Chapter 1232 Charging into the Starsource Order


The Starsource Order’s headquarters was known as the Starsource Plane. Created by experts, it was a separate world, existing in parallel to the Immortal Plane. In the past, Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin had come here before. For the Six Daos Alliance’s army, however, this was their first time attacking this place.

Chen Feng and Magiris continued to hide themselves, revealing zero intentions to take action. The advance by the Six Daos Alliance’s army was like a hot knife cutting through butter. Without the support from the East Extreme Immortal Palace, not even joining forces with the other native forces was enough for the Starsource Order to stop this force from the Celestial Plane. 

Tun Ri and Tian Wu led the charge. The two of them – half-step Gold Immortals – led several hundred Heavenly Immortals to advance without respite. After they killed off several half-step Gold Immortals, no more proper resistance appeared from the other party. 

The Immortal Slaying Pavilion had dispatched some assassins to help out only to be wiped out by Sha Xian and his men before they could do anything. 

Both the Immortal Slaying Pavilion and Immortal Sword Sect knew that the Starsource Order would fall in this war. However, the three sects could not just do nothing. Regardless if it was in battle or in peace times, the three of them could not stop the Six Daos Alliance’s momentum. 

Having lost the support of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, the three sects began asking for assistance from the other native forces in the Immortal Plane. Speaking of which, some forces actually chose to intervene in support of the Starsource Order. 

In light of this, the higher-ups of the Six Daos Alliance did not know whether to laugh or cry. These fellows were clearly incapable of seeing the big picture. The East Extreme Immortal Palace had retreated. Stepping forward now was simply suicide. 

“Looks like these native forces are still very hostile to foreign forces like ours,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

“The Immortal Plane has always played host to many foreign forces. The Immortal Court’s goal of purging them all is simply an impossibility,” Magiris said with a smile. 

“Last time, heeding the summons of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, many forces chose to join them. Heh! These forces killed and wounded a high number of our Six Daos Alliance’s members and obtained a lot of goodies from us. We’ll have to slowly settle this account with them. To think that some of them would step forward on their own now. They really do have a death wish.” Chen Feng scoffed. 

Both Chen Feng and Magiris were as strong as Gold Immortals. Their divine senses enveloped the entire battlefield and they could clearly tell how many men the other party possessed and how many soldiers came as reinforcements. Due to that, they were not concerned about this battle. Unless something unexpected were to occur, the two of them will not be taking action. 

“The number of half-step Gold Immortals has clearly decreased, but there sure are plenty of Heavenly Immortals with no regards to their own lives. Oh, there are actually two Gold Immortal clones. They truly have a death wish.” With a thought from Chen Feng, the space-time extra-terrestrial creature immediately took action to kill off the two clones. More, the space-time extra-terrestrial creature even utilised his proficiency in the dao of space to seek the clones’ main bodies. 

“Should I take action? The two Gold Immortals might be lurking around,” Magiris said out of concern. 

“If my speculation is right, they must have run away the moment their clones were killed. Even the space-time extra-terrestrial creature might not be able to catch up to them. On the other hand, even though he had only just reached the Gold Immortal stage, his talent in matters regarding space-time is simply too strong. Even if he is no match for his enemy, he will have no issues running away,” Chen Feng said, laughing. 

“If it weren’t for the soul shackle, I too, would have a hard time catching up to him.” Chen Feng smiled. 


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

This time, the Starsource Order was the one defending. All of its cultivators retreated back into the Starsource Plane, relying on its natural barriers and layer after layer of magic arrays to protect them. It was similar to what the Six Daos Alliance did back then. 


Tun Ri commanded the soldiers under him to attack non-stop. However, they were incapable of swiftly breaking in. 

The cultivators from the Dark Plane deployed the Demonic Energy Cannons of Darkness, but the energy cannons’ energy reserve was limited. After opening fire a few times, they pulled back the energy cannons, replacing them with creatures from the Dark Plane with gigantic bodies. 

After the attacks from the energy cannons, Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals formed battle formations and launched an unending wave of attacks.

As for the half-step Gold Immortals, they searched for the loopholes within the Starsource Order’s magic arrays before charging in. Some of them swiftly re-emerged but some fell silent after entering. That said, due to the attacks from the half-step Gold Immortals, holes kept appearing within the magic arrays. 

“Unexpectedly, this Starsource Plane is quite something. If we keep on attacking it head on like this, our cultivators will suffer from serious casualties. I’m getting the urge to attack.” Magiris’ eyelids twitched. Several of his subordinates had charged into the enemy’s great array earlier, but they never re-appeared. There was no way to tell how they were doing. 

“This is a world that a Gold Immortal created, after all. The Ageless laws within it is very strong. However, it will not be able to last long,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“Are you not worried?”

“Just observe.”

Chen Feng had only just said that when tens of auras soared into the sky. Those were the auras of Divine artifacts. Wielding Divine artifacts, the cultivators from the Six Daos Alliance shone with a dazzling light and charged into the Starsource Plane. 

“So many Divine artifacts!” Magiris was taken aback. 

“All provided by the East Extreme Immortal Palace.” Chen Feng felt pleased with himself. 

“But this alone is still not enough, no?” said Magiris, who observed what was happening below.

“Naturally, there’s more.”

One by one, more auras – each formidable in its own right – burst outwards. Some of them were top-grade Immortal artifacts and some were low-grade Divine artifacts. 

As expected, the entire Starsource Plane shook violently and the magic arrays defending it kept tearing. Those with Divine artifacts took the lead and teams of Heavenly Immortals began charging in. 

Suddenly, a roaring sound rang out and 100 outrageous-looking war chariots stampeded their way forward. Every war chariot contained five cultivators. This meant that another 500 cultivators had charged into the Starsource Plane.

“War chariots? Where did you get those?” Magiris became even more shocked. He was not surprised at the grade of the war chariots. Rather, it was the origin of the war chariots. 

In the Immortal Plane, those who could possess a high number of war chariots were all part of the governing force. Short of that, only a small number of large first-rate sects would be able to mobilize 100 war chariots at the pseudo-Divine tier.

“Would you believe me if I tell you that a friend gave them to me?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Of course not.”

“Then forget it.”

The two of them chatted and laughed. Since Chen Feng had already made so many preparations for this, there was no need for Magiris to worry anymore. After the 100 war chariots charged into the Starsource Plane, the cultivators from the Starsource Order began to flee. 

“Activate the Spatial Containment Array!” The Demonic Dragon of Darkness leader shouted and energy waves spread out while taking on a tangible quality, encasing the surrounding space spanning a radius of half a billion kilometres. Although doing so consumed a high number of spirit stones, it was a necessity. This move would stop the entrapped enemy cultivators from teleporting away. Even at the half-step Gold Immortal stage, any cultivator attempting to teleport away might end up facing an explosion due to spatial instability, which would throw them back out.

“Looks like there won’t be any more issues. However, this Starsource Plane was created by a Gold Immortal, after all. I’m interested in checking it out,” said Chen Feng, who strode forward. The restrictive magic arrays before him seemingly did not exist at all and he quickly entered the Starsource Plane.

“This guy! And he said he won’t take action.” Magiris had wanted to follow Chen Feng. However, after considering it, he stopped. 

There was still a need for him to oversee the situation outside as a precaution against any unexpected situations. 

The reason Chen Feng entered the Starsource Plane was because something had attracted him. 

I didn’t think that there would be an essence fragment here. Chen Feng’s Chaos Constitution was presently leading Chen Feng. In the face of these cosmic essence powers, the notion of desire coming from his body was even more effective compared to the scanning efforts from his divine sense.

For Chen Feng, no other power could be more attractive than this, the most fundamental and purest form of power. Chen Feng’s divine sense swept out as he locked down the location of his objective. Notions of joy kept emerging from his body.

Chen Feng responded reflexively with a wry smile. With a wave of his hand, streams of sword energy flew forward to blast out a passageway.

However, Chen Feng quickly found himself under attack. A vast river of stars surged towards Chen Feng, containing within it several secret killing techniques. 

Chen Feng had broken into the most important zone within the Starsource Order, which contained the highest number of arrays.

In addition to this highly formidable river of stars, there were also several half-step Gold Immortals lurking around. Thankfully, Chen Feng had taken the lead to charge in. Even for half-step Gold Immortals, charging in would result in the deaths of quite a few of them. 

I didn’t want to attack. Chen Feng sighed, the Longevity Sword stretching out. It transformed into a curtain of swords, enveloping the surrounding space and smashing against the river of stars. At the same time, Chen Feng also brought out the Soul Demise Bow and fired with it again and again. As a result, the half-step Gold Immortals who were lurking around began falling. 

Next, the curtain of swords shrunk into a thread. With several flashes, the river of stars was shredded into several parts. 

Chen Feng had no intentions of becoming entangled with the other party. Due to that, he had acted swiftly. After that, the Longevity Wings unfurled and he flew forward. Even when encountering obstructions, he would not attack. Instead, he simply flashed past them. 

He could already sense a formidable power flaring up from the deepest part of the Starsource Plane. He knew, this was the cosmic essence fragment that he was looking for. 

The number of arrays grew increasingly high but Chen Feng’s speed also became increasingly high. The Longevity Sword flew ahead, carving open a path and cutting down any obstructions in its path. 

What a formidable power of stars! Could it be a star core? Chen Feng sensed the concentrated aura coming from up ahead. 

Four meteors shot towards Chen Feng at a speed that transcended space-time. Surprisingly, there were four half-step Gold Immortals standing guard over this place. 

The four of them, by borrowing the power of the essence fragment, were able to launch attacks that were almost as strong as that of Gold Immortals. 


Chen Feng’s figure kept darting about, but two of the meteors managed to hit him in the end. The collision resulted in a burst of dazzling light. 

“Good! Even if a Gold Immortal enters, they will die all the same. This is our Starsource Order’s final trump card,” one of the half-step Gold Immortals said, a somewhat wild tone in his voice. 

“Is that so?”

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng was able to counter attack. With a grasping move from Chen Feng, the half-step Gold Immortal was pulverized. Next, the Longevity Wings rolled up and spread out. This move killed off the other three half-step Gold Immortals. 

Even the Goldshine Combat Armour on Chen Feng was radiating a brilliant light. 

“As expected, it is a star core. More, this is a whole star core. To think that the Starsource Order would have such a treasure!” Chen Feng’s eyes became inflamed.

Before Chen Feng’s eyes was a mote of starlight that flashed with light. At a glance, it was only the size of a fist. However, the power of stars contained within it caused Chen Feng to secretly feel shocked. Of course, he was more excited about this. 

Although it appeared to be only as big as a fist, Chen Feng knew that this was due to the laws of space-time. Letting it expand to its true size, this star core would likely become as big as a great world. 

This is a good item! For me, this star core is comparable to a few mid-grade Divine artifacts! Chen Feng became delighted. 

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