized. Although these essence fragments are very difficult to find, with my Chaos Constitution, it should be easier. Having experienced the benefits here, Chen Feng began making some plans. 

After Chen Feng took away the star core, the entire Starsource Plane – having lost its greatest source of power – began weakening. All of its magic arrays stopped functioning.

More cultivators from the Six Daos Alliance charged in and the Starsource Plane became filled with flaws. After Chen Feng landed on solid ground, he sensed that the Starsource Plane was in chaos. On the other hand, the soldiers from the Six Daos Alliance remained orderly. Seeing that, he knew that the result of this war had been fixed. 

Taking a step forward, he then appeared before Magiris.

“How is it? Anything strange?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. 

“Everything is fine. Eh, something about you is off!” Magiris’ eyes abruptly focused on Chen Feng.

“Off? Where?” Chen Feng continued smiling, his heartbeat returning normal. 

“How strange!” In the end, Magiris shook his head. Without using his eye technique, he was simply incapable of determining what was happening inside Chen Feng’s body.

“The result of this battle has been determined. I wonder, how is the situation on the Immortal Slaying Pavilion and Immortal Sword Sect’s side?” Chen Feng changed the subject. Should Magiris decide to take this seriously, he might actually be able to find the star core in Chen Feng’s body.

“Honestly, the forces that the Immortal Slaying Pavilion and Immortal Sword Sect managed to retain are even stronger compared to the forces of this Starsource Order. Only, without the support of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, they will also be no match for our attack. After we take over the territories under the Starsource Order, the resource issue will be alleviated somewhat. I propose immediately starting a war with the Immortal Slaying Pavilion and Immortal Sword Sect lest they take away all the resources on their end,” Magiris said after a moment’s consideration. 

“Makes sense. I have the same thoughts as well. Right now, the number of cultivators in our alliance is increasing. In order to develop quickly, we cannot just sit still and be unproductive. We’ll attack the Immortal Slaying Pavilion and Immortal Sword Sect. That way, we will have enough territory for now.” Chen Feng pondered for a moment. Then, with a thought from him, Sha Xian and Tie Zhen quickly arrived before him. 

“Young Master!”

“I want you two to lead an army to attack the Immortal Slaying Pavilion. The other party is an assassination organization. Although their numbers are few, they will be harder to deal with. You fellows will need to deal with them carefully,” Chen Feng instructed.

“Affirmative! Young Master, don’t worry. We have almost figured out everything there is to know about the Immortal Slaying Pavilion,” Sha Xian said, filled with confidence. 

After the two of them left, the Demonic Dragon of Darkness leader and Xuan Feng arrived before Chen Feng.

“You two lead an army to attack the Immortal Sword Sect. Attack steadily, let everything progress step by step,” Chen Feng instructed.


“Facing two large sects at the same time. Will we be stretched thin?” Magiris said in a hesitant tone. 

“Don’t worry. Dark Night will be dispatching some cultivators from the Dark Plane over soon. Additionally, I have also received news that another force will be coming down soon from our Celestial Longevity Plane,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“That’s more like it.” Magiris nodded.

“I’m not finished. Although a force is coming down from our Celestial Longevity Plane, I still do not know if this is a friend or foe,” Chen Feng continued. 

“What?!” Magiris jumped to his feet.

“Young Master!”

It was then that Sha Gui hastily arrived.

Although Chen Feng was the Alliance Lord of the Six Daos Alliance, the cultivators from the Longevity Clan continued to address him as Young Master. 

“Did something happen?” Chen Feng asked. 

“Someone has already taken down the Immortal Sword Sect. It’s the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane and Celestial Imperial Plane,” Sha Gui said solemnly. 

“Ha ha! I am the Alliance Lord, after all. Not only did these two forces not report their actions to me, they even snatched away the juicy meat that’s right under my nose.” Chen Feng sneered. 

“Did you get into a fight with them?” Chen Feng then asked.

“Yes. Several of our brothers were wounded,” Sha Gui replied. 

“It’s simple. Withdraw our men and gather together to attack the Immortal Slaying Pavilion. We’ll decide what to do after we finish off the Immortal Slaying pavilion.” After saying that, Chen Feng then gave a series of other instructions. 

“Magiris, what do you think?” Chen Feng asked with a chuckle. 

“This place does not fall under the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane and Celestial Imperial Plane’s sphere of influence. And yet, they chose to attack the Immortal Sword Sect at this moment. This proves that they must have found out about the chaos in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Additionally, they are deliberately provoking us. The way I see it, this is no simple matter,” Magiris said after giving it some thought. 

“Of course. Back then, I was able to become the Alliance Lord because I had displayed great power. For these fellows to be doing this now must be because they believe themselves to be stronger than me. What is it that gives them the confidence to do this? It must be because they have received reinforcements. The Immortal Plane aside, these Celestial Planes are also our major opponents.” Chen Feng sighed.

“A pity, I am not strong enough. If only I can become the Chieftain of the Blackwater Tribe.” Magiris had his own force. Even a Gold Immortal had come to join him recently. But when compared to Chen Feng’s force, it was somewhat weak. At any rate, Chen Feng had the Six Daos Sword Faction to serve as a framework. Additionally, there were also several formidable Gold Immortals in his force. 

“You are already a Gold Immortal now. It is just a matter of time before the position of Chieftain of the Blackwater Tribe becomes yours.” Chen Feng smiled. 

“Come, are you interested in checking it out?” Chen Feng then continued. 

“Very well. We’ll go see what the other party is up to.” Magiris nodded. 

Given the state of the war, there was no need for the two of them to intervene. Naturally, some people would be dispatched for the attack on the Immortal Slaying Pavilion. As for the two of them, they headed straight towards the Immortal Sword Sect. 

Speaking of which, the Immortal Sword Sect was also a very ancient force within the Immortal Plane. The fact that it could possess the title ‘Immortal Sword Sect’ meant that it had its own power and foundation. 

Chen Feng recalled that cultivators from the Immortal Sword Sect were among the first he encountered back when he was still in Eternal World. They cultivated flying sword techniques and came here riding Void Array Platforms. Their auras were extraordinary and they exuded the demeanour of immortals. In the end, however, they died to Chen Feng.

The Immortal Sword Sect had a high number of sword immortals. Overall, their strength was about on par with that of the Six Daos Sword Faction. It was even slightly stronger compared to the Starsource Order. Although its territory was not the biggest, it had plenty of resources, with many spirit veins, immortal mountains and pocket dimensions. Chen Feng had planned how to gulp down these three sects many times before. And now, someone was actually snatching the Immortal Sword Sect away from him. While he was outwardly revealing a sneer, killing intent was brewing endlessly within his heart. 

For Chen Feng, it did not matter what the other party’s background may be. Those who dared to go against him must pay a price, a terrible price. 

The two of them moved very quickly. Even though they were travelling forward at a casual pace, they were still able to cover a distance of billions of li in one day. 

At that very moment, the two of them were hovering up in the sky, feeling the swift and forceful winds around them. There were also the streams of spiritual energy that contained a faint sword intent.  

“As expected of a place managed by the Immortal Sword Sect for many years. The mountains, landscape, vegetation, creatures and even the streams of spiritual energy contain sword intent.” After saying that, Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasped. In response, a massive mountain beneath him shook. Next, sword power shot upwards. It was as though the entire mountain had transformed into a massive sword. 

With a beckoning move from Chen Feng, a plant flew up to end up in his hand. The plant was not particularly large, only one chi tall. However, the leaves growing from it were shaped like swords. Light flashed upon its surface and they looked like small swords from afar. 

Chen Feng swung it gently and several beams of sword energy shot forward, piercing through the sky.

“Tsk, tsk. Even an unassuming plant could hold such power. Not bad.” Chen Feng kept heaping praises on it. 

“Let’s check out what’s happening.” A stream of light flowed out from Magiris’ eyes before spreading out to form a smooth screen. It did not take long before images began flashing across the surface of the mirror. 

Note: Chen Feng encountered cultivators from the Immortal Sword Sect back in Chapter 741. Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans arc.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 chi = 0.333 m

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