Chapter 1231 Otherverse Slaughterers


“This move is not bad. During critical moments, you can teleport your opponent away. But is this all?” Chen Feng said, flicking his finger to fire out a sharp blast of power, which resulted in a crack in the space there.

“In the face of a formidable power, it is still too weak,” Chen Feng continued with a smile. 

“Is that so? Then, try it and see if you can return.” After saying that, Magiris’ body turned invisible. At the same time, a high number of black threads shot towards Chen Feng from every direction. Chen Feng waved his hand and streams of sword energy shot out to cut down all the black threads. However, the severed threads then transformed into agile snakes before rapidly growing to become massive pythons. Roaring, the pythons then charged at Chen Feng, clamping down on him with their fangs. 

“Ha ha! This minor illusion is not useful,” Chen Feng said, stretching a finger out. A clump of fire emerged and the radiance and heat that it emanated easily dispersed everything around him. 

“The illusion technique is only part of it. Like I said, try returning.” Magiris’ voice rang out again. 

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he laughed. 

“That’s even easier.”

The Longevity Wings unfurled from Chen Feng’s back. After circling around a few times, he abruptly jumped forward, breaking his way through this space. Next, however, Chen Feng found that he had entered yet another space. This space contained magic arrays that Magiris had set up beforehand. More, this was a chain of magic arrays. 

Watching the blade of black light slashing down on him from above, Chen Feng finally got serious. The Longevity Wings flapped to sweep the blade of black light away. Following that, the Longevity Sword flew forward and darted about unimpeded. The sword energy it radiated shredded all the incoming chains. 

“Did you think you could catch up to me by following my voice? It’s not that simple. I am now a Gold Immortal.” Magiris’ voice rang out again. 

“Three hundred years ago, I could already kill off Gold Immortals,” Chen Feng said, the Longevity Sword flying out and expanding in size. After that, it rapidly spun to create a tempest of sword energy, which then assailed its surroundings. The space was incapable of enduring the sword energy and both the space and the magic arrays there began breaking down. 

“Have you heard of the saying ‘breaking through using sheer force’?” Chen Feng said with a smile. He jabbed his finger forward and the Longevity Sword grew bigger again before slashing straight ahead. 

“It won’t be that easy.” This time, a note of seriousness could be detected in Magiris’ voice.

“What? Are you still going to use your eye technique to teleport me away? I don’t think you have enough power for that.” Chen Feng jabbed his finger forward again and a spark flew out before exploding. The resulting radiance eroded away the surrounding space. 


As astral sword cut open a spatial passageway and Chen Feng stepped into it. Next, he appeared before Magiris.

“Fine, I lost.” Magiris was quick to admit defeat.


Chen Feng’s eyes flashed and his soul flame burned violently. At the same time, he also utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. As a result, everything before him was transformed. 

Space rippled and Magiris stepped forward. He looked exactly as he did back when he first appeared. 

“What? Are you not going to congratulate me?” Magiris chuckled.

“You nearly got me. So, you had taken action right from the start,” Chen Feng replied with a smile as well. 

“If the one I’m facing is an ordinary Gold Immortal, just my eye technique would’ve been enough to have him struggle for some time. Unexpectedly, after all those years spent in cultivation, you managed to improve so much.”

“It’s alright. Killing a Gold Immortal should not be an issue, but I think that is not all your eye technique can do, no?” After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng said.

“Of course not. However, I have only just entered the Gold Immortal stage. I can be considered as just a rookie. There are many things that I need to slowly figure out.”

Chen Feng nodded. Just as he was about to say something, his eyes shone with light and he chuckled. 

“The space-time extra-terrestrial creature is back. Let’s see what information he brought back.” Chen Feng had only just said that when the space-time extra-terrestrial creature appeared before them. 

“Greetings, Young Master. Greetings, Young Master Magiris,” the space-time extra-terrestrial creature said respectfully. 

“Thank you for the gesture,” Magiris quickly said. Although the space-time extra-terrestrial creature was Chen Feng’s subordinate, he was still a Gold Immortal. Magiris dared not put on airs before him. 

“What did you find?” Chen Feng asked. He had always maintained a steady and majestic demeanour whenever he was facing Heng Ri and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. 

“Young Master, please have a look.” The space-time extra-terrestrial creature extended a hand to draw an arc and a small space appeared before him. Within this space were several strange-looking creatures. In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that they were some unique extra-terrestrial creatures. However, after a more detailed look, his face sank. 

“Something about these creatures feel off.” Magiris had also noticed something. 

Chen Feng then stretched his hand out and grasped. Next, a one-zhang-long creature was brought out from the space. This creature appeared like the combined product of a spider and a mantis. It had eight blade-like limbs, which it sent slashing towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng then waved his hand and sword light flashed to cut down the eight limbs. But the creature was able to swiftly regrow the limbs.

Seemingly having realized how strong Chen Feng was, it turned to attack Magiris instead.

Magiris laughed and a stream of light flowed out from his eyes, transforming into a rope to firmly bind the creature.

Unexpectedly, after struggling against the rope for a while, the creature actually attempted to blow itself up. Magiris was somewhat surprised, but another stream of light flowed out from his eyes. This time, the creature had to be obedient and stay still.

“Bring out two more,” Chen Feng instructed, his eyes showing greater interest.

With a thought from the space-time extra-terrestrial creature, two more of the creatures were brought out from the space. One appeared like a bumblebee. However, in addition to the steel-like stinger at its rear, its pair of front limbs had pincers. More, its mouth was spraying out poisonous needles. 

The other one was as round as a ball, but countless tendrils were emerging from it. A high number of hooks filled the surface of the tendrils. Additionally, they were also exuding poisonous energy. 

The two creatures had strange appearances and formidable offensive power, but their levels were too low for them to pose any threat to Chen Feng. 

“Do you recognize them?” Chen Feng asked. 

“It should be that.” Magiris nodded. 

“You caught these inside the East Extreme Immortal Palace?” Chen Feng turned towards the space-time extra-terrestrial creature.

“Yes. I know what Young Master wants to know. These are indeed Otherverse Slaughterers from another universe. Many of them have appeared within the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s territory. Although their levels are not high, they have numbers. At present, the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace is in a state of chaos. I believe that news of this will spread out soon,” the space-time extra-terrestrial creature was quick to say.

“Otherverse Slaughterers! Ha ha! This will be interesting.” A peculiar smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“You recognize them?” Chen Feng then cast a curious look at the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. Most cultivators would have been incapable of recognizing them. Many would simply think of them as unique creatures. 

“The world that I was born to was destroyed by these things. Back then, my cultivation base was insufficient. Thus, all I could do was to run and wander through the cosmos.” Killing intent flashed across the eyes of the space-time extra-terrestrial creature.

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng nodded.

“The way I see it, these creatures are essentially also a type of unique creatures. Only, they like to kill. Additionally, their origins are unknown. Due to that, they became known as Otherverse Slaughterers,” Magiris said.

“Regardless of where these things came from, they are now helping us. The East Extreme Immortal Palace has its hands full just taking care of itself. I will be giving the order to attack the Starsource Order.” Chen Feng said as he collected the Slaughterers.

“What are you doing?” Magiris felt puzzled. 

“Naturally, I want to perform a detailed study on them. Honestly, I don’t care where these things came from. As long as they are living creatures, they have something in common,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Honestly, in addition to Slaughterers, there are also some Destroyers. Maybe they came from the depths of the universe. Or perhaps, they really are from another universe. But what’s the point in thinking so much about it? The most important issue here is to develop our own strength,” Magiris said. 

After receiving Chen Feng’s order, the entire Six Daos Alliance quickly mobilized. Groups of soldiers were sent forth. After centuries of silence, another war erupted.  

This time, they were not defending against an enemy attack. Instead, they were the ones moving out to snatch the territories of their enemy. 

Although they were attacking the Starsource Order, what they actually wanted was to steadily expand their territory outside the Primordial Mountain Range. 

It had to be said. Even back during the era of the Six Daos Sword Faction, the territory under them covered more than just the Primordial Mountain Range, much more. Later on, however, the Starsource Order trio invaded and snatched them away.

Chen Feng, Magiris and the space-time extra-terrestrial creature secretly monitored the situation. With the three of them there, the other Gold Immortals could not be bothered to show up. 

At present, the East Extreme Immortal Palace was in a highly tumultuous state and all of their Gold Immortals had been transferred back. Even a good number of their half-step Gold Immortals had been sent back. Chen Feng believed that the East Extreme Immortal Palace would transfer even more of their forces back. When the time came, even Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals would be sent back. 

In truth, Chen Feng had first considered waiting for all of them to retreat before attacking only to reject the idea. Firstly, he wanted to see how much stronger the Six Daos Alliance had grown. Secondly, without any experts to defend the place, their opponents were simply incapable of stopping their attacks. Furthermore, the opponents might not even have the will to fight. 

Chen Feng’s predictions were mostly correct. As the Six Daos Alliance’s army marched forward, they did not encounter the resistance that they had expected from the enemy. And so, after one month, they succeeded in taking back most of their old territories. 

Three days after the Six Daos Alliance launched its attack, Chen Feng notified his allies, the cultivators from the Demon Plane, Nether Plane and others. Those forces also began their counter attacks, achieving results that were just as good as the Six Daos Alliance.

It’s true. Something has happened. After stabilizing the situation, we must not allow the other party to counter attack again. Chen Feng decided. 

Another month went by and the Six Daos Alliance had taken back all the territories that it lost. By then, the Starsource Order has issued a call for peace, but the Six Daos Alliance ignored it. 

After resting for three months, the Six Daos Alliance attacked again. With a tsunami-like momentum, they attacked and captured large swaths of the territories under the Starsource Order. The Immortal Sword Sect and Immortal Slaying Pavilion sent their men to support the Starsource Order. But without the support of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, the three sects were simply no match for the Six Daos Alliance. 

During the past few months, almost all of the soldiers from the East Extreme Immortal Palace had retreated, causing the cultivators from the three sects to become disappointed. 

Soon, that feeling of disappointment turned into despair. The Six Daos Alliance did not stop attacking. Instead, it had – in one fell swoop – charged all the way to the Starsource Order’s headquarters.


Note: Otherverse Slaughterers. Raw: ‘异宇宙杀戮者’, pinyin: ‘yì yǔ zhòu shā lù zhě’. The words ‘yì’ generally means ‘strange/ different’ while ‘yǔ zhòu’ generally means ‘universe’. The words 'shā lù zhě' are generally translated as 'slaughterer/ killer'.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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