Chapter 1230 Eye Technique Levels Up


“It’s the Devastation Light of the Five Elements. Its power is over 10 times greater compared to a singular Devastation Light. This guy is in a bit of a pickle,” Chen Feng said.

“How could this happen?” Patriarch Blackriver fell into a slightly dazed state.

“This simply shows that Brother Magiris is a genius. By successfully overcoming this, he will become a Gold Immortal, an extraordinary Gold Immortal.” 

“Successfully overcoming this? The way I see it, this will be very difficult.” There was an entangled expression on Patriarch Blackriver’s face. Clearly, he was not feeling too optimistic about Magiris’ chances. Given how powerful this Devastation Light was, even if he was the one who had to face it, he would likely end up facing annihilation. 

“Not necessarily. I believe that Brother Magiris can succeed.” Despite saying that, Chen Feng’s gaze continued to peer ahead in an attempt to look past the Devastation Light to see what was happening inside. 


Chen Feng’s action angered the Heavenly dao once more and a beam of five-coloured light assailed him. The attack shocked Patriarch Blackriver, who swiftly backed away.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, did not evade. He instead allowed the attack to land on him, creating a five-coloured flash of light. As a result, Chen Feng’s aura became even more refined. 

The five-coloured light then disappeared, but Chen Feng remained unscathed. Thick energy waves of devastation continued to hover around him. 

“You’re fine!” Patriarch Blackriver was shocked. 

“Of course. If even I can block it, Magiris should not have any issues with it as well,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Humph! You are using a mid-grade Divine artifact, no?” Patriarch Blackriver then returned to stand before Chen Feng. 

On Chen Feng’s body was a fierce-looking suit of armour. It was none other than the Goldshine Combat Armour that he had obtained from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. A mid-grade Divine artifact, it was a combat-type armour. Even so, its defensive properties were also very strong. 

Moreover, Chen Feng had also absorbed a portion of that beam of Devastation Light. 

“It’s be better for me to not interfere. While I’m not worried about this Devastation Light, I fear that it would affect Magiris’ Heavenly Tribulation, causing something unexpected to happen.

“Whether or not he can succeed will depend on Magiris himself,” Chen Feng said helplessly, sitting back down on the boulder. 

A pity, the Longevity Tower is not here, otherwise I will have no problems interfering in this Heavenly Tribulation.

“Sigh!” Patriarch Blackriver sighed. As Magiris’ supporter, he had invested a lot into him. Should Magiris fail to overcome this tribulation, his investment would all go to waste.

“Senior, don’t worry. Magiris’ life force is still very strong. At present, it would appear that he is still fine. If something unexpected happens, then even if it means risking my life, I will take action,” Chen Feng comforted him. 

“That’s all we can do. No wonder the first three phases of his Heavenly Tribulation were so easy. There is a reason for that.” Patriarch Blackriver had recollected himself. Of course, there was no way to tell what he was thinking. 

It did not take long before the Devastation Light enveloping Magiris gradually became dim. It was already possible to see Magiris’ figure within the light. Only, another wave of five-coloured streams of light descended. In response, Magiris activated the surrounding magic arrays. 

Magiris had set up several types of magic arrays. Upon activation, the magic arrays could gather up spiritual energy, defend and do other things.

In Magiris’ plan, these magic arrays would only be utilized during critical moments, when he could no longer hold on. The fact that he was using them now showed just how much pressure he was facing. 

In the face of the Devastation Light, the great array was pierced and its array cores were eroded away, leaving only the surrounding rocks and soil. The trees, vegetation and rivers disintegrated before the light. 

“Not good!”

Chen Feng stood up and backed away. Soon enough, an area spanning a radius of 50 kilometres had been eroded away, leaving a large crater. More, it was still expanding in size. 

“This cannot be allowed to continue. The Primordial Mountain Range has already taken enough damage.” Chen Feng finally took action. He waved his hand and the Longevity Sword flew out, transforming into a sky-encompassing sword light to seal up the surrounding space.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The power of devastation collided against the layer of sword light to created thunderous booms. The Longevity Sword kept flashing about. Whenever the sword light at a certain spot disappeared, the Longevity Sword would fire out a new ray of sword light there. 

Chen Feng stood upright in mid-air, his eyes shining brightly.

“You’re interfering with the Heavenly Tribulation here!” Patriarch Blackriver shouted.

“I’m just defending. This is a passive action. If the Heavenly Tribulation wants to fault me for this, I’ll just accept it,” Chen Feng said, flicking his finger. Next, the Longevity Sword thrummed and the sword light it radiated suddenly grew stronger to create a curtain of sword light, which then sealed up the surrounding space completely.


Another stream of five-coloured light descended, piercing through the barrier of sword light to descend upon Magiris.

“Magiris, how are you holding up?” Chen Feng asked, chuckling. 

“No problem. This is a piece of cake.” Magiris’ voice rang out.

Even so, Chen Feng knew that things were not looking good for Magiris. His aura had become slightly unstable. 

This Heavenly Tribulation to assail the Gold Immortal stage had attracted the attention of other Gold Immortals. This time, however, with the exception of Chen Feng and Patriarch Blackriver, the others did not appear. They simply sent their divine sense out to scan the situation. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The curtain of sword light that Chen Feng set up could no longer withstand the power of the Devastation Light. The Devastation Light gradually pushed outwards, leaving terribly damaged lands in its wake. 

This Heavenly Tribulation is even stronger than I imagined. Chen Feng, who was controlling the curtain of sword light, was beginning to feel pressured somewhat. 

In all seriousness, the pressure on Chen Feng was even greater than the pressure on Magiris. He was forcibly interfering with the operations of the Heavenly dao. Due to that, the Heavenly Tribulation had targeted him. The five-coloured stream of light transformed into halos of light, which spread outwards. 

“Do you need my help?” The Dark Kirin’s voice rang out.

“No, I can handle this on my own. If we interfere too much, it might lead to an unmanageable situation.” As Chen Feng spoke, he blew out a breath of essence power. Next, the Longevity Sword slowly revolved and an overwhelming sword energy emanated out from it. Due to that, the curtain of sword light that had been on the verge of breaking apart immediately became firm. 

Chen Feng had his own plans for this. While stopping the Devastation Light from expanding, the Longevity Sword was also secretly devouring the power of the Devastation Light. Just refining and absorbing a portion of this power would allow the Longevity Sword’s power to increase.

“Oh, no! His aura is disappearing!”

As Chen Feng was gradually keeping the Devastation Light under control, Patriarch Blackriver suddenly cried out. Chen Feng’s heart grew tense as he finally noticed that Magiris’ aura was rapidly diminishing. 

“No, his aura is still there. Only, it is very weak,” Chen Feng said after sensing for a moment. 

“Magiris, endure!” Patriarch Blackriver grew even more concerned. 

Finally, Magiris’ aura completely disappeared and Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched. 

Patriarch Blackriver was at a loss for words. The divine senses of the other Gold Immortals became agitated and some wanted to enter the Devastation Light to check it out. However, sensing how dangerous the light was, they stopped.

“This shouldn’t be happening.” Chen Feng was not feeling worried. On the contrary, he felt puzzled. According to his intuition, Magiris should not have failed this tribulation. 

And yet, the facts had been laid bare before him. Magiris’ aura had disappeared. 

“No!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he shouted. Patriarch Blackriver swiftly turned to look at him. 

“The tribulation clouds have not disappeared. It means that the Heavenly Tribulation has yet to end.” Chen Feng’s eyes brightened. 

“That’s right! The Heavenly Tribulation has yet to end!” Patriarch Blackriver shouted as well. 

“Look, something is happening!” Chen Feng stared at the five-coloured light. Next, a vortex appeared within the light, moving faster and faster. At the centre of the vortex was a black hole. 

“That’s not a black hole. It’s an eye! This guy’s eye technique has levelled up!” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. 

As expected, the vortex continued to expand. In the end, runes began filling up the black hole within the vortex. It was indeed an eye. Only, it was a somewhat peculiar sight to behold. 

Following that, a volcanic-like eruption of energy burst out from the eye to throw the surrounding Devastation Light into a state of chaos. 

“His aura has re-appeared!” Patriarch Blackriver cried out in delight. 

“His Magic Eyes have undergone a mutation and levelled up.”

“As predicted.” Chen Feng then reached out with one hand and beckoned. The curtain of sword light disappeared and the Longevity Sword transformed into a stream of light to fly into Chen Feng’s hand. 

By now, the Devastation Light was already completely under Magiris’ control. After that, Magiris’ figure became increasingly visible and the huge eye transformed into two streams of light before flying into Magiris’ eyes. Half of the surrounding Devastation Light around him was teleported away while the other half was devoured by his eyes. He would be able to refine them and use them against his enemies in the future. 

“He has succeeded. Nothing else to see here.” Chen Feng shook his head before leaving. His Longevity Sword had devoured a portion of the Devastation Light. Thus, he also had to go back and refine it. 

After Chen Feng left, a golden-coloured, semi-transparent silhouette soared into the sky to illuminate the surrounding space. The silhouette remained there for a long time. 

At the same time, the cultivators within a radius of billions of li knew that someone from the Six Daos Alliance had advanced to the Gold Immortal stage.

Having one additional Gold Immortal would give them even more deterring power compared to having 100 more half-step Gold Immortals. Gold Immortals were the true high-level combat powerhouses. 

“Thankfully, it is someone from the Celestial Malla Plane. It would be bad if it’s someone from the Celestial Longevity Plane.” A divine sense was secretly hovering within void space. Even Chen Feng had failed to detect this divine sense. 

One month later, Chen Feng re-appeared. The space before him rippled and Magiris walked out. His appearance remained the same, but the aura he emanated was completely different. The aura and will that he gave off brought Chen Feng a sense of pressure. 

“Congratulations! I thought you would kick the bucket back then,” Chen Feng said with a snicker.

“You crow mouth. However, it was truly dangerous back then. If my eye technique hadn’t levelled up during that critical moment, there is a high chance that I would have died there.” Magiris sighed. 

“The grand dao of agelessness. In the future, you will truly be an undying existence. Of course, that is if you do not encounter a stronger Gold Immortal,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Undying. Easier said than done.” Magiris shook his head.

“By the way, what level is your eye technique at now?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Check it out for yourself.” After saying that, Magiris gave Chen Feng a glance and Chen Feng felt the world spinning. The very next instant, he found himself within a mysterious space. 

In the beginning, he had assumed that this was an illusion. Soon, however, he realized that this was a mysterious space that Magiris had created using his eye technique. 

Light flashed before him and Magiris appeared. 

“What do you think?” Magiris asked with a smile. 

Chen Feng assessed his surroundings for a moment and his divine sense swept out again and again. In the end, he said with a grin, “Not bad. This space is very stable.”


1 li = 0.5 km

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